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  • So this isn’t all totally new to me, about 10 years ago I did lose quite a bit of weight using alternate day fasts, I do feel however it could have been done a bit more gently, so I am aiming to fast 2 days a week with the occasional 48 hour fast if it fits in well. Eating at all just sends me back for more, so I am planning on around 0 calories these days, just water, black coffee and herbal teas.

    My motivation is mostly the realisation that I am currently in the obese category. Since the weight gain seemed pretty gradual I would have said no, I’m just overweight, I’ve always been overweight its just how I am! But then I saw OBESE and arg! Something has to change! I’d been trying (and failing if I’m honest) to count calories since January as well as upping my daily movement through walks, but if anything I have actually gained.

    My goals are… I want to be in that healthy category. Being at the very least a bit chubby all my life, it seems impossible for me. But I am just human, the same as all those other people that manage to be at a low body fat percentage, so we will see what happens!

    Starting weight: 172 lbs
    My starting weight is fuzzy, this was actually my weight a few months ago but I don’t feel like I have lost.
    Starting Measurements (in inches):
    Arms: 12.1 Waist: 32.5 Hips: 42.5 Thigh: 26.5

    Week zero for me was a bad eating week, lots (and lots) of sweets crisps and unhealthy meals. On Saturday I watched Obesity: The Post Mortem, which is exactly what it sounds like. I personally thought they were quite respectiful, there was nothing identifiable about the woman other than the body came from the US. But even googling it now the first thing I can see is an article saying it was fat shaming. I’m not sure how stating how unhealthy her liver was counts as fat shaming rather than just someone being honest about the effects of obesity, but that’s writing for the popular opinion I guess? So that led me to looking up my BMI and great, I’m obese. I knew I was getting fat since my clothes were getting tighter but I am NOT going up to a UK 16.

    So I fasted for the first time in years on Saturday and most of Sunday, breaking it at half 6 in the evening. I did feel a bit light headed by the end of Sunday but overall it was fine and hopefully will help out a lot in my shorter fasts that are coming up.

    I plan to do 2x 36 hour fasts a week give or take a few hours due to working patterns. Probably will usually be Monday and Thursday but this week it will be Tuesday (today!) and I’m planning on Thursday.

    Then at the weekend I think I will finally buy a scale, planning on weighing myself weekly and measuring monthly. I’ll check in then so I have a better (near) starting weight! I am feeling very hopeful and would love to use the graph feature I can see on here.

    Hi Cardinal_tetra – welcome to the forum and good luck for your new way of life. I hope you find 5:2 works for you. I also fast on Mondays and Thursdays so I’ll think of you when you get into your new routine. Good luck for today!

    Good Morning from Idaho cardinal-tetra!

    I am just getting back to fasting too, though my experience was more recent and more limited. Last fall I did 5:2 for a brief time. I don’t really know what caused me to stop, I know I struggled with wanting to binge the day after. Going to actually eat my tdee on non-fast days this time though. I know last time I wanted to eat lower to “speed up” my losses and ultimately that is probably what backfired.

    Anyhow. My normal days are going to be Mon/Wed this go-round. Though it may change a bit now and again. I have been reading a lot about longer water fasts though so ultimately I’d like to work up to a 3-4 day water fast every couple of months. This month I just want to do 5:2 as written though, with 2 500 cal days a week and 5 days tdee, then next month switch to 2 36 hour fasts and 5 days tdee or slightly above if needed, then in the end of May or Early June do a 3-4 day water fast. Not sooner than that because I am running a half marathon May 20 and won’t do it before that.

    I also am excited to graph my progress. I am hoping that a longer view will be encouraging.

    I agree that the show didn’t have to be called out as fat shaming, depending on how it was presented – which seems like it was moderate by your description. This world wants to feel good though. Feel good even if we are killing ourselves. I hear complaints from women who are overweight and go see their doctors about other issues and get mad when their doctors mention their weight. If our own health professionals aren’t allowed to privately mention that we have a crisis who can? It is HARD to hear! Especially when we’ve been struggling for years, and getting mixed messages about what we should do, but staying silent isn’t helping anyone.

