December 2017 Challenge

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December 2017 Challenge

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  • I was once part of this great group amd would like to come back please.
    Thank you for hosting @bert1802.
    No need to add my name on the spreadsheet.

    Hi all

    I am new, having been a bit of a forum lurker for a while.

    My brief fasting history, followed 5:2 for all of 2013;2014;2015 and weighed around 10 stone 3. Divorce in 2016 and the aftermath in this year got me off the wagon and I went up to 11 stone 10 at my heaviest. Now down to 11 stone 1 but back on 5:2 and dabbling in 4:3 as my IF methods to get myself hopefully down to 10’7 by 7th January (for a holiday). I’m in a happy and healthy place life wise and have no excuses to not be on track!

    I’ll be aiming for 5:2 at a minimum each week with 500 calorie fast days, boosted to 800 if I run (usually 5k ish at a reasonable pace), and sticking to 1200 on NF days.

    1 Dec for me will be a NF day. I’m in Hampshire, UK.

    Lovely to meet you all, virtually!


    Hi Just joined. Been off sick for a while and put on weight with lack of exercise and comfort food, so looking for a way to manage the Christmas parties coming up! Hope this works! Good luck to everyone else too.

    @bert1802 – thanks for hosting December. I’m also hopeless with IT – could someone please assist with adding me to spreadsheet – I didn’t want to mess it up – thank you in advance!

    Please count me in @bert1802. Thank you for hosting. Had to drop out of the November challenge due to a prolonged bout of gastroenteritis. Feeling much better now. I have decided that this month will be my first month of maintenance.

    Count me in please. I am a newbie.

    @okeydokey – glad you’re still in the wings. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Welcome to the new folks!

    More on Day 1 of December.

    I’m in!

    I treated myself to 3 new dresses on Black Friday so I won’t be splashing out again until the January sales! I celebrated changing dress sizes, have gone from a size 44 to a size 42! Hurrah! This is such a nice feeling as for the first time in four years I was able to try on dresses that are not tents!

    Am starting a new job tomorrow and will be getting up at 5.20 workdays so have decided to use this as an opportunity to break the wine with my evening meal bad habit that I have developed! So my personal challenge this month is that- wait until Friday for that!

    I have followed MFPal’s 1200 recommendation as well, I never followed my TDEE. MFP ups the calorie allowance on days when I go swimming so I tend to do this Tuesday Fri and Sat as the latter are the days I eat the most. On fast days I’m usually over (the wine!), but I look at the total calories for the week and I try to stay under the average if you see what I mean. Some days I’m over, some under but the weekly mean should work out to just under! It’s working as I’ve lost 8.1kg since mid September.

    Would like to lose 2kg even if it IS December as I still have a long way to go!

    Day -1 Wales NFD

    Posting early for the first part of December as I’m going away on holiday and won’t have reliable internet connection, so:

    Days 1 to 17 NFDs, will keep to Med style LCHF food choices, but there will be wine…..everyday!

    I’ve lost 21 pounds in 5 months, largely thanks to the support of this network of lovely people. I’m now just below the 140 pound goal I set myself in July which gives me a little room for growth whilst on holiday. December will be a challenging month, I’ll aim not to overdo the indulgences!!!!

    Have a great December everyone and I’ll be back here on Day 18.

    @bert1802 count me in for December. Thanks so much for hosting.

    Ho ho ho!

    Day 1/NFD/Melbourne Australia

    About me. I’m 65, recently retired. I’ve been following this WOE (way of eating) since September 2014 (starting weight 73.4kg) for the health benefits and have been maintaining below my goal weight of 59 kg since April 2015.

    Looking forward to another month of companionship and support and another month of successfully maintaining.

    Day 1 NZ NFD Its a beautiful day today. Sun’s shining. So easy to be more motivated on a lovely day. Trying to do 16:8 as I’ve never been a big breakfast water.Have a lovely day everyone ☺☺

    Thanks, @bert1802 for hosting December! Please count me in again.

