Errata in Books?

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  • Would it be helpful/useful to state here, what errors we have found in the two books?

    One for example, that I have located, is that in the Recipe Book index, you give ‘scrambled eggs and smoked salmon’ as a viable breakfast, and state the recipe is on page 32.
    The recipe is nowhere to be found.
    Now, based on our by-now increased experience and know-how(!) I think most of us can muster up the aforementioned meal…. but it’s an error nevertheless….and quantities would be useful, if necessary….

    Hi Tara,
    I just got the U.S. version of the cookbook and the recipe is on page 28 with a picture on page 29.
    Here are the ingredients:
    2 medium eggs
    Salt and pepper
    Minced chives
    ½ teaspoon/5g butter
    3 ounces/80g smoked salmon, slivered
    303 calories

    Thank you for that christine67, very kind of you! Well worth trying!

    I also think though, that being able to give this ‘errata’ feedback will be useful for re-prints, don’t you?

    Thanks again!

    Tara, I do think that knowing something is wrong in the book would be useful to the authors. Just out of curiosity, are those pages missing in your book or is something else printed there? If they’re missing it may have been a printing error and you could maybe exchange your book.
    You’re welcome. 🙂

    The recipes are missing from the book entirely; Page 29 is there, but has a different recipe altogether.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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