August 2018- Monthly Challenge – Summer Sun

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August 2018- Monthly Challenge – Summer Sun

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  • @penz, I am so so sorry. I think I accidentally reported this post. I didn’t mean to. I think I got out of the screen and it didn’t send though. So if you see that I reported you, please know it was an accident and accept my humblest apologies! so yeah. I still don’t know what I did exactly. I hope I didn’t do any permanent damage. I will testify under oath that it was an accident. Please forgive me.

    Day 9 – USA – NFD

    Great FD yesterday, 492 cals. I came home around 8pm last night and wanted “something”, but I remembered what I used to tell myself when I first started 5:2…”I can have that tomorrow”. And it worked! Easy to forget those little motivators as time goes on. This month is flying by. I read all the posts each morning with my cup of tea and it’s such a pick-me-up! @daffodil2010, so glad you have an opportunity to show your stuff! You will become an asset, I’m sure, wherever you work. @rainbowsmile, you are our cheerleader/den mother and it’s so sweet to see you checking in during the day, thank you!!

    Day 9 Florida

    FD today. Have a lot of activities to keep me busy. Will exercise later today. Got my new drafting art table and my husband put it together for me. 🙂 Will be going on a cruise to Cuba in a few weeks. Excited to visit and take lots of pictures.
    Hope everyone has a great day.

    Day 9 Pocket List:

    Day 9 Stevensville Maryland USA CFD

    Going to turn my CFD into a WFD and see how far I go.

    Day 9 Pocket List:
    @diana123 WFD??

    A ship in port is safe but that is not what ships were built for. Have a great Thursday everyone.

    USA Day 9 FD

    Daffidol2010: Good luck on your decision! I think it is a good one!

    Just checking in! Haven’t had time yet to read all the post but hope everyone has a great day! I am doing my second day of water fasting! I haven’t ever done a b2b but everything seems to be going well! 🙂

    USA Day 9 FD
    Second Post

    Moukinator: Sometimes the wheels move slowly!!

    Daffidol2010: We’ll be thinking of you during your interview (although you’ve probably already had it given where I am compared to you! LOL)

    I am still staying the course with my water fast! If this goes well, maybe I will do a third day! I think the heat is helping me not to eat! Haha!

    Day 9 USA (Utah visiting) NFD

    Not sure if or when I might get a FD while visiting here. But, Utah is incredibly healthy, and so are my daughter and SIL (a family practice doctor) so I will be working out and eating quite healthily. 😀 Off to Silver Sneakers shortly. They have multiple gyms I can go to, so really could work out, SS or water aerobics, about every day. And it is hot, dry, etc., so water will be nice.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 9, Idaho USA Warrior FD

    A new low for me today! That’s exciting. My goal for myself this year, made in January, was to lose 12 pounds this year, one a month. I am way behind on that goal, but starting to feel like it may actually be possible to catch up!

    Walked into doughnuts at the shop this morning. I resisted beloved cheesecake last night, so doughnuts weren’t hard to ignore.

    I have been having leg pain/restlessness the past two nights. I know I’ve seen that mentioned on the forum before, but never paid it much mind because it hasn’t bothered me in the past, but I guess I’ll have to start looking for a solution now. Anyone on this board have experience with it?

    My husband has a softball tournament this weekend. We expect to be eliminated early. Several injuries this year, and a few players missing leave us with little expectation, but it’ll be good to enjoy the fresh outside air for a few hours anyhow.

    @daffodil2010 – so fabulous! You get to leave on your own terms taking back the control that this manager tried to steal away from you!

    I feel ya @flourbaby. I vacillate between smugness and wanting to share and jealousy all in a matter of minutes. Last night I was in a gas station while the hubby got fuel, eyeing the cheesecakes. Those are my nemesis food-wise. Huge range of emotions, let me tell you, but our wedding anniversary is in 2 months and I told myself I can get a really good slice of cheesecake then, instead of mediocre gas station fare.

    @metatauta, great reminder. Just tomorrow! 🙂

    Way to challenge yourself @ccco!

    Day 9 – Atlanta,GA,USA – FD

    Yesterday’s FD turned into a CD as i had a piece of strawberry cake along with my dinner so had to do FD today, good luck everyone.

