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Been here; done this before

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  • I did 5:2 for several years several years ago. I lost 50 pounds and felt great. I really can’t remember what got me off track or why it was so very hard to get control of myself again but it took years and many, many many attempts and many, many, many changes in clothing sizes.

    Now I’ve got almost a month under my belt. I feel like I’ve got a regimen to support me when the tough times come. In fact, I just got past one when I completely screwed up my fast days and had to substitute 2 different ones. But I did that and I’ve worked my workout routines from 10 whole minutes to 30 minutes on a treadmill, 30 more on a stationary bike and now — since yesterday — 10 minutes on a Pilates reformer.

    I keep a daily diary now recording my food plan for the following day and then I stick to that pretty well. …allowing myself some flexibility as life and opportunities present themselves. I take a straight on and a side view picture of myself in tight workout clothes each week and add that to my diary along with my weight and my jeans size so I can see some of the progress that comes soooooo slowly.

    My husband is doing 5:2 with me this time. We don’t share our fast days because he can’t do consecutive ones (I do) and he eats on his fast days (I don’t). Still, it’s a comfort and a support that I know we’re sharing this. We started together and I lapsed — again…. — and I think it was seeing how great his results were that got me to finally dig in and get it done.

    I’ve got a long way to go: at least 50 pounds. 55 would be ideal. And I’ve got an entire lifetime to overcome. I’m 73 and I’ve been fat since I started kindergarten. But I’m almost a month in and I know from experience that I can do this and that — even if it doesn’t last forever — I’ll look and feel better, I’ll be healthier and happier. I also know that this is a regimen I can actually live with for long periods and that, of all the things I’ve tried in my 70+ years, this is what works for me.

    So I’ll report how I’m doing once a week here as well as my daily diary.

    Today is 4 weeks for me.

    I lost 1 pound last week. I’ve lost 8.6 since I began on 8/19.

    My current exercise routine is 30-45 minutes a day on a stationery bike and 30 minutes per day on a treadmill for about 350-400 calories a day. I have also begun working out on a Pilates Reformer for 10-15 minutes a day in an effort to target the muscles in my core.

    I can’t see any difference in my photos but I can definitely feel a difference in the way I walk. I’ve lost my waddle. And I’m down a jeans size.

    Hi Chubster, I remember you from your previous 5:2 and just wanted to say how nice it is to see you here again. Hooray for 5:2 just waiting patiently until you were ready to pick it up again, and for providing such good results now you have.
    Hooray for easier walking and a size smaller jeans!

    How sweet of you to remember. That was a L-O-N-G time ago!

    Yes, 5:2 is what works for me. It was just hard to nail establishing the routine but now that I’ve got that under my belt I expect to make good progress.

    My husband’s joined me in it this time around and he’s already looking good!

    It only seems a minute ago Chubster.

    Hooray for you and hubby, both looking good and feeling great.

    Really, the truth of the matter is I have a L-O-N-G way to go before I could claim to be looking good — my BMI is almost 33 — but I feel better and that’s encouragement enough, I hope, until some real results start registering.

    Hi LA Chubster. What a great post! It was very inspirational for me. I too did 5:2 with success. What derailed me was giving up 5:2 because I was tempted by 16:8, and giving it a go until I just couldn’t do it anymore. Counting down hours to eat, and then eating as my window closed, only out of fear of hunger was disordered eating. Never again! I too am doing two consecutive days of 5:2…well I guess this time around, it’s really Fast 800 for me! I do believe there are additional health benefits in consecutive days.

    To leave this way of fasting again would be insanity. I’ve tried them all, and for me, nothing is better. We can do this!

    Glad to hear from you, caffeinebrain. Also good to know there are others coming back to 5:2 after lapses.

    For me, 5:2 is the only way in my lifetime I’ve gotten real results. And it’s remarkable to me that I *can* resume it after this 3 year hiatus or even after a day or 2 of out of control eating. I’ve never been able to do that before. A lapse was a defeat and a sentence to more weight gain. For some reason 5:2 interrupts my insane cravings for the foods we all know do us no good and, in fact, cause real harm to our bodies and, in my case, my peace of mind as well.

