Different ways of managing your fasting days

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Different ways of managing your fasting days

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  • Paul T. Manuel wrote:

    oops meant u 2

    welcome hope example above helps & the link

    take care & success


    Hi Snoozemac, I have similar problems to you with feeling woozy and desperate by late afternoon. I’ve only just done my 3rd day’s fast, and am wondering how to manage. Have you come up with any other ideas since you posted your request?

    @Gin1958 you could probably have a g&t. If you aren’t eating significant calories, you have your alliance. My treat is hot chocolate.

    Hi all, finished my third fast day and on my second week. Looking foreword to some of the health benefits and have already lost an amazing 13 lbs! I know this will flatten out but a good start. Started at 258 lbs down to 245. Any reason why I’m feeling cold on fast days? Take care, I look foreword to reading future posts.

    Does anyone have thoughts on coffee with skim milk? I need my coffee in the morning but I feel like this breaks the fast. How does one incorporate coffee.

    Hi @cheryl guliner…I drink black coffee throughout my fast days. You need plenty of fluids – it doesn’t have to be just water – during a fast day. If you have milk (or any other liquid that has calories) you need to make sure you count the calories as part of your 500. I don’t consider the coffee as breaking my fast but others may have different ideas.


    I think we can read too far into all this. I think of a fast day as

    wake up have breakfast
    go to work drink water
    get home have tea/supper
    and next day tick down one fast day complete

    However I see posts referring to the night before counting as a fast. .even using sleep time as a fast.
    Am I right to do it my way or do the other ways even count?

    Well any period of not eating is technically fasting. So if you have dinner at say 6pm and don’t eat again until 6pm the following evening that is a 24 hour fast. If you go from dinner at 6pm to breakfast at 6am, that is a 12 hour fast.

    Whatever works for you is the ‘right’ way for you but not necessarily the right way for anyone else. It’s about doing what works best for you and suits your lifestyle best…there’s no ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ way.


    Hi guys!
    I’ve just completed my third fast and I’m finding that it’s much easier to spend the entire morning just drinking water and herbal teas. By 1pm I start to get hungry so have a small amount of meat and fruit. I then have about 350 cals for the evening’s supper, which I have about 6pm. Later that night if I have a craving I just have a hot vegetable drink which is about 12 cals. Found that I wasn’t too hungry and didn’t get a headache – win! x

    I’m on my 6th week 5:2 but on consecutive days (Monday and Tuesday) so last meal is at 7pm on Sunday then 500 Kcal Monday and 500 Kcal Tuesday until Wednesday morning and a decent breakfast! I have definitely now found a routine that suits me of which is not eating at all on Monday until 7pm of which I can handle fine subsisting on a few black coffees or tea and lots of water and then a dinner which actually never arrives at 500Kcal (more like 350). Tuesday is porridge oats cooked with water and some milk with banana at 1pm then it’s a hard stretch to dinner at 7pm as Tuesday afternoon definitely becomes a battle of mind over matter. Th two days consecutive is hard although only really 2nd day of it but for me it’s really worth it as the next few non-fast days I don’t want to eat that much (but I make up for with quality of food rather than quantity). There’s no way I could eat a big bowl of pasta like before!

    Hi all I just started this diet today. First fasting day. I had 640 :(..instead of 500. Does that mean I totally messed up the diet? Can I just east like 1000 cal tom which is a regular day to make it up?

    @star1978, no eat normally tomorrow and aim for 500 on your next fast day. One of my friends didnt’ make it to 500 until the 3rd or 4th fast day – and they do get easier.

    @star1978 if you only went over by 140 calories then just chalk it up to experience. It’s not going to make any difference in the long term. You know you went over, it happens – and it was your first day. You haven’t ‘ruined’ anything. Don’t go an eat 1000 calories it isn’t necessary. Just have a non fast day tomorrow as planned.


    I am not trying to lose weight as much as improve health. Do I just start with maintenance of 1 day/ week fast or should I jump start my system with 2 days / week?


    u might have internal fat like dr mosley OR NOT 😀 !
    he started 5/2 then 6/1

    if u look @ his videos/lectures or the other dr’s on the health

    go 2 the last post it is the most recent
    hope this helps

    everything a newbie/poster might want 2 c, use & read


    USA, where’ve you been. So good to see you posting again! Gave you a shout a couple of weeks ago. Hope you’re well.

    hi toms

    sick again thus some time on my fave forum 😀

    did u c the library links i gave on the forum

    never knew ur libraries where so big jealous

    take care




    don’t forget creamy flax milk in anything on fastdays

    all because it is creamy & tastes great & super low in cals!

    the cals

    1/4 cup

    Total Calories: 6

    anybody else enjoying flax milk?

