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  • Hi everyone

    I’d like some moral support please and I think a buddy would help. I really need someone who can challenge me to stick with losing weight.

    I’m female, 63yrs Young ! I’m 5’2″ and weigh 11st. I’ve already lose a couple of stone but since Christmas I’ve put half back on. I’d really like to be 9st 7lbs or around there.

    My husband has dementia and I’m finding it quite difficult to motivate myself so any help will be appreciated.
    I’d like to combine 5:2 with Slimming World.

    Thank you

    Hi Tillergirl
    I’ll give you some moral support but I’m not able to buddy up with you as I don’t do Slimming World and know nothing about it.
    I’m so sorry to hear that your husband has dementia. I know that can be very frustrating and demanding and that you have to be totally committed. My mum lived with me for three years and I looked after her until she went into a care home and spent a happy four years there, although she just got worse and worse.
    I’m sure I can give you some support on the dementia front when you need it.
    All best.

    Ooh Obesa

    That would be fabulous ! I just need someone to ask me how I’ve got on really .

    If I think someone is going to ask me questions I’m more likely to stick with the fasting.

    For a couple of weeks I’m going to try 4:3 just to get me going.

    What’s the best way to contact each other ?

    I’m pretty new to this site myself so haven’t found my way around it yet but I am on the March challenge where you have to log in every day. They will accept newcomers part way through the month. They are a very knowledgable bunch and encourage one another. If you go on there put the Day number at the top of your message, where you are and whether it is a FD or NFD. Like this, the day number being the date.
    Day 21 UK FD
    Then introduce yourself. You’ll get more responses on there and I’ll see you every day and keep you on your toes.

    That would be great Obesa. I’ll go and find that challenge then !

    See you on there.

    I’ve looked at tagging and you can only tag to a stream, not a person.

    Ahh I see.

    When I was last on here , must be 2/3 yrs ago, it was all slightly different. I’m sure you could message individuals separately without going through the forum.

    I’ll have to check it out. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

    I’ve pressed ‘reply’ to your last message. It would make sense to talk to each other as well on a smaller thread such as this one. I’ll see if I am informed when you reply.

    Well I’ve received notification on your posting so you should get one too when I post this.

    Another FD tomorrow for me so I’m hoping that goes as well as yesterday.

    Hope your FD are going well too.

    I didn’t get a mail because I took that flag off, I only chose the ‘reply’ under your name but I am putting the flag on now !
    Just to say that we did go up the S&W but we only went as far as Aldersley Junction and then turned south back to Birmingham. We used to moor on the Oxford Canal at Fenney Compton. Those were the days ! Hubby says we couldn’t manage the locks now. He has had health issues and is not as strong as he was but he is very active, just not a lot of muscle !

    Good luck on your FD tomorrow. I expect I shall end up doing one also as my appetite has diminished so much but, then, I have a lot of body fat that can be burnt instead. It took a few days to get to this place but it seems like a piece of cake now πŸ˜‡ Mustn’t speak too soon 😈

    Good morning Tillergirl.

    What’s your plan on this your Fast Day ?

    I’m NFD today but I expect I shall have my usual one meal, which is very boring as I eat the same most days.

    Today I am going to the hairdressers ! Shock, horror – I haven’t had my hair cut for 2.5 years. It is silver too, but I wear it up in a clip. Haven’t decided yet whether it’s to be a big chop or a perm like Daphne Self – hmm

    So hard to make a decision, that’s why I eat the same thing most days !

    All best

    Hi there Obesa !

    I’ve a few jobs to do today and I have to take my son into town. I shall drop him off and then he can make his own way back. I hate going into Wolverhampton these days ….it’s such a dreary place.

    My hair is very short and silver too! I keep it short as its so thin. I’ve never had good hair to be honest and I’m very envious of my friend who has thick wavy hair and it always looks good whichever way she wears it.
    She’s lost a massive amount of weight in the past year or so but she uses replacement drinks etc.

    I feel quite positive today so I’m hoping my FD will be fine. To be honest I’m fine not eating, it doesn’t really bother me but if I do take my eye off the ball, once I start eating I can’t stop ! Feast or famine ! Lol!