    I do consecutive days and fast without food because I’m not a person who can control my food. A little is never enough and simply sets up my appetite to want more, then more, then MORE. But — once I white knuckle my way past the little temper tantrum my body throws when I try to get started — it gets very very do-able. Can’t tell you how many time I tried the white knuckle bit over 3 year or how many times I thought I had finally nailed it only to give in to some temptation. But I’m happy to say I’ve got a solid month behind me now and I know I can do it. My biggest clue — ’cause I still go to sleep dreaming about what I’ll be able to eat on my fast days — is that I give no resistance at all to doing my exercise now and I’m excited about recording my results.

    I’ll look forward to hearing what you’re doing and how you manage too. Have you set up a diary someplace? Or would you like to do your recording here? However you choose it, I look forward to sharing the challenges and successes.

    PS Speaking of inspirations, know what mine was? The one that actually got me back on track?

    I saw a picture of Crissy Metz (This Is Us) minus 80 pounds. She looked spectacular. Pretty and younger and just glowing. Turns out the picture was something someone Photoshopped and posted on the internet. Cruel for poor Crissy to think her body is other people’s plaything and to not measure up to a standard of *herself*! But it was enough to get me to think I could be better too.

    I guess it doesn’t matter where inspiration comes from. Just grab onto it with a deathtrap grip and be grateful it came along, huh?

    Hello, LA Chubster!

    I also remember reading your posts a couple to three years ago, maybe four. Here I am, back on the 5:2 wagon and this forum, also. This is my third time around, I think. So, no problem joining back up!

    Well, last year from October 3 to January mid month, we had a big kitchen and main floor remodel going on. We had a little kitchenette set up in the basement with a microwave and refrigerator, but I tell you we ate terribly. We had stuff we could microwave, and then we had take out dinners. Not good.

    Also, the stress of the work being done, the noise, the people I caught going into my bedroom when I would go upstairs through the plastic……..the mistakes they would make that we had to have them amend (including putting electrical outlets in the wrong place, and plumbing hook-ups in the wrong place ……this was a big time company, btw), so, anyway, I’ve got excuses. 🙂 Maybe good ones. And they didn’t really get done until February, mid month. We had two weeks of freedom, and saw grandkids in another state.

    Then Covid-19……and lockdown. I felt I’d been in lockdown already since October, since I didn’t want to leave the house with these guys going into my bedroom.

    The fact is that I started having knee and hip pain with my weight gain, and couldn’t even sleep at night. Not acceptable. I’m hoping that this time around, I have learned my lesson and realize that it’s no longer a matter of just losing weight…… It’s a necessity for my future mobility. Just plain truth. So, I get where you are coming from with the time spent away from 5:2, and now being more committed than ever. Your exercise regimen is awesome and far better than mine, and I am about 64. Best of luck to you, and I hope you don’t mind if I check in once in awhile.
    PS, I was also heavy as a child….My nickname on my block was “Porkchop”. I did manage to be slim a lot of my adult years, through an active work environment and plain determination to keep calories low.

    You’re doing great! Best of luck going forward.

    LA Chubster, I so agree about 5:2. It’s truly the only plan that worked for me and is sustainable. I am in my late 60’s, and I think of all the money I wasted on Weight Watchers over the decades. I could have bought myself a small island in the Caribbean!

    I am happy that you found a form of 5:2 that works for you! Because I low carb in general, the fasting days hunger is greatly diminished. For me, that is one of the best things about low carbing. I like the 2 consecutive days because I read that it really helps control insulin levels.

    That story about Chrissy is sad. I don’t understand why people had to doctor her picture. Go figure. But it turned into an inspiration for you. That is good!

    I’m so glad Dr. Mosley kept this forum open over the years. I’m not a fan of Facebook, and over the years, internet groups have just evaporated. Stay safe!

    Sounds like we have a lot in common.

    I don’t FB either and I’m very glad this forum is still here. It doesn’t seem as active as it was when I was previously here but it’s still going and that’s a biggie!

    I have a real problem with starchy carbs. It’s an addictive relationship I can’t control so I’m not eating them at all on fast or food days. I’m only vaguely aware of keto dieting. Is that more or less what it is?

    I’m not attempting the 800 calorie thing. I eat enormous amounts of food ’cause I have an enormous appetite and I need a full belly to stay on track. I just try to keep my eating to tons of salad with a protein of beans or fish or hard boiled egg for lunch and a protein and veggies for dinner.

