Confusion about intermittent fasting

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  • I am having a bit of confusion about IF. I have a few questions.
    !) How can i gain weight/muscle or just maintain my weight while doing IF? I am a skinny guy and i want to do IF as i have some health problems that i feel it can help me with.

    2) Can i i do IF everyday?

    3) How many meals can you have while IF? I read somewhere that you can only have 1 or 2 meals but if that’s the case would you not lose a lot of weight especially if you want to make IF a thing you do everyday?

    Sorry if i sound ignorant or anything, i just want to clear up the confusion i have. Thanks.

    I forgot to mention that i will be doing the 16/8 approach to Intermittent fasting.


    If you are doing IF for health reasons with a 16:8 eating window you can eat as much as you like within your 8 hour eating window. As you are doing it for health reasons I would suggest you try to eat a well balanced diet to ensure you get all the vitamins and minerals your body needs. Eat whatever you like but don’t overdo processed carbs as they are not particularly healthy and any weight gained will sit around your waist as fat.

    If you want to gain muscle you should consider going to the gym and taking professional advice for the best way to build muscle without doing any damage. A good trainer will also be able to advise you on any supplements or dietary adjustments you need to make to help build muscle.

    I eat pretty healthy anyways. So i can eat as many meals as i want during the 8 hour period and still get the benefits?

    Hi health:

    As far as I know, there are no health ‘benefits’ from eating all of your calories in an 8 hour period. The only clinical study I have found on ‘eating windows’ concludes there are no material health benefits from such a window.

    However, if you consistently eat less than your TDEE in an 8 hour period, you will lose weight and gain whatever benefits come from weight loss.

    Good Luck!

    The IF you describe is different from the 5:2 Fasting diet. With Fasting you limit the number of calories 1, 2, or 3 days a week. The goal on Fast Days is to eat high in protein and low in carb, except carbs from fruit and vegetables. The 16/8 plan could cause weight loss, depending on what and how much you eat in the 8 hours.

    If you want the health benefits, do the whole hog 5:2 — 500-600 total calories twice a week.

    if you want to build muscle, load up on the protein and work out. But remember that some of us have muscles that don’t get ‘bulky’ so if you want to look like a Body Builder, it might not happen.

    Great question. I wouldnt gorge. Stay healthy!

    Hi! Dear All! I was on 16/8 and 18/6 fasting regime. But on the last 2 months was not great….. i was on and off on my fasting after my holiday (Ok i must admit the hotel breakfast buffet WAS so nice)….. After that holiday, i struggling back to my fasting. The struggle was the craving for carbs, it was a tough psychology mind challenging. Previously i had weight losing issue (my weight keep dropping), now my weight stop dropping, is below my ideal body weight but within BMI 20. My body is very lean now, i can feel and see almost all my bones in my body. I getting a bit of concerned here and there, should i continue with the fasting or there are something went wrong with my eating habit after the fast. (Currently i on Preascatarian Ketogenic Diet meaning i ate plants based diet and seafood). I was actually planning for 3 -5 days water fasting every month to get the autophagy benefit. But now i getting a bit worry should i gain abit weight back before continue any further?

    @healthisky, it should be noted that there is some difference in what is called “fasting” on 5:2, and what 16:8 practitioners, or what Dr. Fung (for example) considers fasting for health benefits. On 5:2, fasting is defined as restricting to 500-600 calories on your fast day. Dr. Fung suggests fasting days with no food–just water, coffee, tea or perhaps bone broth if necessary.

    On 16:8, I believe the point is to not eat food for a full 16 hour fast. I have friends who have lost weight on 16:8 fairly easily as it somewhat naturally prevents day-long extended “grazing” and snacking. However, since you don’t want to lose weight, but do wish to enjoy whatever health benefits come from not putting food into your system for 16 hours, you could simply eat more calories during your 8 hour window.

    The point of 16:8 isn’t so much what you eat during your 8 eating hours (although certainly you should eat a healthy diet) the point of 16:8 is giving your body a break from food for the other 16.

    @mighty Duck One, it seems that you may have to consider eating more calories during your eating window to keep your weight at a healthy level if you plan to keep fasting. This is where you will have to tinker with your plan. Your calorie deficit is likely quite high on your fasting days, so if you don’t want to lose weight, you’ll have to make up those calories on your eating days.

    @ Onlyhermes thank you for your input. Maybe you are right. As i being cutting down carbs alot and moderate protein. Oil intake still far from my goals. I maybe need to put back dairy products into my diet. Once again.. thanks

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