Fasting today, who else is in? :-)

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Fasting today, who else is in? :-)

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  • Hi everyone!

    I thought I would start a thread for all the fasters today, really hoping I am not on my own today grrrrrr!!
    I have been keeping busy, walking the dogs, house chores, not working today so I am finding things to do 🙂

    how is everyone else coping today? good luck to you all, fast day, bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m on a fast day today – back to back with yesterday so I’ll see how it goes. I was going to do 4:3 this week to shift the xmas 4lbs and planned Mon,Wed,Fri but Wed kinda ‘collapsed’ 🙁

    Aww never mind Silvestra!

    I admire you for doing a back to back fast, I don’t think I could!! the 4lbs will soon come off, that’s the beauty of this way of eating as you know,so don’t worry too much about it!
    I haven’t weighed myself since before xmas lol, and I wont till end of Januaray now, I am a such a coward haha!!

    good luck today and hang in there!! 🙂

    Angie xx

    Ah well I’ve got this far with my back to back fast so I can easily make till lunchtime tomorrow (I don’t have breakfast).

    Nothing except black coffee and water until 6pm today then a prawn stir fry with noodles followed by some melon (400 cals total).

    Doing two days together was easier than I thought so I’ve now done 3 FDs this week and I’ll see what the scales say tomorrow 😀

    Wow well done you!!
    I bet the scales will put a smile on your face tomorrow!! 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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