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  • I’ve been doing 5:2 for a year now – and have lost almost 2 stone without too much struggle. My usual routine is skipping breakfast and not eating anything until 4pm, when I have 2 little chicken skewers – then having a dinner for around 250 cals in the evening. It has been going so well – but these past 2 weeks I just haven’t been able to manage a fast day – I have struggled with feeling very shaky & weak and absolutely exhausted, to the point I have struggled to walk up the stairs of our local train station. I have an underactive thyroid, but have managed this for the past 8 years with thyroxine.

    Has anyone else experienced anything similar? I get married in 2 months and desperately don’t want to put the weight back on – and still want to lose another 5lbs. Any advice would be much appreciated!

    Hi BridalDieter,

    Well done for keeping this up for a year – great work!
    I am only on my second week on the 5:2 diet with a twist. I am fasting 2 days per week, but fasting on juice! Not shop bought shop, homemade juice.
    It’s a concept brought to life by Jason Vale (The Juicemaster). If you’ve not heard of him, look him up! Juicing has been found to improve many conditions such as high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, thyroid etc.
    I did his 5 day juice plan (which isn’t reduced calories) and lost 10lbs (I did exercise during that time too). I have now gone on to do the 5:2 (2 days of calorie controlled juicing)and lost 5lbs the first week. I am on my 2nd day of week 2 today and feel great!

    The reason I’m telling you this is I feel great – not shaky at all and the main reason I should expect is because I’m getting nutrients throughout the day, therefore my blood sugar isn’t on a rollercoaster!
    You may have no interest in juicing, which is fine, however you may want to consider eating a few low calorie, but more nutritious meals per day!
    You could for example, have some fruit for breakfast, small salad for lunch and a soup in the evening?

    Hope that helps, I would say the main thing is to eat earlier in the day – that’s what breaking-the-fast (of sleep) is! Also helps get your metabolism going.

    Oh, also make sure you drink lots of water, herbal/fruit/green teas 🙂
    Good luck for your wedding x

    Hopefully a fellow board member with thyroid experience will pop along in a minute to advise better but in the meantime. You mention that you’ve been managing your thyroid with thyroxine for 8 years but you don’t mention if you’ve been doing 5:2 with the knowledge of your doctor and had your levels checked as you go along? If not then could it just be that you’re on the wrong dose of thyroxine now that your weight/health has changed significantly (this certainly always has an effect on my mum’s dosage of thyroxine)?

    Bridaldieter – I’m no medic but my Partner lost an awful lot of weight a couple of years ago. He became quite weak, feeble and tired. He has an underactive thyroid and his doctor reduced the dose of thyroxin by about a third after doing blood tests – so I agree with TracyJ – off to the doc and get your bloods done. Good luck.

    Thank you all – this is really helpful, I am due a blood test, so perhaps my dosage will change according to my weight loss, I really hadn’t considered that! Thank you SilkieSecret for you juicing tips – I am definitely going to try this on my next fast day.

    I always try and postpone eating for as long as possible on a fast day (so I still have calories to look forward to!), but maybe I need to change tack and incorporate some small snacks throughout the day to keep me going. I might try a cup a soup at lunch time to tide me over 🙂

    Thank you all – really helpful advice! x

    Right well Bingo then. It’s definitely too much thyroxine.

    Luckily my mum’s doctor trusts her to tweak her own dosage, as she was an endochrine nurse and probably knows more about all that stuff than HE does 😀 But you’d probably better wait until your appointment. I think you can expect a major drop in your dosage though by the sounds of it. Good news! Well done you!

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