    Thank you @bert1802! Count me in for December and thank you @tsubasa for doing the spreadsheet! I’ve added myself to it!

    Day 1 – Perth, Western Australia – NFD
    Current weight: 60.2kg (132.4lb)
    Started 5:2 on 20 July this year. 13.8kg (30.3lb) down, 2kg (4.4 lb) to go until I get to my revised weight goal!

    My fast day was much easier than I thought today. Had nothing but green tea for breakfast,lunch. Stopped for a 6 inch healthy subway sub for dinner. Skipped the cookies, sodas/teas, and chips. Got it with bottled water. Off to Pilates class shortly. Will weigh in tomorrow morning for my official December starting point.

    How do we find the spreadsheet now? I was so excited to see my name on it but now cannot find it…

    Wow , well done you , are you male? Do you reduce calories on non FDs?

    Hello, I am new to this way of life! My doctor just suggested it to me. I am excited to get started! I just found this website cause i want to know more about this way of life! I thought the challenge would be a great way to start!!!

    Hi all,
    Please add me to the list. I dont actually chat much on this forum but do on another. I do love the spreadsheet that helps me keep track-especially in December!! 🙂

    Day 1 – Japan – FD 83.6kg

    This is FD #10 of year 2. I’m happy with how this diet works, even though I’m making my progress slow. I’ve never been able to maintain or loss weight while building some muscle before. Changing body composition is just hard.

    I still have some fat around the middle, but it isn’t anything like I used to have!

    Day 1,Germany, NFD
    Good morning everyone!
    I am happy to start out being very close to my goal and dream weight! 1 more Kilo to tackle in December! Yesterday I did my first LFD (only liquid) and it was great. Much easier than I thought and even easier than eating up to 500 calories! So I am very excited about December and very optimistic!
    Have a great start all of you!

    Day 1 – Ireland – NFD 77.4kg. Going to do 4:3 for the next 3 weeks to build up a few credits for the 25th! Fasted on Tues and Thurs so far this week. Probably stayed around 800 cals. Didn’t count as was not officially on the Challenge! Found fasting to be much easier than on my previous 2 attempts and didn’t have my “rebound” splurging on the NFD as before. Must be the fact that I have gone low carb in the interim. Good luck to all!

    Day 1, UK, NFD

    Having started this WOL on March 20th, December will be my first month in MAINTENANCE! On the scales this morning I was new low of 74.8kg/165lb/11st11lb, which is a weight I haven’t seen since my student days 👍

    So far I’ve been doing Alternate Day Fasting, so for maintenance I’ll move onto 5:2, with LFDs on Mondays and Thursdays. And if necessary, Tuesdays will be used as well to overcome any heavy weight gains over a weekend.

    Day 1 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    This is my 5th monthly challenge and 25lbs down so this WOL is a winner for me. I aim to get into the low 130’s, deep into 9 stone land, but with Christmas looming, and then a new year trip to Peru in January, I aim to get there mid Spring 2018.

    I am 50, female, 5’2, and at my heaviest I was nearly 12 stone 😨 Heart issues run in my family, my poor Mam was only 54 when she passed, so I had to take issue with myself and get that weight off. I had some cardio tests in Nov which proved that I have a healthy heart so a blessed relief and onwards I go with this WOL and chatting to all you great people from all around the globe.

    I am starting Dec with another FD….my 5th in a row 😳 I have to work tomorrow, busy Christmas season has started, so fasting will keep me off the wine until tomorrow 🍷

    Have a great Friday!

    Day 1 – USA – FD

    @bert1802, please count me in for December…and can someone put me on the spreadsheet? Thanks.

