Fasting For Severe Acne Scars

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Fasting For Severe Acne Scars

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  • I’ve had acne scars for a long time.. I cannot see them very well but when someone else looks at me they always give me that look like they seen a ghost.

    I’ve read a post on about a woman who went on a 30 day waster fast & completely healed her acne scars & blackheads.

    I wanna try this, I’m sick & tired of people giving me negative reactions. It’s look so bad that some nosy people even follow me just to stare & see how ugly I am. What makes it all the worst is the fact I’ve a somewhat androynmous face over hideous acne scars now if I was just some fat guy with these nobody would even pay attention to me. I can’t even express in words the amount of stress I get from this…

    I know this is gonna be too much of a challenge for me most likely I won’t even make it to day 3.

    Any tips, advice or stories of your own similiar to this would be appreciated..

    Hi – That does seem a challenge. If you think this is something you must try then I would strongly urge you to only do it with a doctor monitoring you as it would be really extreme. Could you try the 3 days, for 3 weeks and see if this helps before doing something so extreme. I don’t know what you look like, but I would hope that the people you describe looking at you for that reason, really aren’t. Please do not try to do 30 days without food without professional help….

    Sadly, there are many people out there who’re nosy and judgmental. Esp young people! Most of the time it’s a reflex reaction that they weren’t prepared for. Sometimes reflex verbal reactions like eww, tsk, omg etc!

    It is very frustrating but I just gotta live with it & ignore them as much as possible.

    I don’t think I’m up for a 30 day water fast. Not yet a least. That is too extreme for me.(Mentally) I’m gonna go slow first on avocodos, apples & juice.

    Good! Extreme fasting can cause permanent damage ( )

    Still, with a less extreme fast I’d recommend that you check in with your doctor on a regular basis to be sure that everything is going ok.

    You know, the only mechanism I can see for fasting to help scaring is via protein cycling. People usually worry about losing muscle when fasting because the body needs protein constantly and doesn’t have special stores like it does for fat or carbs. But you could lose scar tissue as likely or more likely than losing muscle fibers.

    A very low protein diet would be easier and safer than long water fasting. Intermittent protein fasting might work as well and would be easier than longer periods. Dr. Valter Longo has information on protein restriction and I’m sure there is other information as well on the web. Good luck to you for sure!

    Hi dlroseberry:

    “People usually worry about losing muscle when fasting because the body needs protein constantly and doesn’t have special stores like it does for fat or carbs.”

    The body stores protein in muscle tissue. The body needs protein and fat to survive, so stores both. It does not need carbs to survive, so stores only a small amount in the form of glycogen in the liver and muscle tissue. The body can run out of glycogen (carbs) in a couple of days, but survive for months by using its fat and protein (muscle) stores. Here is an outline:

    People, especially muscle (body) builders, are concerned about protein intake when dieting because they believe their muscles will ‘waste away’ as the body uses them to survive.


    The idea that the body stores protein exclusively in muscle is just a common oversimplification. Muscle is far the largest source in most people, but all other tissues are potential sources. All cells recycle protein internally and some of this will end up in the blood stream. In this way cells can contribute and not die and thus it is possible that fasting might increase the destruction and recycling of mis-folded proteins like beta amalyoid in nerve cells. Cells of all types get sick or injured and are destroyed in a highly controlled process that is up-regulated or down-regulated depending on the body’s need for amino acids, among other things.

    Bottom line is that I think it’s not impossible that fasting might improve acne scaring as she reported.

    Hi dlrosenberry:

    My comment was directed at your statement that the body does not store protein and needs dietary protein constantly, but that it does store carbs and does not need dietary carbs constantly. While the body does not need a constant supply of carbs from the diet (or any at all), it is not because it has a large store of them – it does not – it simply does not need them to survive. And, as you now point out, the body needs protein constantly and therefore has a large store of protein which it can use whenever it has a dietary shortage and which can last for very long periods of time.

    As for acne scaring, I have no opinion.

    I think anything is possible during a prolong fast. I’ve personally had two involuntarily prolong fasts & went from zero to hero. You won’t even believe how much better I looked or the things I was able to do that I never even imagined I could. Eg. I was shooting snooker like a grand master & winning thousands of dollars from sport pick lotteries. (Never guessed wrong once!)

    Anyways I realize this forum is more about intermittent fasting so prolly not the best place for me.

    Yeah! Even intensive care visits and death are possible!

    Seriously, be careful.

    I’m not really sure why your so against it & it seems so obvious you’re trying to scare others away from it for whatever reason. Are you working for the site & it’s your job? Definetly the wrong place to discuss this.

    Don’t worry it’ll be my last post.

    I’m just hoping that you don’t do serious damage like the guy in the article I posted above. Prolonged fasting can be very dangerous and I hope nobody underestimates this before they try it.

    Do make sure a doctor is monitoring you if you fast for more than a couple of days at once.

    “Everything in moderation”

    Your above link is a very poor example. The guy was religious & a nut. (Besides, he did not even die.)

    Also, where is the permanent damage? The guy prolly was just starving & collapsed. You make it sound like it was dangerous & something permanent which is why I doubt your true intent on here.

    The reason for fasting doesn’t have any bearing on it being safe.

    He spent an entire week in intensive care. We have a severely underfunded public health system, you don’t spend a week in IC here unless you are _extremely_ ill.

    ‘”By the time you get into the intensive care unit, you’re very unwell, and the chances of coming out with some long-term consequences are significant,” Loveridge said.’

    It’s probably too early to know how many long-term consequences he will have. Sadly the media will be unlikely to do a follow-up article. No he didn’t die, but I thought the article adequately demonstrated that he easily could have.

    I’m not telling you not to fast. I’m telling you its dangerous (with a recent example) and making a suggestion as to how to make it safer (regular doctor checkups during your fast). Why? Because I care about people’s wellbeing?

    A few people dieing from prolong fasting cause they’d extremely religious, delusional people who didn’t know their limits doesn’t serve as a good example to scare others away who’re not as religious, extreme & delusional from something that could dramatically change their lives.

    Jus saying…. (

    “Delusional people who didn’t know their limits…”

    “You won’t even believe how much better I looked or the things I was able to do that I never even imagined I could. Eg. I was shooting snooker like a grand master & winning thousands of dollars from sport pick lotteries. (Never guessed wrong once!)”

    Just saying…

    See I knew you were just some extreme pesissimist & naysayer but tried to act like you weren’t. (Shouldn’t even waste my time with people like you!)

    Just because you’ve never seen something with your own eyes, it doesn’t exist to you or they’re lying. (These type of people annoy me the most!)

    What’re they called again ah yes. Close-minded & ignorant. Sorry for my bad english.

    I don’t usually insult people on these sites but really I just can’t stand this type sorry. I’ll stop posting now!

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    If fasting makes you feel that people like you more because your acne scars have gone away, you have my full support. Just ask your doctor about it first and have a good friend check up on you every day during your fast. Before you do these, though, try All Purpose Hydroquinone Cream. I use it for my acne scars. I previously tried Obagi and Bio Oil, but they had no effect. Then I came upon APH. I used it for one week once a day, and my fresh and stubborn acne scars that will take a whole year to go away are almost gone. Scabs seem to heal quicker and fall off with pink skin underneath instead of the ugly dark brown scars. Here’s a link just in case you haven’t heard of it yet:

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