    Day 9 UK FD

    Really good CD yesterday, came in a little under 1000 calories. That makes a WFD and 4 CD this week, plus today. Feeling as tho i might have reset this WOL post- illness.

    Went supermarket shopping with a friend today and stopped off to browse in clothes shop. Stocked up on vest tops and a t-shirt in the sale – and discovered I’m down at least 2 sizes from this time last year! Lovely colours and styles around just now so will save some energy next week to go back and pick out a few new things with all this money i’ve saved from being ill and at home. Such a treat as normally buy everything in charity shops 🙂

    Thank you @debster251 @rainbowsmile @flourbaby @shinything for your good wishes. Now I know it’ll be 3-6mths to get back to previous health I’m less impatient and blaming myself for what I can’t do. I’m not able to get away on holiday but it’s good to make the most of this chance to be present where I am look after Future Me. Sept/Oct is my busy time, and i can do gentle things now to set myself up for a good autumn.

    @daffodil2010 keeping fingers crossed for you today – hope the interview went well

    Congratulations to everyone who is feeling good or finding results, and hold on in there everyone who’s struggling just now. This WOL comes with peaks & troughs but it is so doable – whatever’s happened, every moment brings a chance to start again

    Day 9 Pocket List:
    @diana123 WFD??

    USA Day 9 FD
    Third Post
    Congratulation, Michelinme, for your success!

    I am still in the water fast game and going strong! I am only a little bit hungry and dizzy but it is all good! 🙂

    @ccco: maybe you need to drink more?
    @rainbowsmile: How you doing?
    I admire all you water fasters….

    Second post

    Staying strong today despite meeting friends for coffee – just an americano with a splash of milk the a 2egg omelette for dinner with a light salad.
    @daffodil – how exciting! Sometimes when we step (or are pushed) outside our comfort magic happens! What type of work would you be doing? I’m sure you interview well.
    @ FlourBaby – holding your hand before the weekend arrives. We’re off to a 40th wedding anniversary celebration on a river boat on Saturday, so it will be a challenge!
    @shinything – I’m holding on tight!
    @penz – did the same with a bag of sultanas! I used to buy them under the guise of feeding the blackbird. I ate more than the bird so no more!
    @michelinme how wonderful to discover those much smaller clothes. What a boost for your confidence!

    Am busy clearing my spare room. The bed has found a new home and the spin bike has found the light of day. No excuses now!

    Have a good evening one and all.

    Day 9, Guildford UK, WFD (9 of 10)

    I have no idea what happened to this morning’s long post. I guess it got lost in the great sky cloud (stamps feet, shakes head and pouts).

    So this morning woke up to two minor issues, my nose is very snotty and absolutely horrid. My ears are fully of wax and I have had to use a tool I have to suck out the wax.

    But there is no infection. Just gubbins and lots of it.

    Smelly smelly poo and slightly acrid urine. Unpleasant. Sleep is amazing.

    Never been this far before so don’t know if this normal or not.

    Blood sugars are 5.6 and ketones 1.8

    Nicely in ketosis.

    Have to decide on refeed, so going two days full on keto with 4 hour eating window. (Modified Warrior diet).


    After 7 pm entering day 10 so will eat some chicken breast, keto oil, some almonds and Kefir with added nutrients. Somewhere around 250 calories.

    Tomorrow morning will have protein shake with some keto oil.

    Am using magnesium oil. Will have Epsom salt bath.

    No exercise today and tomorrow.

    @shinything I feel like a mother hen looking after her brood. I am so so proud of everyone.

    @ccco WFDs, yeah, it’s simple to do and once it’s mastered it seems easy to me! But I built up one day at a time. But I would say that…….

    @daffodil2010 so pleased to hear you are looking for a new position and seeming stronger. Waiting to hear how the interview went. Backing you all the way…..

    @flourbaby so so in awe of your ability to fit exercise into your life and OMAD seems so much harder to me than WFD.

    @moukinator that sounds like you have adapted to the WOL. Easy is a great word, please pass over that easy ability. So sharing in your happiness and sunshine.

    @missybear it is exciting, only two weeks. There must be so much to do? Are you having a honeymoon afterwards? What is your colour scheme? Hungry for details….

