Autumn/Winter Fast Day Meals

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Autumn/Winter Fast Day Meals

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  • Anyone have some good ideas for fast day meals now that Autumn is on its way? Last night my prawn and cottage cheese salad just didn’t cut it and I was craving something warm! I’m thinking along the lines of soups with beans but I never find soups particularly filling…

    Chunky veggie curry is good and anything with potimarron in fills me up (from the pumpkin family but has less water and more taste!). Roast veg are great too, with a bit of spicy salsa. Happy eating!

    A nice thick veg based soup is lovely and you can have quite a lot of it and a little bread roll too if you’re having all of your calories in one go. I made my usual broccoli & stilton soup a few times last year (before I settled down to my regular fastday meal pattern), you only need a little bit of cheese for the taste and the black pepper does the rest.

    A big broccoli, a leek or onion (whichever you prefer) a medium sized baking potato, 600ml (ish, depending on the size of the veg) of veg stock, boil it all up, blend it, add 50g of stilton and stir it through over a mild heat with pepper to taste. Yum! Usually makes 3 or 4 portions of about 350-400 calories, depending how much of everything you’ve used and how thick you like it. I always had it with a very small parbaked roll or a slice of toast, to mop up the dregs.

    Head over to and check out this 233 calorie meal.
    I find the site very difficult to navigate, but rooting around – and it takes a bit of rooting – there are some pretty good recipes, and she has just taken up the 5:2 diet, so suitable recipes are appearing all the time.

    Thanks for your suggestions and I’ll check out that tinned tomatoes website. veg curry sounds yum but presumably with no rice! I usually have to eat some breakfast so there’s no way i could wait to eat up all my calories in 1 sitting.

    I found the tinnedtomatoes site because I was Googling for the new wonder low carb, low cal food called cauliflower rice. 30 cals a portion – and it’s supposed to taste like rice. Me and SWMBO are trying it this weekend.
    I can’t remember the detail of the recipe but the essence of it is : take a head of cauliflower, cut into florets, blitz them in a processor until the size of couscous and then microwave. Other recipes for fried ‘rice’ on the website, too.
    Maybe low enough in cals for you to have with the veg curry!

    Silverback, I had cauliflower rice last week. Loved it. Leftover was used as a rice salad with lime Juice and fresh coriander. Delicious 🙂

    Jamie Oliver made cauliflower rice on his new cooking show this week! Might just watch it again on catch up tv. Thanks for the pointers again.


    Never heard of cauliflower rice, but I am soooo gonna try it tonight! Sounds delicious and possibly filling. Thanks for that idea!


    Don’t know if you like tomatoes, but my cute husband does a huge garden every year and cans everything! We have bottled tomatoes coming out the yin yang. When something warm and filling sounds good, I take a quart bottle of tomatoes (or you can, of course, buy them canned), put them in a pot and mash it all down, so it’s just like a soup. Then I just add a little rice. Very few calories and very filling, and it makes a big portion (which if you’re extra hungry, it’s ok to eat it all)! Now I’ve just learned about cauliflower rice from aniann, so I will try it with that. You could add any veggie, I guess. But I am always way full when I eat that. In fact, I’m getting in the mood for some now, just talking about it. 😀

    I am so going to try cauliflower rice

    I LOVE CAULIFLOWER RICE!!!!! I put some in my food processor and microwaved it for one minute, covered, no added water. Then sprayed on some no calorie spray butter. Might I say, yummy city!!! Only 30 calories in one whole cup. I ate 2 1/2 cups and am stuffed!! Only hope people will be able to be in my presence later……;)

    LOL, I know what you mean TidyChick. I can see the sales of cauliflowers rising dramatically 😀

    Hi jesmic

    It’s strange that you are posting exactly what I was thinking on my first fast day this week; it was quite cold outside and I, like you, just could not face my usual cottage cheese or tuna salad combo.

    So I combined these foodstuffs and I really enjoyed the thick broth it produced. Like many of the above suggestions it involves lots of veg to fill you up.