    Have a good day . X

    Hi Tillergirl

    Well, I went to the hairdresser and she thinks she can make me like Daphne Selfe so it’s booked for next Thursday !! She played along with my fantasy. Just have to lose another two to three stone to get Daphne’s figure !! If I really detest it I’ll get it chopped off after.

    I’ve never been to Wolverhampton so I can’t envisage that. I go into Oxford once a week but only into the edge of it. I love Oxford. I was born there (from the town side not the gown side). I always feel it’s ‘my town’ when I walk around it.

    I think that’s brilliant that you have a friend who has lost a lot of weight recently. I have too and it has definitely given me an incentive to do something about it. She went to weight watchers and told herself she would make the most of it and leave after she had shed a stone which she did, and then she went on to shed another two by herself.

    She’s looking great and feels so much fitter.

    Feast or Famine ……Yep, that’s about the size of it here too …lol.

    Have a good day also.

    Hello Tillergirl

    I just got back from my weekly course on a Friday. As it was our last lesson of term our teacher asked
    us to “bring in some nibbles” and today is my fast day, so I nipped into M&S and got a couple of savoury things. It wasn’t too bad but I could have done without that ! Anyway, it’s all over now until after Easter, then I’ll do another term.

    I got on the scales this morning and had gone up slightly so I’m not quite so ‘gung ho’ as I was but I’m soldiering on (until Mothering Sunday when I will have to eat with the family). Still, could have a lot worse things happening.

    Are you doing OK today ?

    Ho Obesa

    Looking forward to seeing you finding work as a Daphne Selfe impersonator ! Stunning for her age isn’t she?

    What course are you attending ? I go to an art class on Saturdays but we’re having a rest now until after Easter. .

    I’ve been in a dementia awareness course today. Third one of three. It was interesting talking to the others in the class but I learnt just as much on a MOOC run by the University of Tasmania. Oh yes I also learnt that a care home in Stafford charge Β£1600 per week !!

    My FD yesterday was ok. I was starving when I went to bed !! I only weigh myself on Monday mornings but I definitely feel different. Hoping for a good result when I do weigh in. Xxx

    NFD today and it’s going ok too. I’m not eating everything in sight anyway.

    Hi tillergirl,
    Firstly, if you are at the stage of looking at care, may I suggest you look at mha.org.uk ? This is the charitable arm of the Methodist Church and therefore two thirds the price of a commercial home. Although it is Methodist you do NOT have to have religion to go there and it is not pushed. Their homes are very modern and the one my mum was in was brilliant. The funding for all of this is a nightmare, but you can get it successfully if the person needs nursing care and not social care. You just have to be aware of this and fight your corner and go through the assessments, etc. I expect they covered that on your course,
    My name will be a clue to the course I am doing ! I’m doing three years Latin at Oxford University Continuing WEducation. I’m two years through it. I did a Certificate in History of Art in 2010. That was 2 years. But in my spare time I love watching Jeremy Kyle ! I also paint a bit, oils usually and portraits. That’s all I am capable of.
    What sort of art are you doing ?

    Anyway, back to the weight issue ! Yep – keeping a mental picture of me as Daphne is definitely helping me keep in line although today did go to worms a bit. You seem to be getting on top of it so well done. It does get easier doesn’t it? I am looking forward to your Monday result !

    Hi Obesa

    Now that’s very interesting that you mention the Methodists as the lady sitting next to me mentioned them too. I think she thought that you had to be a Methodist to use their care homes so I shall definitely look at that link you sent. I’m not in that position at the moment as Ken is still quite lucid, he knows who we are etc. He struggles with his short term memory as its down to minutes now. I’m really hoping that we never get to that point where I have to consider care homes but we really don’t know what the future holds do we ?

    I do coloured pencils and watercolour at my art class. I really love going but I have to travel nearly 25 miles just to get there and the last few weeks during the Winter were a big strain. i think I could continue to improve using You Tube. I’ve never tried oils, I really don’t have the room on the boat . I do the occasional traditional Roses and Castles. I’ve just painted a small stool for someone and I’ve had it several different places just to keep it away from Ken ! It’s dry now so it’s ok unless of course he knocks it over. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Well done on the Latin challenge ! That must take some concentration. Isn’t it great that education and self improvement is still an option for us ?

