Fast day gone wrong

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  • Hi everyone,
    It’s my second week of the fasting diet. My first week went well, I only went over by a few calories but managed to stick to it. I’ve had a bit of an emotional week and have gone way over today, not by accident either. Should I just not count today and start again at another time? Or should I continue on and just chalk this week up to a learning experience?
    I’m feeling really guilty.

    If it were me, I would try my best to eat healthily for the rest of the day (which for me means low carb – lots of veges and a bit of lean protein), and then commit to a fast tomorrow, possibly with an adjustment to the plan to ensure I could stick to it. Could you prepare your 500cal today, so you are all set for tomorrow?
    Don’t beat yourself up or feel guilty! Keep going, hiccups happen. You had a successful first week so we all know you can do it again this week!! It’s how easy it is to get back on the wagon that is what makes this plan so successful for me.
    Good luck, stick with it, be kind to yourself!

    Hi Vegogirl, I agree with Iwant2Bincontrol pass for today but don’t pig out on cake/biscuits etc eat as healthily as you can for the remainder of the day. See how you feel tomorrow. If you feel better in yourself then have your fast day tomorrow or leave it until Monday if you don’t feel better. You need to be fairly focused to do this. If you are regularly stressed then you need to address this otherwise you’ll always find an excuse not to stick to the 500 calories on fast days.

    This is my 4th week & I should be fasting today but I had an incredibly stressful evening yesterday (big argument with partner) & even though we made up this morning I am not in the mood for not eating if you get my drift.

    We’re going food shopping later this evening which we never do on a Thursday so I know we’ll buy something nice for dinner & a share bottle of wine most likely so whilst I had fasted since 6pm last night I gave in gracefully & had a tuna/salad sandwich for lunch, usually I would wait & have one 500 cal evening meal. Instead of feeling guilty about “failing” I will just enjoy today & my fast day will be tomorrow instead.

    I’ve lost 7lb in just over 4 weeks on 5:2 so I know this regime is perfectly doable for me just not today!

    Best of luck once the scales start dropping it does give you the incentive to persevere.

    Hi vegogirl,

    Certainly chalk it up on your experience blackboard; you’re more acutely aware of your ‘triggers’ when you’re fasting.

    I think Iwant2Bincontrol and JulieK1967’s advice is spot-on. Deep breath, keep calm, rein in the panic/disillusionment/guilt ~ YOU are in control, not any ‘diet’ and plan to fast tomorrow if you can?
    Maybe get your Fast Day food weighed out ready in containers or in the fridge or whatever and you can think to yourself, it’s absolutely fine, I’m having THAT tomorrow. Folk vary what day they fast so it fits in with their life, that’s what so great about this!

    Good luck,
    Aud x

    Hi Vegogirl

    As the others say, just chalk it up to experience then draw a line under it.

    Just decide that today is not a fast day after all but tomorrow will be then finish today as any other normal day.

    I find fast days easier if I plan ahead what I’m going to eat and either prepare the food or have all the ingredients ready to use. That way you are ready and less likely to be side tracked into eating too much.

    No guilt/panic/disillusionment required. YOU control the food….the food does NOT control you.

    Thank you so much everyone for the comments and encouragement! I did much better today, stuck to 500 cals and felt more in control. I definitely need to plan ahead, and be prepared for the occasional “off” day. Good to know that other people also have days when the willpower is not as strong. I definitely found it easier to continue knowing that I can just swap for a different day.

    That’s great stuff, vegogirl (is that as in vegetarian, or ‘veg out’? Either way, that’s a great handle 🙂 )

    I find, if I don’t plan, it all goes to pot. I really only plan on the Fast Days; I can relax a bit more for the Feed Days, which is great as I’m not stressing about food all day, every day as I was with the usual calorie-controlled diets.

    Taking control and feeling it is great 😀
    Aud x

    Hey Vego! I just had two terrible days last week where I pigged out on the worst foods imaginable… So instead of losing 1-2kg, I gained 1kg. But it’s done. I can’t undo it, and even though I felt bad, feeling bad wasn’t helping.

    Putting things off to tomorrow can be a good idea in this case. I sometimes just ask myself “What’s my next best step for the day?” As in, what’s the best thing I can do right now? And this doesn’t always mean that I have to do exercise or have the perfect fast day, sometimes you just have to recognise that today just isn’t that day and that the best thing to do now is to eat as healthily as you can for the rest of the day and then continue on tomorrow.

    Good on you for getting through the next day as well as you did! Go you!

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