Does anyone want a diet buddy

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Does anyone want a diet buddy

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  • Hi I am looking for a diet buddy who I can correspond with regularly to help me through my (hopefully) weight loss journey? If there’s anyone out there who’s got time for advice and support, please give me a shout.

    Hey Katser,

    I am here!! I will also need support as I am currently still in Thanksgiving mode and have been feasting my head off! I am flying back home Tuesday, so I’m planning Tuesday & Thursday fasts this week. Let me know the best way it give you encouragement. There’s so many benefits to 5:2, keep up the fasts :).

    Hi Emilyashen, thank you for your message. I don’t seem to get many messages and can’t seem to get a thread going with anyone. I hope your fast goes well this week. I am going to fast Mon&Thursday this week. I was doing well then yesterday, my husband made beef stroganoff (which was amazing), so, of course I had to eat it, then weighed this morning & gained a pound!!!! So frustrating!!!!!! I am really trying to cut calories on non fast days because my exercise levels are not very high (due to an arthritic hip). I so want to shed another 6 pounds by Christmas (but think it’s not really possible). Never mind, just take one day at a time, good luck.

    Hi Katser12 and Emilyashen, I’d like to correspond regularly here too. I’m in my 40s and trying to lose the 2 stone that I’ve put on since having kids (have been steadily creeping up the BMI scale til tipping well into overweight over the summer – scales confirmed what my jeans had been shouting at me for weeks!). I tried a low/no carb diet last year, but it wasn’t really sustainable for me. So, I started 5:2 as I was impressed by the scientific approach, and hoped it would fit better into family life too. I’ve lost 6 pounds in 4 weeks, and looking forward to breaking the magic 11stone barrier this week (I hope!!)

    Hi Katser and Emily, I too like to have a more frequent contact on life and 5:2. The problem is everyone seems to start a subject on his own, so It is too diversed which makes it difficult to find a topic and stay There. I started my 2nd week today with a weightgain, but I feel better, so I hope eventually the scale proves me right!

    Hi Ann247 thank you so much for your message. I think it’s so important to just be able to have a support network and someone you can just send a message to and receive a message from. I think it’s the only way I’m going to make it this time. I’ve struggled with weight gain for a long time, especially once I hit menopause @ 45!!!! Now, 5 yrs later, have only lost a little and want to lose at least 7 pounds to be happy. Good luck this week, keep going and just take a day at a time, let me know how you get on.

    Hi LynneD, thank you for your message. Good luck and well done with your loss so far. I think it’s great to be in regular contact with people trying to achieve the same goals. I don’t get any support from my husband as he doesn’t agree with fasting (unfortunately). Keep in touch and good luck with this week.

    Hey Katster, Lynne & Ann,

    I’m still away from home, but looking forward to tomorrow’s fast? How’s everyone doing today?

    Katster, my husband has no interest in fasting either. However, he does step up and help feed the kids on my fasting nights, so I’m grateful for that. I am so bloated right now, I can completely see why fasting is so good for me. It’s just so hard to say no to food when I’m with my family. Everything revolves around eating!!

    Lynne, I lost about 7 pounds in my first month of 5:2. I truly believe it’s the right way for me to keep my weight down. My uncle also was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s (at 65 years old). This also motivates me to keep up 5:2 for the possible health benefits. I am also hoping it helps my “winter blues” this year.

    Katster, if you’re fasting today, you’re almost to the end of your day (right??). Nice work!!

    Hi Katser12, Do you mind if I also jump in. I have around 30lbs to lose. Would love to have some one to talk to you and share with.

    Crazything>The more people that respond, the better πŸ™‚
    I was at work, where I had breakfust at 12.00, but I just finished with that same lunch now at I am cooking for the boys, and just got myself a glass of wine. Hopefully it won’t end in a bottle… But feel a bit, well I don’t know how I feel, not even in Dutch… But ready for some wine. That is my weak spot. I can control eating better than drinking, and not eating, nor drinking is much more easy than moderate eating or drinking. I truly am an all-or- nothing person. We, my collegaes and I are in a stressful period because up to 350 people will be fired and nobody knows where this is going to end.
    Good luck on the things we CAN control πŸ™‚

    Hi all would like to get a buddy too to start this amazing weight loss journey Just turned 50 and started getting belly fat (something i never had before) any help or advise would be great. I need to lose 30 or so pounds

    Hi everyone! I just started today so I would love to join this group to support eachother. I have about 50 pounds to lose so I’ll be here for a while πŸ™‚ So far my first fast day is a success! At 3pm I still get to have a salad, protein shake, and some broth! Doesn’t sound so bad! Good luck all!

