Cooking a meal on a fast day

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  • Yesterday evening, after my 500 meal, I decided to cook up a lamb balti for tonights dinner, as I like to let the flavours ‘infuse’ over night. This diet has been pegged as the diet for foodies… Well, I dont know if I qualify as one of those, but I certainly love good food (I love that this diet doesn’t involve low fat preprepared shop bought junk or even swapping butter for margarine!!)
    Part of that love of food includes the ritual of cooking, so I was pleasantly surprised to find yesterday that I really enjoyed cooking a meal I knew I had to wait to eat, almost…maybe…as much as the act of eating it!! It didn’t make me feel hungrier at all!
    So… Cooking as a coping strategy for hunger? What are peoples thoughts on this?!

    I would agree. i love baking and nothing puts me off eating cake like baking a batch of cakes for work or a bake sale. it seems that having been surrounded by the smell of the food all day is enough!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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