Fasting success… now what?

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  • I’m lost: I wish to eat healthier on my feast days (and in the forum there are plenty of people who would agree it seems).

    But what is that???

    Here is a list of self-proclaimed, scientifically validated, proudly none-fad-diets:

    Raw, Paleo, No fructose, no sugar, low carb, no yellow foods, vegetarian, vegan, all organic, blood type, body type, Mediterranean, Japanese, … etc

    To have a truly healthy body there have to be dietary restrictions which I can accept. But which ones are worthwhile? Everything in moderation is just plain untrue, because ‘your’ moderation and mine are probably not the same. One could just as well argue that cocaine or cigarettes in moderation are fine, but I’d argue that some foods can be as addictive. And before you know it the one serve of chips once a month becomes once a week and then you can’t walk past a take away without getting a bucket full.


    Sprocket, I can understand your frustration.

    One thing all the diets seem to have in common is lot’s or preferably organic vegetables (very expensive), fruits (not all of them, depending on starch and sugar content), protein, healthy Omega 3 fats (i.e.nuts, but small amount due to calories).

    Where they differ is re meat or not; high fat/ low fat; high/low carbs…

    I have read a good book: The Calorie Myth, refreshing as he does not sell you anything and there are no real restrictions, but to eat healthy. He gives exact explanations what the body needs and how to get it.

    Anyhow, in my opinion one should choose a diet that one can keep up in the long run. No use in living healthy for a short time and then going overboard because one can’t keep it up.

    Best of luck

    Thanks Ste.

    So after reading further literature it appears that it would be valuable to cut out the following all for health reasons:

    dairy (mucus forming, fattening, intolerance)
    soy (mucus forming, highly processed)
    wheat (yes, just wheat as it’s addictive and makes you overeat)
    gluten (intolerance, to gluey)
    fructose (apart from fruit but only 2 per day, addictive, very toxic)
    vegetable oils (cancer causing)

    what’s left?

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