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Fast Cook is now being served

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    Many of you have now been on the Fast Diet for well over a year – your posts are hugely inspiring, and truly support the idea that this is not so much a diet, in the conventional sense, as a life plan – a ‘life policy’, as someone said to me the other day. Michael and I read your stories with real interest, fascination and pleasure. How brilliant that 5:2 works for so many of you; how much better that it seems to be achieving measurable health benefits for so many.

    Over the months, we’ve taken on board so much of what we’ve heard from our devoted band of fasters.  We’re listening and learning all the time – and not just to the positives, but to the blips as well. One of the things that many people have asked me for is a simple, straightforward cook book. Not a book of clever recipes. Not a book that requires much effort or planning. Just a collection of simple, sustaining, practical basics to make Fast Days that much easier – particularly when time is scarce or the family are hungry and waiting to be fed.  I’ve also been asked to write a selection of recipes expressly for men – who, we’ve found, often tend to fast all day and eat their entire 600-calorie quota at supper time.

    My answer is Fast Cook, which is published on March 6th. I have loved writing this book – so many of the recipes will be familiar and comforting, but I’ve given them a Fast Diet make-over, cutting back on superfluous calories while retaining all their fantastic flavour. The book has plenty of nutritional tips (one of the great things about 5:2 is that you really start to think about, and understand, the nutritional impact of the food you eat). Each recipe is designed to keep you fuller longer, with a great balance of protein and plants (that old Fast Diet chestnut!); each recipe is, of course, carefully calorie-counted to allow you to make the best choices on your Fast Days.

    I really hope you enjoy the recipes and ideas in Fast Cook – let me know your favourites, and please do join the chat by posting your best Fast Day recipes on the forum here. You’ll notice that we’ve updated and upgraded the website to coincide with Fast Cook’s arrival. We hope you like it. Sign up for our new monthly newsletter if you want to keep on top of the 5:2 story as it progresses well into Year 2 and beyond… For now, I’m back to the chopping board!

    Will this also be published in the US? While it’s listed on the website, all the sellers are in Europe… I enjoyed the FastDiet Cookbook, would be interested in this also, can use metric measurements if I need to, but if it will be coming out in the US, I might wait. Thanks 🙂

    I ordered the book the first day it was on (March 6, 2014) and received it on the March 20. While I am excited to see all the different recipes, I had no idea that I would be looking up the definition of 3-4 ingredients in each recipe. As an American, I don’t think I have all the ingredients for a single recipe in my kitchen. At least I use a scale that is metric!

    I should have expected that challenge. All it takes is planning ahead!

    The layout is great and the pictures make the food look grand. I am looking forward to using it.

    Hi Amy, thank you for replying! What are the most frequently used or most important unfamiliar ingredients? I wonder if I might have a few of them or maybe could figure out a substitute for some of them. My digital scale that switches back and forth between ounces and grams is a great help. I’m trying to add some new fast day main dishes to my repertoire. Would also love to hear from people in the UK who have tried the recipes, what they like best. Are there very many recipes that are vegan, or only use dairy products like yogurt or eggs, many fish recipes? I don’t like red meat or poultry, and if I eat too much fish, eggs, or tofu I start to not like them very much either. I never tire of yogurt and cheese but love to get protein from bean and grain, grain and nut combos. Coming up with fast day menus that work that way is tough, especially at the 300-calorie dinner level and because my son doesn’t like lentils, thus eliminating the yummy lentil curry that’s in the FastDiet Cookbook! (He does like other legumes.) Either the portions are too small or there’s not enough protein in the meal.

    My! That is quite a list of things you don’t like to eat!

    The audience for the cookbook is the British. The author took favorites from her area and made them lower calorie, but just as tasty. Many use spices I haven’t used before.

    There is quite a variety of recipes with all sorts meats — beef, chicken, fish. I didn’t see any that called for tofu. Lots of the recipes have meat and beans of a variety, and some with beans of various types.

    There are several veggies recipes.

    I would try it — it will be different for sure!
    I am not sure this is the recipe book for you.

    Many of the ingredients I didn’t recognize have a different name in the US. Courgettes are zucchini and petis pois are sweet peas,

    If there are a reasonable number of veggie, bean, and fish recipes, I would get some use out of it. Basically I am mostly vegetarian, but will eat eggs or seafood if the situation calls for it, and as long as I only eat it once or twice a week I’m fine. It’s my son who doesn’t like lentils, and we like to have family dinners.

    Frankly, the recipes that have some meat in them have so many veggies, that you hardly notice the meat. I made the chile con carne tonight and the Chicken Provencal last night. Both were yummy, but the amount of meat was dwarfed by the number of veggies. If you don’t care for meat, you probably wouldn’t miss it much leaving it out.

    Amy, thank you, this is very good to know. It sounds like it would be possible to substitute a small amount of beans or tofu for the meat in the recipes for protein. This cookbook is definitely going on my wish list.

    Just downloaded this so I can plan what I will eat on tomorrow’s fast day, before I go shopping, looking forward to trying lots of the yummy looking recipes 🙂

    Am I to understand the recipe measurements are in the metric system? It’s a good thing my scale converts, but a word to Michael & Mimi: If you are going to sell in the U.S., think of our measurement system. If I don’t have my scale with me and I want to make something, then I have to divide or multiply by .035274.

    If you want me to purchase your book, then please make additional copies for us over here in the U.S. Thanks.

    Has anyone got an opinion on whether “the fast diet cookbook” or this new “fast cook” is better/easier/fuller/more useful/inspirational or whatever?

