Day 2 Fasting – need reassurance

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Day 2 Fasting – need reassurance

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  • Afternoon,

    I’m on my second day of fasting (day 1 didn’t go as well as I exceeded the 500 cal threshold) and up until now have had two black coffees and 400ml of lemon water. Have chicken noodle soup for lunch (heinz) and fish and salad for dinner.

    Am I on the right path to success by following the same fast day routine?

    @priy_kalhan – absolutely you are on the right path. The 500 calories (men it’s 600) is an estimate based on the recommended 2000 daily calories (2500 for men), if you eat more or less on fast days, it balances out on non fast days too. For every day that you fast and reduce calories, you will lose weight overall.

    don’t worry keep it up – I think the point in the first few weeks is to get used to the fast days and for your body to become accustomed

    I’ve been on the 5:2 for seven months and my weight has stayed the same, pretty much. I don’t have a problem with the 500 calories on my fast days. I exercise regularly doing a weekly 10 mile walk. The only positive is haven’t I haven’t gained weight. Any ideas?

    Thank you all for your messages.

    I weighed myself this morning (couldn’t wait until Monday) and scales are down by 1.8lbs! Extremely happy with the result as the weight I put on last weekend has come off!

    Can’t wait until next week!

    Hope your week goes well!

    Hi MaryJane:

    If you have been doing two 500 cal. days per week for seven months and not lost any weight, you are eating too many calories on your five non diet days.

    You simply have to eat less – try to keep to your TDEE or less on those days and you should see some results.

    Here is some information that might help:

    Good Luck!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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