Does anyone want a diet buddy

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Does anyone want a diet buddy

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  • Katsert12 – I am in the same boat. My husband completely ridicules this fasting, which makes it terribly hard. He tells me to go for a run, well sometimes I do but it does not help, and I think I then eat more to compensate. Have two teenage daughters, am cooking for the family, and like you I have to eat what he cooks when he makes food. I lost a good stone and a half a few years ago via watching what i ate a bit and going to ROsemary Conley, but over the last few months about 10 lb has arrived from somewhere. I don’t understand it, I avoid carbs as much as I can, although I probably drink a bit more than I should. I cannot seem to shift it and even after a few days of being very abstemious food-wise, I find I weigh the same. OR MORE! Feeling despondent, too. But reading other posts I do think it is do-able. I have come to the conclusion that I must be packing a lot more in than I lead myself to believe. I am dreading Christmas x

    Hi Pippa42, Thank you so much for your message. Although I empathize with your non weight loss, it is reassuring to know that there is someone out there like me!!! I was so worried after I sent that post that I would be struck off the list, as it was SO NEGATIVE of me. I am not usually so negative but yesterday was a particularly bad day and I decided to have a rant. Whilst it is lovely to hear all about people’s weight loss stories, when one doesn’t lose any, it’s just like being the odd one out and it takes me right back to my childhood days at school when they are choosing teams for netball etc and one is the last one left!!!!!! So, I’m going to pick myself up, stop whinging and get a grip!!!!! I have decided to start again after Christmas. Do you want to join me for weekly weigh ins? Would be great to have an acquaintance. Good luck and keep trying.

    Hi Ann247, so sorry to hear about your job. Really puts things into perspective and made me feel quite ashamed about me going on about’poor old me, not losing weight’. I hope you manage to get another job soon. Best of luck with the diet. I’m not going to do anymore fasting till after Christmas, it’s just not working for me at the moment and I need to get out of this negative way of thinking and be positive for my family. Let me know how you get on?

    Hi Katser,
    I think it’s really important that we post the frustrations as well as the successes (I say, having been stuck on a plateau for nearly 2 weeks now despite 4 fast days…). It’s only this way that others struggling will know it’s not all plain sailing! And it may help the authors to understand the diet better/suggest some ideas for getting back on track. Hoping of course that things improve for you!

    Hi Katser, Christmas is always a rough time food wise, and fitting in fasting around everything. I think you’re doing the right thing to wait now until after Christmas. I’d love to join you in January for the weekly weigh ins! I feel with more support I will stay stronger and not feel quite as isolated. I usually weigh on a Wednesday, but any day would be fine! I really hope you feel better and more positive soon. I agree with the others that its important to get the negative thoughts out just as much as the positive ones. Its what support is all about, the rough with the smooth. Take care, and have a wonderful Christmas 🙂

    Hi Katser12, thanks for your reply, I did sound like a right moaner, just was feelign despondent over pitiful attempts! Yes it would be really good to do a weekly weigh in, I think a friendly motivator would be a great idea. I am really going to stick with this without beating myself up over days when it does not go according to plan! Out tonight but will fast tomorrow. Onwards and upwards!!

    Hi Lynne D, Dragonfly and pippa, great to hear from you all. Really does help having your support. Tomorrow is another day and another step closer to our goals. Well done all of you, keep going.

    I too will join for the weekly weigh ins come January! I had a great first week, but since then I’ve only had 1 fast day, and a lot of goodies! So I’m pretty sure that loss has found it’s way back on my butt! But it’s Christmas! And I love food way too much to limit myself this season, so I’m allowing myself a pass until after, then I will get back on the wagon. I want to enjoy myself when I have my family dinners and all you guys should too 🙂 i’m glad we can be open here even with our bad times. I think it helps with the journey to be open and honest. I also have to cook for my partner, a toddler and my MIL, so the days I was fasting, I would either save my calories till dinner, or I would just have soup. That way I still felt like I could eat with the family. I hope you guys are all having a good day!