    @babs_b I see a woosh coming on. I find I get more defined before a woosh. Is that your perception?

    @michelinme waiting for your news with bated breath and a tiny fret, so so relieved it is all ok. How much more treatment and more tests? What’s next?

    @lorky35 a few threads back my own post was at the top and I reported my own post several times. Duh! But was told empty reports are ignored or those with rubbish nonsense stuff don’t get acted on. So it will be ok.

    @michelinme what did you buy exactly? You know how clothes motivated we are and want to know precisely with links if possible, especially if two sizes smaller!

    @dykask I love pull ups but not strong enough to do them without the machine. Slightly pathetic really. So you must be super strong. I can lunge and squat forever though.

    @metatauta I love that you can have it tomorrow. It’s the marshmallow philosophy of delayed gratification.

    @kaywesterman art table sounds so important, is that different to an easel?

    @foodfreedomgirl I know absolutely know you will get your goal. Such dedication to your WOL, really looking forward to celebrating your success.

    @songbirdme it’s so much easier when those around me are doing really healthy things. Guess I am easily led. How does your eating pattern vary or is it just you are more active? Love to know what makes the difference.

    @debster251 your own spin bike? That’s amazing and something I would really love to own. What regime are you following?

    @ciren2 thank you for checking on me. I am kinda smelly today. Pooh!


    Today’s sunshine dose

    Norah Jones sunrise


    So today’s pocket list

    Day 9 Pocket List:
    @diana123 WFD??

    Much love to you all


    @ccco try adding some salt preferably Himalayan as dizzy is usually low blood pressure and salt intake.

    Can I suggest you get some ketone sticks for the urine to ensure there are ketones. Because that’s awesome and sounds like you have less day 2 hunger because of it.


    Day 9, Rocky Mountains, US, NFD

    Day 7-9 – UK – NFD

    Sorry for not posting over the past few days but just been too busy enjoying life 😎 another hot sunny day here in Cumbria – making the most of it!

    Will try and catch up with the posts tomorrow……..

    Time for a shower then an early bed – feeling pleasantly tired tonight 😴

    Day 9 London UK NFD

    I am so far behind on reading all your posts but a quick mention to @daffodil2010 I’m joining everyone in celebrating your news! I am so so pleased for you!

    @rainbowsmile you are such a wonderful thoughtful host. I love your posts. And as for your water fast…wow. You are such an inspiration.

    This week has been particularly horribly busy at work. Two of the directors are having a tug of war over power and as HR manager it’s driving me mad. CEO not helping the situation and it makes for an awkward situation for all concerned. I wish people would leave their egos at the door when entering the office!

    At home my little boy is still sleeping terribly. Has got into bad habits since heatwave and he’s waking 2-3 times a night crying and then starting the day at around 4am. I am just exhausted. I go to bed each night but can’t relax as I know it’s just a matter of a few hours before he’ll wake. Haven’t had this since he was a tiny baby. I’m sorry to moan. He really is a delight, it’s just that this mama desperately needs sleep!

    Wednesdays FD went completely out the window when husband came home having had a bad day so we got out the g&t and set the world to rights. And then he made us cheese loaded toasted sandwiches 🙈 Today was a planned NFD as I had a company away day involving food and drinks. Was pleased to have had only had two glasses of wine. Avoided the bread but had all of the chicken spinach risotto dish and a slightly weird pistachio and apricot mousse thing plus two cookies in the afternoon. Last one was at 4pm and I decided to stop eating from then. Now just after 9 and I’m in bed. Tomorrow thankfully is a normal day and I intend to do the first of b2b FDs. Didn’t weigh myself today as I was afraid of what I’d see having reached goal weight at the beginning of the week! Right, had better try to get some sleep before little one wakes.

    Thank goodness for this forum and for all you wonderful people!

    USA Day 9 FD
    Third Post

    With Rainbowsmile as an inspiration, I am finishing today’s water fast day successfully and think I will go into tomorrow, too! Thanks everyone about the salt! I forgot about that. I am no longer dizzy and only marginally hungry, so onward I go! 🙂

    Day 10 NFD nz
    Bouncing out of bed this morn. Feeling great!
    Even if i was a bit up on last weigh in… my body is changing and i can see and feel it. And it’s that time of month so probably carrying a few extra water pounds.
    Ready to attack my Day!
    Good luck everyone!!