    Hello Everyone,
    I have been fasting for 4 months and just joined the forum today. I would like to be part of this group. I have 50lbs to lose and could definitely use the support. After a wonderful Thanksgiving week I’m back on the 5:2 diet and was ready to do it!!
    Best of luck to all πŸ™‚

    Hello all, hope you had a good day yesterday (fasting or not!). Hope your first fast day went well Kgml27?

    Anyone finding it harder to fast in the colder weather here in the UK? I must have drunk about 10 fruit teas yesterday just trying to keep warm. Scales still resolutely stuck at 11st1 (155pounds). Hopefully thursday’s fast will see some results…although your comment on the health benefits EmilyAshen reminds me this is worth it even when the scales are stuck. Having said that, I’d love to get under 11st before the mince pie season starts in earnest!

    Im in as a complete newie to this. Have been overweight for years and a total comfort eater. Teen boys mean no small portion sizes in the house.My ideal weight loss for height would be about 15 kg and I’m already unsure about achieving this!

    First fast day was a success! Feeling great this morning. Didn’t have a great sleep, but with a toddler, that’s kind of the norm now so I’m used to it. I am proud of myself for getting through it, as I tend to not finish things that I start. Even though it is just day 1, I can feel that this will work for me. Looking forward to sharing experiences with you all! Good luck to all!

    Hello all…can you send me some ideas what I can eat on my fasting days…..I dont’ like tomatoes fish and I’m finding it hard to find some of the items at my local grocery store I do live in the US so maybe that’s the problem…I’m doing the meal replacement shakes today Joy

    Hey Joy1982. I’ve only done 1 fast day so far. But my menu consisted of this:

    Morning – 2 cups of coffee with stevia and whole milk
    100grams of 2% vanilla greek yogurt

    Afternoon – 4 cups of low sodium beef broth

    Evening – 1 cup of skim milk w/ 1 scoop of protein powder
    Veggie salad with 2Tbls of vinegrette dressing.

    And obviously lots of water throughout the day. I was satisfied with this meal plan, which really surprised me. Hopefully it gives you some ideas. Good luck!

    Thanks so much…’s a start!!

    Well, yesterday was soposed to be a feastday and a feast it was. I totally overate, drank etc, so today a fastday, and I think I need at least three of them to compensate πŸ™ truly hate myelf for doing this but what else can I do apart from looking in the mirror and tell myself: next feastday a better, a controled one!?
    I weighed less than yesterday though, and still no bowelmovement since last friday.

    Hi Emilyashen, Yes, yesterday was supposed to be fast day BUT I went to a Peter Gabriel concert and had to drive for 4 hrs to get there. As it was a fun night, I thought I can’t stand in a concert without eating anything, I might faint during the concert, SO I HAD to have a meal but I did just have a salad (with a little dressing). Concert was amazing, had to drive for 4 hrs to get back home to work this morning so DID NOT WEIGH myself today. Will try to do Wed and Thurs as fast days (back to back) if possible. How are you doing?

    Hi Joy 1982, how is your day going? I was supposed to fast yesterday but it all went ‘terribly wrong’ BUT I’m not going to beat myself up about it, tomorrow is another day…………………….

    I’m almost done with working….feeling hungry but the day is going fast. I can’t wait to be able to eat tomorrow :)I will have chicken broth tonight when I get home and hope to work out at the gym… thanks for asking

    Hey buddies,

    I’m back home :). Today was a travel day, so I made it a fast day (first one since last Tues.). My husband is traveling for work, so I did find it hard to travel, fast, unpack and do everything with the kids tonight (plus get ready for work tomorrow) alone. I do feel a little short-tempered tonight, but I’m going to complete the fast and hope it makes up a little for my indulgent holiday.

    Don’t worry Katser, I’m sure you still had a very low calorie day. I know I couldn’t do a concert without some fuel! Life comes before diet πŸ˜‰

    It’s nice to hear how everyone’s doing. The check-ins do help me through the fast days!

    I’ll fast again on Thrusday and weigh in Friday. Good luck everyone!!

    well it’s nearly β€˜lunchtime’ for fast day no1 and I am still alive. Drinking heaps of water, and that walk to the loo must be good for me!

    Go maltesers, you can do it! You’ll feel amazing tomorrow :).

    Hey everyone! I hope you all are feeling good about how your diets are going! I was going to do my second fast on Thursday, but now tmrw works a bit better. The only problem is I have to go grocery shopping tmrw! Hopefully I can make it through by having my yogurt before I leave and bringing some water. I hope you had a good first fast day Maltesers! You’ll enjoy your food tmrw!

