Changes needed to approach – Suggestions please!

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Changes needed to approach – Suggestions please!

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  • Hi all!

    My name is Katy and I am a stay at home mom. A few months ago, my husband and I, ridiculously overweight, decided to start our Ketogenic journey. That has worked out for us very well, hand in hand with our 16:8 fasting. We have shed over 50 pounds between the two of us in the past month alone.

    Getting to the problem… My husband’s shift has always been 8:30amg to 4pm. We were doing evening, overnight and morning fasting. As most people know, fasting from 8am (wake up) to 12 is really no big deal.. We really didn’t feel it, and the results bloomed. BUT, as of yesterday (monday 9/24), his shift has changed drasticly. We now wake up at 4am every morning, with the same routine mind you. We work out, shower and he goes to work. The problem is probably quite obvious at this point… we STARVE all morning. By 10, I am nearly in tears from stomach pains.

    I’ve read many articles and forum posts, but at this point I need to either change our fasting program, or do something very differently. I know the benefits of fasting and want to keep them!

    Our eating schedule (currently) is 12 (noon) and 6pm, on the dime.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Sounds complicated. Why not just go with the standard 5:2 diet, 2 days of either 500 or 600 calories, and 5 days of eating what you want, but mindful eating? It’s not a super fast way of losing (most people average about a lb per week) but it’s dependable. There are lots of people on these forums that have reached their weight goals this way. It feels a lot less like a diet when you don’t restrict food groups. Time restricted dieting, when you’re doing it every day can be tedious, especially with changing work shifts.

    Congrats on your loss so far. But can you stick to your regimen for the rest of your life. Because once you go off of it you’ll probably gain the weight back. 5:2 is easy enough to do for maintaining. The 2 days become routine and I have yet to starve to death. 😁 I’ve been down to “skinny jeans” for 9 months maintaining. I eat a little more on NFDs than I did while losing, but I eat whatever I want within reason. I must have been on every diet there is over the years. I lost weight on most but gained it all back and then some when the diet was over. I couldn’t imagine being on them long term. With 5:2 I can. It’s sustainable.

    Could you not bring forward your eating times as you’re up earlier- eat at 10am & then 4 or 5pm for dinner? I know if I’m up extra early I do feel more hungry, shift work was always a killer for sugar cravings!
    If you’re eating ketogenically lots of people find that their appetite drops. The 2ketodudes forum & podcasts are helpful for keto info if you’ve not seen their stuff before.

    The challenge with asking for help here is that this not a ketogenic forum. Yes there are a few who know what that is, but most of us here do the 5:2 version of Intermittant Fasting. It works.

    50lbs in a month, but you don’t say the split and men lose faster than women, but that seems a very unsustainable way to lose weight. You are not learning how to keep your weight off long term.

    5:2 gets the weight off without the agony you’rd putting yourself through. Effectively, it’s what we do 2 days a week, and that gets the weight to normal and keeps it there. It works. It’s easy for most people. You can eat whatever works as a healthy diet for you individually. Shiftwork makes no difference.

    Why dont you just fast from 10am to 5pm? 🙂

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