    Day 10 NSW Australia NFD
    (Friday ~ 9am)
    Hi everyone! Have a great weekend fasting or not fasting xx

    Enjoy whatever you are getting up to and bye for now!

    Day 10 – Japan – FD 80.1kg

    Working on water fast #54 in 2018. I’m a bit behind pace is I want to get in 90 water fasts this year.

    Day 10 Pocket list … Add yourself!


    Day 10 – Melbourne AUS, NFD

    Had a great FD yesterday, with Pilates and netball, felt energised afterwards and not hungry at all (totaled 450Cal) which is a change from the previous week!

    Started today off with a spin class and some weights and it was a really great session, and trying to focus on making smarter choices on my NFD (though i can hear the Friday wine calling me from my office…).

    Loving reading all of the posts, so inspirational!

    Hope everyone has a great weekend!

    Day 10 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    First I want to thank @rainbowsmile for the Kelly Clarkson dedication yesterday…I did not get a chance to watch it until last night after yoga and it brought tears to my eyes for your kindness in thinking of me. ☺️

    And for ALL of you – what a wonderful bunch of people we have on this forum…I swear the good vibes coming from this forum have brought the universe to a much nicer place for me again. @debster251 you are right when you say that sometimes when we step, or are pushed, out of our comfort, the magic happens…….I was pushed out of what I thought was my dream job, to only realise it was anything but!

    So I start Monday morning! It’s a short term contract to help them deal with a backlog of work. My friend has worked there for years and has always told me it’s a great place to work, professional, well paid. It’s one of the biggest insurance/investment companies in the world, so back to multinational corporate land again…….but you know what?

    The minute I stepped into the light filled lobby awaiting my interview, and more so when I was being led down the finely decorated corridors to the meeting room for my interview…..I felt at home. This is what I was used to for all my career, I felt I had stepped back into where I should be.

    So, the Glasshouse job will now be referred to as my “Horticulture Experiment” . I still love horticulture and my college days have given me a knowledge I never had before, I made great friends (2 of whom I had lunch with yesterday), but I will now keep horticulture as my hobby. The pay in the new job is double what I was earning in the Glasshouse. Another reason to leave ☺️

    I have sent off my formal resignation and @foodfreedomgirl, YES, as the company were dragging their heels on my formal complaint, it felt very empowering to be able to leave on my terms and with my self respect and dignity intact.

    I now have to go out shopping today for smart work clothes! The skirt I wore for my interview was very smart but a tad too big, hanging on the hips. Yay!!

    Thank you everyone….its gladdens my heart to know that my online friends were rooting for me yesterday, I could feel the sunshine. ☺️🙏

    Oh and one more thing, I spluttered my red wine with laughter (yes, I had a sneaky one after yoga to celebrate a good day) when I read @debster251‘s comment about buying raisins for the blackbird but the bird not getting much of the raisins)…oh yes, that’s the spirit of this forum…the joys and the pitfalls 👍
    Have a great Friday everyone

    Day 10 – NFD; Dublin, Ireland

    Hi everyone,

    yesterday’s FD turned into another CD as I had a really good meeting with my boss in the morning and just really wanted to go out for dinner with fiance to talk about it. We seem to have our best, in-depth conversations in restaurants, when it’s just the two of us and no gadgets around to distract us. So we went for a cheeky Nando’s, but didn’t order any wine, so still came in under 1500kcal.

    Monday will be our next, proper, FD. Until then, have a great weekend everyone and good luck to everyone fasting!

    Day 10 (how did that happen?!) London UK FD

    Time to get myself back on track. Weigh in showed rise of 0.5kg after three undisciplined NFDs! Haven’t eaten since 4pm yesterday and will try to hold off until 4pm this afternoon. Feels good to not feel full. Busy day where toddler keep me on my toes! Will squeeze in 30 Day Shred workout when he’s napping later. Moving onto level three today, it’s been a struggle but love the sense of achievement once I’ve finished a workout and am seeing the results…although still a way to go on the “mummy tummy” as @sarahbob so eloquently put it!

