Different ways of managing your fasting days

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Different ways of managing your fasting days

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  • Like Jeanius (I am a fan of yours) and some other posters my main concern is my inner health with weight loss an important part but secondary component of the “Fast Diet”. I am lazy so my fast days consist of porridge or oat bran, with fruit for slow release energy (and high fibre for certain bodily functions) followed by a ready meal from the excellent M & S range of calorie counted ready meals about 7 pm. It works for me. So I do it. I read an article today in the papers about new research into the connection with a high BMI reading and Dementia. This sits well with comments by Michael about how fasting seems to help new brain cells to grow and may have a connection to mental health issues. Now this is one of the health reasons why I am on the “Fast Diet”. I also have concerns about other health issues following medical checks so I look towards this “Lifestyle” fasting regime as a tool to improve my inner health.
    Having said all of that I go to Madeira tomorrow for a weeks holiday. (Gods Waiting Room). Now you cannot get a decent Cheese Board for love or money so I am taking 3 fantastic cheeses including a stunning Montgomery Cheddar to have with my “Al Fresco” lunches on the balcony of my 5* Time Share hotel. I know what you will say after reading my “drivel” but I am only human. I will continue taking my Benicol and other cholesterol lowering food stuffs while on holiday. My next target is another 30 days of “Fast Days” culminating in lower cholesterol levels, lower “Heart Attack” chances, improved all round health benefits and oh yes, another 14 Lb or so weight loss as a sweetener.
    P.S. No cheese though.
    Good luck and good health to you all.

    Hi, Couscous – maybe another good name for cheese-loving you would be ‘Wallace’ (he of Nick Park’s wonderful ‘Wallace and Gromit’ fame)? Have a great holiday.

    Hi, so,this is my IF regime!
    the day before a fast day I stop eating anything after 6/7pm latest. I then eat nothing until 6/7pm the following evening,then I will have my 500 calories, then I will not eat again until 6/7am the next morning, 36 hours, (sometimes maybe a little longer if I sleep in) then for the rest of the day I eat as I wish, although, not stupidly! I have lost 4lbs this week but to be fair, I have fasted every other day and restricted calories on the feed days too as I have a couple days next week that will be very social ie: eating drinking lots!
    I really like this plan and it is working for me at present. It’s not super easy, you have to want to do it and be self disiplined enough to not reach for a bag of crisps when you get a little hunger pang, but its not super hard either if you’re commited.
    Many Thanks for bringing this to my attention, I feel better doing this than the standard ‘3 meals a day’ mantra……whether that’s biology/ my body ‘fixing’ itself, or psycosomatic, I don’t care…..works for me!!

    Hi Kath,
    Interested in your posting as it seems you and I are in a minority so far as reasons for doing the 5:2 diet are concerned.
    I’m still hoping to get some clarification on the question of benefits other than weight loss. I did the diet for 5 weeks in the wake of the Michael Mosley tv programme, and found the going ok until week 5 when my irritation at calorie counting – something I haven’t done for many moons- got the better of me. I lost a few kilos in weight, but as I was perfectly happy with my pre diet weight, this didn’t encourage me to continue, but primarily the lack of clear answers about things like lowered blood pressure etc made me feel that the effort of carrying on wasn’t worthwhile. I am now doing the diet again, to support my husband, who has a considerable amount of weight to lose. I’ve been considering only doing 1 day as I have lost a further kilo in 2 weeks, but frankly, unless I get some upfront answers to my questions about the ancillary benefits, I may be tempted to stop altogether. Anyway, I am a healthy eater who doesn’t eat junk food and often goes for longish periods without eating , so is there really any point in the 5:2 diet for me? Is there anyone out there who can answer my questions?

    Hello, alexcat – As far as I know the only proof you could get of the health benefits would be from having your own before-and-after blood-pressure tests, cholesterol level blood tests, etc, etc. I don’t think the research on humans has gone far enough yet to be able to provide you with the upfront answers you require. Although there are anecdotal accounts of improvements from some individuals who have completed these tests, I doubt there is any study results published to date involving people specifically not seeking weight-loss. I don’t get the impression that the 5:2 system does quite suit you – your choice to continue or not, of course. All best wishes.

