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  • Well here we are,
    The reasons for me doing this so publicly are to be accountable for my decisions and to have a place to record my thoughts and feelings to read back on, also to chart my progress.
    I have tried so many ‘diets’ over the years, SW, WW, atkins, VCLD and even had a personal trainer and none of them worked, I need a way of eating that’s realistic and doable and I really think this is the way forward for me.
    I have PCOS and am also on HRT as I’m in the menopause, Loving That! :/
    I lost both my parents to cancer, Dad when he was 45 to stomach cancer and mum when she was 50 to pancreatic cancer, I also have an 8 year old daughter, who was a lovely surprise at 38 after 8 years and being told we’d never have children! She is the most amazing gift and I have so many reasons to do this! I have read up on the health benefits and really I need to do this!! I don’t want to leave my daughter at a young age.
    So let the fun begin!

    Current stats are
    Height 5’2
    Weights 14st 10lbs 🙁
    I’ll do measurements later.


    Hello Di
    Like you I have done all of the popular diets and contributed to the profits of slimming clubs, only to keep finding the same pounds lost time and again!
    Last June I decided to try 5:2 for the first time and joined my first monthly challenge on this forum in July – best decision ever!!! I have lost 25 pounds and I am currently at the lowest weight I have been in adult memory and I don’t feel like I’m dieting. I find 5:2 easy (well after the first few fast days it became easier) and sustainable – I actually feel confident that this time I will be successful at keeping the weight off. I hope it works well for you too.

    Thank you so much, that gives me so much hope for the future 🙂

    I must have lost over a thousand pounds on every diet imaginable over the years. (Gain & lose, gain & lose.) This is the one that’s sustainable. I’ve been maintaining for 3+ months. I lost just under 30 pounds over a little less than 8 months. I only feel like I’m on a diet 2 days per week. This works, period.

    Di – I hope you can make it work for you. I have never had to be on a diet – up until recently I’ve been someone who exercised all the time but I have some injuries that have curbed my exercising – 3 lots of knee surgery and now a problem with my shoulder due to too much swimming (up to 9hrs a week) that is proving hard to diagnose and resolve so… I felt I had to do something as I’d put on a bit of weight and I didn’t like it. Firstly – I agree with the people on here who have kept reminding me to think of this as a “lifestyle choice” not a “diet” – you said this in so many words yourself – “the health benefits” – there are many listed in the Moseley book. I’m almost at my target weight of 84kg (now been bobbing around 84.1 – 84.4 for a week) – down from 90.1kg and started on Jan 16th. Even when I hit my target I will continue with 5:2 for a bit – not sure how long – weeks, months – and see what happens – I don’t think I need to be any lower but I now see 5:2 as being a part of my life forever. You will see plenty of people who have said it’s straightforward – it’s not complicated to do – 5 days of the week you are not pre-occupied with what you eat – however, i think you will find your start adopting better eating habits – many people say your sense of taste changes – I found that it has – vegetables and fruit taste a lot more vibrant to me now and I’m eating foods that I rarely used to eat – I am going mad for tangerines (not the easy peel oranges which are usually mandarins) and grapefruit (in particular). I think it is pretty easy to do – I find on the 5:2 (the fasting) days I just don’t even think about food – in fact – I have my most productive days of the week and just get on with “doing things” – I took on an allotment and about a week ago, on a 5:2 day, I left the house at 10:30am and was down on the plot until it was starting to go dark at 7:30pm – never ate a thing or even thought about it. One of the most important things I have leaned is that we often eat for no particular reasons – it’s definitely not in response to hunger – it’s often habit or opportunity (you have bought tempting, unhealthy food and it’s in the house) or simply just mindless – I can’t really describe it any other way. With the fasting days you get to experience hunger (this only at first – really it doesn’t take more than a couple of weeks of fasting to get used to that feeling of hunger and then to start not really noticing it – often I just drink some herbal tea or just hot water). Anyway on 5:2 days I did get some thoughts about hunger but these days I rarely feel it and hence don’t have the need to even think about eating. I hope you will take to it – don’t think of it as a 3 month thing – this is probably going to be good for you if you can adopt it for life – because of that timescale I don’t think there is any need to stress out about not hitting targets or having days or weeks where nothing seems to be happening – the important thing is not to stress over it and just “keep going”. I think it’s a good choice for you as you have clearly tried other methods so I really hope you can get into it, tough out the first few fasting days and stick with it. I often look forward to my 5:2 days – I get a sense of achievement from doing it – the hard part at the start was not to ruin the 5:2 day by eating unhealthy things at the end of the day – just say to yourself – tomorrow – I can eat this stuff – and you can. Good luck – I found this a helpful and supportive community and I find the science and research around fasting to be an interesting topic to learn about – I have encouraged a few friends and family to look at 5:2. I hope it works out for you – it could change your health and life forever in many positive ways.

    Thank you Lemonstar, I’m fascinated by the science of it too. Hope your shoulder issue is resolved soon :/ I’m sure I’ll keep reading these posts when I’m struggling, so thank you.
    I’m actually really excited to get going with it, I CAN do this, I’m more determined than I’ve ever been!

    Well first day nearly done and it wasn’t that bad, a bit hungry after lunch, I’ll keep my eye on that and may find it easier just to have an evening meal or fast all day if eating is making me hungry.
    Next fast day is Thursday and I’ll saved my ironing until then, the kids are back at school and it will keep me distracted. I hate ironing though!
    Not an ideal weekend as we are away so i’ll have to make good choices, be mindful and not go nuts!

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