Fasting Blood sugar and sucralose

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  • I have been doing some testing and experimenting with sucralose and HWC etc.
    Thought I’d share it here and let people add/ask/suggest what I could be doing to get better information.

    So The tester is a cheapo Walmart issue reli-on – which is anything but reliable I have been told.

    Last night’s meal was Broccoli with butter, celery seeds, onion powder and pepper – large cereal bowl worth, followed by 6 medallion sized fish cutlets 2 shots of bourbon, 2 beers followed by a bunch of baked goods. Mostly food that will dispense glucose into your body, a nice insulin reaction and the sleepiness told me I am swimming in it, followed by a blissful 9 hour sleep.

    This morning I woke up parched, hit the restroom and was just a shade constipated.
    Then, I weighed in 151 lb (same as the last few days give or take a lb)
    Then I popped Ca-mg-zn and K pills with water and quickly tested before those got into my system. I got 103 FBS.

    Then over the next hour I had a total of 2 qts of water, including a 10oz cup of tea made with a wee bit of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves and 1 oz of Heavy whipping cream (all fat) and a tiny bit of sucralose. Not Splenda, liquid sucralose.

    Then I tested and got 96 FBS.

    On the surface, it could be good. Its lower, and the HWC and sucralose are not spiking it. But then again, it could have caused an insulin reaction. I am actually going to compare these numbers to eating butter, as well as other foods. However I will have to do it while proper fasting.

    On the 13th I had a big meal for lunch. My numbers were as follows.
    36 hour fast on 13th morning – 76.
    Big high fat and protein meal with ~100gm carbs at the end and 2 hrs later 102.
    45 min after that, 10 mins after Tea with HWC and sucralose – 121.

    Again – Looks bad, but could be I didn’t make insulin for tea/hwc/sucralose and the glucose ended up in my blood stream. Possibly even from my previous meal, cos I wasn’t that certain that meal was high in glucose, had lots of sugar (which is 50-50 fructose-glucose). Yesterday’s carbs are likely more like 75% glucose (baked goods and beer tend to deliver maltose which breaks to glucose).

    I am likely to test a lot more and post about this a lot more. I am chasing the last 15-20 lb, I am not getting there without the right information – straight up fasting is too painful at this stage. Or atleast in the last 6 months I am a little worn out from long term fasting.


    In comparison: And I’ll just post all the results of the tests on this.

    2/12/17 – After a 24 hour fast – 73.
    10 push up’s later 74.

    02/18/17 after a few hours of light labor, 36 hour fast (with artificial sweeteners/HWC in coffee/tea a few times through the day) and few mins after a fresh injury due to feeling light headed) – 83.

    2/20/17 9 am – 10 hrs after a big meal on 19th night (Fiber, fat, protein, carbs in that order) – 116. Blood from the injury scar was used. Blood from injury when I removed the bandaid and my scab was broken and fresh blood came out.
    2/20/17 10 am after just water – 166. Again blood from injury. Not a fresh stick.
    2/23/17 – 11 am – again a scar disturb situation – Lo (meaning under 20 – and sorry under 75 and I feel it. I didn’t drop to 20 and walk around fine.


    One more tea/HWC/Sucralose, and one more qt of H2o later, feeling very much hypoglycemic – or caffeine withdrawn – I read 92. Cant be, I don’t feel like 92. I feel like 72.

    I would probably need to wait out the caffeine. If it is even that.

    I’m done with Tea for today, next thing to be eaten/drunk other than H2o would be bourbon in about 6 hours.


    Well didn’t make to 6 pm. Made 4pm though. I was chewing on some wild weeds in my yard to test them out, I spit them out, but some had to have got in.
    So I basically was taking in a tiny bit of nutrients anyway. 3-4pm I did that, and 4pm I tested my Blood sugar.
    4pm some micro nutrients from wild grass in – 78.
    5pm ~3oz of bourbon later – 69.

    So, it is supposed to not cause an insulin reaction, and needs to go through your liver, but it does sharply drop your blood sugar.

    I hope to finish the other 3 oz over the next 90 mins, and then start on dinner – weed salad, mayo, mustard, chia seeds and peppers as dressing and then my famous fish cutlets.


    An hour later and another 1.5 drinks of bourbon later – 63.

    I am eating now. That ends this testing session.


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