Does anyone else get cold

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  • I’ve noticed that I get cold on the fast days, especially at night with my hands and feet. Does anyone else have this problem?

    It is a very common side effect of fasting. The trick is to not get cold in the first place. Wear extra clothing, have lots of hot drinks and keep moving.

    Thanks Amazon. I couldn’t find any comments about it in the forums. Yes it is worse when I stop for the night and try to relax. Have to use heat packs in the microwave when in couch potato mode then.

    Hi jjo and welcome:

    Here are some answers to common questions (like getting cold):

    Good Luck!

    Yes I’ve been cold all winter, but its really nice from feeling hot all the time. I’ve lost 11 kilos since I started the 5:2 diet in April,its well worth feeling a bit cold. I use a patchwork quilt on me when I am sitting down at nights.

    Yes I do, and read it is a common side effect. For me it is mostly my toes that get really cold, I usually use a heating pad, or blankets and socks.

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