    Day 1 UK NFD

    Back for another month because I find this so helpful. I combine my daily post with using the daily tracker as a food diary and progress record so I don’t use the spreadsheet as well. Thanks for taking it on Bert 🙂

    This is my first full month in maintenance, and being December is unlikely to be easy. I am starting right where I want my maximum weight to be – 145 lbs. Going a little lower would be fine, I think between ten stone and ten stone five will be a good range. I am too tall to want to go under ten stone. For those that don’t know I was a hundred pounds heavier this time last year and feel so much better that it is as if I am thirty years younger than my actual fifty two. I have completely changed how I eat and have no intention of going back to the mistakes of the past. My tastes have completely changed no doubt due to a changed set of gut bacteria. They now compel me towards fruit rather than bread and pasta. I never used to eat fruit, and for a vegetarian remarkably few vegetables. Now I am a veg guzzler. Fasting has worked so well for me resetting my system and blood chemistry. I used alternate day fasting until I got to a happy weight and now use 5:2 to maintain. As I eat mainly fruit and veg a fastday intake of 800 calories worked well for me throughout, usually in one meal although lately I have eaten fruit earlier too as dinner got pushed back to close to 10pm on fast days by circumstances. I tried not eating at all but the next day I overcompensated by miles so it was no more effective and I found it unbalanced my digestive system unnecessarily although the empty feeling was incredibly energizing.

    Day 1 UK NFD or more like a CD

    Hello all welcome and good thoughts every one. Staring december on a positive note.

    This is my second challenge. I did the November one.Feel so good that I have come back to IF.

    Staring weight for Dec 57.5 kgs. Loosing 1 kilo in December would be ideal. lets see. I have a about 5 kilos to lose to be in my happy BMI range . I have a small frame, so that would be my ideal kind of weight. I have put on 2 stones in the last 10 years and have tried to get rid of it , but the fat has been so stubborn until now. I do loose but they come back looking for me. This time I am adamant that I will win this battle. I come from a back ground of Diabetes and heart diseases in the family, so have to be careful.

    @fatrabbit, you are an inspiration

    Good luck every one
    Looking forward to another exciting month. Plus its Christmas. Time to be jolly.

    Day 1, South Wales, NFD

    Hello and thank you @bert1802 for hosting this month’s thread.

    Last month was a bit of a washout for me (only 1lb lost, but better than 0lb…), but I’m focusing on having a positive month before the Christmas splurge and trying to get rid of 2lb/1kg before that point. I started Fasting & low carb/mediterranean in April this year and am now 28lb / 13kg lighter than I was then, and down 2 dress sizes.

    I really feel like a new person, and as a bonus, I’ve got a whole wardrobe of clothes that now fit me again for the first time in years. I’m actually looking forward to the party season!

    Wishing you all a good and successful December, whether losing weight or maintaining at your goals!

    Day 1 – Iceland – CD

    This is my 2nd monthly challenge, first month exceeded my expectations on all levels so here I am again! 

    @fatrabbit – thank you for sharing your inspiring story, I have about 80lbs to lose and my goal weight is also about 140-145lbs… will be on cloud nine if I manage to reach that goal before Christmas 2018 🙂

    Day 1, UK, FD

    Thanks for hosting December @bert1802 – please count me in.

    Last month I experimented with no weighing at all. I thought I was doing fine as I felt comfortable in my clothes. Whilst I only managed one FD, I was eating 16:8 and making generally good choices. Apart from the vast quantities of wine!!!

    Strategy for December:
    5:2 – B2B Monday/Tuesday.
    16:8 Wednesday to Sunday.
    Weigh weekly after 2nd FD
    No wine at all.
    Regular exercise.

    Many congratulations to all with great results last month and all that stayed the course.

    “Mistakes are proof that you’re trying.”

    Day 1 Newcastle UK 🇬🇧 NFD.
    Thanks for hosting and adding my name to the spreadsheet much appreciated bert180. Well I seem to have dropped 6lb since coming back off my holidays happy with that. I will stick with the December challenge until the 23rd. Hopefully I can lose another 6lb by then or maybe more 😁.
    I’m only 12 lb of my goal wait of 13 stone. I’ll be quite happy if at the start of January challenge I’m under 14 stone. Hoping everybody achieves their goals soon.

