The Fast Diet Tracker – some great results!

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The Fast Diet Tracker – some great results!

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  • I’m also back to eating bread which I have missed so much (good rye bread). Still lost. It’s all about the calories and it’s automatically low cal when you’re eating 500 twice a week. I know this week is prob water weight but I can’t remember losing 4 lbs in a week. Something is working

    I suspect that the lack of bread has something to do with the weight loss. All calories are not equal…

    Dear one: your results sound like a situation where you are already at a place where you do not need to lose many pounds? Depending on what type of strategy you use to determine your ideal weight, it might be that your present weight is good for your frame, height, etc.??

    bayleaf, thank you for the inspirational rundown of your 5:2 regimen so far. Congratulations on your weight loss and your honest efforts to do the “diet” right! The fact that you are a senior gives me, a fellow senior, lots of hope!

    Hi this is my 5th week of following the diet. After the first week, I’d lost 6lbs which was brilliant and a very welcome surprise but I have not lost anything since. I started running again about 3 weeks ago (couch to 5k) I feel much better so I am definitely going to stick with the diet and running long term. Any advice?
    I’m going with the idea that I am building muscle and this is making up for any weight loss. I’d like to lose another 7 or 8 lbs
    thank you Karon

    On the third day of a fast, I woke up (late) and felt dizzy, shaky, broke out in a sweat, and finally felt so faint I had to go into the kitchen and make a meal. This was a pity, because I was into ketosis and I wanted to go on a bit longer. Anyone else these symptoms?

    @karon67 I’m on my 5th week as well and I have lost 2kg in first week. My weight has been stable since then (possibly die to overeating on non-fast days and alcohol). I have taken up exercise though and weight is still unchanged. I’ve decided to go from 1,800 kcal on non-fast days to 1,700 kcal – I’ll let you know what the result is!

    I lost 8lbs in 11 days when I first began 5:2 – I was on a high. As I have lost over 4 stones over 9 months. The weight loss is starting to slow down now. I am using my TDEE cal allowance – underestimating my activity level to a calorie allowance of around 1600kcals – on my non fast days.
    I think Michael Mosley wants people to eat a low carb mediterranean diet in general and start to eat better overall. He was tweaked the eat what you like slogan – as to get people’s attention. But in his updated version – fast at 800 cals but eat more healthily is the slogan update.
    I have 7lbs to lose – i will cut back on my wine/crisps on non fast days -its a way of life. Being healthy and slim is not easy – hard work and lots of patience is needed on the way.

    @KetoRose — the broadcast is called “Eat, Fast, and Live Longer,” and you can find it on YouTube.

    For many more great weight-loss success stories, check the reviews of the books on Amazon. You’ll see hundreds of positive weight-loss stories there — I find them very inspirational, and go read those when I need to be reinvigorated.

    SUCCESS STORY FROM ME (but needing advice!)

    I am just so pleased with Intermittent Fasting!

    So glad I read the 5:2 book.

    I played around with 6:1 for quite a while (like 2 years!) and it didn’t have any monumental effects on my weight, although it stabilised my blood sugar spikes and certainly prevented any weight gain!

    However in February of this year, I found the forum! The forum has been life changing, giving me the support, inspiration and advice to do this properly!

    So I’ve been resolute over the last five months and really given my all to IF.

    RESULT – I am now down to 8 1/2 stone! I’ve lost 12lbs very steadily over 5 months.

    However, I now have to maintain it! Actually, now I’ve ‘arrived at my destination’ I’m actually really worried about how I maintain this.

    Somehow the concrete goal of ‘lose X pounds this month’ is so much easier than than the rather wishy-washy “maintain my weight.”

    HELP!! Any advice please??

    I started the 8/16 in January 2017 at a weight of 15st 8lbs I switched to the 5/2 mid March as it was slow going for me.ive stuck to the two fasting days apart from twice and don’t eat till midday everyday. To date I’ve lost 2st 10lbs and most of it from mid March. I’m now 12st 12lbs. It’s not just a diet it’s a way of life for me. I am under goal and intend to stay that way. I was doing 20 minutes hit training on a rowing machine untill 4 weeks ago 6 nights a week. having to rest my knee for a while. Sunday a 20 mile bike ride.
    I’ve found the whole experience very positive. Love the tracker and partisipate on the monthly challenges.
    Hope this can inspire anyone into giving it ago. Good luck.

    Thank you I will try it soon.

    Hi everyone, this is my first week on the 5.2 I’m so hoping this will work, any tips from you would be appreciated, I’ve found this site so inspiring and to hear all your stories so helpful, love to hear more success stories thankyou 💞💞

    I filled in tracker 3 times it keep throwing me off was getting annoyed, as I had written a lengthy diary the first time and after that I gave up. Hopefully I can make this diet stick and work this time. For my families sake if not mine.

    Although I have lost weight, the most important thing is that my cholesterol has gone from 6.8 to 5.3 over the past five months. This has been a combination of fast diet and exercise 3 x pw at the Gym.

    I really look forward to my special fast day evening meals which I always plan carefully so that I am eating foods that I really enjoy.

    Think the young man said he dropped to 87 kg … Not lost it.
    He lost over 2 stone ..

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