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  • Hi, I am just starting back on the 5:2 after abandoning it after Christmas and not having been able to motivate myself to get going again. I did it for 6 weeks before Chrsitmas and lost six pounds. I have put that back on of course! And now need a kickstart. So anyone out there starting around now, I’d be grateful for your support and will be happy to do the same for you. I am 62 year old female, retired teacher, active, walk dogs daily and swim fairly regularly. I have about 10lb to lose to get back to my comfortable weight. It might not sound much to some people, but it can be just as hard to lose a few pounds. If you have a lot to lose, the first few lb come off more easily. For me, it always comes off very slowly! Having said that, my best results ever were with the 5:2, but I can’t seem to find it in me to get back on the wagon!

    Hello Fabfrankie
    We are the overweight couple starting our 5.2 today and we have lots to loose, we need to loose about 2.5 stone each and we are ready.
    We are 60+ so our goal is to get fit and slim down,so good luck and let us know how you get on.


    We are the overweight couple today is day one of our 5.2 and we are doing well so far, oh its only lunchtime perhaps it will be different later.
    We need lots of encouragement as we have 2.5 stone to loose each.

    Any helpful comments would be appreciated.

    Hi there Overweight Couple!
    Your name made me smile. I am doing the 5:2 with my husband. (He only has about a stone to lose.) We have planned our fast days for Tuesday and Thursday this week as we will both be quite busy that day, and find it easier to avoid the kitchen therefore!
    We started last week and had an omelette for breakfast, no lunch and baked fish and vegetables for tea. I found when I did it before Christmas that if I avoided carbohydrates (potatoes, bread etc) and filled up on protein and vegetables, I didn’t feel so hungry.
    The big difficulty for me is to eat sensibly on my non-fast days and not to overeat thinking I can get away with it!
    Anyway let’s see how we get on. happy to compare notes, what works and what doesn’t!

    Hi Overweight Couple and welcome:

    Here is some information that might help: https://thefastdiet.co.uk/forums/topic/the-basics-for-newbies-your-questions-answered/

    Good Luck!

    Hi fab frankie ! I am a bride to be in sept so would also like to shift 1stone
    I do loads of exercise but tend to undo my good work by eating crisps, chocolate, deserts! And wine! Not all at once though!
    Would love to share tips and words of encouragement! My first target is 6 pounds by mid May when I have my first dress fitting- so 10 weeks time! Hopefully I will get there!!
    Take care x

    This is my second week, I lost 2lbs last week……but fear I could of undone that loss over the weekend of feasting.

    I’m 58 and was told November last year by the doctor to lose some weight. So I’ve wasted 3 months and need to get my rear into gear.

    We are going away in May and I would love to have dropped a dress size before then

    Onwards and downwards ladies

    Hi Lucy,
    How exciting! Have you got a dress yet? You have plenty of time to achieve your goal anyway and I will be happy to support you. Fast day tomorrow for me, which days do you do?

    Hi Frances! Yes dress all ordered! It’s fab! I do mon and weds! I have lost a pound since the weekend so pleased about that! I did a spinning class after my fast day yesterday. On my non fast days hoping to eliminate all junk too. What days do you do?
    So far so good, but the weekend will be the test when temptation lurks!! Haha!!

    Hi Lucy and Jayne.Lizzy,
    I’m not very familiar with this site yet so I think I can reply to both on this page!
    Well we plan our fasting days around what we are doing during the week but it’s mostly Tuesdays and Thursdays as the other half plays golf on those days and I try and get to my Pilates class Tuesdays and swim Thursdays. I’m trying to cut down on my non fast days as I think I eat rather too much on those days! Lucy you are doing loads of exercise. You should have no trouble reaching your goals. I got married last September (widowed 11 years ago and thought I would probably be on my own having been very happy, but was lucky enough to meet another lovely man two years ago!) I had a dress made so worked hard to look good in it, but too much contentment and spoiling ourselves ever since mean we have both put on weight!
    Jayne, I am sure you can drop a dress size before May. I did the 5:2 for six weeks before Christmas and it felt really easy to lose 6lb (unfortunately put it all back on!) So hub and I want to get healthy and maintain a sensible weight to live long and happy!
    Anyway ladies let us know how you get on. Rooting for you both, and also the Overweighht Coup[le.
    Have a great day. x

    Hi Guys, good news- I weighed myself today and I have lost 3 punds since weekend! Really pleased! I have done Mon and Weds as 5-2 and to be honest minimised caloroe consumption on other days and exercised every night. I will no doubt not be able to maintain this and the weekend we are out for dinner and then Sunday lunch! Lol!
    Frances thats wonderful news to hear that you got married following being widowed! Contentment and being spolied is fabulous, the only downside is that the weight slowly creeps on!
    I guess I am quite determined because of the wedding! My friend bought me a tshirt for the gym with slogan “swaeting for the dress” Lol!!
    How has everyone’s 5-2 going this week?

    Hi Lucy,
    Well done, fantastic loss, and with luck after such a healthy week, you won’t put too much (if any) back on this weekend.
    We are supposed to be fasting today, but I caught the other half with some ginger biscuits just before he set off to play golf! I’ve got my halo on, as I am resolutely sticking to it! Key is to keep busy, so house is being cleaned to within an inch of its life, and dogs are being walked till they drop!
    What is your dress like? Mine was a short shift dress, with a lace coat. (Don’t think we can include pics on here, or I would show you.)
    How are you other guys doing, Jayne and the Overweight Couple?
    Frances x

    Hello The Overweight Couple here, we are feeling so good, we have completed our two days for this week and weigh in on Monday morning, but we have really been thinking about what we are eating and drinking at every meal, so quietly confident.
    Friend of ours have been on 5.2 since New Year and have lost 9 kilo so that is so encouraging.
    Love this forum its so good to share tips, one of my tips is that on our 500/600 days we planned the food in advance so there was no question about what we were eating, white fish and veg for dinner and two ryvita with one banana for lunch skipped breakfast.
    Good luck to all.!!!!!

    Hey glad you are still hanging on in there OWC. Sounds like you are really on course to do well! Keep us updated and encouraged by your success. Sounds like your friend did really well to lose so much, so it spurs us all on! X

    Forgot to say we are doing much the same, fish and veg for tea (googling nice recipes to make it more interesting: tonight cod with garlic, cherry tomatoes and fresh basil, Tuesday roast sea bass with roasted red onion and peppers, yummy, from BBC good food website). Breakfast for other half is two egg omelette, for me grapes, pear, raspberries and low fat greek yog. Counting cals including tea and coffee on the My Fitness Pal app.if you have any nice recipes, so share.
    Frances x

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