    Okay, rant over. lol!

    Thanks Penz! Just wish I started this earlier.

    foodfreedomgirl – I’d love to run a half marathon! Well love to is maybe exaggerating a bit. I tried getting going with running a few times over the last year but my legs keep getting very sore a few weeks in. I think I’ll try again when I’ve lost a bit of weight.

    Its tempting to try and eat less on normal days isn’t it, hoping to speed the fat loss up a bit but as you say it just ends in binging! Trying to look at this as a lifestyle instead of just something to do to lose weight for a few months, make better food choices in general. I have been looking at the longer fasts too but as you said you are doing, I would like to build up to it a bit rather than just jumping straight in to a 3 day fast.

    You are right again, I hate other people commenting on my weight, its funny really how on the one hand I can say its obviously bad for you! But then if anyone else looked at me and said “hey you have too much fat, that’s bad for you!” I’d probably end up eating more in protest 😀

    Sounds like we are on the same page cardinal_tetra. I started fasting again last week before a whirlwind trip with my son to a state math competition. During that trip I proceeded to indulge on any and everything I was offered. Well, almost. Too much certainly, especially candy.

    Tuesday’s fast was a sweet relief. Yesterday was nicely controlled. Under TDEE, but to satisfaction, not intentionally less. I am sure by Thursday I will easily eat it all! I am going to try and do a 36 hour water fast today. I typically do the 500 calories all at dinner, but my son has a concert tonight so it will be an easy on the move night to just skip. We shall see.

    It will be exciting when you get your scale and can start marking weekly progress! I know the scale is not the end-all, but it is one of the easier markers of progress to track!

    TDEE day for you today?

    How did the 36 hour water fast go? All you can do is try and see how it feels

    I picked up my scale today! 168.2 lbs, and I set my goal on the tracker to 115 lbs as that puts me in the middle of bmi. My short term goal is 140, and I doubt I’d get below 130 but we’ll see, there’s a long way to go yet.

    Yesterday was my tdee day yes. It was strange, I found myself more hungry overall but at meals I did get full faster. I did eat quite a bit of chocolate, it was going to be some so I don’t feel like I’m depriving myself and end up overeating at the weekend, but its hard to stop! I’m also slightly worried about under eating on my normal days and that making me hungrier on my fast days, so trying to avoid that mindset.

    Fast day again today. There is a nice simplicity to it, don’t have to worry about counting calories or how many vegetables I’m eating, just making sure I drink enough water!

    I didn’t do it! It was all mental too, physically I was comfortable if starting to feel just a bit hungry when I broke my fast for a 500 cal dinner. I just couldn’t quite make the leap in my head and was afraid I’d quit if I didn’t just do a small meal. I will try again though, and see if I can have a better verse of self talk prepared to get me through.

    115 is a very aggressive goal! What is your height? I am 5’5″. My goal is 125, which feels very aggressive to me. I haven’t been that weight since high school. (20 years! wow, that makes me feel older all of a sudden. hehe.) but my first goal is to get to or below 142. That is the lowest I’ve been in my adult life. I am currently at 150.6

    I agree about the simplicity of a fast day. Almost went for another one today in fact. I love not making breakfast and packing a lunch! After a while I may switch to a feeding window that basically is a daily snack and dinner between 4-8pm, but I don’t want to do that now because I have a history of switching too often to see results!

    Sugar is so hard for me to stop on! I gave it up (Whole 30) for a while. It’s hard to maintain that level of commitment, but moderation can be hard too. Maybe over time it will get better as we take this new step towards a healthier food approach. I see people commenting on alcohol affecting them more, maybe sugar/chocolate will affect us more too and less will be easier 😉 – one can hope, right?