    I’ve slipped slightly tonight. Hopefully not too much πŸ˜•πŸ˜•

    I’ve slipped a lot tonight eating stuffed vine leaves (left over from my class, bought them cos I thought they were appropriate) and drinking Pinot Grigio but I figured that I would turn today into something more exciting ! Tomorrow I will be in Daphne mode definitely.

    Well, definitely keep MHA In mind for the distant future. Unfortunately dementia only gets worse. Emphatically, you do not have to be a Methodist or even a Christian for MHA, but I hope you never have to go this route. My mum was 90 when she went into a home. It got to the stage where we could not leave her even to go shopping. She did have four happy years there. She would probably have fallen down the stairs here in our house. …… oh dear… I hate to think about it.

    The thing I learnt with my mum was never to challenge her memory. Well, I wouldn’t have done that anyway, but my older sister was awful and would ask her ‘test’ questions and this was stupid and cruel and plain uninformed. I’m sure you realise
    that already. Actually it’s plain human kindness.

    It seems to me that keeping up the art classes is a good thing because as well as loving them, it is also an ‘escape’ and that is a good thing. I only did the History of Art initially because I was looking after my mum, and as a way of making that time also mean something for me.

    Yes, it is great that we can still improve with further education. I did Latin at school and loved it but there was never an opportunity to keep it up after
    leaving school but this course is great and I am loving it. My lecturer is so enthusiastic – like a big puppy !

    All best xx

    Well we’ve had a fabulous day today. The weather has been gorgeous and we’ve had a lovely visit to a farm. It was organised by our local Carers group and it was really good fun. We made a loaf of bread…eatable too which is a first for me ! Coloured some sun catchers and planted a spring basket ! Then we had lunch and a walk round the farm to see the animals.

    In all a fabulous day. Ken enjoyed it but , as ever, can’t remember any of it now. πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ I’ve discovered i love goats ! They’re so cute.

    I was sad to read about your sister testing your mother. Was she hoping to see some improvement ? Like you’ve said there will never be any permanent improvement, it’s just a slippery slope steadily downhill. I have come across people who cling desperately to a belief that their loved ones will get better or at least, not get any worse.

    Anyway I’m supposed to be having a FD tomorrow and still might be able to do but I’m going to the cinema to see Beauty and the Beast with our daughter and her partner . I’m hoping there’s no food involved . 😝😝

    It’s so good to hear you’ve all had
    a lovely day out. How great to have a Carers Group. It’s been nice here too and I spent a bit of time doing some weeding in the garden. Did you make the bread at the farm ? If so, it sounds like a very organised place. It’s great that Ken enjoyed himself too even though he’s not going to remember it. It’s all in the moment isn’t it.

    🐐🐐Yep, goats are cute.🐐🐐 One of my grannies used to keep one and then when I was first married our neighbours kept them and I bought our daily milk from them. They do have nice little faces.

    I don’t know what it was with my sister really, she just seemed to have no understanding of it at all. I don’t think she realised it could be stressful for mum to be tested. I think it was more to see how bad mum was. I used to nip it in the bud pretty quick. Dementia is a very misunderstood thing, I think, until you have cared for someone with it.

    The very best of luck with FD tomorrow. Fasting and being sociable somehow don’t seem to go together. βš–οΈRemember you’re weighing on Monday βš–οΈ We’re going to our son’s and he and hubby are cooking a roast whilst Cindy and I and the girls sit in front of the log burner πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦ Well, that’s the plan. I expect we’ll play cards or a game later on.

    We’re having the builders in on Monday to restore and repoint a stone fireplace so we had to make the room dust proof with sheets of polythene. I think we’ve managed it. I’ve been wanting to get this done for years so I’ll put up with anything ! It’s going to take a week.

    Have a good day tomorrow and I will also. πŸ’

    Hi Obesa

    Well I succumbed to a cocktail but I really haven’t had that much food. 2 plums, an apple and a small yoghurt. So not too bad.

    Not eating doesn’t bother me too much really. I do get hungry around mid afternoon but once I have a drink it passes. Plenty of water that’s the trick.

    Hope you’ve had a lovely day with your family. I’m sure the fireplace will look fabulous when it’s finished. It’s just a bit of a bind while it’s being done.