    Hello Kgml27 – glad first day went well, can’t be easy with a toddler! Welcome Ann247, maltesers and SherryV – nice to see lots of people sharing ideas and stories here.

    Joy: you asked about what others eat on a fast day. I must admit I find it easiest to do liquids only(tea/coffee with skim milk – 20 cals, fruit tea, water)until dinner time, then have a ready meal (cal counted to 500kcal) if it’s been a rushed day, or grab a small portion of the protein bit of my kids’ tea (e.g., chicken in lemon broth, fajita chicken strips, meatballs with spicy salsa etc) with veggies. Savoy cabbage is my new favourite – 100g of shredded cabbage looks like loads of food but only 30 cals or so…great instead of rice/pasta and really very filling!

    Alcohol is a real challenge I find. Decided to avoid totally except on Fri/Sat, as it just leads to the munchies for me…

    Thanks for the info..

    I finished day one of fasting…HARD but I feel good today. Made egg beaters for breakfast thinking I was starving but my eyes were bigger than my appetite I will be fasting again on Thursday Oh yes, I wanted to add…I even worked out last night! :o)


    I finished day one of fasting…HARD but I feel good today. Made egg beaters for breakfast thinking I was starving but my eyes were bigger than my appetite I will be fasting again on Thursday Oh yes, I wanted to add…I even worked out last night! :o)

    Whoohoo! Got through my second fast day of the week! So looking forward to the next four days!!!! Although I will still try to be mindful. Hope everyone had a successful day!

    Hello all,
    Would really like some buddies on this endeavour! I am into my second week of 5:2 and feeling really optimistic. Struggled with my weight for what seems like forever. After seeing Dr. Mosely’s programme on TV this diet made so much sense to me. Lost approx 3kgs so far. I know that this is probably excess fluid loss, but hey I’ll take it anyway! It’s warm here in oz so have been drinking lots of chilled water today. Nibbled on 3 strawberries around lunchtime and will have a salad or mixed veg for dinner (haven’t decided yet)! Looking forward to comparing notes with some of you.

    Good job Cheetah! 3kgs in 2 weeks is great!

    Another week, another 2 fast days gone. Looking forward to a weekend of hearty stews and maybe the odd mince pie…
    …especially as I’ve finally broken the 11 stone barrier! Only 1 lb lost this week, but seeing the scales dip under a big number is very nice indeed.

    Have a great weekend all

    Lynne, great job! Breaking that barrier most give you the highs πŸ™‚ Hope everyone is doing ok! For me the weekend will not be a one of moderation, as my hubby returns from a 3 weeks absence, and we are spending the weekend away from home.
    Have a good weekend all.

    Feeling good this week so far. Have done my 2 days of fasting, and I weigh myself on Monday. Probably the first time EVER that I am a bit excited to weigh myself! I can feel that this is going to work. I think I will allow myself a big treat this weekend, maybe a big juicy burger, with no guilt on the side! I hope you all have a great weekend! Cheers!!

    Kgm127, Hi how’s it going? I started a new week last mon, fasted on Mon and thurs and, stupidly weighed on Fri morning and was delighted to see I had dropped 2 lbs, then , after a weekend of eating relatively lightly, got on scales this morning and have gained 3lbs!!!!! Am gutted!!!! Don’t know where I’m going wrong. Today I’m fasting and I will fast Thurs as well. It’s SO frustrating when you have been really good through the week but then come the weekend it all goes to pot!!! I won’t give up and will keep trying, reading these posts will also help, good luck this week.

    Hi all, how are you doing? Had a good 2 fast days Mon and Thurs, by Fri I had dropped 3 lbs then after weekend I gained 3 lbs!!! So frustrating as I eat relatively lightly on weekend. Have found that I really react badly to pastry and bread after having fast days. Went to Christmas works do on Sat, part of the meal was bread and then a pastry dish, was so ill a few hours after with indigestion and sickness-really weird!!! Has anyone else experienced this? Please let me know how you’re all doing, the only way I can keep going is hearing about you guys, best wishes and good luck to you all.

    Hi katser12, that must be really frustrating. I do notice that the scales go up and down for me by +/- 1lb, especially up after a non-fast weekend, so I wonder whether it’s water weight we’re seeing after several days of non-fast…If so, good news is that it should quickly go (I hope!). I’ve decided only to weigh after a fast day and over time hopefully should see a general downward trend even if there are peaks and troughs along the way…

    Hi Katser12, you must realize that no one can gain 3 lb fat in a weekend, so relax, and don’t give up on yourself. You didnt’t gain wait overnight, and it will take time to getrid of it. This way of eating makessure you can keep on doing it, with perhaps no specatacle result, but good results in the long run fot health and weight. You shouldn’t focus on the numbers, go by how you feel, and by measurements, clothes that fit better. I know I will nog go on the scale when I get home. That willspoil my good mood. I ate a lot, and enjoyed it, and allthough it was all healthy, I think I went well over my TDEE. I get back on track right when I return πŸ™‚ Good luck to you all for another week !

