The Fast Diet Tracker – some great results!

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The Fast Diet Tracker – some great results!

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  • I’m also back to eating bread which I have missed so much (good rye bread). Still lost. It’s all about the calories and it’s automatically low cal when you’re eating 500 twice a week. I know this week is prob water weight but I can’t remember losing 4 lbs in a week. Something is working

    I suspect that the lack of bread has something to do with the weight loss. All calories are not equal…

    Dear one: your results sound like a situation where you are already at a place where you do not need to lose many pounds? Depending on what type of strategy you use to determine your ideal weight, it might be that your present weight is good for your frame, height, etc.??

    bayleaf, thank you for the inspirational rundown of your 5:2 regimen so far. Congratulations on your weight loss and your honest efforts to do the “diet” right! The fact that you are a senior gives me, a fellow senior, lots of hope!

    Hi this is my 5th week of following the diet. After the first week, I’d lost 6lbs which was brilliant and a very welcome surprise but I have not lost anything since. I started running again about 3 weeks ago (couch to 5k) I feel much better so I am definitely going to stick with the diet and running long term. Any advice?
    I’m going with the idea that I am building muscle and this is making up for any weight loss. I’d like to lose another 7 or 8 lbs
    thank you Karon

    On the third day of a fast, I woke up (late) and felt dizzy, shaky, broke out in a sweat, and finally felt so faint I had to go into the kitchen and make a meal. This was a pity, because I was into ketosis and I wanted to go on a bit longer. Anyone else these symptoms?

Viewing 6 posts - 101 through 106 (of 106 total)

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