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  • Has anyone had constipation after the 5:2?

    I have been on the diet since mid January and have been fine and I have lost about 7llbs.

    Unfortunately I have not been to the toilet for ten days. I didn’t notice at first because I have never had a problem. Last Saturday I began to feel uncomfortable but we were away with friends so I didn’t mention it. On Monday I bought some laxitives but they didn’t help. I visited the doctor on Wednesday and she prescribed some enemas. They also didn’t work. I was then prescribed other laxitives and had to take eight sachets within six hours. I can do that for three days and then it’s back to the doctors/ hospital. I have been in so much pain over the last five days and it’s not over yet because I still haven’t been. I am being treated for faecal impaction and I wouldn’t like anyone else to go through this.

    Usually I don’t go to to the toilet while I am fasting (I fast only on water for 36 or 48 hours), but the moment I eat the “movement” is there. 🙂
    If I don’t go for 3 days, I start intense course: prunes and dried apricots, prune juice, sauerkraut, strong coffee. If that not work, take 1 table spoon of olive oil in the morning. Since I struggled with constipation all my life, I learned to be extra careful and drink a lot of water. It is easier to prevent it than to deal with it.
    I am so sorry that you going thru that, I remember it was very painful experience. Unfortunately, I had to step on that rake not once, but probably around 4 times, before I realized that I cannot ignore it and should concentrate on preventing it instead of facing consequences.
    During fasting, please be extra careful and drink a lot. Wishing you a success to lose weight and to battle this unpleasant problem.

    Thank you so much for your concern. I do realise now that I should have taken more care on my fast days but not ever having constipation I really didn’t think it would be a problem. I stuck to the meal plan and thought it would be ok. I now realise I was too rigid and should have included more fruit prunes etc with my porridge. Let’s hope I go eventually and can literally put it behind me.

    oh, I forgot. I also found that a cup of Kefir or yogurt before going bed also helps. Sometimes it is hard to stick to the same treatment, so you can try to vary. One week try Kefir, another prune juice, and so on. Soon you will find out what works the best for your body. Let me know if you find out something really good. I always open to good suggestions to fight the evil.

    Hi, did you know we get a large amount of the fluid we need from what we eat rather than what we drink? When fasting it is really important to drink lots of water, much more than you think you need. It is far more important than what you eat on FDs although you should aim to eat lots of vegetables, in particular green leafy stuff, lettuce, spinach, cabbage, kale etc.

    The other lesser known fact is that in the last part of the bowel, waste matter absorbs water which helps it on its way, another reason for drinking lots.

    I hope once your current problem is resolved it doesn’t reoccur.

    Thank you for that. I will take more care.

    You have my utmost sympathy,fortunately I’m not suffering on the five two, however following surgery some years ago l went three weeks without going to the loo. One of the things l remember really helping was to sit quietly with good posture and a hot drink, tea or hot water. In between sips concentrate on breathing really deeply, hopefully you should feel your tummy start to wake up and rumble which for me did the trick.

    Thank you. I will try.

    Once you get clear, a magnesium supplement before bedtime might help too. Magnesium relaxes muscle…also helpful for sleep in general.

    Thank you. After three mini enemas and ten laxative sachets I have been back to the doctors today. I have a nurse coming to my home tomorrow to give me a full enema. Lovely.

    Yesterday the nurse came to my home and have me an enema. I was in the bathroom for an hour and after a lot of perseverance I went. The rest of the day was spent having to go the bathroom almost every hour. Today I have had to repeat the process. It was lovely to feel a lot better and able to stand up straight and sit down without feeling I had a rod up my bottom. Thank you for all your support and help and onwards and upwards.

    I think I am coming off 5:2 as it is in the book and trying to adapt it to my body.

    Everyone is different. I have been following a mix of Blood Sugar Diet and 5:2 and prefer the clear boundaries of 5:2. Since 23rd November I have lost just over 3 stones. Definitions of constipation vary. I think a lot of it is how well we know our own bodies. Getting anxious about not going for a No2 may make thinks worse. I often don’t go for a couple of days when on 5:2, but I do generally go at least by day 3. If not I self massage my colon (loda of videos on Internet) and may take a teaspoonful of Epsom Salts. I avoid the more invasive interventions such as enemas and prescribed/over-the-counter drugs. The issue may be with a build up of hardened fecal matter in the colon. I had colonic hydrotherapy a few years ago on two occasions and it was amazing. A clean colon and eating a healthy diet is a win win!

    I wish I had never done the 5:2 diet as it has left me with constipation problems which have persisted for 3 1/2 years beyond the last time I fasted. I used to go regularly and quickly almost every day. Now I only go twice a week at best, it’s formed like deer droppings and it’s a constant struggle to avoid impaction. I can’t believe the diet has had such a permanent negative effect on me. I drink loads, excercise, eat lots of fibre – I would love some ideas on how I could kick start my digestive system back into its old routine and speed it up again.

    Drink 2-3 L of water daily. Eat a hot chili each day (if you can). You say you eat a lot of fibre? So what do you eat that has fibre in it? Or do you take fibre supplements? Not really that useful. Eat lots of veggies, especially cruciferous veggie. Eat lots of legumes and beans. Soak the legumes over night and let then start sprouting before cooking them. Eat tart apples with the skin on. Lots of soluble and insoluble fibre. Eat prunes or dates.

    just started 5:2
    have done 3 fast days
    I have a fast transit and am very regular
    I wake up in the morning, need the toilet and perform both functions within seconds.

    I had problems the second day after the third fast.
    A plug of firm, glued together, rabbit droppings meant a 20 minute painful transit.
    Usual soft, easily managed detritus behind this.

    I had high fibre food on the fast days and at least 4 pints of water, anyone else?

    LibbyF, there should be 0% chance this diet could affect you 3.5 years later unless it had adversely affected your gut bacteria (why would it? – less calories should not change that – just different foods). Look for a different cause / bimuno / active yoghurts?

    nice really nice

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