Beginning fast diet (5 kilos to lose)

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Beginning fast diet (5 kilos to lose)

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  • Hi everyone, I’m beginning the fast diet with an aim to losing 5 kilos and reaching my target weight of 53 kilos by the end of August (2 months). I’m between 5 foot 8 and 5 foot 9 with a current weight of 57.8 kilos. I want to feel better in my clothes, particularly around the stomach area so I’m hoping that the 5:2 diet might help me do this. I generally eat quite heathily (never eat bread, pasta, rice or potatoes) with lots of vegetables, fruit and green tea. I used to be very disciplined about my eating habits but now I feel like I have a controllable appetite and have developed a dangerous pattern of comfort eating which leaves me bloated, depressed and very groggy. I would love to shift the weight as well as gaining a healthier approach to food, which would allow me to enjoy social events and feel good in my clothes.

    If anyone has any advice for me as someone with a small amount to lose I’d greatly appreciate it.

    Wish me luck!


    why do you need to lose any weight?

    Hi Fionn, I too decided to start the fast diet that so many of my acquaintances are doing. Tomorrow will be my first day, lets see how it goes. Like you I only want to lose a few kg but since I have a very sweet tooth I am hoping that this diet will help me controlling it :)! Good luck and will post tips that work for me.

    Hi and welcome:

    The way 5:2 works is you go to bed, get up, eat 500 or fewer calories during your waking hours, go to bed, get up and eat to your TDEE or less – twice a week. On all 7 days of the week you can eat foods you want to eat – there are no forbidden foods, or foods you have to eat. For the first month or so focus on doing your diet days correctly (500 calories or less) and most everything else will fall into place.

    Here is what TDEE means:

    And here are some tips for beginners:

    Good Luck!

    Thank you simcoeluv for the tips! Do not expect to lose weight very fast since it is only a few kg I hope to lose but do hope to feel more energetic and in better control of my eating habits, meaning eating less often and less sugar. Plan to change to 6:1 after achieving my weight goal.

    Hi everyone, thanks for leaving those posts-it was a lovely surprise to see them waiting for me this morning!

    In response to Takloo, I simply want to feel better in my clothes and more confident in myself physically. I’ve put on a few excess kilos over the past few months, and I’d like to return to a weight where I feel my most happy.

    Cherry74-could I ask how much are you looking to lose? And how long you’ve been on the 5:2 diet? It would be great to get some pointers from someone who similarly doesn’t have a lot to lose. I anticipate that it might take a while to lose this weight because I’m not technically overweight.

    Thanks everyone, and good luck with your fast days this week!


    Hi Fionn, I started this week and today is my second day, the first was on monday. Plan to go back to my previous weight as well which was 4-5 kg less! Don’t dare to weight myself really 🙂
    Planned to eat 3 times a day but it has been 4, I am used to eat so often that it was very hard to stick to 3. Did however managed to stay at 500 cal! First day I had strong headache all day even though I drank a lot of water and tea but today it went much better! The hunger is there though!

    Have you started? If yes how did it go?

    Wish you all the luck and will post any tips that work for me.

    Maggie is me. Although I was fully satisfied with myself that I would like to have the 15 kg less than now . Also, I am looking for clues that will help me be finally together !!! As ever … 🙁 I go to various forums and Web albeit one stuck in my mind here she
    She created her Mrs. Monica, who can see that he knows his stuff , and I’m using the tips of the week I was closer to about 2 kg ! I really recommend you this , if you want it back its old , I like me ! 🙂

    i am starting 5:2 diet today… With a coffee with little of a milk 😀 I am 172cm and weight around 61 kilos. I would like to lose around 3-4 kilos, which is pain. It was my ideal weight before i quit smoking…I was thinking at first about every other day fasting, but i am not sure if i will be able to do it. So we’ll see how it goes today!
    For me, its not really important to see the scale moving, but i’d rather see muscle definition…wish me luck! 😀

    I started alternate day fasting a month ago, Viola. It’s easy. If you have the willpower to give up smoking you have the willpower to fast every other day. I’ll do another month and then go 5:2.

    Good luck!?

    I have just come across this forum thread – have just started my 5:2 journey. I would like to lose about the same amount of weight and would love to hear how you have been doing? Has it been a good journey?

    My plan was originally to lose 5kg but after buying a new set of scales at the weekend, my plan has been slightly revised to about 7-9 kg.

    I’m in the same boat here, about 5 kilos to lose to get to the lower end of the healthy BMI. I have similar issues as Fionn: comfort eating, control issues regarding how much I eat etc. My weight fluctuated 1-2 kilos over the years as anyone else’s and when I was younger it was never a problem to lose a kilo or more within a few days. In the past 2-3 years I noticed that the weight is slowly creeping up on me, every year I weigh on the average 1.5 kilos heavier than the previous year. I decided to put an end to that and started intermittent fasting. It has been 2 weeks now, with ups and downs, but fast days are becoming easier to handle. I don’t weigh myself, but I can already feel that my clothes are fitting better. There are a lot of stories here in the forum about people who go through a tough yet inspirational journey to lose half of their initial weight, but I find that those with only a few kilos to lose have it equally hard, at least initially. So hang in there, everyone, because I feel that after those 5 kilos are gone, the maintenance won’t be so easy.

    I did the FAST Diet a few years ago and lost about 8 pounds in 5 months. I felt great. However, when I reached my goal, I stopped fasting and over two years have gained the weight back. Totally my fault because if I had continued fasting just one day a week, I’m confident I would have maintained that weight loss. Someone told me recently that a nutritionist told him that it takes 18 months after you reach your target weight for your body to reset itself to the new lower set point. I have started again two weeks ago. I lost 2 lbs., then regained it on my non-fast days. This was the pattern I noticed the first time. In other words, you lose a few, gain a little back, lose some more, etc. It often takes 3-4 weeks for one to notice any weight loss so don’t become discouraged. This is a lifestyle, not a diet. I read a post earlier that someone was having trouble losing, but I noticed that on the fasting days, that person was not adhering strictly to the 600 calories (man). Obviously, it’s important to keep within the calories allotted. I love drinking lattes but on my fast days I drink only black coffee. Good luck.

    Tanya, thank you for sharing your experience. I’m finding it hard to stick to my TDEE on non-fast days, especially when eating out. This is my third week on IF, I started with 5:2, then moved to 4:3 last week, purely because I cannot control myself (yet) on non-fast days. Also my first week was a bit of a disaster, cheating on fast days, overshooting my calorie limit by 100-150. I thought I could never give up my morning latte, but I’m replacing it with black coffee on fast days. Years ago I lost weight by sticking to 1200 calories a day and not taking milk in my coffee or tea, so I know I can do this. IF is actually less strict than my 1200 cal diet, and I intend to make it a lifestyle. That’s why I’m not beating myself up for bingeing on non-fast days, because ever since I started fasting I have less desire to binge and therefore eat less than before (even if I’m not sticking to my TDEE).

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