    Unsweetened Flaxmilk – the unsweetened version of both brands is perfect for baking and/or as a base to milkshakes and smoothies. It is versatile because it can also be added to savoury and sweet cooking recipes, due to its neutral flavour.

    Flaxseed milk presents numerous health benefits:

    unlike cow’s milk, flax milk contains no cholesterol or lactose, making it healthier for your heart

    flax milk also contains omega-3 fatty acids from the cold-pressed flax oil, that has been shown to help prevent cancer, diabetes, heart disease and strokes

    it is naturally lactose free, as well as being completely void of cholesterol

    flax milks are fortified with minerals and vitamins, including vitamins A, B12 and D, as well as calcium, which equals the nutritional value of other milk alternatives

    low in calories

    flax milk contains no saturated or trans fat

    alternative for those who are allergic to soy
    in addition to being soy-free, flax milk is free from the top eight allergens (from ingredients) including gluten

    it is creamier than a lot of other milk alternatives

    now in the usa u can buy it

    At present there are only two main brands of flax milk on the market: FlaxUSA Flaxmilk and Good Karma Flaxmilk, which offer almost identical ingredients and nutritional profiles.

    or 4 others u can make it

    recipe here


    For those feeling shaky or hypoglycaemic on fast days, I recommend not having high GI carbs at all. I’m only speaking from my experience, not as a doctor, but years ago I beat regular episodes of hypoglycaemia by swapping morning toast for porridge, bread at lunch for beans, tuna etc. Not that I’m anti-bread at all! Sourdough and grainier breads are lower GI options. But it’s easier on fast days to ditch the carbs for the most part.
    On my fast days I eat about 300 calories at lunchtime, then 200 at dinner time, and drink lots of black coffee, tea and water in between. I find it a bit tedious to weigh and count all my food so eat tinned and packaged food some of the time – tinned fish, weetbix for when I dearly want carbs, tinned organic soup, frozen fish, yoghurt, and even eggs all have calories listed on the packaging (or kilojoules, and I convert on my iPhone). I don’t count lettuce, cucumber, celery, but do google and weigh the calories in other fruit and veg.
    Good luck everyone! I don’t know if I’ve lost weight as I don’t own scales, but I feel so much better knowing I’m doing something to stave off diabetes.

    Hi Tiana- I just looked up the same thing…because I am also exercising but what I read is that even though you exercise, you are to stick to the 500 calories. You might want to double check but that is what I read.

    Your comments have been so helpful – thank you and blessings to all. I’m in my second month of 5:2 and this is my second day to slip over to my smaller trousers stack and wear a smaller size. Perfect fit! I guess I thought yesterday was a fluke! You’ve helped me to better understand how to manage my two fast days. Concerning the other five days, I’m petite and rarely eat 2000 calories a day. It’s good to know I have the freedom to modify the 5:2 plan. I have an additional 2 stones and 7 pounds to lose. I hope I figured that correctly — 35 pounds in my world. I’d like to do this by my late September birthday, but if that doesn’t happen — it’s not a deal breaker. I’ll keep moving forward, then celebrate when I begin maintenance. Kind regards and enjoy your weekend.

    Gin1959 – calculate the calories of the alcoholic drinks you have, deduct that from your TDEE on NFDs. When you’ve got that number, work out how many meals you’ll get out what’s left and what the calorie count of those are. Are there enough calories left over for nutritious, filling meals? I find it amusing that it is accepted that on NFDs you can ‘eat what you like’ when what you should be doing is eating somewhere between your BMR and your TDEE if you want to lose weight. You already are committed to 2 non-imbibing days a week, what about increasing that to 3?

    If I choose to far from lunch to lunch. (24 hours),do I still consider it a fast day? Does that mean that I need to eat less than 500 calories that day, or can I go ahead and eat whatever I want?

    I’m fasting for 24 hours everyday, only eating dinner at 6.00pm then just drinking tea through the day !I have been eating a normal meal no calorie counting , do you think I should limit my calories maybe a twice a week , I’m Definitely feeling trimmer after a couple weeks but I don’t weigh myself ! Anyone else do this ?


    “I’m fasting for 24 hours everyday… Anyone else do this ?”

    I’m starting something similar to this. I shifted my identity to that of a Faster. Consciously aware of who I’ve become and therefore more selective about what I eat, when I eat, and how much to eat.

    I can’t control social situations with other people, however, I can control my behavior.

    It all is summed up in an identity of a Faster for Life.