    Too funny that you missed out on your tropical island!

    I avoid rice,pasta and potatoes all the time and limit bread to no more than 2 slices a day. The result is that I feel better on a much more even keel and I continue to shrink.

    Have a look at David Unwin on YouTube. He is a GP that has had a great success in reversing diabetes in patients through weight loss with low processed carb diets.

    I swapped bananas and grapes for apricots and strawberries which contain far less sugar.

    Hi annette! So nice to see you here. I remember you from 3 years ago!

    I’m glad to say diabetes is not an issue for me. I don’t eat bread or starchy carbs at all. Don’t eat fruit either. Will check out Dr. Unwin, though, and see what I can learn from his video.

    The thing I’m just becoming aware of is that many of the foods I do enjoy and look forward to are also things I should probably be avoiding like garbanzo beans (I eat pounds of them a week) and carrots, peas, corn and winter squash.

    I’m getting daunted by the list of veggies that are recommended. Cucumbers are great in a salad but hardly, to my mind, a legitimate vegetable. I can enjoy broccoli and cauliflower and asparagus but if that’s all I’m ever going to get to eat that sounds pretty boring and god save me from kale!!!!

    I remember you too.

    I feel out of doing this and I really don’t know what happened. But tight clothes and loads of denial has brought be back with new changes to make future compliance easier.

    I have ditched the sweet stuff and feel better without the chocolate, cakes, biscuits and crisps.

    I hate vegetables, laughed out loud at the reference to Kale!

    David Unwin had a great infographic that shows what different foods equate to in spoons of sugar. No wonder I loved bananas and grapes!

    So sorry I missed your post earlier, NorthernDawn. So many of us lapsed but back again! Well, HOORAY for us!

    Man! I could relate to so much of what you said. Altho my weight has always been out of control it was when we were doing remodeling about a decade ago that I blew up like a balloon. I love to cook and I just couldn’t. The one thing I could manage — because it was a small appliance I just plugged in — was make ice cream. So, boy!, did I! Did you know a steady diet of ice cream isn’t good for you? Well, I couldn’t have cared less at the time and there were a lot of things to explore. Did you know you can make Cinnamon Toast Ice Cream which has actual crunchy pieces of toast in the creamy ice cream? It was pretty remarkable and yummy. And that chocolate truffles don’t go all hard and teeth-breaky when they’re frozen in ice cream? I experimented with everything and ended up with the avoirdupois to show for it!

    Then — and I’m not a breakfast eater — my husband and I would go out in the morning for a sit down breakfast just because it was such a *peaceful* way to start the day that would, later, be filled with all that chaos you describe. I was sucking down cornmeal pancakes and fried eggs on a regular basis. And remember what Dr. Mosely said about non-breakfast eaters who tried eating breakfast because it was “the most important meal of the day”. Yup, more pounds packed on.

    At one point I felt certifiably insane. I realized I hadn’t had a vegetable in weeks. That’s when I slammed the brakes on. But, of course, the damage was done.

    Anyway, we’re survivors. We got past the remodeling. We’ll get past Covid. And we’ll be the guys bucking the odds that come out of our current shut down healthier than before it began!!! I’m sooooo proud of us! Even when we fall off, we get back on and keep going!

    So much fun to see so many friendly faces!!! And how cool is your house now? Can you share photos here?

    My lockdown drugs of choice were crisps, chocolate and lots of toast covered in chocolate spread. It was only when I was asked to stand on the boys fancy scales did the full horror of what I had done to myself unfold.

    It wasn’t the fact that I had packed on a stone or that my clothes were tight and uncomfortable. No, what shook me to my core was a metabolic age of 64 when I am 59. I fasted immediately and changed my ways overnight. I am now half a pound off losing that stone but I think that I need to lose another.

    We are complicated creatures. I really haven’t found 24 hours fasts difficult at all. Being back at work is more tricky, lots of biscuits around.

    My current stats are that there’s 16 inches less of me, almost a stone down and a metabolic age of 55! All in 11 weeks. Hopefully I can shift another stone by the end of the year.

    I am going to be 60 in January and it’s my goal to have a healthy waistline then.

    The changes that I make along the way are those that will keep me in maintenance. I have no desire to do this again.

    That’s an amazing story, annette! Well done!!!

