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  • I have been on the diet for almost a month now. I have chosen to fast only on days I do not work, because I was worried I would not be able to concentrate very well while fasting. This approach has been pretty successful. I have not cheated yet on a fast day except a little non-buttered popcorn at a movie. I feel like I need a set routine and meal plan: egg white omelette with onions and mushrooms for breakfast with coffee. Green tea throughout the day and maybe a tangerine or two for lunch and a can of “Light Progresso soup” for dinner. I am home free once I eat my soup as long as I go to bed early! The hunger pangs are the worst in the afternoon but have found a walk with the dog or doing something with the family can help. I am not quite at the point of looking forward to fast days and have yet to work a whole day while fasting. Also, I did not fast this weekend while my son was visiting from college. I felt guilty but it was also freeing to let myself do that knowing I could make up for it later. So far, I love this diet and find it easier than any other I have tried. I have also been exercising pretty regularly, but only in the morning on a fast day. Could not yet imagine working out in the evening of a fast! Good luck and enjoy!!

    Sounds like you’ve really got it sorted – one of the reasons that this works so well is that you can fit it in around your life, no products to buy or forbidden foods. It’s a long haul for most of us though. Good luck with the months to come!

    I find that if I can keep myself occupied through out the day, I don’t even think about food. Answer, keep yourself busy

    I find for myself it is better not to eat at all while fasting. Water or mint green tea only. If I try to eat just 500-600 cals it leaves me with rumbles and feeling “hungry” (it’s mental hunger not true hunger) all through my fast.

    I don’t get truly hungry unless I am doing a fast longer than 2 days. Day 3 I get HUNGRY true hunger. It passes late on the 3rd day or early on the 4th.

    A normal 5:2 fast I might start to think about food and I shove the thought away “I can eat that tomorrow” Mind over matter stay busy and focused and a fast is over before you know it. I am one of the lucky ones in that I don’t focus on food when I’m fasting. 99% of the time it doesn’t cross my mind.

    Lots of water and stay well hydrated.

    Mid-way through my first day, had porridge with blueberries for breakfast and planning a two egg omlette with mushroom and tomatoes for dinner.

    Finding it a bit of a struggle, very cold, have kept my coat on all day in work, almost quit earlier but a coffee really helped. Couldn’t face black coffee so had some milk in it. Have now had two coffees and lots of water.

    Planning second fast day for Thursday. Really hope it gets easier!

    It does. Feeling cold is a normal reaction for many, just digesting food produces body heat.

    Drink plenty of water, a bit of lemon or lime juice if you want but make sure you fully hydrated. Urine output should be frequent and almost clear.

    After a few months fast days pass without even thinking of food. The first fast is the toughest as you’re completely paying attention to how you’re feeling and you may be slightly nervous and wondering what’s this going to be like. It will pass and you can do this

    I find fast days quite easy if I decide the night before exactly what and when I will eat for my 500 cals. The discipline works well for me. I prefer to fast on work days as keeping busy and not having access to the kitchen all day certainly helps!

    Thanks guys, yes I picked work days as I thought it would be much easier when I am distracted. Weekend fast days must be so difficult!

    Got very hungry last night but the hot water and lemon slice helped, then kept waking up throughout wondering was it time to eat yet, but felt great this morning when I had managed to stick to the fast. Hopefully Thursday goes as well. Think I might get a really nice low calorie meal from M&S for my dinner to help motivate me, always helps to have something to look forward to.

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