    Day 1 NFD Stratford-on-Avon, UK

    LOL! @bert1802 you really make me laugh!!!! Love your opening welcome post, think I will read that everyday in Dec to help keep me in check. Thank you for hosting Dec and please count me in the Dec challenge.

    I have added myself to the spreadsheet, hoping to complete 11 FDs in Dec to help offset any Xmas indulgence. I have set myself a very modest target of 2lb loss for Dec, but tbh would be happy to come out the other side with a maintain.

    Happy 1st Dec everyone – KEEP THE FOCUS!

    Day 1, Belfast, NFD

    Hello everyone. Wow, December already!

    December start weight 11stone 7lbs/161lbs.

    Aim for this month – with the Xmas indulging that is no doubt ahead of me I would be very content to stay at 161lbs. In the run up to the holidays, if I can get 3 good weeks of 5:2, healthy NFD choices, more yoga, swimming, walking…I’d be very happy with that.

    Hi there, fatrabbit, an inspiring story. I am your ‘before’! With 100 pounds to lose. May I ask how many calories you had in your non fast days . Doing 5:2 with 500/1200 to try to lose 3/2lbs a week . I’m female and 5’7” and 49 and hormonal!

    Day 1, USA, NFD
    although I have already started fasting last week (2 FD so far) , lost 2 lbs !! water weight I guess 🙂
    My starting last week was 140 and this morning I am 138 lbs. I am 5″1 and 39 so I need to to loose 1 stone for starters.
    I know I will loose weight with 5:2 , the key is to be consistent. I have a sweet tooth(well not just one may be all my teeth 🙂 so on my NFD I need to stay away from too much sugary items.
    I face challenge when I eat something starchy /sweet during the day then it is a downward spiral as a result I eat more starchy sweets at night too.

    Thanks for this Challenge! And thanks for being supportive of me switching to 18:6 😉

    My final results for November:
    -4.3 kg ~ 9.47 pounds 🙂 I am over the moon!!


    Day 1- Colorado USA – NFD

    Nov. Start = 156 … on 11/20/2017
    Week # 1 = 155.4 … 11/24/17
    Week # 2 = 154.6 … 12/01/17… Official start weight for Dec.

    Dec. “Dream goal” = get down into 140’s. Even if it’s 149.8 lbs!
    Dec. realistic goal = Lose 2 + lbs. It is the holidays after all.

    Final ultimate goal = Maintenance between 138- 142 lbs. (63- 64 kg)

    My plan to make December successful:
    1- Back to basics of 5:2 intermittent fasting. Commit to the FD. Don’t switch to NFD halfway thru. Stay strong! Work to develop that will-power muscle!

    2- on NFD or OMAD (one meal a day) follow LCHF Mediterranean food plan.
    Be a Sugar-Slayer: No sugar, sweets or snacks.

    3- continue cardio exercise (stationary bike, walking dog, hiking.) Add weight lifting 3 x/ week.

    4- Log everything on my calendar: Weight, Workouts, and FD/ NFD/ OMAD.
    And track calories on “Lose It” app. I’m not a giant fan of tracking calories. To be honest, I’ve done it for so many years that I’m burnt out on it. But I want to commit to tracking all of December to see if it keeps me in line & makes a difference.

    I’m looking forward to keeping up with old friends, meeting new ones & having a successful month all together!

    Hi everyone Day 1 Co Down NI NFD

    Thank you @bert1802 for hosting December’s challenge.

    Welcome newbies and hello to old friends. I hadn’t gone away completely I was fighting dragons! but so relieved that I left these challenges in such capable hands. Typical of this group actually, when one is under pressure, they take up the reins and take care of things. Thank you all x.

    Inspection over so hopefully going forward things will be less stressed in work.