    Hello, Jeanius,
    Thanks for taking time to reply. I was beginning to think I was in a minority of one!
    It’s a pity that this side of the equation is still so under researched. If the claims made for the benefits (including some possible protection from Alzheimer’s) could be substantiated, then everyone could benefit. It does seem, though, from what I’ve read, that this sort of benefit only accrues from prolonged -ie at least 18 hours of complete fasting, so, not for the faint hearted. Would have thought that the possibility of saving governments millions in health and care bills would prompt more funding in this area.
    As for myself, I think I’ll play it by ear. I would like to support my husband by joining in, but maybe on 1 day a week only , or having larger portions of the calorie counted recipes in the 5:2 cookbooks he’s bought, which I have to say have so far proved very enjoyable and tasty

    Hello all, I just want to share my experience thus far. I have done the 5:2 diet for 6 weeks now, and have gone from 193 lbs to 184 lbs. In addition, my cardio and strength have improved, and I’ve lost almost two belt notches with only 9 lbs of weight loss. I had previously lost 38 lbs by working out and keeping my calories low, but then I gained back about 10 lbs and settled around 193. I am back down to where I was after losing the 38 lbs, and hope to lose another 10 to 15 lbs. I am 5”9. These are all using U.S. measurements, of course. However, I find doing the two days of 600 calories a week difficult, and am modifying the diet. I will instead do a 6:1 diet with 600 calories one day a week, but I will add two days of about 1200-1400 calories. In the 5:2 program, assuming I need 2500 calories a day to maintain my weight, I was at a 3800 calorie deficit a week. Under my modification, I would be at a 4100 to 4500 calorie deficit a week. I think this will be easier for me. Let me know what you think, and if anyone else has tried it this way. Great to see so many benefit from this diet or form of it. Best wishes to all.

    Hello again, alexcat – It interests me that you’ve read that ‘at least 18 hours of complete fasting’ is required to obtain the desired health benefits. My understanding is that glycogen from any intake of food is processed within 10 hours and that, therefore, fasting for at least 12-14 hours (including time spent sleeping overnight) would stimulate the metabolic changes and health benefits. So, on that basis, if one ate tonight at 7pm and then ate nothing further until 9am tomorrow morning, one would have already fasted for 14 hours. (Hence, the name: breakfast/ break-fast.) If one wanted to extend the fasting period to 18 hours, one could just skip the breakfast and wait until lunchtime tomorrow at 1pm before eating, and many people choose to do that. In fact, some people actually prefer to fast for 24 hours (7pm tonight until 7pm tomorrow night, in my example) although there’s no proof yet, I believe, that the longer period provides any greater health benefits. I wish you (and your husband) well on whatever schedule you each choose for yourselves.

    thanks Jeanius for your response 🙂

    would eating after midnight, be counted as a new day?

    I usually fast for the whole day and then I break the fast at dinner. The reason why I do it like this is that if I start a day by eating, then I find it really hard to stay away from food afterwards. It’s as if I get a ball rolling by having breakfast and once it’s rolling I find it really hard to stop.

    I really tried to have breakfast and fast for the rest of the day, but whenever I do that, lunch-time me and dinner-time me feel as if breakfast-time me is mocking them XD Food is taunting me all day if I had breakfast one morning and I have to stay away from food for the rest of the day. I always end up sabotaging myself and spoiling my fast when I have breakfast and intend to fast until the next morning.

    So one day I decided that my fasts start in the morning and I prefer to stick to that. I find it much easier to focus  on fasting properly and I’m much more prone to reach my goals =)

    But every person is different and what works for me may not work for other people. People may just want to try different approach for themselves and see what works best for them 😉

    Hi alexcat,

    (I like your name BTW)

    I saw something on this site earlier tonight saying someone has tested blood test data for 6:1 fasting at the results are still good – (See Michael’s tweet with Shazzytwit).  I’ve been persisting on 6:1 with varying success. -Sometimes waking up at midnight with a headache and getting a snack, sometimes having my little girl “cook” something for me which I didn’t have the heart not to eat, sometimes managing to fast properly. I feel a bit like I’m eating more junk food on my non fast days than I used to. I’m fairly approximate with my calorie counting so haven’t found it too taxing in that way. I’m continuing with it for now and just seeing how it goes. I do like the idea of my cells repairing and warding off cancer and Altzeimers on fast days. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.



