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  • I really want to lose weight, so im thinking about using the Eat Stop Eat diet plan for 5 days in a week rather than the 1-2 days a week. Is it okay to do that?

    What does that plan consist of? never heard of it. All I know is that the Fast Diet works, so my husband and I stick to that.

    The Eat Stop Eat consists of doing 24 hour fasts once to a few times a week mixed in with strength training. You still eat something everyday. Most do that that on 5:2 too.

    I like to do the 36 hour fasts, but I’m starting to think about putting my fasting days together and doing one 60 hour fast a week. However I like all the discussion of research that Brad Cox put into his “Eat Stop Eat” book, but it has been a while since I read it.

    I don’t what @trynaloseweight means by doing Eat Stop Eat pan for 5 days a week. It sounds like just having one meal a day for 5 days and two multiple meal days. Probably fine for losing some fat. Personally I just find it easier to fast all day or eat all day. I don’t do well mixing it. Sleep seems to be a good divider for me.

    Heavy fasting, eating one meal a day for days on end: doesn’t sound sustainable to me. But hey, whatever works.

    @trynaloseweight – you may have to ask your question more clearly. If you mean do you think it’s OK to fast 5 days (only water on those days) and only eat for 2 days – I personally would not.

    Or 5 days with one meal a day could work (but I know for me I would eat WAY too much once if i had that one meal for 5 days a week) I currently do 4:3 (4 eating 3 fasting) I only have low calorie Liquids most fasting days. And I know if I tried this for 5 days I would not be happy. I would gorge my supposedly small meals.

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