Fasting 24 hours

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  • Cannot believe I actually managed to go 24 hours without eating! I went from about 7.45 pm Sunday until about 8.10 pm on Monday – first time I have done this, as usually I have a small salad lunch-time or mid-afternoon. Kept myself busy by going for 2 walks, cutting the grass, cleaned the kitchen and played against my kids on a computer game!

    Now reading a thread here it says I should wait and have breakfast at about 9.00 am so I will have gone 36 hours, which will have more health benefits!

    One thing I do realise now my evening meal was a bit on the low side, so including drinks in the day was only 348 calories (cannot believe this!!). Should I have increased this to 500 calories or even just the recommend 433 for my age and height?

    Finally I have been sleeping really well, but last night tossed and turned all night as my head was buzzing! I just hope I sleep better tonight. 🙂

    Managed another 24 hours if not longer fasting. Never thought I would be able to do this, but it is actually getting easier.

    Great for you. 6 month ago I never thought I could to a 24h fast for sure.

    To your first post: you cannot be certain that 36h fast is better for your health than 24h. Eg. if you do not sleep well why fast 36h? Enjoying a evening meal with your family after your 24h fast and sleep better would certainly be better for your quality of life.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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