    Tomorrow I start my fast for the sixth week.  Going very well so far with modest weight loss.  I like others find it much easier to delay any meals until dinner of the fast day.  If I eat a small breakfast, it seems to stimulate my desire for food.  My fast day is coffee and then nothing until dinner for 300 to 400 calories. So far, so good.  71 year old male.  Goal 190 from 205 lbs.


    Regarding the post on bad breath. Scrape your tongue and clean your teeth and mouth fastidiously everyday. Use hydrogen peroxide for a couple weeks and eradicate the smelly lil buggers.

    i was wondering on 1 of fastdays would it be good 2 only have protein like the dukan diet?

    Please explain exactly what the 7p-7p 24 hour fast is. Regular dinner on Day 1 and on Day 2? Or regular dinner on Day 1 and restricted dinner on Day 2? That is not explained in the post. Thanks very much.

    i found a great super low calorie food 4 fastday
    has anyone had kelp noodles 6 cal 1/2 cup. no fishy flavor or seafood flavor no flavor really. their great and fill you up. any one have any cool recipes 4 this

    DeboWhit, I am just learning, but from what was explained to me, regular dinner on Day 1 and then 500 calorie dinner on day 2. I just started on Monday with a fast. Since I like to WI on Fridays this was a short week for me and I grazed on my fast days till a 250 calorie dinner. I lost 3 lbs this week! I know that will go up and down, and I did weigh in after a fast day, but I’m motivated now and excited.

    I find from lunch to lunch is best for me. Big brunch at 11 or so on fast days (usually Monday & Thursday) and they fast until dinner next day. If I feel the need I’ll have amid afternoon very light snack. Like Sylphadora if I start to eat in the morning I feel really hungry and deprived all day and it is twice as hard. This way works for me.

    hi, jeanius! & all

    is the alternative way of fasting which I think means 500 nonfastday 500 nonfastday 500 nonfastday 500 nonfastday 500 nonfastday on off.

    is this the 1 u do not have 2 count calories

    i’m just tired of counting cals thought I take a break and experiment

    thanks in advance

    Hello, wiltldnrUSA – The two big issues with Alternate Day Fasting (ADF) seem to be sustainability, week after week, and the risk of gorging oneself on non-fast days, both issues arising because of the increased number of days in any one week when one is having to fast.
    The articles I have checked out refer to a recommended fast day intake of only one-fifth (20%) on the ADF system (i.e. 400cals for the average female – 500 cals for the average male).
    If you can keep to that regime, it sounds like it might give a boost to your weight-loss efforts, but, sad to say, any and every eating-to-lose scheme does require keeping to an overall, moderate calorie intake, so, to guarantee success you would still have to monitor your intake to some degree, to ensure it stayed within overall appropriate limits.
    Perhaps take a look at this article: Alternate Day Fasting Diet – By Dietitian, Juliette Kellow BSc RD


    so even 4 this wk only i still have 2 monitor cals.
    just wanted a break ugh 🙁
    thanks, for the link, great and simple synopsis
    did not know it was 400 fastday 🙁 :(:(

    wiltldnrUSA – Why not take a break if you need to? Too much force of will and gritting of teeth will eventually cause a reaction, I’m sure. Just ease up for a week or two and then start afresh. Or will the sky fall in if you do that? I hope you can bring some more joy back into it all for yourself.

    thanks jeanius it helped having a sounding board.
    i think i will 4 this wk only.
    i will still do the fast on off
    wouldn’t it be interesting if i lost lbs after this wk. 🙂

    i eat very well no sweets refined stuff
    always whole grain fresh fruit vegetables and of course protein

    i’m going to try bone marrow heard it is good for you
    looked for the cals on www no such luck

    tell u in a wk thanks again a weight is off my shoulders 😉

    wiltldnrUSA – Some info for you:

    NUTRITIONAL CONTENTS OF BEEF BONE MARROW – Oct 25, 2012 | By Jessica Bernard:


    thank jeanius

    so how do i calculate 1 marrow don’t have a balance. @ the supermarket there 3
    frozen bone marrow they r not very expensive a 1.50$ for all 3?

