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  • Hello everyone! so I need some help! I have been doing the 5:2 diet for 4 months now. I have lost 10lbs but I’am having trouble losing more. I do has issuses with both Irritable bowel syndrome and Inflammatory bowel disease. Do you think that could be whats making it difficult? Or could it be my age, I turned 30 this year. Any tips would be much appreciated!



    Really depends on what you are eating. Processed grains contain very little beneficial fibre and those grains are converted into glucose just after leaving your stomach and entering the small intestines. Wheat contains an enzyme that makes the intestine lining porous in a lot of people. That could be issue number one which is leading to IBS. Issue number two is that the microbes in your large intestines need to be fed. They love insoluble and soluble fibre. If you don’t feed them they begin to starve to death and as a last resort will eat the large intestine lining. Once again causes the gut to become really leaky. Not good for IBS. So my suggestion. Cut down on processed foods, especially grain based foods (bread, pasta, rice, biscuits cookies breakfast cereals etc). Increase you veg and fruit intake to increase your fibre. Lots of beans and legumes. Lots of nuts like almonds and walnuts.

    Give it 2-4 months to see any sign of improvement, it may even get worse for the first few weeks as your good gut bacteria wage a war against the bad gut bacteria.

    Good luck with it.

    I think your problem is that your Nocturnal (stay up at nights?), judging by your callsign, so your circadian clock is off? check out dr. Satchin panda on this.

    Thank you!

    If you have been FORMALLY diagnosed with IBS/IBD, there are still recipes you could eat as a Faster which fit into the recommended dietary guidelines for those conditions. So you could still be a Faster. If you do have IBS, then eating certain foods is not permitted.

    As for “is losing weight difficult because of my age [30]?” Nonsense. I started Fasting when I was 64, an age when everyone bemoans that age makes them gain weight. People gain weight at 30 because their youthful metabolic rate slows and they are generally less active and they are still eating like a teenager.

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