    Weigh in day tomorrow …hoping to have lost a pound or two ! πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

    Hi Tillergirl

    I’m eagerly awaiting your weigh-in You’re sounding as though you have the fasting technique.
    I’m OK with not eating too. It gets easier as it goes along for me.

    We had a lovely day yesterday. We ended up watching the football as one of my granddaughters plays in a girls’ team and was keen to watch it. The other one can’t stand it so she cleared up with my hubby and they had a good chat about school and friends, etc. She is very open with him.

    When we got home this morning the cats were traumatised as the builder was here and had the big drill going (I hadn’t thought about it upsetting them). They’re OK now that we are here. He said he was very impressed at how we had dustproofed the room. Unfortunately what he is uncovering is a bit disappointing.

    Today will be my last fast of March. I have signed up for April. The challenge is such a good idea.

    Hi Obesa

    Weighed in this morning…..3lbs lost !!!

    Wow ! I’m happy with that result. I shall do tomorrow and Thursday as FD and probably Sunday too. I doubt if I’ll loose 3lbs again so I’d be happy with a pound and a half.

    I’ve signed up for the April challenge too. I really need to keep focussed otherwise I can easily be distracted.
    If I can get down to 10st 8lbs in a couple of weeks I’d be really happy. That target is 3lbs away at the moment. That’s what I weighed just before Christmas before I lost my motivation. Then I’d like to aim for 10st 7lbs or below for the end of April.

    Sounds like you had a lovely time yesterday. Our daughter was a PE teacher and ran a girls football team at her school. They were quite successful. She’s given up on the PE now as she says it should only be done by younger teachers and concentrates on special needs. She’s Head of a Pupil Referral Unit now which deals with all types of problems…….behavioural , special needs and children who may have life limiting illnesses. She really loves her job although it can be quite emotional at times.

    How lovely your other granddaughter can discuss things with her granddad. That’s lovely. It’s important that they have someone they can chat too if they need it.

    Hope your cats have recovered from the drill. Poor things….I have an image of them hiding under the furniture πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

    Hello Tillergirl

    That’s a good result. I’ve signed up for April also. I don’t see why you shouldn’t lose another three pounds over the next couple of weeks. You seem to be getting back on to 5:2 or 4:3 in your case. I’m not sure what my loss is at the moment because we stayed away last night and I didn’t weigh this morning. I think the April challenge will keep us focussed. 10st 7lbs is the weight I would really like to be. That is what I have as my target on my weight chart.

    My daughter in law runs the football team. She founded it with a friend a few years ago and it is improving all the time. They are a village team in the local league.

    There seems to be such a need for someone working in your daughter’s field. Another of my daughter in laws works in this area too. She travels around schools advising teachers how to deal with autistic children and helps them with resources.

    Anyway, back to us …………………… we’re both doing pretty good. πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

    Hi Obesa

    How ‘s the building work progressing?

    I’d really like to be just under 10st eventually but I’m happy to see how it goes. I’m only 5’ 2″ so 9st something would be good. I haven’t been that for many years. I haven’t been 10st something for many years either !!

    So I have 3 targets ….10st 7lbs, 10st and then perhaps 9st 10lbs.

    We shall see. I think we’re doing quite well but it’s early days for me. I do like the fasting way though as you can change it round to suit , add another day in if needed to compensate going out for meals etc.

    I am really starving today though !! Must go and have something to eat soon. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

    Hi Tillergirl

    I’ve had a bad day today. I got a phone call at 12.20 lunchtime saying “where are you ? Have you forgotten me again?” And, yes, of course I had. My girlfriend who I go out with fortnightly was waiting for me to pick her up, with her friend in tow, and I had truly forgotten. I was gardening. So, it was a quick change and I met them at their local pub (a greasy spoon place) for lunch instead of the nice place we were planning to drive to. I had a burger, salad and chips. Didn’t eat the bun or many chips. The bad thing about this is that I confirmed this with her only two days ago and I had totally forgotten; also i had forgotten her the previous fortnight as well!!

    I was planning a lean eating day today and it didn’t happen but it was nice to meet her friend who is down from Sheffield.

    My three targets would be 11st7lbs, 11st and then 10st7lbs. I haven’t been in the 10’s for years. 25 years I believe. At the moment I am grateful to be under 12 stone. I am 5’6″. Mothers Day put my weight loss in jeopardy. I put on a few pounds. Doesn’t take much for me to do that. Still, I think I will keep to my target which was to be under 12 stone at the end of March.