    A 1/2-ounce serving of beef bone marrow contains 125.59 calories. def a nonfastday food

    1/2-ounce is 1 tablesp
    it looks like 2 teasp inside anyway i’ll eat with a teaspoon
    and count.

    oh that’s right not counting this week yay 🙂 (probably count everything from this wk next wk need my data sigh)

    somehow i don’t really c how nutritious this is?

    going nuts. ugh bought it already. the eskimos eat it and i think europe.

    Hi wiltldnrUSA.
    Jeanius is correct and very intelligent with her replies and suggestions. I certainly take notice of her and a number of other posters for support.
    For what it is worth, keep it simple, do not look for something that is not there.
    From the outset Michael and Mimi kept this lifestyle diet simple.
    I get frustrated and bored with it but try and stick with the simple things, I have to so I have porridge on a morning and an excellent calory counted ready meal with a protein portion on an evening.. simples….
    Good luck, keep us updated.

    hi, jeanius & all

    so i took a break from counting calories except the fastday
    did the Alternate Day Fasting (ADF) for 8 days with 400 cals for the average female

    what a disaster gained 4 pounds that is almost over 5 weeks of work on the 5:2
    gone in 1 week ugh ugh ugh 🙁

    what u said was true

    “The two big issues with Alternate Day Fasting (ADF) seem to be sustainability, week after week, and the risk of gorging oneself on non-fast days, both issues arising because of the increased number of days in any one week when one is having to fast.”

    there was only 1 day that had unhealthy stuff.
    the rest, was all healthy days

    it did not matter i was so weak by the 8th day i did not feel good. well, lesson learned

    hope ur adventure in ur world was more successful than mine.

    i feel good now that i’m back 2 calorie counting and the 5:2 / 4:3

    i’m gearing away from red meats. a new 10 year study came out where low carbing full protein especially red meat is dangerous. u can low carb but veg wise sprinkled w/ protein

    i do have a concern? i found a veggie burger that i finally liked @ costco not salty. i have tasted every kind and never liked it. i know i read somewhere that “soy protein isolate” is really bad 4 u something 2 do w/ estrogen and retaining weight. i thought soy was good? of course no wonder i like the veggie burger it’s bad 4 me ugh. it was so good i gave away my red meat to my neighbor.

    what are ur thoughts? u r the guru of being a vegetarian i put it on my google alert so maybe now will i’ll be a flexitarian. what is the best recipe veggie burger u have 4 a non vegetarian

    take care

    Hi…I think this is why I have been still counting (restricting between 1200-1400) on NFD. When I realized how many calories I “used” to consume in a day it was appalling. After I get reset to a”new norm”…then I won’t count during the NFD. Until then…counting is necessary for me.

    Good luck.

    Tried the soy (tofu) earlier in the year…but just don’t enjoy it. (before even hearing about this diet) so I just do chicken, fish, prawn and turkey.

    hi carla, i agree about counting but i average 1400 in a week or month based on my tdee and then -20%. i keep adjusting every 10 pounds.

    i’m concerned with all ur nonfastdays being so low. please be careful.

    so some days r 1500 or 1800 or lower either on a 4:3 or 5:3 just average it.
    been losing 1.4 lbs steadily until the adf disaster above post ugh

    do u have a nutrient report based on ur calorie counting?

