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  • Hi,

    I have had 8-10 mildly irritating small eczema patches for the last 3-4 years on my arms and torso. Since I have been doing Intermittent Fasting the patches are much. much milder and a few have just disappeared. It was probably three months after starting IF that I noticed that I didn’t need to apply any cream.


    I also have eczema, Ive had it since I was a baby. I am interested to see how intermittent fasting effects mine. not seen any changes so far, but im still new to the diet.

    I’ve had a few small patches on my hands for years, I have noticed the itch/scratch symptoms have eased slightly, they a lot less severe and flare ups are not quite so common.

    My psoriasis has virtually gone too.Scalp is 1000 times better as well.

    The total disappearence of my eczema (used to get quite irritating recurring patches between my fingers) was one of the earliest and happiest side effects of the lifestyle for me. My skin is a million times better in general but the eczema disappearance has made this well worth doing for that reason alone.

    My eczema, which sounds very similar to yours, disappeared along with a few other minor ailments (gassy tummy to name one) last year when I did the Dukan diet. It took me a few months to realise and when I did it was like winning the lottery.

    I have pustular psoriasis, and on week one of IF unfortunately I have gone into flare up which , on reflection, was already starting. I am encouraged by your posts and would love to lose the itch.

    Mine has completely gone. Not even a mark left on what used to be my scabby ankles.No itch, hardly use moisturizer on my legs, except after swimming. It is saving me a fortune!

    Although, spending the savings in the sales or charity shops on new clothes to replace the sacks that are hanging off!!!!!

    Hi there,

    I currently have a pretty significant eczema flair up … and have just got back on the 5:2 wagon after a break during travelling / vacation. I am hoping the fasting will help. Will post back again in a few weeks.

    I am hopeful because it has in the past, i.e. I discovered fasting could help by accident, after months of useless cortisoid creams etc. I was ill with the Noro virus and had to stop eating for about 36 hours (sips of water only)… and it was like a little miracle… the eczema on my hands and legs just melted away… so I am hoping the intermittent fasting will have a similar effect. Wish me luck!

    I’ve also had a recurring skin problem completely clear up after practicing 5:2 for now four months. I didn’t get my problem diagnosed, so I’m not sure what it was. It would occur on the back of my hands.

    I can’t recall precisely how long I had practiced 5:2 before this condition cleared. But for at the very least the past two months this condition has not only cleared up, but the skin on the back of my hands actually feels great now.

    With this happening on the outside of my body, it really makes me wonder what other good things are happening on the inside. It also makes me wonder about what’s behind the general sense of well-being that began after I practiced 5:2 for a couple of months.

    How has fasting worked out for your eczema now, after a few years? Just curious. I am starting 5:2 for the same reasons!

    ccco; I see that this forum has not been active for awhile. Now that science is starting to recognize that intermittent fasting can help eczema, I am hoping someone who has had some success with this will post. I have a significant amount on my arms and am hoping this diet will help. I am a fairly newcomer, so I haven’t been here long enough to see any results. Thanks.

    Ccco – my OH’s psoriasis cleared up with 5:2 – it took about 3 months. He’s also gone first vegetarian, then vegan so eliminating other things from his diet may have helped too (eg less dairy, more veg?). Hope it works for you – good luck!

    I fasted for 7 days flat. Only water and rest. Some noticeable changes could be seen. My eczema itches have gone next to zero. Research suggests that if you fast for several days, body heals minor injuries like abnormal growth of skin, hair spots etc. Eczema heals faster during fasting as the immune system is getting more time to heal itself and repair. Don’t eat some food that will irritate your digestive system just after fasting as then the eczema is bound to return.

    Thank you, cornish-jane and danielpatrik. You live me some hope! 🙂

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