    Hi Katser and all, thanks for the support. I must say, I have not been able to do a proper fast for 2 weeks. Sorry I let myself and all of you down,but I just feel down and out. No energy, just depressed. I am not angry for losing it, just sad I have to let go of my lovely collegaes and patients, but ok, think nothing can be done. December is never a good time for me,and this is not helping. I know januari will be the month for change, and till then I try to do my best.
    I wish you all good luck in keeping strong. Enjoy the holidays, and I hope to have positive news soon, whether it is about jobs or 5:2 🙂

    Well I hope everyone had a great holiday!!! As hard as it is, I got back on the wagon today. Feeling good so far! Ann247, I’m sorry to hear about your job. I hope that things look up real soon for you. Take care everyone!

    Hi everyone! Hope you had a good Christmas. Back to normal for me today after the break. Feeling positive! Lets reach our goals 🙂 Good luck!!!

    Hi would love to join you from next week! I am juat worried about feeling faint or sick from not eating but hoping it will work better than previous attempts, I also seem to have gained 10lb from nowhere ha!

    Hi I’d love to join you as well. I lost 10 lbs last year doing 5:2 but following exam stress and too many meals out over christmas I’m now the heaviest I’ve ever been. My goal is to lose 18 lbs.
    Weekly weigh ins would be fantastic.
    My first fast day will be tomorrow.

    Hi all diet buddies, hope you had a great Christmas and New year. Started my fast today, found I have gained 5 pounds over holiday period

    Hi guys mind if I join you? I’m on my way into work and start my first proper 5:2 fast in just under 2 hours. I’m setting myself achievable weight loss goals with my first target being a 23 lb loss. I’m working night shifts at the moment so have to use a by the clock 24 hr method for fasting.

    45 year old british lady and happy to talk to anyone and lend receive support.

    Good luck with today everyone! I struggled so much with my fast day yesterday, but I managed it and feel better today 😀 I was lucky with my first weigh in of the year, stayed the same as just before the break. Not gained, so that is fine. I need to see results now though. Stay strong!

    Hi Kgm,Ann247, Dabootie, Sweetpea 24 and mummymanda and all on this site, how are you doing? Fasted yesterday, went really well, next fast day is Thu. I want/need to shed a stone by Easter. Good luck all fasters.

    So far so good. Fasting is going really well. Had breakfast and lunch and I’ll not eat now until tomorrow morning. This is the way of fasting which seems to work best for me.

    Hope everyone is having a good day.

    Hey all, had a good day today. First fast has gone really well. On my way into work for night shift and enjoying a coffee and a celebrity slim bar which brings me up to 410 cals for the day. Wasn’t really hungry until I had my bowl of home made veggie soup this evening, but not got long to go now and once I get to work I’ll be too busy to worry about food.

    First day was a success! Feeling very pleased. Really hungry mid morning but persevered and kept busy and made it through.

    Dabootie – well done for keeping going on a night shift. That’s when it normally all falls apart for me. I find the change from days to nights really hard.

    I’m hoping to another fast tomorrow.

    Good luck to everyone fasting today.

    Sounds like everyones doing great 🙂 I fasted Monday (although struggled) and got through it, though I’d be so hungry yesterday, but wierdly I wasnt too bad. Next fast is Thursday, and I’m looking forward to it. Its like the decision has been made, and thats that, I dont have to stress about eating 😀

    Good luck!

    Hi Drogonfly, sounds like you’re doing well. Second fast day for me tomorrow, really determined to do it this time

    Hi everyone – hope you don’t mind but I’d like to join in on this. Saw an article today about this diet and decided that this might be a better way for me to start to lose the 80 or so lbs I need to lose (no scale at work, will weigh myself tonight at home). Really nervous to try it (will power is at an all time low), and seeing as how Monday and Tuesday and today are pretty much done, will do my first Fast day on Thursday and my second on Sunday. Will switch to Tuesdays and Thursdays from next week on.

    Your posts are definitely inspiring – thank you!

    Shabniz…..little goals help keep things in perspective, the bigger the loss you feel you still have to make the more you will brood on it.

