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  • Hello fellow fasters,
    I don’t want to waste anyone’s time on here, but I figured this is a good way for me to keep myself in check and hopefully give someone else like me a boost.

    I started my first fast day today. I currently weigh in at 199#’s. I am 5’9 and 36 years old. I read the book over the weekend after seeing Mike on Rachel Ray last week. I am coming in with the mentality that this will help me to lost weight, but also get my body into a healthier state. I will keep updates as I progress.

    Happy fasting everyone!!

    Jim (USA)

    Welcome Jim!

    Keep us updated with your progress 🙂

    Good luck.

    Hi Jim,

    Welcome. Many people try this diet to lose weight. My motivation is to get my cholesterol down to normal range and hopefully not end my days with altzheimers.

    On fast days, I eat 500 cals. on non-fast days, I don’t count calories and pretty much eat anything I want. But I find myself more aware of what I am eating and will sometimes pass up desserts and extra helpings.

    I try to keep it as simple as possible because I want to make this a lifestyle. When I reach my goals, my plan is to switch to a 6:1 plan and see if the health improvements hold.

    Good luck to you and keep us informed of your progress.


    Day 1 here as well. Went pretty well, and look forward to this new way of eating.

    I am 64 and have 1 1/2 stone to loose, I have lost 6 lbs just doing healthy eating but it is coming off very slowly. We do a lot of caravan holidays at least two a month due to now being retired, so it makes it hard as the wine flows and cakes bought!

    I did my first fast day yesterday. I thought it went quite well a bit hungry at lunch time, all I did all day, water water water and more water! I read the fast diet a lot and baked 18 Yorkshire puddings to freeze! kept busy.

    I did 467 calories for the day, breakfast, porridge made with water and semi milk, and a few raspberries and strawberries, 208 calories, dinner, a prawn salad, lettuce, celery, tomatoes and peach with a tiny bit of reduced salad cream, 210 calories, with the calories being still low I had a Fromais frais 49 calories to finish, and 3 cups of tea through the day. I weight everything.

    I felt a bit dizzy sometimes but OK. My daughter lives in Dubai and Ramadan is on at the moment and nothing passes their lips not even water in the day, so we are quite lucky. I thought if they can do it so would I.

    I will be having my first weigh in on Friday, so hope the weight has moved, the other half and sister are watching closely.

    Hi symba7, I am 65, at least 3 stone overweight.(was) Oh I am a man, sorry about that. I am very easy about the time my weight loss takes. My fast days (religiously taken) now are a Monday and Wednesday. Phsycologicaly easier for me. Just approach this in a way to fit in with your lifestyle
    Do not worry too much on your fast days. Keep busy if you can but if you cannot just remain in focus. If you stray off do not beat your self up. Just return to the fast next time around.
    I have two sayings as my Mantras. 1). Dont sweat the hard stuff. (on fast days just do it.). 2). Use the K.I.S.S. approach. Keep It Simple Stupid. E.G. do not make the 5:2 lifestyle complicated, health issues accepted.
    Hope it works for you. Keep us all updated with your progress.
    Good luck.
    P.S. Since the last day of Jan this year when I started the 5:2 lifestyle I have lost 21 lb give or take.

    Hi Quick, just a point to make re your comment on altzheimers. Research Tumeric and Cinnamon on Google. Either take it on board or not.
    Good luck with your life.

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