    Hi Rocky, you always sound so positive. its great that this site is always there for us. i’ve not visited or a while, but intend to get back to it a bit more oten. always get good advice here. thanks


    “always get good advice here. ”

    And now as a change of pace, some bad advice…


    Hi bingo
    There is a brilliant book called “The calorie, carb & Fat bible”. Shud be able to get from amazon
    ISBN 978-1-904512-10-3
    Might even find on line try Weight Loss Resources.co.uk
    Mine was £12.99
    Good luck

    no it wont have a dramatic impact on yor weight but remember stock cubes are laoded with salt which will make you retain fluids
    it takes time
    like riding a bike you will fall off a few times whilst learning
    ive been on it now for 4 months and the weight loss has slowed a little…but ive not been as rigerous as when i started…human nature
    good luck richard

    Please help! I cant get my head round this im really really trying but by the end off the day i end up binge eating 🙁

    its can be hard at first
    drink lots of no cal drinks when you feel hungry
    black tea, bonox,coffee ,fresh vege joice
    if you must eat something chomp on a carrot
    hopefully your not on your own in your quest to improve your health
    im trying the overnight fasting method today

    skim milk coffee ok with a sweetener like splender but you should take whatever cals you work out it has in it

    Fitzy-One thing that I did that helped me what pay attention to when I was the most hungry and try to eat a majority of my calories then. For example. I get the cravings at 10 am and again around 3-So what I did was take my morning breakfast 200 some calories eat half of it at 10 and half at 3 then I would east my remaining calories for Dinner. This helped me not binge eat at the end of a fast day because I did that too….Lots of water and warm coffee or tea helps a lot! Hang in there this eating method really does work. I lost 8 pounds in 3 weeks and when i started i only fasted 1 a week. This week and going forward I am doing 2 because it really does help. I don’t over eat on Non Fasting days because I have come to dislike the stuffed feeling I used to get.

    Like Curvygirl, I try to hold out for as long as possible in the morning with just liquids and I’m finding it easier and easier. Hooray! I probably fast for about 15 or 16 hours every day, just restricting calories to 500 on three days. I don’t sleep well on an empty stomach so always have something small and high fibre before bed which cuts down my daily fasting period. Getting a good night’s sleep is conducive to weight loss though.

    Weirdly, even though I know I manage really well on calorie restricted days, I still anticipate those days with a feeling of forboding!!! Anyone else similarly afflicted?

    Replying to my own post!!!! How sad is that? However I said, “Weirdly, even though I know I manage really well on calorie restricted days, I still anticipate those days with a feeling of forboding!!!” but returning from two weeks of unrestricted eating, I was really glad to return to fasting. I looked forward to it! How about that?


    Hi lpb. Thanks for that suggestion. Good idea. Wilber is great. 2 1/2 yrs old and can run rings around us!! Lovely name, lizzypopbottle, does it mean you like pop?? WN.

    Hi WN
    I was named after the Queen, who came to the throne shortly before I was born in 1952. My parents always insisted that I was called by the name they gave me, unaltered (until the day of my 18th birthday when my Dad called me Liz because I was now an adult and could choose! I was quite shocked!) Anyway, one day when I was about three years old, our next-door-neighbour said to me over the garden wall, “Hello Lizzy Pop Bottle!” and apparently I corrected her in no uncertain terms by replying, “My name is ELIZABETH!” This became a story often repeated and eventually ‘lizzypopbottle’ became a family nickname and a useful name for this forum.

    My grandchild, due in December is also a boy, like your Wilber..


    Hi lpb. Hope this shortening of your name isn’t getting too familiar! Love the story of how you got it!
    As for being a nanna, what name will your new grandchild know you as? I know how you feel, its really exciting! I can’t resist toy shops these days!
    I have 5 more as well but chose Wilber’s as we started 5:2 to support his Mum in her effort to lose post baby weight following the birth of his brother.
    I’ve lost 13lbs so far and she has lost about 2 stones!!! But she has been doing it for longer. My OH has lost nearly 1 1/2 stone. We all feel very positive and will stay with it for ever I think. WN.

    Hi WN

    lpb is fine. Too much typing for full forum names! I will be Nanna, like you. My own Mum was Nanna to my children and I had two Nannas myself as a child.

    You’ve really made the FD a family affair. That’s really relevant to this thread. Your support for each other is an important way of managing fast days. You are very lucky! I have one friend who is also doing the FD so we can share ups and downs too.