    Some days are just harder than others, I’m sure when its the right time you’ll manage it! The most important thing is doing this in a way you can maintain long term. I was struggling yesterday but by the time it was really difficult it was nearly over, I just want some real food now!

    To be honest I think you are right, I changed it up to 130! I am 5’2 (and 1/2 :D) I did manage to get to 140 for a while but back to my usual eating habits and the weight just piles on. I am usually around 155 but last year seems to have been the year of the pizza. I am a sucker for cheese, a couple of different cheeses on crackers and I am in heaven. Sugar is strange though, I don’t really get the same kick out of it, but struggle to stop eating it when I’ve started. For the last few months I’ve been thinking I need to try whole 30 again, at least during the week. That still probably goes. I do seem to be quite sensitive to sugar which worries me – I can eat less than other people and my heart is racing.

    Back to TDEE eating for the next 3 days! I want to try to not overeat though, still want healthy habits on normal days.

    Struggled a lot yesterday. I still have the mentality of rewarding myself – eating whatever I want on NFD. Going to muscle through this weekend but looking forwards to feeling like it’s a fresh new start come FD Monday.

    I am going to set up a plan on my online calorie tracker this weekend so that I’ll really log food. Do you have a way that you use one on 5:2. Trying to decide if I should set my goal to be TDEE x5 + 500 x2 and just focus on the weekly average or make every days goal TDEE and just only use 500 for fast days. Just in-important details, but maybe one way is better than another? I just need to pick something and do it before I start gaining again. My goal for this year initially was to lose 1 pound a month. So far I am up 4 pounds, and in March I should be down 3 so I’m 7 pounds off of my oh-so-moderate goal for 2018! So tired of this!

    How is the weekend going over there?

    Hi foodfreedomgirl, many of us sometimes overeat on a NFD. It might not even be eating that much, but maybe snacking or other things that aren’t optimal. Anyway you are far from the only one.

    I used to track calories closely and then I was eating a lot less than I do now but I weighed more. In my case it really wasn’t the calories so much as where the calories came from. I really suffered with hunger and food cravings. On a whim I cut most the refined sugar from my diet and my hunger when way down. Over the next few months I changed things up in my diet mostly aimed at reducing sugar. Over time I started eating more fruit as the sugar in the fruit didn’t impact me the same was as added refined sugar. In this modern world it is nearly impossible to completely avoid refined sugar but I probably consume now less than 1/4 of what I used to.

    This has changed my tastes and diet. Now my diet is heavy on fruits, nuts and vegetables. I do eat dairy, eggs, meat and grains too, but probably less than I used too. The biggest benefit is I no longer count calories. I’m also eating more than I used too and my weight is lower. A huge benefit probably from the fasting is I’m also building muscle now and I was losing muscle when I was just undereating.

    Personally I think trying to eat up to TDEE is almost useless. I think it is much better to focus on what food you eat. Push unprocessed foods. The problem with TDEE is multiple such as:
    * TDEE is only an estimate, it can only be accurately measured in a lab.
    * TDEE isn’t constant and can even vary a lot from day to day.
    * Calorie values are only estimates based on past measurements.
    * Food isn’t just used for energy in the body and metabolism is very complex.

    Calorie counting is a good way to drive yourself crazy or at least frustrate yourself. Sure it can work, in fact it worked for myself for decades until it just didn’t work anymore. However, I now often eat a lot less than I would have in the past. If you eat too much you probably will put on fat no matter what you eat. With fasting I’ve learned to normally stop when my body tells me too. I also try to eat slower than I used to give my body time to tell me to stop.

    For the record I don’t mix eating an fasting. I either eat or I do water fasting. That is more effective and easier for me. While my body fat is at reasonable levels I’m still trying to reduce it below 15%. The lower one goes the harder it gets.

    I realize I haven’t answered your question. I just think what one eats is more important than how much one eats.