    Depends on what country you live in. It is definitely an English cookbook. I like it because I have eaten American food so long that I am bored with it. It isn’t easier for me because I have to go to a special store for some of the spices that are common in England. I have to plan ahead.

    What ingredients are difficult to come by? I’m American and in culinary school and, if anyone is having difficulty locating a spice or needs a substitute, I may be able to help you.

    Let me know. No promises, but I’ll sure try.

    Ground lamb is not commonly sold in a standard grocery store.
    I am not sure what is meant by mixed spice or mixed herbs

    The big one is Marmite. I am going to leave that out.

    (all from page 25)

    I ended up looking up mixed spice and mixed herbs on my phone and created my own combination of these spices — all of which were in my spice rack. I did forget to look at how much I was to add and had about 10 times as much of the mixed herbs as the recipe called for.

    Having never eaten skinny spag bol before, I had no preconceived ideas of how it should taste. It was pretty good.

    Hi, I researched Marmite and it’s a brand name for a yeast spread for breads and meats. Sounds unappetizing to me, but I’m sure you can find it in a specialty grocer if you live in Cali, there’s Whole Foods.

    For the life of me, I just can’t imagine spreading something like that on my bread or in my food.

    Here’s some research for you:

    Today, the main ingredients of Marmite manufactured in the UK are glutamic acid-rich yeast extract, with lesser quantities of sodium chloride, vegetable extract, niacin, thiamine, spice extracts, riboflavin, folic acid and celery extracts, although the precise composition is a trade secret.[16] By 1912, the discovery of vitamins was a boost for Marmite, as the spread is a rich source of the vitamin B complex; vitamin B12 is not naturally found in yeast extract, but is added to Marmite during manufacture. With the vitamin B1 deficiency beri-beri being common during the First World War, the spread became more popular.[17]

    Marmite is yummy, Australians have Vegemite, so maybe you have an equivalent but don’t know. With marmite you either love it or hate it.

    I just love the recipes in this book. I have been on the Fast Diet for over a year, still fast 2 days a week even though I have reached my target weight, because I like to indulge on other days. Yes, I do lots of gym too. What I love so much about this book is that I make a serving size for 4 and freeze three portions. Cook another 4 serving recipe and now I have 3 weeks worth ready to go. I really love the Chicken Cassoulet & the Moroccan Spiced Lamb. And I can see there is a lot more I’m keen to try. These recipes are just what I needed. Thanks Mimi.

    Vegemite (Aussie version of marmite and I think, a lot more popular here than marmite is in UK) is an illegal import to America. Not sure why.

    Good topic :)) I like it !

    I have prepared the Skinny Spag Bol recipe from the Fast Cook cookbook. I ordered Marmite via and used 1 tsp in the recipe.

    What do I do with the opened container of Marmite? Cupboard or refrigerator?

    Always change containers. It’s a lot easier to put it in a Tupperware-type container and store in the frig, if “refrigerate after opening” is listed on the container.

    It’s best to be safe than someone getting sick and then you’d be sorry.

    Amy C, You do not have to change containers. Your marmite should be in a screw-top jar yes? All you need to do is make sure it is properly closed and then you can store it in the cupboard – it does not need to be refrigerated and will last for a long time without being spoilt.
    etherial – try marmite and peanut butter on bread or toast – it is excellent! But in the UK they used to run an advert — Marmite,you either love it or hate it.
    I love it

    HA! I read the ingredients and will have to graciously pass on this one, but thanks for looking out.

    Panko “Fried” chicken was on the menu for dinner.

    Oh so good. Yum, yum.

    Page 117 of the cookbook.

    Cathval, it is the same with Vegemite – one either loves it, or hates it! My great Aunt used to have marmite, instead of Vegemite …… And I think marmite is disgusting, and back then, it was very difficult to spread – it used to form into tiny balls on the bread, instead of spreading smoothly like Vegemite does – I have tried marmite in my adult years, to see if my views have changed, but they haven’t – so I continue with Vegemite.

    Sacrilege, Marmite is the best! Buy good bread and it spreads like a dream, more so from the squeezy bottles. 🙂

    On the topic of Marmite:
    I have not seen/tasted the actual recipe so don’t know if this will help..
    But here goes; I live in the UK but am originally from Denmark..
    Not keen on Marmite at all so I don’t have it in the house.
    If/when I come across a recipe which calls for marmite, I take a stock/bouillon/Oxo/Maggi/Knorr cube (or a bit of one depending on quantity needed) -vegetable, chicken, beef or whatever fits the recipe best, and mix it with just enough (warm/hot) water to form a paste(-ish).
    I then use this instead of Marmite in the recipe.
    Family in Denmark has also done this when I have sent recipes..
    Seems to work for us 🙂
    (I seem to recall that Marmite is actually banned in Denmark(!!))

    I enjoyed reading this thread. Very nice topic.

    Tesco do their own ‘marmite’ which is lots easier to spread but just as good.

    Bought the recipe book the other day and love the recipes. The question I have is about recipe quantise and serving size. For example the recipe for the Lo Lo meatballs uses 200gms of mince and makes 12 small meatballs. Is this a single serve or should that be half eg 6 meatballs??

    ouh wow…is there any proien booster related recipe?

    Frankly, the recipes that have some meat in them have so many veggies, that you hardly notice the meat. I made the chile con carne tonight and the Chicken Provencal last night. Both were yummy, but the amount of meat was dwarfed by the number of veggies. If you don’t care for meat, you probably wouldn’t miss it much leaving it ou

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