Fast days and a calorie controlled diet

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  • I resumed my 5&2 a month ago in order to benefit from fasting and to loose weight. I base my non fast days on the ‘Which? Slimming Guide (1973)’. This somewhat aged tone contains sound basic principles which are as true today as when the were written (I suspect a long time before the guide). If you eat more calories than you use you will put on weight regardless of the amount of exercise you do. The main piece of advice is don’t kid yourself that beacuse you are exercising it is ok to eat or drink more.

    My regime is 5&2 Monday and Tuesday (500 cals per day) and 1500 calories a day for the rest of the week. Normal intake would be 2500 x 7=17500 per week. My plan gives 8000 cals per week.’Which?’say that losing 3500 cals per week = 1lb of fat lost. Their diet suggests 1500 cals per day = 10500 cals per week for 2 lbs weight loss. So using my plan I have 2500 cals ‘spare’to allow for minor excesses ( a 33cl bottle of Leffe is 202 cals) over the week (although not on fast days). This combined with dog walking and digging a clay garden works for me. Have gone from 15st 2lb to 13st 6lb in one month and have not felt too hungry or ‘thirsty’. Calories, not carbs, are the determining factor. Good luck.

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