    Hi FFG,

    Have to agree with dykask. We tend to overlap on quite a few things but not all. You have to find a system of eating that is sustainable for the rest of your life. To my way of thinking depravation and reward isn’t sustainable. Counting calories via an app isn’t sustainable. Perhaps others may chime in and disagree? What you eat rather than how much you eat is more important. Hit my goal weight two years ago and have been in maintenance ever since. For me Ive found that I don’t want (cant have) grain based (I include rice as well) foods or processed sugar. I do allow myself some fruit now but didn’t when I was in weight loss mode. If you make veggies your major dietary component along with some meat, some nuts, some dairy, some legumes, some fruit, it really is hard to fail. Eat processed foods and success will be hard work. Good luck with it.

    Good food for thought dykask and bigbooty. On a lot of the other threads I have read when people start to struggle the first questions asked seem to be about tdee and what is consumed on NFD’s. I have been obsessing over that number and if I should do my current weight or my goal weight, etc, but like you suggest it is probably most important what I eat.
    Like many here, I have a long history with dieting and rules. I like my boundaries -at least for a while. Having no strict rules is going to take some getting used to!
    But maybe that is the key to the principal of the way of life?

    Do you think not counting is hindering you at the moment? I haven’t been counting because I hate doing it, it makes me obsessive and the over thinking means I’ll probably eat more. For the minute (really easy to say when I’ve been doing it a few days :D) I’m just trying to make healthy options, but not trying to totally cut out everything unhealthy, since that wouldn’t be sustainable for me. I’m hoping that some days I may eat more, but others I’ll eat less and it will even out.

    Week two for me begins tomorrow! Yesterday was going really well, until the vodka liqueur came out.

    To me not counting calories doesn’t mean overeating or eating too much of the wrong foods. While I don’t believe overeating a peanut a day will cause a fat gain over a year, it is clear that overeating can cause fat gain.

    The beauty of fasting is I’ve started to be able to hear my body better. I now often stop eating sooner because my body is satisfied. So I don’t find not counting calories a hindrance. In fact it is the opposite. Instead of counting calories I think more about what I’m eating. Does it provide the nutrition my body needs. I just think that is a better way to think about food. I’m not perfect but I’m a lot better than I used to be.

    Also we are all somewhat different. What works well for me may not work as well for someone else. I tend to eat grains in moderation, but for some people that is too much. I eat a lot more cheese than many people on the other hand I don’t do well with refined sugars. It is all about figuring out what your body needs and works well with.

    I have found that fasting has helped me learn to eat better and that has brought a lot of freedom. Counting calories take the focus off of nutrition and frankly many people eat poorly because of it. Low calorie intake doesn’t insure you won’t get fat. There are so many examples of failed diets. Often counting calories does work over a short-term period, but I want to be in good shape the rest of my life, not just a short time.

    I plan to track this week. Limiting to 500 for fast days, but on non fast days just tracking whatever I do eat without a set limit or target even. When I write it down it just gives me that extra moment to pause and consider why. Why am I reaching for food, for hunger or boredom or ____. Also, why did I chose this food? Health, taste, convenience?

    Today is a fast day, planning on chicken and salad for dinner after work and a 4-5 mile run.

    How did the weekend end for you cardinal_tetra? Over the weekend I began reading a book called Toxic Relief that has me motivated to work hard again. It’s vote is for fasting, it pushes juice fasting over water fasting, but I still feel there is valuable information. Also just reading more, getting another source of confirmation just helps to build momentum for me.

    Thank you for your contributions dykask. I want to get to the point where you are at someday! I keep reading things like “let your medicine be your food and your food be your medicine” and want that to be my true thoughts about food, rather than the pleasure/reward that it has been to me in the past. I truly hope that with fasting this progressing of thought will just naturally follow! Though I do intend to work on repeating it to myself in the meantime. 🙂

    I’d just like to get to decrease that mindless eating I manage so often, thinking about why I’m eating it as you said, Rachel.