    Today is 5 weeks for me.

    I lost 4.6 pounds last week. I’ve lost 13.2 since I began on 8/19. I part of that surprising loss is, no doubt, because I only lost a disappointing single pound last week. Part of it could well be that I started my own version of 800BSD 2 days ago. Two days may not be enough to cause much weight loss but I hope it will in the coming weeks.

    My current exercise routine is 30-45 minutes a day on a stationery bike and 30 minutes per day on a treadmill for about 400 calories a day. I have been able to begin some very minimal, very light jogging. I’m also begun out on a Pilates Reformer for 10-15 minutes a day. I do an arm and a leg routine and then some crunches that concentrate on my abs and my inner thigh and tush.

    I still can’t see any difference in my photos but I can definitely feel a number of differences. I’m wearing size 16 jeans which are still tight.

    Today marks 6 weeks for me and a week + since I started 800BSD.

    I lost 3.4 pounds last week and my BMI is .7 lower.

    I’m maintaining my exercise but I’ve given up on the jogging. It’s too hard on my joints and there’s no point in pushing that limitation at my age. I substitute a steeper plane for the speed.

    Still can’t see any difference in my body but even my stretchy workout clothes are starting to feel a bit slack and I’m seeing a real difference in my strength. Still in size 16 jeans but they’re getting more comfortable. Three years ago when I did 5:2 I was zooming through a jeans size about every 2-3 weeks. Sorry I’m not getting that result but I’m getting results so I’m gratified.

    Congratulations Chubster, sensible decisions and woot for those comfy clothes. Don’t we need exactly your philosophy as our bewildering bodies respond differently at different times. ‘Onward and downwards’ as Merryme says.

    ‘Onward and downwards’! VERY funny!

    When I fast I fast completely for 2 consecutive days. When I have that first bite of food at lunch on my food day It. Is. HEAVEN. Doesn’t matter if it’s just greens and a bit of salad dressing. It tastes like the most special food anyone has ever had!

    Today’s the day I weighed. As suspected, in the face of a difficult week when I was losing ground day after day which eventually erupted in manic eating, I gained weight. Not a terrible gain that I won’t be able to recover from but a moral defeat.

    My weight now is 167.4 (up 1.2 pounds). My BMI crept up .2 of a point as well.

    I’m back on track with a full exercise regimen today and completing the first of my 2 fast days.

    In other news, I got a new handy dandy digital scale that measures everything. …some to my everlasting humiliation. Both my body fat and my visceral fat (not sure I completely understand the difference) are High. My body fat is at the high end of High. Ugly. But it’s a marker to measure my progress against. On the other hand, my Body Age was 74. Since I’ll *be* 74 in March I’m within 6 months of where I could be expected to be. Who knows? Maybe over the long run I can improve that too.

    So, shame on me for slipping up but hooray for me for getting it behind me and going on in better form.

    Visceral fat is abdominal fat. It’s the reading that you want to reduce along with a large waistline.

    My metabolic age was 64 and now having lost a stone it’s now 55 which is great as I am 3 months away from being 60. My visceral fat reading was 10.5 and is now 9, which correlates to several inches lost off my waist measurement.

    What great success you’ve had, annette! I hope to accomplish as much in time.

    You will, just keep going.

    I had been in denial for quite some time about how much weight I had put on. Lockdown didn’t help but standing on my boys fancy scales was a huge shock. Not how much Weighed but my metabolic age!

    I changed everything overnight and gradually not only had the weight come off and the body has shrunk, but my metabolic age has reduced

    Look at reducing processed carbs. Makes a huge difference to the shrinking inches. Make sure you get out every day for a brisk walk, also made a big difference. I try and have a meal that is carb free every day.

    Boy with the fancy scales is moving out soon, so I will need to get some of my own.

    I’ve learned to use my scale and get accurate results. They’re higher now than I initially thought they were but now they’re consistent and some of them are moving down. Long range picture: get ALL of them to move down.

    Weight: 160.6 pounds
    Loss to date: 22.2 pounds
    BMI: 31.3
    Body Fat: 45.6%
    Visceral Fat: 13
    Body Age: 78

    I am within a hair’s breadth of being merely “overweight”. Maybe nothing to crow about for normal people but I will be THRILLED when I can say I’m *only* overweight.