    I found I eat when stressed, I eat when bored, I eat when happy and this has resulted in me back sliding somewhat and with my foot still not being 100% I can’t exercise the same as I did to release the stress, boredom etc. This has resulted in a gain of about 10lbs of weight gain. Despite the gain and as much as I put my head in the sand and didn’t weigh, the ever tightening waist band told it’s own story. I just could not seem to get back on track. My attempts to fast while some seemed successful, once home it all went down hill. I now owe Santa a few tubes of sweets for his stocking fillers oops! I also found I had a humour bypass and found it very hard to laugh at things instead I resorted to beating myself up. I didn’t have the energy to read the posts, I couldn’t face posting as I didn’t feel I could offer anything.

    But I didn’t give up – I felt after over 2 years on the forum and these challenges since May 2016 I needed a holiday. I had thought I would catch up with happenings in November but I don’t think that is going to happen. I will however sit and read over the weekend a few members posts as they are very good at commenting on others posts and this will give me an idea of what has been going on.

    So apologies if I have missed any significant happenings in your lives. I am taking baby steps to get back on track and dusted off my 5:2 book. I may not post everyday yet but know I am still here and still trying which is what really counts.

    Love to all Liz x

    @jessyoursize these are for you for hosting November’s challenge Many thanks

    Day 1….Florida…..FD

    Woke up this morning to horrible cold! Could some please get this elephant off my chest!

    So, if my brain is working properly this morning, Im counting 61 members with 19 newbies!

    My starting weight for the month is 131.6, today will be a FD considering I can’t breathe nor taste any food! So, why bother eating……

    Wanna know why Santa’s so jolly?

    He knows where all the bad girls live!

    Day 1, NFD, US

    Day 1. Again!

    Yesterday’s planned FD turned into a fizzer. Oh well. I’m going to try and do 2 FDs per week this month but I’m mentally giving my permission to give up FDs for social activities. I will focus more on preparing myself to do 5:2 properly in the new year. To me, committing fully will be easier on 1 Jan than on 1 Dec!

    Welcome back @coda. Be kind to yourself – you might find kindness is an easier path to return to 5:2 than beating yourself up! But you know we are all here to take your hand and walk by yourside on your return journey.

    Day 1 – Massachusetts – FD

    Hey everyone! This is only my second month on 5:2, and thanks to you all who have been so welcoming. This month my goal is to lose 5 pounds (despite the big holiday at the end!). I’m a short 5 2 person with a small frame (thumb and middle finger overlap around my wrist) which means even though I’m currently a healthy BMI I want to lose some extra pounds to get rid of some of the rolls my small frame carries and get to the lower end of a healthy BMI range. Last month was really successful and I’m excited for what this month will bring!

    November challenge start: 131.8 lbs
    End of November challenge/start of December challenge: 124.6
    December goal weight: 119 lbs

    All numbers from now on are new on the scale… I can’t remember ever reading them before and that’s exciting! I seem to have really good success with B2B fasts, so I’m going to incorporate some of them.

    I have added my name to the spreadsheet! Thanks @bert for hosting!

    Day 1 Akron Ohio NFD

    December starting weight 155 pounds. Goal for December: To maintain between 152 – 155 lbs.

    A little about me, I started ADF in February this year; I had a modest amount to lose ; only 20 pounds and I was able to meet my goal by May following an ADF plan. Since then I have been in maintenance but was trying to figure out the best fasting schedule to help me maintain and I believe I finally have a routine that works for me.

    It’s great to see familiar names and welcome all the newbies to the forum. thank you @coda for starting the challenges and welcome back. You were sorely missed and I know you will overcome.

    @crazymom4boys that is so encouraging to hear your doctor suggested 5:2 to you. I think the word is spreading about this WOL and that is a beautiful thing. When I first started ADF everyone thought I was being crazy and extreme and I know many on this forum can relate to that. That is why this supportive forum has been such a lifeline.

    @bigviking congrats again on your first month in maintenance; so exciting!