    Sunday was ok other than feeling super hungover, ate pretty well, lots of veggies. Monday was my first fast of the week and went ok although I felt hungrier than usual. Then yesterday I was ravenous, didn’t help when my OH suggested takeaway. I am looking forward to leftovers with some salad later on though! Trying out a 16:8 eating window today or I’ll just keep eating I think! I have been weighed myself a few times and I was down a pound from last week this morning, but I’ll leave it until tomorrow to update the tracker in the hopes an extra bit of weight will drop off.

    Edit to add – I downloaded an app on my phone that tracks weight daily as well as leaves space for comments, I think that will help, being able to see the effects of what I eat or drink on my weight. The one I picked is called weightwar (on android), the layout just looks nice but there were so many to choose from!

    Yesterday was an excellent controlled day…. until just after I should have started my fast. It was my husband’s birthday and we celebrated this weekend so I planned to not indulge last night. I even reserved an apple for ending dinner so that I’d end with a bit of a sweet. In the end I ate 2 ice cream bars. I so hate it when do things like that. I wasn’t hungry. I felt great. But we don’t usually have those things in the house and I sort of get a “this is my last chance” feeling. As if I couldn’t drive to the market and find them available every day of the week!

    But… moving on!

    I fast Mondays also. Mine was great, ran 5 miles after work before my 500 calorie dinner.

    Today is a fast day again. Started a few hours later than normal so it will either be a bit shorter or I will have to delay my 500 dinner to late than I typically eat. 8:00 PM. I plan to run again today.

    I have to keep reminding myself that this is a journey or WOL as everyone likes to say. I just pick up today and go again!
    Thank you so much for your continued interest/sharing. It is so nice to be on this journey together! Let me know how you like the 16:8!

    I do tend to update the tracker here every time I am down. I noticed that it lowers the TDEE a bit each time. I think that tiny adjustments each week will be easier to me than all of a sudden losing 100 (or more) calories to aim for.


    How did your NFD go yesterday? Fast day was good here. Ran 5 miles, feeling weary at the end. I think it will take a bit to adjust to running on less, though I did that some last year with the whole 30. Maybe that’s why it’s hard but not impossible?

    Fast day for you today still?
    Big plans for the weekend?

    The dress is sort of a flapper style, lose fitting. It fits now, but the hitch in my mind it that it’s above the knee. I don’t typically wear things that short, and seeing that much leg makes me feel like my legs aren’t cut out for it. lol! Even my running attire is capri length leggings and a skirt. I guess as much as it could be a goal/reward, it’s not about it not fitting, hoping it will fit, more about losing some leg chubby and feeling good in it.

    A few get together’s this weekend for me, but none food centered. Should be easy enough if I can keep my head in the game. Scratch that. I WILL keep my head in the game. 🙂

    Have a great day!

    My fast day went okay, I was hungrier than usual, maybe because I was at home just thinking about food. I’m working this weekend though so should make it easier to stick to my tdee then!

    I was feeling a bit rubbish yesterday but picked up some water with added electrolytes and felt a lot better after that, I suppose its not a long fast but doing multiple water fasts per week could have a knock on effect. I’ll have to try to keep an eye on that!

    I’ve always hated my legs anyway so tend to wear trousers and jeans as often as possible. Sounds like you’ve hit the nail on the head there, it is more about feeling confident in your body than fitting into smaller clothes. Maybe that is something to work on next to the dieting though? No idea how to go about that. I never feel comfortable in tight fitting clothes, I guess weighing 20lbs less might help a bit!

    So I didn’t put my weight up yesterday, I was a bit disappointed since I had actually gained .6 lbs on last week! More disappointed that I think i know the reason – alcohol and junk food. Even if it was largely water weight its still me holding myself back from getting to where I want to be. No alcohol this week anyway since I’m working, that should help!