    Any veg of your choice – not potatoes unless you have a lot of spare calories

    I used carrots, celery, onion, garlic, then added a heaped tblsp of curry paste obviously added to water- you’d have to check the calories on whichever jar you choose to use naturally
    Bring to boil then simmer until softened to your taste

    Then I blitzed it up with a stick blender
    then added a whole tin 150g of tuna in spring water (only 150 calories drained)

    It was really filling and in my opinion tasty-it’s not dinner party food but it was really quick for me to prepare when I just couldn’t think what I could have that was hot and comforting.

    I enjoyed it so much that today I did the same veg soup then added a whole packet of sliced cured ham (only 148 calories) broken up.

    Like I say, not gourmet but tasty hot and filling.
    I kept some of the veg soup and will be having it soon as the last of my calories. You could also do this the night before your fast and then it’s nearly done when you come to eat it.

    Hope this helps

    SWMBO and I had cauliflower rice tonight. We are very impressed. Would not call it rice; rather, it is very like couscous. In fact, we think that many people would not notice that it isn’t couscous. What a discovery! We like couscous a lot – but this gives us all the benefits of that but with so few calories.
    We will be having it a lot more, definitely.
    Jesmik – get this into your menu! This really is a proper rice substitute.

    Hmmmm interesting! Going to try that! I find a massive prawn stir fry with 8 cal noodles really filling and warming… Sometimes a little too warming – n.b. don’t be heavy handed with the chilli if this is your one meal of the day you’ve been looking forward to all day!!! I scoffed it anyway as I was so hungry – mind was obviously elsewhere during prep!!
    However, yeah… A large portion of this stir fry for me is ginger, chilli and garlic fried in a dash of nut oil, add 100g prawns, half a bag of shop bought stir fry veg, 200g pack zero noodles and then seasoned with a dash of soy sauce, oyster sauce and toasted sesame oil to flavour. Comes in about 300calories and very filling!

    Just made a huge pot of ratatouille – onion & garlic fried in 1tsp olive oil, aubergine, courgette, peppers, tinned tomatoes, salt, pepper & herbs. At only 155 calories a serving hubby & I are having 40g of brown rice each with it this evening. Had potato, courgette & green bean soup for lunch with Moroccan spice powder added (around 190 calories a bowl). It tasted great but I also find that, despite what research seems to suggest, soup doesn’t fill me up for that long.

    By the way, Little Wing where do you get zero noodles?

    Dilly are you in UK? if so you can buy them in Holland Barrett. You can also get them online just google them 🙂

    How do you make cauliflower rice without a microwave?

    Hi Pally666, use a wok but only cook it for a couple of mins 🙂

    There are many sites that may help get your winter/autumn fix so let your fingers do the googling.
    Of the many sites I use can I suggest you visit click on beans and pulses and work your way through the recipes. There are many suitable for you.
    The only down side is that you will have to work out the cals yourself but with many recipes this will not be much of a problem. The BBC Good Food site is also worth checking out.
    Good luck.

    Thanks chilliexx. I’ll pop into Holland & Barrett tomorrow for a look.

    I do a stir fry with 100gms chicken strips marinaded in a splash of soy sauce with some chilli flakes, then loads of veg onion,garlic cloves (sliced) courgette, pepper, mushrooms and carrot and quarter of a head of cabbage very finely sliced. Spray wok with 1 cal olive oil spray and add and cook chicken….remove chicken and put veg in and fast cook ….add a drop of water and soy sauce to prevent sticking…put cabbage in last and allow it to just wilt then pop chicken back in for a couple of minutes…filling and delicious.

    Are you counting the calories for all this veg or is it low enough to ignore??

    Cauliflower rice sounds interesting. Especially, with the tomatoes mentioned by TidyChick. I will have to try that.

    It is below zero in Alaska, so I have been making the Weight Watcher vegetable stew. The calorie count is pretty low and is perfect for dinner.

    Comes in at under 300 calories.

    I make a meatless bolognese type thing with onions, peppers, celery, mushrooms,courgettes, a few sprigs of broccolli and cauliflower – really any mix of veggies you like – garlic, a dash of tabasco and fresh tomatoes with a tbs of tomato puree and some dried Italian herbs and I eat it with courgette spaghetti around 80 cals for the whole thing.
    Courgette spaghetti is just a courgette sliced fairly thinly lengthways and then sliced lengthways again into strands (or you can use a mandolin cutter) put the strands in a bowl, cover and zap for 1 minute in the microwave….don’t add water.

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