Changes after 6 months of 5:2…

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Changes after 6 months of 5:2…

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  • I am new to the Forums and thought I would start this new topic and share with you all my journey over the past 6 months doing 5:2. Starting weight 70.5kg (165cm height), smoker, depressed, unmotivated, fatigue, facial acne, and excessive sweating.
    Being a clinically trained pharmacist myself, I was intrigued by all the science behind fasting – the evidence was fascinating! So I gave it go…..without cigarettes.
    6 months in…weighing in at 59kg, and fitter and leaner than ever before, I feel like I have found a new me! Weight loss aside, I am astonished by the improvements in my mood, energy, memory, skin appearance, and overall health and well-being. I don’t like to refer to the 5:2 as just “another diet” but rather, a lifestyle change. It helped me regain my energy, my health, and my life…and most importantly, the willpower to remain a non-smoker!

    That’s awesome Diana, congratulations! Definitely agree with you that it’s not a diet but a way of life, one I hope to continue with in some form for good!

    Hello diananp and Tiamarie,

    Can I ask you how you consume you 500 on fast days? Is it all at once or throughout the day? And would you mind sharing a typical meal on fast days? Thx much! And thx for sharing! 🙂

    Hi desperate but driven,

    I eat most of my calories in my evening meal, apart from some that go to my coffee in milk/cream a little earlier in the day but for food I only do one meal. I haven’t tried anything different but I have a feeling that if I ate more than once I would be a lot hungrier.

    I have either some beef mince with a bunch of vegetables or an Indian ready meal usually, which is chicken and rice and veggies. I tend to always eat the same things on my fast days, should probably find new stuff and experiment a little but I’m sticking to these for now.

    How are you getting on? I haven’t had much success on the scales yet but clothes are definitely looser!

    Hi there,
    I’m doing alright. Totally lost it last night when I ate all these Valentines treats I bought for the kids! Couldn’t stop myself. So this morning I ran 4 miles and only trying to do liquids until dinner. Need to get back on track! Hate fasting on weekends but need makeup for yesterday. Tomorrow night we are going to this amazing pizza place! Will try to go super light in the day. I started 5-2 on 1/2/15. I was 141.4 pounds. My lowest so far was 135 pounds. This morning I wAs 135.8 but at least I’m still at 135ish. This is taking a long time but I’ve read it’s slower when you don’t have as much to lose. The skinniest I have ever been is 124 and people would say I was too thin. It was impossible to maintain. Think my set point is low 130’s. Really wNt to break into 128!!!! Help!!!! 🙂

    DianaNP that’s fantastic!
    I’m studying biology and was equally fascinated behind the science of fasting, hence why I’m here!

    Desperate but driven…you ran 4 miles fasted?!?! :O Teach me your ways!!

    The secret to running on a treadmill is two fold. First, you need a TV with a great on demand showtime series. Homeland, house of Lies, Californication, breaking bad, whatever you like that keeps your interest! It’s my escape! Second you need to vary your routine. I start walking at say 4.1 level for few minutes then go to 4.4. Then I alternare every few mins. I will run 5.7 or 5.8 then walk at 4.4 again. Time seems to fly by with the show and I love it! Give it a try:)

    Thanks Tiamarie! Likewise!

    Hi desperate but driven,

    Hope you’re well 🙂 Re:your question about how I consume my 500 cals on fast days, I split it into 2 X 250cal meals in the morning and in the evening 12 hours apart. The beauty of intermittent fasting is that it is very flexible and you may wish to consume all of your 500 calories in one meal, or split it into 2 meals depending on your lifestyle and what suits you! Try both ways and see what works for you.
    I personally find splitting the 500cals into 2 meals keeps me going alot longer…I always need a little sustenance in the morning and a light meal in the evening as I am training in the gym (mix of heavy weights and cardio). Its great that you ran 4 miles on your fast day!! In fact, the Dr.Michael Mosley states in the book that exercise in a fasted state is more efficient and will burn more fat and cals than when in a “fed” state.
    So to answer your questions, a typical 250 cals breakfast for me is:
    -1 slice of low carb wholegrain toast (98 cals)
    -1 hard boiled egg (78 cals)
    -1/2 of a red apple (36 cals)
    -1/2 cup of almond milk to add to my strong coffee (39 cals)

    a typical 250 cal dinner is:
    -1 can of (95grams) of tuna in springwater (71cals)
    -a pile of salad with cucumber, spinach leaves, tomatoes, red cabbage to make up the remaining 180 cals

    I also consume a fair bit of sparkling mineral water throughout the day which is really refreshing (like a fizzy drink) but with no calories! And have it with a piece of sugarfree flavoured chewing gum and it will make the 12 hrs of fasting in between meals a whole lot easier!

    As Tiamarie mentioned, I usually stick to the same meals on my fast days as it is quick, and easy to remember. However I have recently purchases Mimi Spencer’s “The Fast Diet Recipe Book” which has lots of great ideas to mix it up!
    Like Tiamarie mentioned, I usually stick to the same meals on my fast days as it is quick and easy to remember what you can eat.

    Also, fasting during the weekdays is much much easier. Mondays and Thursdays usually worked best for me but if I knew I had a dinner function on on one of my fast days then I would change my fast days for that week and work around any social functions to ensure I didnt miss out on all the deliciousness! So enjoy the pizza place desperate but driven!!! and Happy fasting on another day 🙂

    I agree with desperate but driven. I do the same thing on the treadmill. I just keep switching the speed from walking to jogging to sprinting and then walking. It really does make the time go by faster than just jogging for 30 minutes.

    I split my meals into 150 for brekky, 150 for lunch and 200 for dinner but it can vary as i can often eat very little for lunch.

    Hmm Don’t you have to do 2 days IN A ROW ? Confused but it may be easier to do if so …

    2 non- consecutive days is 5:2, but people sometimes choose to do them back to back. If you’re reading around the forum you’ll see that not everyone here is doing straight 5:2 for their own reasons. This forum does not exclude people doing various types of intermittant fasting other than 5:2 and there are various personal eating styles, but it can be confusing to new people. May I suggest you do straight 5:2 for at least 2months to get the hang of it and learn about your responses, then decide if you want to change anything or not.

    As you’re a newbie, simcoeluv may pop in here with the link to his excellent introduction to newbies.b i suggest you read his opening post on that thread and follow the guidelines he summarises so well.

    Good luck

    Good luck

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