    A few years ago I read a book about food (the name escapes me now ahh!) and the idea with that was to eat until you are satiated, picking foods that you feel you want. She said in it that yes people tend to start off with junk food since they can have anything they want but end up making healthier choices eventually. I never got past eating a lot of ben and jerry’s though. I think maybe this diet ties in with that though. Yes you can eat what you want on your NFDs but how does it make you feel?

    That book sounds a bit like a pipe dream, but I am sure that it’s because I know I would abuse the power – but then I pause and realize that is exactly what I am trying to learn to do right now!
    Do you feel like you are making progress on wanting to eat better? I am not really there yet, but the birthday treats are finally gone and I am going to be much more discriminating about what I bring in. It will benefit the whole family! The kids are old enough that they are out and about often and get enough junk food offers out that they need me to only have good healthy foods here!

    I am sorry about the gain. I definitely think it would be nice to weigh on the morning after a fast. It will be your lower weight each week, which could be encouraging and week to week will be a true reflection of progress, instead of the daily up and down of up after feeding, down after fasting…
    Does your work schedule change a lot?
    Glad that you anticipate an easier weekend too!

    Down a bit more on the scales today! Looks like the gain was probably more to do with bad food choices two days before.

    At the minute I am including more vegetables? I’m clearly not 100% with it, but I am at least aware of what I’m eating – not thinking about it is probably what got me that weight gain in the first place! If I try to deprive myself of the sweets and junk I know I’ll just want it more but picking alternatives seems to work better or at the very least TRY to eat less of the rubbish food!

    My work schedule does change quite a bit, early shifts then late shifts, every other weekend. It could be worse , don’t have to work nights! Feeling positive about the weekend.

    Also I think I have gone off the idea of longer fasts for now, I just don’t have the willpower. Maybe when I have done several more 36 hour fasts? I’d aim for a 4-5 day ideally as that should get some of the health benefits.

    Hope your weekend goes well!

    Way to go cardinal_tetra! It’s hard to know just what affects the scales, other that the obvious lows of days after fasting. My low was 3 pounds lower than my “official” weigh in today. I hate seeing that number go up, but if I only start weighing on Mondays it will show a clear downward movement or upward, right? That is my hope at least.

    Changing out default eating to better – less rubbish can be a work in progress. Every single better food choice, added vegetable or fruit, declined sweet improves our health. I am trying so hard to adjust my thinking to improving instead of being perfect or failing. I still have kids in the house and so it’s doubly important not to portray the Pass/fail mentality. I don’t want to give them bad relationships with food. Just impress on them the importance of picking healthier more frequently and treats being infrequent visitors.

    I think I’m with you on giving up longer fasts for the time being with the exception of really wanting to do one from Good Friday to Easter morning. I have never done that before but feel compelled this year. I feel nervous to embark though, even having quite a few 24 hour fasts under my belt. We shall see.

    FD today, feeling so grateful for it!

    My scales don’t seem to change much… At the moment I like weighing daily because I’m thinking I’ll see a trend even if on my weigh in day its up. I’m at a low today (yay!) buuut then it was a fasting day yesterday, so I’d hope so! The reality that a decent loss in this diet is probably 1lb per week is setting in, keep reminding myself to not get impatient with it.

    My weekend was quite good, and today! Lots of vegetables, not actually had any sugar outside of fruit today. I did see someone eating a cookie and I wanted it, I might have actually bought one on its own, but I’d have to buy a pack which wouldn’t end well.

    Some fasts just seem easier than others, I’m wondering how much it has to do with diet the day before. So if you have a lot of sugar and junk the day before a fast, does it make it harder?

    haha, that is exactly what I was thinking, re:sugar and a harder fast day! I ate some chocolate covered nuts and mints on Sunday and Monday was such a struggle. I felt physically ill at one point, my jaw doing this weird tensing thing that it typically only does before I vomit – however it passed and I did not vomit in the end. I am not sure what was going on. There is a lot of illness being passed around as winter lingers, but I feel find today.