    Well done! I was thrilled when I went from obese to overweight.

    I am a smidgen away from being inside the healthy fat percentage for my age(25-35%) which is very exciting. I started out at 44% 15 weeks and 16.7lbs ago.

    I was and still am aiming for 35%, but my boys think I should aim for 30%, which will probably be a good number to aim for.

    IMPRESSIVE, annette! Keep climbing the Austen Hill and I’m sure with your determination and diligence it will happen for you!

    Thank you!

    What is the Austen Hill?

    Oh! Silly me! I guess I’m remembering something wrong. I thought you worked at the top of a hill in Bath that was named Austen Hill for Jane Austen. I thought you once (long ago) talked about walking it for your exercise.

    In any case, you clearly know what you’re doing to get such impressive results.

    Wow! What a memory.

    The route I walk to work is 45 minutes up a hill but it doesn’t have a name as I snake through the city and up the other side, walking through parks and golf courses to get to work.

    I have arthritis in my foot which is so much better now that I am lighter. I think that I am looking at another 14lb to shift and then keep it off. Changes are made along the way…

    I’ve had my issues with arthritis and had both my knees replaced last year. I’ve also noticed how much kinder it is to my joints not to burden them with extra weight. It’s a bit gross to say out loud, but one of the BIG advantages I’ve experienced is not having a lapful of belly to push around when my legs are pumping on the stationary bike. Oh god! I’m telling *all* my secrets….

    I am enjoying not having a pot belly!

    I intend to be fit and mobile for As long as possible, so making changes along the way seems logical.

    Way to go!

    When the lockdown started here, like just about everyone else, I guess, I was doing comfort eating and eating out of boredom. When I finally came to my senses I decided I was going to come out of this healthier than I went in. I have several co-morbidities. I can’t do anything about my age. I can’t do a lot about my asthma. But I could change my obesity. And, in changing it, I’m sure my asthma will be less of an issue as well.

    My thoughts exactly. I could change the weight and changed my habits overnight. No more piles of comforting toast swathed in chocolate spread at intervals throughout the day, or crisps, cakes and chocolate.

    I started doing 2 24 hour fasts each week and reducing both the amount and frequency of rice/potatoes/pasta/bread.

    Very pleased with the results to date. My arthritic foot is much less painful too. Planning to lose another half a stone by the end of the year.

    You go, girl!

    I used to be able to do those 48 hour water fasts. It’s so much harder now. But I do what I can and I hope to match your success.

    I can’t imagine fasting for 48 hours, I struggle for the last 2 hours.

    We can only do what we can. I am off to an afternoon tea on Thursday for a 60th birthday celebration. I am not keen on jam or cream but I do like cake.

    I have been awful about recording what’s going on. It gets tedious after a while. But I’m gonna try harder because I think it helps me stay focused and not “drift” away from the plan.

    I weighed myself and I managed to take off a couple more pounds and drop a small increment of body fat.

    It’s gratifying to see some results but I can’t help remembering that when I did 5:2 before I was dropping a jeans size about every 10 pounds. This time around I’ve lost 24 pounds and I’m still down just 1 size and not feeling sloppy enough to think I’m getting close to a smaller one yet.

    Oh well. These are the things that can discourage so best not to dwell on it but to keep going.

    I *will* say that I’m seeing the most change in my ability to exercise. I can go to a full Pilates shoulder stand when a few weeks ago all I could do was work out flat as a flounder. I can get up from a chair easily and gracefully without using my arms for an assist. Those are both indicators of abdominal improvement. And I can do a 90 minute routine of Pilates, stationary bike and treadmill as a single event instead of having to break it up into 3 increments I can recover from to continue.

    Wishing everyone else great success and satisfaction.

    Go Chubster,
    Slow and steady wins the race. 5:2 is a longterm strategy and it gets even more tedious once you have got to your healthy weight and need to maintain it, so you might as well take your time getting to it. haha .
    Best wishes for a good week.

    to LA Chubster
    You are in a good mood). The restriction in food actually opens up reserves. However, my doctor advised me not to joke with asthma and not use cardio to the limit. I installed a small air purifier next to the treadmill. What’s similar to this – It helps me to run my distance at a calm pace. If I feel that I do not have enough air, I immediately move to a step.

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