    I don’t eat anything at all for 36 hours on my fast days although I do occasionally have milk in my tea or coffee. I also drink herbal teas. I am starting to do a 1:2:4 which is 1 day complete fast with nothing to eat at all, 2 days very low calorie and 4 days eating whatever I want (within reason).

    hi Gin
    I started this week lost 1.7 first week
    Due to my job with a bit of lifting i eat small all day
    still only taking in 500 cal

    hi Waterman. Not sure if this was answered for you, apologies if it was, but you are feeling cold because burning calories creates energy which makes you warmer and with out the calories to burn that little internal furnace isn’t working so hard. I feel rather cold on fast days and It’s spring here. I had to wear a jacket out and it was 20 º c outside.

    I like it wiltldnrUSA thanks for sharing………….

    I’m into my 5th week and have lost 5kg, so a kilo a week at the moment. Instead of doing 7am-7pm on fast days I was wondering if having my last meal on Sunday night at 8pm and then not eating till 1230pm on Monday is considered fasting? I keep to the 500 calories on my fast days and then eat the rest between 630pm and 730pm. I do lots of exercise though , strength, running, walking, cycling.

    I feel exactly the same..is it okay if i only drink on my fast days?Maybe add a small Juice?! But basically stay liquid and under 500cals

    Hi annette52, just read your post from last year. It is really encouraging, got any advice? I’m really struggling, seem to lose a pound on fast days ( Mon and Thu) then, come Mon the following week have gained it all and sometimes more!!! I am eating less than I used to on the weekend but not fasting except on 2 days. Can you give any advice? Thanks

    I am among the group that does better skipping breakfast altogether and eating supper only. Eating a small breakfast seems to aggravate rather than suppress hunger. I started the Fast Diet on January 10 2015 and as of January 26 I am down 4 pounds. I only have 5 more pounds to lose to reach my target, as I only had 9 pounds to lose in total. That said, I will continue to fast as part of my lifestyle as I feel so good mentally and physically.

    Hi all, I’m new to fasting, having tried a few things that didn’t work for me. I don’t have much to go, my BMI is 24 but I pack a lot of muscle due to genetics and a lifetime of hard exercise, but I’m getting a bit too soft around the edges for my liking so I thought I’d try to get rid of the Christmas pudge! I picked this diet because it seems easy to manage with no brain power or extensive planning involved. So far I’m 4 weeks in, 7th fast day today and it’s getting easier and easier. I tend not not eat on fast days until I am dropping, usually between 1.30 and 3.30. But I count 100 calories per fast day for around 1/4 pint of milk for my tea and coffee, and keep food calories to below 400. I find if I keep a hot drink on the go at all times I don’t feel very hungry at all. Today was tough because I did 32 quick miles on my bike yesterday and woke up feeling really hungry. The feeling went after a tea and 2 strong coffees and I managed to last until 2pm, when I had a small spoonful of last night’s haggis. Yum. Also I’m a teacher, and our school doesn’t believe in teachers having desks, so I’m on my feet 4 or 5 hours a day which really helps. I’ve been really inspired by the community that has come together on the website, so when I’m feeling a bit low (hungry) in the evenings I come and read all your tips and weight loss stories and they keep me going. Thank you all soooooo much. You’re all brilliant. Not as brilliant as my husband though, who told me at the weekend that I look thinner. Yay! I did my first fast day on 6th January and have lost 6 pounds which is amazing. I feel better, my hormonal spotty skin is so much clearer (cystic acne at age 34….lucky me) and I have much more energy all week than I have had for a long time. Just had a delicious dinner of 2 scrambled eggs with a ton of spinach on a thin slice of wholemeal toast and marmite. Absolutely delicious. That would have been breakfast for the pre-fast diet me! Good luck all X

    If I get hungry I just drink a large glass of water followed by a green tea or some other calorie free hot drink. The more water I drink the less hungry I feel. I’ve been on the diet since the end of February and I’ve lost 7 kilos to date. Everyone is different in how they lose weight. Its best to just hop on the scales once a week, its not a good idea weighing in the day after a fast expecting to lose weight as it doesn’t really work like that. Hope this helps answer those questions above.
    This is the easiest diet I have ever done in my life and I am just shy of 60. I still go out for lunch on my non-fast days and eat out with friends. I do find that I cannot eat as much as I used to do prior to the diet. Celebrating my sisters birthday last week I only managed a small piece of birthday cake and I couldn’t finish it. Good luck and stick with it, it really works.

    Do I have to eat anything on my fast day? I don’t want to eat today as I’m not hungry yet. I last ate at 7pm Saturday evening and have gone all Sunday without anything except plenty of fluids and I’m still not ready to eat. So, Do I have to eat the 500 cals even if I don’t want to?

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