    Am with you on the shopping front @daffodil2010! Wore an outfit I love to company away day yesterday. Used to fit so well a couple of months ago but looked a bit sloppy yesterday after weight loss! But definitely not complaining!

    Have a great day everyone!

    2nd post – day 10

    Adding Beedoo I she doesn’t mind.

    Day 10 Pocket list … Add yourself!

    Day 10 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    @daffodil2010 so happy for you….it was meant to be!!!!

    @rainbowsmile our wedding is going to be an intimate untraditional occasion, the ceremony will be held in a beautiful old school library, no colour scheme as such, I will be wearing a dress embellished with midnight blue flowers with a gold thread (bit India bit bohemian) and OH is co-ordinating in a dark blue suit. Registrar seemed amused but happy with our music choices: I wan’na be like you (from Jungle Book sung by Robbie Williams and Olly Murs) for our entrance, Songbird (sung by Eva Cassidy) while we sign the register, Concrete and Clay (Randy Edelman – a choice from my teenage years vinyl collection!) followed by the Turkish March (Mozart) for photos and exit. Readings will be Love Monkey (Edward Monkton) and The owl and the pussycat (Edward Lear). Afterwards we are heading to our favourite seafront restaurant for a drink on the terrace overlooking the beach if the weather allows then dinner. It is going to be a very small do just us and our 2 witnesses……in the ‘real’ world they and the registrar are the only people who know we are getting married…..we only decided to marry at the end of June and maybe selfishly we just want the occasion to be for us. I’ll worry about telling everyone later! No honeymoon…..we are planning a special holiday for next year when I will be celebrating my 60th. Sorry if this is TMI 😊

    Well back to 5:2 – a good FD yesterday and feeling bright this morning. Now I’ve just got to get through the weekend without weakening on the booze avoidance. Hold tight my August Abstainers!!!!!!!

    Happy Friday everyone 😎

    Day 10. Cornwall UK, NFD

    Hello all from the Tortoise Club! Weekly weigh-in shows 0.2kg down to 73.7kg, so inching down, but still making progress. It feels amazing to have lost anything at all, as a lot of nuts and sourdough was eaten with the visitors, plus the last of the elderflower (sugary) champagne. And it was a 6:2 week as I shifted around my fast days and weigh-in days.

    @daffodil2010 – good luck with your next venture and so glad you like the yoga!
    @missybear – your forthcoming wedding sounds just fab. I too opted for something I wanted and we had a great day, so lots of good wishes for yours.

    I am missing the heatwave already – we had it really good here in Cornwall, hot but not overwhelming. The coastal path, which can be a mudpit at times, was lovely, dry and dusty and a cooling breeze over a very brilliant blue sea this year. Wishing for more…

    Day 10 Belfast CD

    Cruella still shows my weight at the top of my maintenance range so as I embark on a week’s holiday (going to Sligo next Monday) I need to despatch a couple of pounds.

    @rainbowsmile – my spin bike came from a gym which was upgrading their bikes and it cost me £50. I used it diligently for a while then it got sucked into the junk in my spare room. I used you tube to get a work out. I shall start tentatively this evening. The shred is not for me – I’ve been referred to the consultant for arthritis in my hip so cycling is the way to go, along with the walking, swimming, Pilates and yoga. When I was 30ish I did a couple of triathlons and would love to get back to peak fitness.
    @beedoo there’s nothing worse than losing your sleep. Hope the cooler weather stays and he settles into a better routine.
    @daffodil2010 – so delighted about your job. My only regret for you is that your ex boss will not really get his come-uppance. However, you sound so positive and pleased. It warms my heart! Enjoy the new clothes and the extra pay! BTW, when you posted about the moto gp I thought that would make a great present for my OH, who has been so a couple of races with his mate. However the flights are awful for getting home. Are you staying for the week?
    @missybear – I know all of the music but had to google ‘love monkey’. I’m sitting here like an eejit with tears running down my cheeks. It will be just SO lovely!