    Tomorrow we have friends coming and they are staying the night so that’s another write-off as far as fasting is concerned. Still, I will make a supreme effort in April.

    The builder is doing well. He has had to build up the back of the fireplace and will be rendering it tomorrow. I was prepared for that. It’s going to be behind a wood burner so it will be OK.

    All is well here really, I’m just a tiny bit frazzled !

    Hi Obesa

    I always think that life sometimes gets in the way of fasting but we do have to live a life too. As you say, concentrate on April.

    I had to smile to myself when you said you’d forgotten your friend as I went to see my friend today in order to sign their wills. Had a lovely chat, came home and then had a text from her saying ‘ we never got the wills signed ! ‘ Neither of us have it a thought ! Too busy chatting . I can get completely distracted gardening or wandering round garden centres. You just get so engrossed , once I start weeding or planting, I can’t stop. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

    I’m glad your building work is progressing. I’m sure it will be fine once it’s done. We’re managing not to light our log burner until about 4pm these past few days. I light it for the evening though as Ken’s circulation isn’t too good and he feels the cold.

    Anyway I’m off to bed now. Still starving ! I had a massive salad with 2 boiled eggs and some cottage cheese. I felt really, really full after eating it but I’m hungry again now. I’d be overjoyed if I could lose a pound or so this week.

    Hi Tillergirl

    I just did a post but it went haywire, as though somebody else was writing it ! However, just to say all is well here and hope you are also. Had the hair done. Cross between a Daphne and a sheepdog.

    All best

    Hi Obesa

    Your hair sounds great , I hope you like it ! My hair is very short. The last time I went to the hairdressers she went a bit mad with the scissors πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

    I’m feeling very very fat today. I’ve had too much food I think so I’m not expecting a good loss this week.

    I’ve noticed that when I’m tired I eat more…constant nibbling. Do you have a trigger that sets you off eating?

    Is your building work all done now ?

    Well a new month tomorrow so we’ll see what happens. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

    Hi Tillergirl,
    I see you lost 3lbs on the challenge so good for you.

    I’ve signed up for April as I simply must carry on. My month was funny really as I got to the point where weight was dropping off and had gone down 6lbs and then I increased 4.6 lbs over a couple of days and stayed there. However, having had a taste of that loss, I am determined to get it again.

    The trigger that sets me off is socialising. I seem to be able to cope with most things if I am by myself. If I’m with other people then I go along with the flow both in food and drink. I’m not expecting to be doing much in April so I should be OK. We have been invited to πŸ‘‘ “a certain person’s” πŸ‘‘ garden party in May so it would be good to do better in April. We have been invited out to lunch today, which is unusual for us but it just so happens he was a chef and he is French ! I think steak tartare is on the menu which is fine but I expect there will be wine and then more wine. It is difficult to refuse wine from a French man.

    Good luck to you in the April challenge (and to me also) xx

    Hi Obesa

    I’ve signed up for April too. I’d like to lose another 3lbs or more so we shall see how it goes. I read on one of the posts that someone suggested only eating the calories of your goal weight not your actual weight in NFDs, so I shall try that. My calorie allowance is around 1300 so I’ll have to choose wisely!

    How lovely to be invited to BP ! Wow that’s surely a new outfit ? So a good weight loss for you would be nice in April.

    We’ll have to do our very best this month.

    Hi Tillergirl ,

    Yep, that is definitely a new outfit, complete with hat. I’ve been looking around but haven’t found anything yet but I’m sure something will turn up.

    My calorie allowance is 1581 and BMR is 1318 on present weights. Will re -input to see what it says. I’ve always said that I need to starve myself to lose weight and I think, with this concept of fasting, that I was pretty near the truth.

    We had a very nice lunch with our French friend and English wife. Very civilised. Had to come home by taxi because of wine consumption. I shall be knuckling down tomorrow though.

    Going to watch TV now …….. xx

    Ooh good luck with the outfit . I’m sure you’ll find something really lovely…usually when you’re not looking for it !

    I took a look at the MHA website and found that a home local to our house is run by them. They also have sheltered housing there too so I’ll keep that in mind. So thank you for bringing them to my attention.

