Bok Choy anti aging soup

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Bok Choy anti aging soup

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  • 2 pounds Bok Choy
    chicken broth or 3 knorr chicken cubes
    1 pound carrots
    1 pound spinach
    dash of pepper
    dash of sea salt

    Boil them all together for 10 minutes and whallah…… Enjoy
    Email me at for more anti-aging soup.


    Thanks for the anti-aging soup recipe, I love to add spinach to my soup because it helps me to have a good metabolism. Leafy greens are the best for me and they help me in my diet too. Also carrots is rich in beta carotene which is known for its anti-aging factor.

    Have you tried this with kale instead of spinach? This sounds awesome, but I might try it with onions.

    Yes Ive tried it with kale and with onions too. Most of the time I placed 2 boiled eggs too.

    whats the calorie count please?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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