dizziness after consuming carbs

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  • hello everyone. am new to the site. i have been on intermitent fasting for 2 months now and so far i have lost 15kg/33lbs/2.3 stones from the dizzy heights of 110kg/242lbs/17.3 stones .
    i have experienced on 2 occassions after eating a high carb food an overwhelming dizziness. on this occassion, it was a slice of bread or two. the whole room was spinning aorund and i was sweating. the episode last about 5-10 mins. another time was when i ate small plate of rice, i had the same experience , but not as bad as the previous.
    my wife who is also intermittent fasting has also had this experience when she ate some pie ( meat pie). she ended up not finishing the pie.
    i was wondering if any of you have similar experiences. its quite scary and discomforting.
    since i started IF, i have been on low carbs and avoided all sugars. my guess is my body may be reacting to high carbs.. i dont know. pls help

    One possibility is reactive hypoglycemia:


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