    Thanks for the support guys, felt quite good to get my first fast done and not feel like I’d failed. Can recommend home made veggie soup/stew, fills you up and fairly low in cals. Also used miso soup with zero noodles to fill me up for very few calories. One tip with those noodles is if you are using them for soup is to cut them up into short lengths as they are very chewy. I used them for bulk and swallowed them whole.

    Thanks, Dabootie! You might be right – lets start with 20lbs. Would be very pleased with attaining that goal! Thank you!!

    Second fasting day of the week for me … please let it be easier than Monday. At the moment, I’m trying not to over think it, and take it an hour at a time 🙂

    Good luck everyone!

    You can do it, Dragon Fly!! The day will go by faster than you realize!! Good Luck!!!

    Keep going Dragon Fly, keep a bottle of water by your side and if all else fails try something like miso soup or a 10 cal jelly.

    On my way into work for my second to last night shift and starting my second fast this week at midnight. Again expect it to be too busy to think about being hungry…I’m a security officer and Thursday’s are always a busy night!

    Thanks for the support everyone 😀 .. I got through my fast yesterday, and weirdly when it came to my dinner in the evening, I couldnt even finish it! It was a bit rough mid afternoon, but was definately easier than Mondays fast, so all being well my next one should be even easier still 😀 I bought the 5.2 diet book yesterday, thought it might help me if I read it. I’m halfway through it already! So interesting, and even better to know this works.

    Have a great Friday … good luck with your plan for the day xx

    Hope everyone has had a good day!! On my way in to work for my lady night shift…roll on 7am tomorrow morning is all I can say.
    Second fast day today and not found it hard at all. Still got a celebrity slim bar to eat but haven’t had nearly enough fluids today and feeling quite headachey. Weekend off work after this so looking forward to relaxing.

    Lynne D – I’m also in the very cold and windy uk! I find that on fast days, regardless of the weather, I’m freezing cold by mid afternoon and just cant seem to heat up. I usually end up going to bed early with a hot water bottle.

    today was the first weigh in and I’ve lost 5 lbs- I’m delighted. I’m going out for a meal on Sunday though so not sure how much will go back on! Im fasting Mon and Thurs next week. Feeling really motivated now.

    Good luck to everyone fasting today.

    Good evening everyone! Hope everyone has had a good weekend. Having a good one myself and just trying to work out my 2 fast days for the week…probably Tuesday and thurs I think.

    Keep at it guys…we can do this!

    Hi everyone 🙂 hope weekend was good. Weigh in for me this morning, just 1lb down, but I’m happy with that, steady is good. Fasting today.

    Good luck!

    Well done Dragonfly. I’m also fasting today and already my stomach is rumbling. Just going to try and keep busy all day.

    Welllll, I am officially having trouble with this! I did good for a bit, then came Christmas, and now I can get through a fast day, but the day after I feel so hungry that I end up eating more than I should! Anyone have any tips on what works for them? I’m wondering if it would be better for me to save my fast calories for the end of day? Maybe then I won’t feel as hungry the next day. Any tips are appreciated. Thanks! Hope everyone is doing well!

    Hi everyone, I started the FD in January (new year resolution

    Hi all! I’ve started today with my first fast day and would love to join your group! I am 49 now (but not for much longer…) and have about a stone to lose, well I’m on the metric system, so I’d like to lose about 7kg. I find it very encouraging to read all your honest comments. It would be too frustrating to go this way all alone. I’m looking forward to reading more these days! Good luck to you all!

    Hi all, I’d like to join in with this too – I’ve started today so am a complete newbie at this. It’s 3.20 pm and I’m doing well so far and have not resorted to eating my desk yet (might feel tempted by the end of the day though!). I reckon I’d like to lose 3 stone so this is the first step. Next fast day is planned for Thursday. I reckon a key for these days is investigating what I can eat up to 500 cals and planning ahead. Will start to research it over the weekend when I have more time. Good to know I am not alone 🙂

    Hello busymumnell and topcat7000. Hope your first fast days are going well.

    I usually eat breakfast and lunch and then fast until the following morning. I’m absolutely starving today – think I’ll be having an early night! Looking forward to breakfast tomorrow.

    I’m also going to be fasting on Thursday this week.