    The scale did drop back down after weekend indulgences. We eat out quite rarely, often less than once a month, so I didn’t really mind ordering what I really wanted instead of trying to make the best choices. If it were a frequent thing I would have to find a way to do better.

    Good choice on the cookie dilemma. You knew yourself well enough to pass and chose to do it. I am sure you are glad in retrospect!

    Congratulations on the new low! You are so right, cannot get impatient with 1 pound per week. That is right on track with what is to be expected. If one can stick with it at a slower rate it is far better than crash diets with big losses that cannot be maintained.

    The fasting seems to put other meals into a better perspective – makes me realise how much extra I had been eating recently! After a while eating more and more just feels normal. I can definitely see me continuing the fasts when I hit my goal weight, maybe just one day a week.

    Today was good too! I have been quite cautious about what I’ve been eating because I REALLY don’t want the scale to go back up this week! I can see it is trending down though which is nice to see. Its also nice to think of how many veg I’ve been eating.

    Did you fast today?

    So after saying how good I’d been I promptly went home and ate biscuits 😀

    Strangely the scales hit a low for me yesterday at 162.4.

    Bounced up a bit today but I’d have expected it to! Its all about the trends rather than the individual numbers.

    Just when we think we are strong we start to struggle, am I right? I am so excited for you and your new low! I bet it’s rewarding to see that as well as recognize that you don’t have to be perfect to achieve it. It’s ok to have that biscuit now and again, just making an overall shift to better.

    I did not end up fasting on Wednesday. I am fasting today and tomorrow so I decided that I would do better (mentally) if I did not. It is early hours in this longer fast for me, so, nothing to report as of yet.

    What are your weekend plans? Do you celebrate Easter/Resurrection Sunday? Any expected challenges?

    How are you doing cardinal_tetra? I haven’t been active on line. Busy weekend set me up for a busy start to the work-week. Fasting today as I didn’t stick to my fast either Monday or Wednesday. I am not sure why it was such a struggle this week. It’s all mental too, started a new exercise routine, but it’s certainly not so intense that I cannot fast! I am going to let that go and just focus on making it through today.

    Im trundling along. Fast went fine monday but other than that I have eaten quite a bit of chocolate! Probably why Im struggling so much today on my second fast! Just need to get through the next 12 hours!

    Weigh in today was 163.6 so almost 5 lbs since my first proper weigh in.

    Are you still on here cardinal_tetra, still fasting? I took the last several weeks off, 6 now?!? I wasn’t able to stick to fasting as I got into the later weeks of training for my half marathon. Many people do train and fast together, but I was starting out fasting and then quitting 1/2 day and I finally just decided to stop. My weight is pretty close to when I stopped, so I guess I can be glad to not gain, though with all that running I find myself more disappointed that I didn’t lose. I will weigh in an official weight on Monday, just like I was doing before.

    I have been lurking around but not sticking to it too well…

    Have you done your race now?

    I am back on it today! Clothes ordered in lower size so i need to keep going. I have been fasting off and on but not my 2 fasts a week. Was hovering around 155 but jumped up after this weekend of food and alcohol. So i am at 157.8 at the minute. I want to be 150 by the end of june, hoping theres some water weight to drop off!

    Yes, my race was this last Sunday. I only fasted once last week and as today is a holiday in the US, will only fast Wednesday this week as well. It might be good to slowly ease back in thought.

    I didn’t lose any weight during my off time, even with all the running, but I lost 2 1/4 inches from waist and hips, so I feel a bit better!

    New clothes are always a big motivator for me. Something I can actually try on and see change rather than wonder “am I holding the measuring tape just the same?” 🙂

    I started a new job last week too, part time that and part time my old job, sort of training a replacement, sort of waiting until the boss (family) feels like He can really let me go. It’s been a whirlwind of a month!

    Glad to reconnect with you!

    @cardinal_tetra, miss chatting with you!

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