    I am terrible at keeping up with the spreadsheet. But I know I owe a huge part of my success to the accountability of posting daily on this forum.

    “Fasting may not win every battle, but it wins the War”

    Thanks for being so welcoming! This is my first day on the website and first challenge but I’ve had success with the WOL in the past.

    Day 1….Minnesota…..FD

    Current weight 175 lbs
    Dec Goal 170
    Height 5’6
    Medium Frame
    Size US 12

    Day 1 NFD Sunny Mexico
    Here is a little bit about me..I am 60 years old, retired, a Meme to 2 little boys and a Canadian who winters in Mexico. I am 5’4 and have had weight issues since forever.
    I started the 5&2 in the middle of June and while I was following the plan I lost 17 pounds. I got sidetracked in October and November and gained some back so I am starting the December Challenge with a total loss of 15 pounds. I want to lose another 12 pounds ( 145 is my goal weight) I carry all my weight in my front ( which I know is so unhealthy) but really hoping I can lose more off my stomach and my boobs ( sorry hope not to offend) !
    Enough about me,
    Hoping everyone has success ( big or small) in the December challenge!

    Day 1, Cornwall UK, NFD

    This is my second month on the 5:2 Challenge and I’m here because the first month was really good! I started my weight loss in January 2017 with a traditional daily-low-cal diet, but had only lost 3kgs by the middle of the year. Not very successful and I was looking for a completely different approach. I somehow found MMs Eat, Fast and Live Longer documentary (I saw it originally in 2013 but its taken a while to accept that fasting is not crazy!). I started 5:2 + Mediterranean Diet in July this year and lost a further 11kgs. 5:2 is better than anything else I have tried, and I’ve tried a lot of things.

    I have lots more kgs to lose so this is a long journey for me. I am fasting at 500 calories 2 days a week and then eating a Mediterranean Diet on the other 5 days.

    I’m not calorie counting on NFDs as I wouldn’t stick to it long term, so the Mediterranean Diet better not deliver any weight gains on NFDs (its not supposed to! ). I think I’d feel direction-less on NFDs without some guidance on a positive approach to eating. The Med Diet gives me ‘permission’ to eat lots of tasty things like nuts, olive oil and fruit, and not feel guilty. And I have massively reduced the refined carbs.

    My December goal is to lose another 2kgs and not be derailed by Christmas celebrations. And I want to understand more about how to maintain a higher metabolism with weight loss, especially long term.

    Day 1 North Wales NFD

    I have lost 2 stone this year and I am now down to 128lbs. I have been doing the monthly challenges since June. This is my first month of maintenance. I am still going to do two fast days a week, but will not be fasting over the Christmas period.

    Day 1 UK FD

    After a successful November Challenge – my first having joined on the 13th I will start December at 181.6lbs. My goal by Jan 1st is 175…. until I saw the scales and the success this morning I was considering a December goal as ‘staying the same’…. now I feel inspired.

    I am finding the FD are becoming easier although today is my first B2B and that’s proving a little more challenging. I set out for a 5k jog this morning and had to put in a couple of walks – the old bod seemed to be crying out for fuel and was struggling to find any!

    Good luck everyone with all that December may bring!

    Day 1 Canada FD

    Another FD and a new challenge YAY!

    I started 5:2 in August and have discovered a way of life that works. I’m a foodie who loves to cook and of course eat. Dieting has never worked as I can’t calorie count and not feel deprived. Thanks to fasting I’ve dropped 4kg and probably have one more to go. The best part is I have figured out how to not over eat and small portions actually are more enjoyable.

    A tricky month ahead. Let’s take it one day at a time and together.

    Good fasting to those who are with me today!

    Day 1 – Ireland – CD – hopefully

    Second month of challenge and so grateful to have a challenge to help with the day to day… looking forward to balancing the party days with good days and benefiting from the lessons learned already!
    All the best to all of you for the month ahead!

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