Fast Diet after surgery

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  • Began Fast Diet January 2017 @195.5 lbs.
    Had bilateral hernia surgery June 13th decided to stop 5:2 diet for the 6 weeks recovery period while body recovers from surgical attack. Still maintaining my weight goal of 185 lbs. Though unable to exercise I’m loosing muscle mass.Hope to be back to 5:2 and regular exercise/yoga routine next week.

    Its a problem. I had surgery for colon cancer about 18 months ago. It was some weeks before I could get back to 5:2 and quite a lot longer before I got back to the gym. I lost a lot of muscle mass and physical strength. It has taken a long time to get my fitness levels back and I still haven’t recovered all of the strength/muscle mass. However, it can be recovered and we will get there.

    Just do what you can as your doctor says it’s ok.
    On the bright side, your body will burn more calories when healing form a major injury or surgery.

    I had a knee replacement 2 years ago and was limited to the rehab plus hydrotherapy exercises for a while, but I was gradually able to add more. It just requires some patience while your body recovers.

    Today is 6 weeks out from surgery. Everything looks good per Surgeon. Cleared to fly to India from USA next week. Doc recommended 325 mg Aspirin once a day while flying long flights. Finally I can go back to some exercise I’ve lost muscle mass during the recovery period but have maintained my desired weight 185 lbs. My food intake while in India will be minimal, I don’t want to get sick. Will be back on the 5:2 diet when I return from trip. Thanks for the feedback from penguin and LJoyce.

    Impressive and inspiring stories. Thanks for sharing.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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