    good luck 2

    yea, the tofu soy ugh ugh ugh

    try the kelp noodles they r good 6 cals no fishy or salty taste super healthy 2

    Hello, wiltldnrUSA – You do work hard at this, don’t you? It sounds good to me that you’re experimenting and discovering what does and doesn’t work for you. I’m afraid this particular so-called guru is now a lazy vegetarian – in my youth I was zealous but my senior years have steadily led to a more casual regime (and, hence, the gradual increase in weight up to my 5:2 starting point: two-and-a-half stone of excess – 35 lb/ or 16 kg). I don’t ‘do’ recipes and, only since focussing on the 5:2 approach this year, have I really bothered to properly consider nutrition. Prior to that, I relied mainly on vegetarian ready meals and simple stuff like jacket potatoes with baked beans and seeds, with the microwave as my daily, best buddy. I trust you can bear the disillusionment!
    I think I am unusual, compared to many food-lovers here, in that I consider food more a nuisance than a joy. Having grown up during the thrilling era of the Space Race and the Apollo moon landings, I still feel cheated that the promised meal-in-a-tablet, taken 3 times a day with a glass of water, never actually materialised. My only problem is that feeling hungry is an even bigger – and more insistent – problem than food itself, otherwise I’d rather not bother at all. My kitchen philosophy can best be summed up as: maximum 2 pans, max.10 minutes of preparation and one bowl or plate to serve, otherwise it doesn’t happen.
    Actually, I must get used to a new label: I’m now a non-meat-eater rather than a vegetarian. In the past two years, I started to eat eggs and cheese and now I also include some fish because I instinctively felt I needed better nutrition and this was the easiest way to achieve it.
    My current delight is whizzing-up home-blended shakes, because they are quick, easy, nutritious and tasty: for breakfast, High Protein Berry Shake with nuts, seeds, coconut oil and silken tofu; then a Pear or Apple with Leafy Green Veg Smoothie for lunch. In the evening, I usually have a simple protein-based main meal (eggs, cheese, or fish, etc) with steamed veg or salad.
    For me, tofu is a mainstay: a good-quality, organic block, cut into half-inch-thick slices, doused in Tamari (Soy Sauce) and Sesame seeds, quickly toasted under the grill (I think that is ‘broiling’ in the USA, maybe?). Fits my bill: quick, easy, nutritious and tasty enough. I don’t need ‘Gourmet’ in my portfolio.
    On the subject of soy protein isolate, I believe the study that linked it’s estrogen content to a lowering of testosterone has now been challenged and discounted and I’ve not heard of any question about it causing weight-retention. I think it is a good quality source of extra protein for non-meat eaters but the main concern expressed by the mostly-American promoters of natural, good health that I have read is that virtually all soya-beans grown in USA are now Genetically Modified and designed to survive the high doses of pesticides used to spray crops, so, they advise their clients against consuming any available soya products as well as any processed foods (many of which include soya in one form or another).
    In case you’re interested, here’s one Wikipedia article about soy protein and, then, a video of Dr Mark Hyman’s recipe for his Wholefood Protein Berry Shake (on which I base my own breakfast treat):



    I hope you find a good pattern for your own 5:2 plan and reach your targets happily. Keep well.


    no i’m not disillusioned. i actually have started 2 cook on this 5:2 it is also less expensive. the veggie burgers were so good and cheap and fast. believe me i try 2 not go over 30 minutes and usually now i cook on a day off and reheat during week. “maximum 2 pans, max.10 minutes of preparation and one bowl or plate to serve, otherwise it doesn’t happen” is so true. no longer china and silverware it is all stuff. i use to love an ecclectic design now i want pure zen less cleaning no more stuff. i have 3 various size bowls i eat out of.

    i miss my microwave my doc said it was not good 4 me ugh. so i gave it 2 my cousin 4 college. so 2 make life great i download a great regency romance book audio from library 4 free yay, then i can do stuff i don’t like 2 do. thanks 4 the links. the shakes sound like fun. i stayed away from that because of what doc micheal said about them. there tempting.

    i’m so glad 2 find out about the laziness. i thought it was only me.

    i’m enjoying food 4 the first time on this 5:2 but, i 2 would love a 3 pill a day

    more time on other things the www takes up many many hours but so interesting

    my google alerts are growing.

    the nutrition part is so important enough b 12 vitamin d magnesium fiber vitamin k. finding out split pea and lima beans highest in fiber i use 2 bookmark everything now i just google it

    i still am learning on the www nutrition still researching their definition, why they r important

    i think there is a reason in nature & life, it is a balance, not 2 do one thing only. to balance

    my nutrition report below has made me start changing the foods to eat. still have not kinked it out as u can c b low