    Good luck – first and hardest day nearly over.

    Hi all

    This is the first time I have ever done This. I have done a lot of diets but never forums. My problem is very low will power and I’m a grazer. Lame excuse I know. Just hope I can stick to the fast diet. And have some support and give it of course. Good luck everyone!!

    I started yesterday I also fasted today so I am looking forward to something nice tomorrow, though I won’t spoil the diet. Like you this is my first go. So good luck to you : )

    Hi all
    Going to be my first day tomorrow – want to lose about 10 kg ( weight been up and down) so hoping its something I can stick with and lose some weight
    Sorted out what I’m going to eat and booked for aqua aerobics so will be busy !!

    Hi katser12? starting today, how does this work? expecting the book in the next 2days. Would love a crash course?

    So yesterday was Day 1 for me and it wasn’t so bad (I didn’t eat my desk!). A work colleague is also doing it so we are synchronising the fasting days when we can for support! I confess I had 5 milk bottle sweets in the car on the drive home and 3 small chocolates in the evening but other than that I was ok and wasn’t starving. I look upon this as a project over the coming months which I know will be a challenge but I’m up for it. I travel overseas a lot for work and that always messes up my routine but I can just do my best. I have a few weeks now not travelling so that’s good to get me ‘into it’. I see I put on a stone since October so I have to shift that and up to a couple more. Good job I like running as that will help when I have more time at the weekends. I’m having my eyes lasered early March as I’m short sighted so hopefully in a few months I will be well on the way to looking a bit different

    Hi Sweetpea24, thanks for your message! I had a really good day yesterday! I tried to fast properly but have to say the first day I had a little bit of chicken ham for breakfast. Then I went for a nice long walk. I only had some protein foods (have done the Dukan diet before and get on with a day of proteins. No longer though). I’m going to have my weigh-in once a week. I feel like I really want to succeed this time!Next fast day is Thursday! I wish you all a lovely day and loads of success!

    Hi busymummynell, I’m also planning to fast on Thursday. Probably a banana and a cup of tea with skimmed milk for breakfast, soup for lunch and something low cal for dinner. I’ve given up squash on those days for water. I am going to investigate what else I could have on my fastihg days so I don’t get bored.

    Hi topcat7000, I think Monday and Thursday are good days. Not to far apart. I am actually looking forward to my next fast day! I’ll think about what to have, not sure yet, I am distracted because I’m cooking and the kids are fighting… Do you think the FD cook book would be good?

    Hi all, nice to see some new faces around here. Had my third fasting day yesterday and was quite gratifying this morning to weigh myself and find I have lost half a stone so far. I’m under no illusions that the weight loss will remain this rapid, but so long as the weight comes off and not on I’m happy.

    I’m finding miso soup and slim noodles help, filling and tasty but very low in calories. The texture of the noodles is something akin to elastic bands lol, but so long as you cut them up into small pieces to use as bulk then it’s fine. Have also tried slim pasta and did the same thing, bolognaise sauce and mushrooms are a great filler too.

    Hi busymummynell, my Fast Diet books came yesterday so will take a look at the recipes over the next few days. If I try any that are great I’ll let you know! I’m unwell today (really sore throat and achey) so today might be an unplanned fasting day as I don’t feel much like eating!

    Dabootie, I’ve seen those slim noodles but didn’t fancy them. Maybe I will try them. Half a stone loss so far is great. I would love to see steady weight loss over the coming months. I am interested to see if this way of eating suits me.

    Hi Syl2911, just saw your message. Well, to start, try to keep fast days to just 500 calories using good, nutritional foods. Try to drink plenty of water during your fast days which will help’hunger’ pangs. Then, for the rest of the week, try to eat sensibly. It’s a good idea to check your TDEE to see how many calories you should be having daily. While it may sound like I’m an expert, I can assure you I’m NOT!!!!!! Am really struggling this week, wasn’t at all successful on my Mon fast but will start AGAIN tomorrow!!!! I would like to lose 14lbs by Easter. Have started going to gym twice a week and yoga twice a week. Good luck, please let me know how you get on.

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