    Well another FD for me today. It’s gone quite well really. I like the fact that I don’t have to think about food as I’m not having any ! Lol! I’ve decided to change my FD to wed/fri/sun so that I eat less towards my weigh in day. It’ll be interesting to see if I’ve lost anything tomorrow. I’d like a pound…..fingers crossed.

    How are things with you today ? Did you manage to offset some of that lovely food and wine you had yesterday ? Gorgeous wether here today although it took quite a while to feel any heat from the sun.

    Hi Obesa

    Lovely day here today especially as I’ve lost another pound !!! So that’s 4lbs in two weeks. That’s got to be some sort of record for me as I usually only lose half a pound.

    Anyway today we’re off to a local dementia group at lunch time. It’s so much easier when they start later as I have to sort Ken’s clothes out before hand. If they have a buffet on I shall have some this time. Last Thursday evening , I refused as I was in a FD. Ooh the willpower !!

    How are things with you ?

    Hi Tillergirl

    The lunch with the Frenchies cost me 3lbs increase ! Yesterday I felt like rubbish all day long and didn’t do much at all, I was washed out. However, this morning I had lost 2lbs and now feel a lot more energetic. In fact today I have been out in the sunshine weeding the garden; well actually I was digging up alliums which have taken over. Our garden will be opened for a weekend in June as part of a “village open gardens” thing which raises money for the community so I am making a bit of an effort. Everything seems to take over in our garden.

    I was delighted to see that you are consistently losing weight. That’s brilliant; you’re on a roll so stick with it. I think you could well do another 4 lbs in April. I haven’t quite got to the stage where I can not eat on a fast day but I am working my way up to it. At the moment I am high protein on a FD, once a day.

    It’s good that there is an MHA near you. They are good and they like relatives to get involved with anything they are able to. I hope you didn’t eat too much buffet !

    It is so nice to be getting some sunny weather now xx

    Hi Obesa

    We had a bit of a crisis here Tuesday as I rushed Ken to hospital where they thought he’d had a heart attack. After 10 hours in the hospital, we were told it was more likely to be angina.

    I was so so tired yesterday. Had to go back to the hospital twice for his medication. First time it hadn’t arrived. Second time it still hadn’t arrived but the girl popped down and retrieved it. Then I went to book an appointment with the GP as the hospital have suggested he sees the cardiologist……4 weeks for an appointment !! Crazy or what.

    Anyway the good news was that I managed to stay on plan…just about. NFD for me today although I really don’t feel like eating. Gathering my strength to complain to the practice manager !! If I don’t get any joy I shall be off to register elsewhere. It’s just a complete farce……especially when the reception said ‘Well you can always come and wait on the doorstep at 8.20am!’


    Hi Tillergirl,

    Firstly, I hope Ken is lots better. I just had the feeling that you had had an ‘event’ of some sort. It’s a common thing now, I’m afraid, to have to wait for a GP appointment but here they ask you whether it is urgent and if you say “yes” they either fit you in with the duty doctor or get a doc to ring you, other than that for a non- urgent we would have to wait three to four weeks.

    Do you know if there is a Patient Participation Group at your surgery ? All GP practices have to have them now otherwise they don’t get through their CQC audit which is done about every five years. Anyway, if there is one then I should tell them of your experience as they are supposed to be the people giving feedback to the GPs ! (Because the GPS aren’t able to see things from the patients’ viewpoint apparently ! Or something like that)

    Anyway, I hope you get better service after speaking to the Practice Manager.

    The other thing is that I am surprised that A &E didn’t refer you on and arrange for the Cardiology Dept to ring you to make an appointment. That is what would happen here. It doesn’t seem right to be left to your own devices.

    I don’t expect you do feel like eating with all this going on.

    We’ve just arrived home from the dentist. The hygienist said that my teeth were very clean πŸ‘ but she still had a go at them πŸ‘Ž

    Good luck ………πŸ™‹πŸΌ

    Hi Tillergirl

    🌸🌺🌹I’ve been thinking about you and Ken and hope all is well. 🌹🌺🌸

    Hi Obesa

    Sorry I haven’t been in contact we went for a break to our daughters caravan. It’s in Mid Wales and I couldn’t get an internet signal. 😑

    Anyway Ken seems ok at the minute. He had a few anxious moments down the van but he’s been helping our daughters partner today just doing little jobs round their small garden.