    Nutrients Report 03/02/13 – 07/03/13 wow over 6 months

    Average Eaten

    Total Calories
    2000 Calories
    1306 Calories

    Protein (g)***
    46 g
    84 g

    Protein (% Calories)***
    10 – 35% Calories
    26% Calories

    Carbohydrate (g)***
    130 g
    142 g

    Carbohydrate (% Calories)***
    45 – 65% Calories
    44% Calories

    Dietary Fiber
    21 g
    19 g

    Total Fat
    20 – 35% Calories
    46% Calories

    Saturated Fat
    < 10% Calories
    12% Calories

    Monounsaturated Fat
    No Daily Target or Limit
    14% Calories
    No Daily Target or Limit

    Polyunsaturated Fat
    No Daily Target or Limit
    6% Calories
    No Daily Target or Limit

    Linoleic Acid (g)***
    11 g
    8 g

    Linoleic Acid (% Calories)***
    5 – 10% Calories
    6% Calories

    α-Linolenic Acid (g)***
    1.1 g
    1.5 g

    α-Linolenic Acid (% Calories)***
    0.6 – 1.2% Calories
    1.1% Calories

    Omega 3 – EPA
    No Daily Target or Limit
    254 mg
    No Daily Target or Limit

    Omega 3 – DHA
    No Daily Target or Limit
    405 mg
    No Daily Target or Limit

    < 300 mg
    541 mg

    Average Eaten

    1200 mg
    814 mg

    4700 mg
    2229 mg

    1500 mg
    1795 mg

    900 µg
    1409 µg

    8 mg
    17 mg

    320 mg
    336 mg

    700 mg
    1381 mg

    55 µg
    150 µg

    8 mg
    9 mg

    Average Eaten

    Vitamin A
    700 µg RAE
    676 µg RAE

    Vitamin B6
    1.5 mg
    1.5 mg

    Vitamin B12
    2.4 µg
    8.1 µg

    Vitamin C
    75 mg
    88 mg

    Vitamin D
    15 µg
    6 µg

    Vitamin E
    15 mg AT
    5 mg AT

    Vitamin K
    90 µg
    232 µg

    400 µg DFE
    299 µg DFE

    1.1 mg
    0.7 mg

    1.1 mg
    1.4 mg

    14 mg
    18 mg

    425 mg
    406 mg

    do u know what all these r?

    take care

    Wow, wiltldnrUSA, all that info is going to take some studying! I’ll get back to you another day.
    Yes, my microwave is also gathering dust now, especially since I heard it specifically destroys the all-important Vitamin B12.

    @ wiltdrrUSA

    Hi! Just grabbed a cuppa and relaxing for a minute before going out to weed my flowers/garden. Since these fasts my house has never been cleaner or my gardens looked better…lol. I about 30 pounds over my IBW so definitely no concerns about “starvation” here. Since I was a nurse for years I do tend to consider my choices nutritionally as well as calorically and use Zero (a complete vitamin water) as well. Like taking a multi-vitamin…one bottle a day on the “fast” days.

    I think the skipping lunch on Fast Days may solve a problem for me. A cup of tea seems to do the trick and I don’t have the urge to graze that I experienced after eating solids. This only seems to occur around 1-2 after eating.

    Lol…yeah…the youngest son (23) tried to turn me on to Tofu. BLEAH. And I tried, too. Even switched to the different textures. Three different times. Soy curd is not for me.

    Here’s to us! My middle sent me a photoshopped picture of a (literally) starving child in Sudan with the words in bold type:

    This is Starvation…You’re Just Hungry.

