Fast days menu idea…? help??

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Fast days menu idea…? help??

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  • Hi All,
    I just started last week and did two days fasting, where ate nothing all day and then ate most of my 500 calories in one evening meal. I lost 5lbs (2.2kg) in my first week!
    problem is I work all day and a mum of 2 and I get really tried and sometimes irritable…
    does anyone have some day menu suggestions to split the calories? I understand that fruit are a bit of a no-no and definitely not any starchy carbs (rice, pasta, couscous etc…). am I right on this?
    any ideas for day menus will be highly appreciated. I am on a fast day today and apart from a sup made out of low sodium stock cube (30cal for 500ml soup), I have only had herbal tea and water…

    Thank you 🙂

    I can get quite irritable by the evenings too, impounded by baby’s fussy time and 6 year old’s homework, dinner and bed time!I have bought a load of shop bought soups, many are around the 100cal mark for half a pot. That, with a small slice of wholemeal toast (no butter) brings me in at around 150cal for lunch, saving 350 for dinner, which could be a big prawn and veg stir fry with ‘Zero Noodles’ (8 cal for 200g!) Or those same noodles chucked into another soup is quite satisfying. Then a couple of squares of 70% cocoa chocolate to stave off any more savoury cravings!

    Hi I work full time and do my fast days monday and Thursday.. I get a 45 minute break wher id normally have my lunch so I have t have something. I find slim a soups fill me nicely for t
    the rest if my shift. Minestrone one is 61 cals this is my fave as u get a couple of croutons n bits in with it ha then I mite have a weight watchers yoghurt which is around the same amount then save the rest of my cals for my tea wen I get in 🙂

    I’m rubbish at retaining recipes so rely totally on recipe books. Both the Fast Diet Book and The Fast Diet Recipe books are really useful for both menus and recipes (pick one up cheaply on that well known auction site). I am a veggie so I have dug out my Rose Elliot’s GI Diet book as well to add variety. Also picked up a calorie counting guide from a supermarket which lists virtually every food imaginable and includes minerals and vitamins.

    One of my favorite diet day lunches is a Dr. Praegers veggie burger(110 calories) with a piece of low fat cheese(25 cals) over a bed of arugula, tomato, red onion, cucumber, jalapeño tossed with fresh lime juice. The total comes to less than 170 and keeps me happy until dinner. I am also a fan of making soups for diet days, good way to leave out oil and add lots of vege and fill you up. For dinner I like to make fish often because its a very low calorie protein, especially shell fish. Gazpacho is a great fast day meal because it is already a low cal food so you don’t have to make many adjustments to the recipe. Serve gazpacho with prawns cooked on a layer of salt, no oil necessary and the flavor is perfect. Its like dining out in Spain 🙂

    Please can you help
    Struggling how to use my 500 calories
    Breakfast Tea
    Dinner and Tea
    Which is the best option

    Looking for easy menus on fast days
    500 calories
    Is it easier to split 250 breakfast 250 tea

    Very new to this l have lost 5 killos in 5 weeks is that a good pace to loose weight

    There are lots of ideas for 5:2 fast diet meals on a site called Calorie Counted Curries. One of my favourites is Thai Fish cakes with Nuoc Cham dipping sauce.

    Here are a couple of threads with Fast Day recipes tried and tested by members of this forum. Enjoy!

    I found it very good these recipes another Michael Mosley blog.

    I stagger my calories throughout the day. I prefer calories that take awhile to eat. I just had a low calorie piece of toast (45) w/ 1 egg(70) poached on top .
    It tasted great, but wasn’t very satisfying for me, as it was gone in 5-6 bites.
    *Later, I’m going to have cold Nasoya noodles (30cal.), 2 small peppers, 3 grape tomatoes, 1/2 green onion, 1/2 c cucumber, 2 T dressing ,2T fat free feta for a total of 121 calories & it’s a huge bowl of food that will take me a while to finish. It could probably even be split in 1/2!
    *1 cup steamed broccoli (31)with 1T low fat mozzarella is very low in calories.
    *I like to eat mushrooms instead of meat with steak sauce & steamed onion.
    *I like to have Nasoya noodles (15-30) cooked with broth or bullion paste (15)
    *I’m also a fan of egg whites in the microwave with mushrooms, topped with salsa and using broth instead of oil for cooking most things if I can.
    *Low calorie stir “fried” vegetable are good as well-you can add some Nasoyas to that too!
    *I also like flavored teas, herbal teas, coffee, & bubbly water.

    I admit, I often take the easy and convenient way on fast days! I consume La Zuppa soups, the varieties with no sugar in them, such as Hearty Chicken. I know it isn’t anything like homemade, but works for me! La Zuppa soups are around 160 calories per serving. I also love cottage cheese and strawberres which comes in about the same depending on how much cottage cheese and how many strawberries. By the way, I ate these all the way through my weight loss phase and now I’m in maintenance.

    I’m not a fussy eater. On fasting days I’m eating things that fill me up and taste good to me, but which others might find unpalatable.

    I skip breakfast (apart from a strong cup of coffee with unsweetened soy milk).

    I pack myself a fairly hefty lunch. This morning, for example, I packed two boiled eggs (around 150 calories), 100g of ham (108 calories), a heap of lettuce (about 30 calories) and some sugar-free jelly (28 calories). That’s a little over 300 calories. I eat when I get hungry – today that was after I got back from the gym, around 2:30 pm. Other days I will tuck into my lunch mid morning if I’m hungry.

    Some days I will just have a couple of boiled eggs and/or some ham with a couple of medium ripe tomatoes. I cut the tomatoes into wedges and sprinkle salt and pepper on top. Other days I will have a half kilo or more of steamed and/or boiled vegetables like brussels sprouts, cauliflower, carrots, green beans, broccoli and so on.

    When I haven’t planned well in the morning I have a backup plan – cheese sticks and little tins of sardines in my desk. They don’t provide as much bulk and fibre, but they are easy and satisfying. And I know exactly how many calories I’m getting in each, no need to weigh. They also come in handy if I scoff my whole lunch in the morning and find myself getting peckish in the afternoon.

    I try to keep lunch under 300 calories whatever the case. Then when I get home sometimes I’m not even hungry so I’ll just have some miso soup or french onion soup. Or if I am hungry it might be a chicken drumstick or two.

    I try to get my fasting days out of the way as early in the week as possible. That way I don’t have to worry if I give into temptation on Monday and/or Tuesday, I’ve got the rest of the week to make up for it. I’m rarely tempted though, and it’s more likely that I’ll be feeling good and do a third fasting day.

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