Do I take my Fitbit exercise calories burn into account on my fast day

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Do I take my Fitbit exercise calories burn into account on my fast day

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  • 1st post be gentle:-)

    I started the diet 5 weeks ago and have lost 5.5kg. I do this with a combination of things.

    I read Jacqueline Whiteharts book as well and the recommendation to fast for 14 hours overnight before a fast day of 800 calories. It works that’s for sure. I extend this to all non fast nights I never eat after 6pm just fluids.
    Every day I fast walk the dog (120 – 130 beats per minute) mainly twice per day with an average of 4km each walk.

    So today is a fast day. I have taken in 795 calories but my Fitbit/Nutracheck apps has me with a burn of 376 KCAL (11300 steps)

    So do I take that burn and add it to the total leaving to be able to eat more?

    The short answer is no. Do not eat any extra calories to compensate for “exercise” A normal “fast day” is longer than 24 hours. After your last NFD meal the FD starts so for most it will be ~7:00 PM. FD ends on the second day after upon rising. So it’s more like 36 hours.

    BTW 800 calories is generous unless you are a large male. I know Dr. Mosley has said 800 will work but I feel that that is mostly PR to get more people to try. <500 for women is way more effective. Many of us don’t eat at all on FD.

    Good luck and any caloric reduction on a FD is a good start!

    Nope. No matter how many calories you burn, do not exceed your 500-600 calorie total for a Fast Day. The calories you burned are ‘icing on the cake.’ Except that you didn’t eat that cake on a Fast Day.
    Good luck, Emjaykay. Keep us posted with your progress.

    Well done for getting started and congratulations on your progress so far. .Agreeing with the others, and also with duverdog – 800 will work better of you’re a large male but 500 works much better for females. Just be prepared for it to go slower if you stick with 800.

    Nothing to add to the good advice from others, but wanted to welcome you to the forum

    Thanks for the replies. I am a 64 years old male 165cm tall.

    Some of his initial advice appears to have been superseded by other research which I thought he’d signed up to a 5:2 v2.0 if you like. 800 calls for a male with a 14 hour fast beforehand (or at the end of a fast day). This regime worked for me with good weight loss: v1.0 did’nt, was slow and I was very hungry and weak. Walking the dog became a serious chore.

    Yesterday on this 800 cal principle I lost a 0.9kg and that has been the general advantage. If it follows the usual trend i see I will increase weight over the next 3 NFD by about 0.3 – 0.4 kg.

    I am 7 weeks in and today I am 76.2 down from 82.2 with a body’s fat down from 33% to 26.8%. Down side is my trousers don’t fit!

    I’l write directly to dr Mosley to confirm.

    Good job, Emjaykay!

    Just to follow up on this. Dr M has put out a a pullout in a UK National newspaper with some scrumptious new recipes. However in the write up he clearly states a fast day of 800 calories.

    800 calls to follow the Mediterranean principle. Pity I cannot scan and upload.

    The original fast diet stated 500 calories for women and 600 for men on fast days. Dr M amended this to 800 and it is thought that this was done to make it easier for people to comply.

    It’s up to you whether you choose 600 or 800 calories but the less you eat the faster you lose.

    As for adding exercise calories IMHO it’s counterintuitive when trying to lose weight. Getting used to eating less every day is very important as once the weight is lost the body needs less calories and if eating habits aren’t changed permanently the weight will go on faster than it was lost.

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