    I’m still struggling to get a GP appointment. I shall try in the morning and if I don’t have any joy, I’ve got to contact the cardiologist’s secretary. I’m hoping that we can bypass the GP.

    The downside to the few days away is that I had loads to eat yesterday ! Not to mention drink, biscuits, cake and chocolate. So I don’t think we’ll be seeing a loss tomorrow !

    How have you been doing ? Any loss this week?

    Thank you for thinking of us….kind of you. Xx

    I bet that was nice, getting away from it all including the internet. Glad to hear that Ken is pottering about as well. It seems that you were spoiled too ! You just have to do it sometimes don’t you.

    Good luck with the Cardiologist’s Secretary.

    I have only gone down about 2lbs so far this month. I’ve been down a lot and then up a bit but I have drank more wine because it has been such lovely weather and we have been outdoors a lot.

    Today I shall be tackling weeds that won’t go through digging alone. This year I bought some ‘devil’
    weed killer and I’m using
    that on them. For years I’ve just relied on digging and weeding and I’ve decided that I need the chemicals for at least one year.

    Anyhow, back to the fast. I’m doing one today and then Wednesday and Friday. I hope you will join in again.

    All best. πŸ¦†πŸ¦†

    PS. we have a pair of ducks in the garden. They’ve been here a couple of weeks now. She laid one egg but it was a soft shell.

    Ooh disaster !! According to the scales I’ve put 3.5 lbs on ! Mind you I always think if you can put it on in a week you can get lose it too. Too much bread I think so I must try harder this week.

    Anyway my FD are Wed/Thurs/Fri this week. Well those are the days I’m aiming for . Of course we’ve got the Easter bankholiday to contend with.

    Weeds ! They can be so tenacious can’t they ? If only the flowers would grow so quickly and so strongly. I hope you can show them who’s boss !

    We had 16 ducks here over winter. Lots of them had paired up and they’ve disappeared so now we’re left with a couple of lone males. And I think a pair of moorhens. I’m saying a pair but I only see one adult at a time and I can’t tell them apart so I’m not 100% but they did have chicks last year so something must be going on !

    I wonder what’s causing soft shell on your duck’s egg. I know chickens like to have grit in their diet so I’m assuming ducks might need it too … not sure though. It could be something entirely different as they’re wild ducks. We had a female duck here with a misaligned beak. The top part of her bill was much shorter than the bottom, not sure what caused that but she found herself a male and they’ve gone off to build a nest somewhere. I’m hoping she comes back πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

    Are you near the river if you’ve got ducks in the garden !

    Good news ! I’ve got a doctors appointment for Ken this afternoon. Let’s see what happens there. X

    I put on 3lbs after lunch with the Frenchies but it only took two days to get it off so, yes, I think if it goes on quickly it comes off fast too. I’m sure you’ll do well with three fast days in a row.

    We are near the river but we are at the top of the hill and, of course, the river is at the bottom. The ducks fly in every year to eat the frogspawn in the pond. It is a modest pond but they still manage to land on it. Very often a few of them (normally a number of drakes and one she duck) stick around until they have paired off. This year one pair have stayed and she produced that egg. Pete looked it up on the internet and it said this can occur if the duck is immature.

    We get quite a lot of wildlife in this garden, which can be entertaining. One day I was walking in with my shopping bags and I heard something so said to hubby ‘ I could swear I heard a peacock calling’. And blow me, there was a male peacock walking down the line of the hedge. It didn’t stay long. Apparently it lives down by the river. I think all these birds move around a lot in the Spring.

    πŸ€Good luck at the GP’s. πŸ€

    Hi Obesa !

    Well the GP just wrote out a letter of referral. I was told by the receptionist that it could take up to 18weeks for an appointment. She also said that the letter couldn’t be addressed directly to the consultant that Ken had seen before so I said I might go private as I’d already spoken to the consultants secretary.

    I had a chat with the children and we decided that perhaps Ken would be better having quality time rather than quantity especially having the dementia too. So we said we’d leave the referral to run its own course. Then this morning , I have a phone call from the GP ‘s secretary, basically telling me that everything the receptionist had said was wrong ! Anyway to cut a long story short, we’re still leaving it to run it’s course but we now know that we can ask for another letter for a private appointment at any time. What a palaver ! It’s just all too stressful for me at the minute.