    I have been sleeping wonderfully well these last few nights – a combination of the cooler nights and a new found determination to sort my life out. I’ve been clearing out my spare room, so now all my paints, dyes and felt etc is sitting, ready to begin. What, I’m not sure but the inspiration will come.

    Remember when you look at that cake, wine… whatever your poison;
    Vorfreude ist die schönste Freude, the anticipation is often much more delightful than the real thing.

    Day 10, London, UK, NFD

    Starting my 4 day weekend as usual with a very peanut butter-free CD/ NFD although I’m planning ADF from Sunday onwards.

    @penz (my partner in peanut butter based crime!!) I heard you hollering my name!!!! Peanut butter wormed it’s way into my head after your post …………….. 2 teaspoons after 30 Day shred last night (I really am susceptible to suggestions!!!), so a couple of hundred extra calories, I suppose it was an after exercise energy replacement…………………. Never again though!!!!! Expecting to read a weekend post from you too, stay strong!!!

    So the mentioning of CAKE continues, luckily I’m not at the desperate time JUST before breaking my fast!!! Cheesecake and strawberry cake ………………. Right up my street!!!! I used to struggle when “dieting” with food adverts on the telly, now I get a jolt when reading, to be honest, I usually skim read @anna6 posts because her food descriptions make me salivate uncontrollably!!!! This time around though, with this WOL I think, maybe I’ll have a little of that tomorrow!!!!

    @debster251 – You will not imbibe, you will not imbibe, can you feel me gripping your hand??? You’ve got this, it’s not your wedding anniversary after-all!!!!!

    @rainbowsmile, I’ve done a couple of accidental WFDs, but can’t get my mind into a planned one!!! OMAD seems to be working because the exercise is an appetite suppressant …………………. Until I read about peanut butter ……….. Doh!!!

    Quick post as I’m off to Pilates, Happy Friday people!!!!

    Day 10, Finland, NFD

    I wasn’t planning on posting today, but I just wanted to say a big WELL DONE! to @daffodil2010. I hope you felt some sort of satisfaction when you handed in your resignation. Having had a short stint of 5 weeks at another job in the spring before going back to my old job, sometimes it shows how much you really enjoyed the old job. As everyone has said, things happen for reasons.
    @missybear your wedding sounds lovely. I hope you enjoy the day.

    I have read everyone\s posts and you are all doing an amazing job keep up the good work.
    After my successful fasting this week I saw a new number on the scale today, edging closer to August goal of -3kg!

    Stay strong everyone!

    Day 10 – Ireland – NFD/CD
    Day 9 – FD
    Day 8 – CD
    Day 7 – FD

    Checking in after a busy week here.I never seem to have time to read all the posts but it seems like a very happy Friday out there!
    @missybear your wedding sounds just perfect!
    I am on my way down again weightwise after months of laziness with food choices even though I am very active.. it really is all in the food we take in…exercise is so so important for the mind but no real help with the weight loss..
    Happy Friday all.
    Onward and downward

    Day 10, NFD, Dublin

    Well not the best of weeks, I’m blaming the bank holiday last weekend but also my over indulgence on said weekend. Only managed two 16:8 days this week with calories coming in around 1,000 on both I know I need to get at least 4 done to get the same results as 5:2. Up 2lbs since last Friday weigh in but not sure if this is actual gain as feeling very bloated so lots of water and peppermint oil to help. Have a 10km race on Sunday so healthyish enough weekend ahead and 4 16:8 CD planned for next week. Love reading all of the posts really is motivating to hear about everyone else and their journey.

    @daffodil2010 – I’m so happy that you have found your way through this difficult time and what a result waiting for you on the other side! Best of luck to you on your new venture on Monday I really hope it all works out for you!

    @missybear Wow thank you so much for sharing the details on your wedding what a fabulous day it will be and so special for you both.

    @debster251 I hope you have a wonderful trip to Sligo, I was there for a weekend recently and we had a brilliant time. Streedagh beach and Glencar waterfall were two places we visited that I would recommend. Your motivation to clean your spare room has also pushed me to do the same with mine this weekend. I like to call my box room the room of doom at the moment and in desperate need of an over due clear out!!

