Fast Day Minestrone Soup

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  • Hi I have just made the Fast Day Minestrone Soup…

    Firstly, it’s delicious! Secondly, as it I followed the recipe I now have enough for three more fast days – so I’ve portioned them up and will freeze them.

    It really is a tasty hearty soup, and very filling. Something lovely to keep in the freezer that I will look forward to tucking into on my next fast day 🙂

    I had exactly the same experience! Just made it, it was delicious and filling, now I have 3 frozen serves for the next few fast days. I swapped beans for sugar snap peas which was SO GOOD they added crunch and sweetness. I really love this soup.

    Hello totally new to 5:2 and almost done reading the book. Where do I get the recipe for the minestrone soup?

    Does anyone know if I can eat allot of veggies with my meals on fasting days? I’m used to eating large portions and I think if I’m eating allot of low calorie veggies I’ll feel fuller emotionally and physically!

    Hi Kelijoy and welcome:

    On your diet days you can eat 500 calories of any foods you want to eat.

    Here are some tips:

    Good Luck!

    Can you tell me where the recipe for the Minestone Soup can be found

    Somebody was kind enough to send me a link for the recipe for the minestrone soup but when I press on the link the recipe disappears within 1 second and then am redirected to this exact page on the website. Any other way I can get the recipe?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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