    Your garden sounds lovely and you know , I didn’t realise that ducks liked frog spawn !! I love peacocks so beautiful but very noisy. Our son saw one strutting along the towpath but we think that had ventured out from some small holding.

    I’m feeling very stuffed today so I’m hoping my FD tomorrow will get me back into things. How are you doing ? This lovely weather does make you feel more inclined to want to lose weight. X

    Tillergirl !

    What a palaver indeed ! Hopefully, if it is angina, then that can be treated fairly easily I think, but going for the appointment and the tests will be a bit of a trial. Let’s hope you get an appointment soon. Must be very stressful for you because I suppose Ken can’t tell you how he is.

    I’m joining you in a FD today. This is my last chance before family stay over tomorrow and the day after and then it all seems to go to pot but, I agree, this warmer weather does help. My appetite seems to lessen in Summer and then ramps up in Winter, but I drink more wine in Summer. I don’t really want it in Winter because it’s too cold. Swings and roundabouts I think.

    Yep, the ducks love frogspawn which is a good thing because we have so many 🐸 little frogs 🐸 here. I see them when I am weeding in the borders. It can be a bit of a fright when they jump.

    I’m on the downward trend again so I’m hoping I can keep it that way this time. I’m almost down to my lowest again, one more pound to go and then I’m in new territory.

    Good wishes for a FD today to you (and to me also) x

    Morning Obesa

    I feel like I’m back to normal…..well if I ever was normal ! So started my FD and I’m looking forward to it. I’m considering just making it a fluid intake day. It’s our daughters masters graduation this afternoon/evening so I may be able to get away with it as I shall be occupied for most of that time. I may just have some fruit when I return.

    I’m about 5/6lbs off my lowest weight , well since my 40’s anyway. I’d like to be under that for my birthday in June . Something to aim for !

    It is difficult when you have visitors isn’t it? It’s hard to keep the momentum going. I’m sure if you slip off the wagon you’ll soon be back on.

    We can compare notes on our FD!


    How was your FD?

    I managed with fluid up till 9.30pm then I just had cart and celery with salsa, Houmous and a pear to follow.

    The scales showed a 2lbs loss this morning.

    Hoping I can do the same tomorrow.

    Just noticed your post in the other forum.

    Hope you’re feeling much better now.

    I think it must be a bug doing the rounds as there seems to be a lot of it about.

    Take care x

    I’m still trying to work out what you ate with your celery πŸ˜€ Lucky old you. (I know it’s not luck really!)

    I went to bed at 7.30 and didn’t get up until about 8.30 this morning. I was still yawning this morning ! I’m functioning now as I’ve had to make beds and vacuum around for family coming, but hubby helps me a lot.

    Yesterday I was also trying to compose an objection to a Planning Application that is going on in our town, the deadline being today, so that made me tired also but I did manage to get it in online before I finally collapsed.

    Still we’ve got a nice couple of days coming up. It’s brother and sister in laws anniversary today (they are on their way here) so we are taking them out for dinner and then the next day their son and his child are flying in to Heathrow from NZ so we are picking them up and will all spend 24 hours here before SIL and BIL take them down to their home on the south coast. We are a bit of a half way house.

    We don’t have any plans for Easter. I was going to buy myself a large Easter egg with icing sugar flowers on but I have decided against it now. I’ll keep it as a fantasy instead.

    Maybe the duck will lay me an egg instead πŸ¦†

    Hope this finds you all well x


    That should say carrot !! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    That’ll be a lovely family visit then . Where does your nephew live in NZ? Our son went out last year. He has a friend in Dunedin on the South Island. He’s hoping to go back later this year, in their summertime as he went in Winter last year. He loved it and would live there if he could.

    Hope your objection is upheld. I do despair for villages and the countryside these days. My friend had her home compulsory purchased due to HS2 but only after some years of objecting to it all. She was devastated but is now happily settled in another property several miles away. Fighting these developments is all consuming though so I can understand your tiredness.

    I’ve tried to be careful with my eating today and I don’t think I’ve gone overboard. I’m trying for another good FD tomorrow !

    Enjoy your family visit πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

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