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  • Anybody else tried the meals from the FDK? We did 6 weeks, some of the meal options are really disappointing, some sort of ok. It does make it easier to track your calorie intake on the fast days. Towards the end of the six week period FDK sent me an email, checking to see if I wanted to change any of the meal choices. The email implied they would be sending another six week supply of meals but nothing has turned up. Email I sent to them a couple of weeks back has been ignored. Poor customer service. M&S has a range of low calorie ready meals that are more satisfying than the offering from FDK. What do other 5:2 fasters do on the fasting days? Is it easy to accurately gauge the number of calories consumed?

    I got the meals from FDK

    I had one and was so disappointed with it I have totally ignored the others. They are now sitting in the cupboard with a view to possibly never being used.

    extremely bland in my view

    I have ben doing 5:2 and make myself healthy, nutritious food which is satisfying. If you use My Fitness pal …google or google app it helps you easily count calories onn your fast day

    Good luck. Oh and if you join My Fitness pal my name is WendiMarr if you would a friend xxx

    its good for us to maintain our health

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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