    My social conscience 1200 miles away… I may post it on my fridge.



    did not expect u 2 study 2 🙂 but i’m adjusting due 2 this 4 mth report.
    take months 2 reply enjoy life
    will not take it personally.

    i meant 4 months 4 nutr rprt not 6 shortwave in brain 🙂

    that is what he said zaps the vitamins. i don’t know i would think it contains the vitamins and does not evaporate like cooking. i guess i will have 2 research that 2 on the wwww or add it 2 google alert. i miss it 4 popcorn not the bag kind and frozen stuff.

    take care


    knew u were a nurse. still concerned how low.

    well happy 4th 2 everyone who wants 2 celebrate it.
    will have 2 find on the www some fireworks 2night

    got back from a cool picnic.
    now 2 count the calories. changed my fastday 2 sat. fastday (sun tues now sat)

    however, i stayed healthy no junk.
    luckily they had some healthy stuff and new foods! bison, not bad, a little dry, chicken uncured sausages nice and spicy.

    the best veggies kale chips & all these snacks freeze-dried mangos strawberries all kinds of fruits & tropical fruits
    and vegetables nice & crunchy never had those. must find these.

    i like it because there is no sugar no salt or added anything & real fruit/veg and they keep 4ever.

    there have been many times where the food has gone bad & i had 2 throw it all away. all that waste ugh!

    2 think i could crunch all day on fastdays or nonfastdays who hoo :).

    they said they bought it from costco online in large buckets. so it will be interesting trying 2 count the cals

    since i luv luv this stuff i’m sure there is some caveat somewhere?

    Here’s the caveat, wiltldnrUSA:
    “Freeze-dried fruit can be anything from one-fifth to one-tenth of the original weight of the fruit. It is thus a very compact source of nutrition.” – in other words, it’s much more calorie-dense than the fresh equivalent and, because it’s so tasty, one can tend to eat a lot more of it, more quickly. D’oh – Busted!


    Glad you enjoyed the picnic and I hope you find some spectacular fireworks for your evening. Happy 4th of July! (It’s now the early hours of the 5th here in the UK, so, Goodnight, from me.

    goodnight jeanius u deserve a great sleep and thanks 4 responding 2 all. i like reading your replies & i’m sure everyone appreciates ur empathy.

    luckily i only ate 20 of each so i could figure out cals that site does not give cals.
    tired 2. will research another time.

    i think another caveat is probably, would have 2 makeup the water content that is lost

    i know a woman needs 2.9l a day i never get 2 that amount normally.

    however, crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch crunch
    is so so cool.

    that site had everything have 2 find a usa version.i can’t c myself buying big tubs of stuff @ costco. again, will research another time.
    food that does not go bad is a great incentive. i bet it is less expensive.

    thanks again, 4 ur quick informative replies

    just checkmarking
    Notify me of follow-up replies via email

    oh well i’ll go make my dinner & listen 2 a free book from my lbr
    on my super old mp3 😀

    while copy pasting ugh this reply 2 all

    now i wish i were a newbie 2 many replies 2do

    One of my friends is doing it a bit differently. She eats normally and has dinner at 7:30pm. She then won’t eat anything after that until 1:30pm the next day when she goes back to normal eating. Therefore she is fasting completely for 18 hours. I thinking about doing this as I’m struggling too much with the usual day-long fast. However it seems too good to be true and like it would not work for weight loss. What are people’s thoughts on this?

    Hi Hana, basically your friend is just missing a breakfast – hardly a fast and although she might lose some weight I suspect the key health benefits won’t kick in (a lot of people never eat breakfast and that hasn’t yet been proved as a health benefit). Michael Mosley recommends a fast of 36 hours to get the benefits – i.e just 500-600 cals between 2 sleeps – you eat your dinner the night before your fast as usual, sleep, eat 500 cals, sleep and then the next day start to eat normally again. Hope this clarifies. Many of us struggle with the fast days but it gets much easier with time and that re-education of the stomach is, I think, critical to the long term aim of this way of eating. You get used to days with little food, your whole appetite adjusts and even on feed days you don’t go bananas. Good luck.

    Hi all,
    I am on week 3 of fasting and just wanted to share my story.

    I have lost 8lbs in 2 weeks and feel amazing!!
    I start breakfast with green tea and then about 3 more cups of green/berry tea throughout the day.
    Lunch is usually at 2pm and is a sachet of generic light soup or Miso soup (usually between 30 – 60 cals)
    My favourite dinner is a sachet or home-made soup (60 cals) with 150g steamed broccoli (40 cals), 150g steamed prawns or white fish (60 cals), chilli powder and a tablespoon low fat cream cheese (30 cals)
    This normally totals about 190 calories and depending on how hungry I am I will add more broccoli or prawns.