    Hey all! Well my weekend was a bit of a bust. I had a family dinner on Sunday and had more pie than I’d like to count! I was going to weigh myself on Monday, but in all honesty, I was a bit scared that I would be disappointed, so I didn’t. Also, Monday was going to be a fast day, but I was so hungry I just couldn’t do it. I got back on track and I am fasting today. Maybe I’ll weigh myself tmrw, maybe wait till next week, we’ll see. Katser I know where you’re coming from! I find it so discouraging when you see something happening, then it stops dead! I’m sure it’ll show up after this week though, just hold on πŸ™‚ We can do this! It helps me to read what you all have to say and what you are going through. I do believe support really helps. Talk to you soon!

    Feeling your pain Kgml27 and Ann247! Grrr, scales stuck resolutely in the same place for over a week and gained a pound over the weekend. SOOO annoying…a G&T too many maybe? Don’t feel like I massively overindulged though. So, decided not to weigh until the end of the week after couple of fast days.

    But….chink of a silver lining…decided to take my measurements for the second time since starting. Down by an inch on bust, hips and waist since 3 weeks ago. It’s worth it after all right?

    That’s awesome LynneD! I’ve only been doing it a week, so I haven’t measured yet, but in the long run, I think your clothes show more progress than the scales would. I can’t wait till I can fit into my old wardrobe again! I had a baby last year and I have pushed all my old clothes to the side of my closet and I just see them hanging there, dying to be worn! I know it’ll take a little while, but I’m determined this time! Good news is I decided to weigh myself this morning and I am down 2.8 lbs! But I will still weigh myself on Monday. I can only imagine what the Christmas weekend has in store for me food wise

    Hi Kgml27 – congrats on an amazing weight loss of 2.8lbs in week 1, that’s fantastic and a great boost I’m sure! Especially impressed as you have a small baby still. It’s taken me a decade since the last one to get around to losing those lbs

    It’s the old clothes that are motivating me too…a couple of dresses I haven’t worn in years, calling out “don’t give up..” from the deep, dark depths of the wardrobe.

    Also feeling better having re-read a bit of the FastDiet book over lunch today “researchers…noted that weight measurements are drastically different from feed to fast day…most likely due to additional weight of food in GI tract, and not changes in fat mass from day to day”(p99). Phew…

    Hi all, today ismy 5th fast (3rd week) and during work there was no problem, but now I feel faint and just less motivated to stick to my limits. I hope I can stay strong. i should after 4 days of ‘feast’days…
    Good luck to all in staying on track!

    Hi all… it was my fifth fast yesterday and I am loving this way of eating… can already feel a difference in my clothes….
    am open for a regular buddy πŸ™‚ am on myfitness pal as richieruby2004
    feel free to add me there πŸ™‚

    Hi dettina, would love you to join and be my diet buddy. I’ve been fasting for about 3 weeks, finding it SO frustrating as not losing much, and loss is not consistent. I’ve got a stone to lose, wanted to lose at least 6 lbs before Christmas but it hasn’t happened

    Hi Katser, you’re not alone, not losing weight, allthough for me this week my fastday was limited to one day only, because of the stress from work. Just heard, and with me 240 full time jobs, that I will be disemployed soon. Not a good fasting day, I can assure you.
    Don’t lose courage, just hang in, and observe your clothes getting looser, that too is progress!
    Good luch and have a good weekend all!

    Ann, so sorry to hear about your job, thats so rough at this time of year as well (although never good at any time). I hope you have a good weekend despite this. Stay strong πŸ˜€

    Hi Emilyashen, LynneD & Ann247, sorry I have not been posting for a while. It’s all gone so wrong for me. I fast 2 days a week but weight not shifting. My clothes are not looser. I am so frustrated with myself. I am really trying to be careful on non fast days. I don’t know where I am going wrong!!!! It doesn’t help that my husband doesn’t’believe’ in fasting. I have to eat what he cooks on the days I finish late at work. I am very active with work ( I have a physical job) and I think I spend a lot of ‘nervous’ energy worrying about 2 teenage boys, so, theoretically, I should be slim, but I’m FAT!!!!!!! Am so worried about Christmas, as nothing fits nicely!! Sorry to be so down

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