    This leaves me with calories spare for a tea or coffee with milk or some frozen yoghurt later on.

    I find I fast nearly every morning now and then do my dedicated two days of 500 cals.

    I LOVE MY FOOD and yet I have lost the obsession with planning every single meal for hours in my head and just enjoy healthy food when I feel hungry.
    Also – sugar free jelly can be a life saver when the cravings get too much (especially at the start).

    Good luck and enjoy feeling healthier by the day


    welcome & hi

    u may call me usa

    congraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaats on ur loss of 8lbs

    “I LOVE MY FOOD and yet I have lost the obsession with planning every single meal for hours in my head and just enjoy healthy food when I feel hungry.”

    that is so true

    chili powder never thought of that i use cayenne but w/ shrimp

    it got me thinking of a mexican glutten free flax flour tortilla w/ shrimp chili powder & vinegary raw cabbage

    please keep posting ur ideas

    u might want 2 c this

    everything a newbie might want 2 c, use & read


    mayb u can add some tips

    happy nonfastdays & fastdays or 4/2/1 or 3/3/1 or adf w/1 or 6/1 😀

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    this is a dangerous link

    this is a salesman talking about this


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    Hi all – I am slightly confused about the length of my ‘fasts’?

    I fast Monday and Wednesday. I have my last meal on a Sunday and Tuesday night no later than 8.30pm, eat a 200 cal soup/vege at about 1pm, 60 cal snack about 4pm and then about 200 cal dinner by about 7pm. I start eating normally again breakfast the following day around 9.30am. When we talk about ‘fasting’ are we talking the periods without food at all or the period where we consume the reduced cals (500ish)? If it is the latter then am I doing a 37.5 hour fast? As long as I am following a pattern which is in line with the concept of the 5:2 then I am happy but if I’m not I’d love some advice on tweaking my approach.

    At the moment I am 9 weeks in, lost a bit of weight (based on measurements rather than kg’s as I dont weigh myself) but also a lot of the anxiety around food which is great.


    Hi, I have just joined and I have a question about how to time the fast day. I have my last meal at about 6 pm on Sunday, breakfast at 7.30 on Monday morning, lunch at 12.45 pm then last meal again at 6 pm. (460 cals total) I then don’t eat until breakfast on Tuesday. Am I fasting for longer than i need to for 5:2? I read a comment by someone on a forum who said she was managing an 18 hour fast by eating at 6.30 pm and having a late lunch the next day. Sorry if i have missed something obvious! Thanks,


    Hi Paul 🙂

    Just need to check that I am interpreting your info correctly.

    I assume Sunday is a normal eating day – so that when you have your last meal at 6pm you will have eaten about your TDEE amount of calories over the course of the day.

    Then Monday is a fast day, and you are splitting your 460 cals over 3 meals (are you only having this amount cos your TDEE is 1840?).

    Then Tues is a normal eating day, and you can have breakfast and your TDEE amount of cals over the course of the day.

    If this is what you are doing, this is the 5:2 strategy 🙂

    You can of course vary when you have the cals on your fast day (well, you can on any day!). Many chose to leave eating til as late as possible on the fast day, so that increases the length of the actual fasting period, and also seems to help defer the need to eat.

    Hope that helps. Good luck with 5:2 🙂


    u may call me usa

    u r not alone w/ ur question


    saturday dinner nonfastday 7pm

    sunday dinner fastday 500 cals 7pm (u may break that up during the day like mimi or mosley twice a day or 1 a day like me)

    monday lunch noon nonfastday
    41 hours fast

    if u start @ breakfast @ 8am

    37 hours fast

    hope this helps


    there r nice google extensions like countdown timers u can c while on ur computer the numbers getting (right now watching that 18hrs have counted)
    also google play has apps 4 ur devices

    there r many answers & tips w/ the link below most updated r the @ the bottom whole list

    everything a newbie/user might want 2 c, use & read


    happy nonfastdays & fastdays & 5/2 & 4/3 & 6/1 & adf or 4/2/1 or 3/3/1 or 5/1/1 or adf w/1 & the fdl (fastday lifestyle) 😀

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