    Day 10, Melbourne, Australia – NFD

    Evening, thanks for the supportive comments. I have been trying to keep up with the posts but I am lagging. I wanted to start from the start and I think I’m up to Day 3. I helps getting to know people and how you do things. But I missed posting my 2nd FD yesterday. Again I was pretty pleased with my efforts as I have terrible willpower. Was at work and with all that was going on I was lucky to have my snack! Today I went with my class to a zoo that has roaming animals. It was just stunning. But had a cold and did not have an appetite.

    I am very impressed with peoples healthy choices on their NFD. I don’t think I considered what my TDEE was when I tried this WOL before but am trying to keep this in mind.

    Keep up the good work

    Second post
    Day 10 London UK FD

    Workout done and I’m meant to be hanging up the washing now…so am procrastinating and thought I’d check in on what everyone’s up to here!

    @dykask thank you for adding me to the pocket list!

    @missybear your wedding plans sound wonderful and I think you have exactly the right idea. The day is YOUR day and should reflect that. I’m so excited for you!

    @cornish-jane Go you! A loss after nuts and sourdough, I’m jealous. I only need to look at carbs and they attach themselves to my wobbly belly!

    @debster251 I envy you your bike! Our wee London flat is gorgeous and I adore it but no room for anything like that. Having said that I did have one at my parents house many years ago and it ended up being used as a clothes horse!!
    Re sleep, he actually slept through until 5:30am last night! I know it sounds like an early start for most people but it was heaven compared to what we’ve had over the past couple of months.

    @flourbaby I owe you a huge thanks 💐 It was you talking about 30 day Shred that got me back into it! I’m on day one of level three now so should complete it before our trip to Ireland later this month. Feel great and had forgotten how much I actually enjoy doing it (more so after than during!!). So thank you 🙏

    Also @penz and @flourbaby every time you talk about peanut butter I have to stick my fingers in my ears!

    @lilygorecki congrats on your second FD! Those first few are the hardest and it sounds like you’ll be getting into the swing of things in no time!

    Right, laundry is calling me and I’d better get a move on before Little one wakes from his nap!

    USA Day 10 FD

    Just checking in! I am on my third day of water fasting and found myself down 2 lbs. this morning! That inspired me to try for another day, since I am not feeling hungry or tired. No other symptoms either, which I find remarkable! Never been able to go this far before! Have a great day everyone!

    Day 10 Stevensville Maryland USA CNFD

    Whew, my WFD turned into OMAD, I kept it at 300 calories. Will try again next week. Friday weigh in and the scales are being ever so kind these days. No loss and no gain. I am happy with that. I have been pushing harder with yoga and can really feel and see results.

    @rainbowsmile really hope you can make it to Sedona, I am so excited for the retreat.

    @daffodil2010 Not all storms come to disrupt life, some come to clear your path. So happy for you.

    Have a great Friday everyone.

    Day 10 North Canton OH FD

    @rainbowsmile I am so inspired by you, I really want to try what you have done. It feels like you are exploring a whole new world. Kudos to you!

    @at your posts are always very encouraging and inclusive, we miss you when you are not here. But you deserve your time in the sun – Enjoy!

    @daffodil2010 I am so happy for you, this could not have worked out any better. You were positively bursting with joy and light. I am so glad you got to leave The Glasshouse on your own terms; their loss! How fun it will be to get “smart” new clothes for your new silhouette

    @missybear your wedding plans sound wonderful! When I got married 17 years ago, I was so stressed out and I felt like I had to accommodate everyone’s wishes. I would do everything differently if I were getting married today. This sounds perfect!

    @debster251 thanks for the quote – it will be my mantra this weekend because it is so true. Anticipation is always better than the real thing. Sometimes I eat something I was craving and I am like “Ugh what a letdown” – whereas skinny always feels and tastes great!

    @kerryn73 congrats on the new low

    I weighed in this morning and I am down 8/10 of pound to 162.2 pounds – and the battle continues

    Day 10 pocket list

    USA Day10 FD

    I had to pop in after reading the posts! Congratulations Daffodil! I loved your post, too! Also, Missybear, your wedding plans sound wonderful! You will have a beautiful day to remember! 🙂

    Day 10-NFD-USA

    Thanks @rainbowsmile for your post. I feel better that I’m not the only one who has accidentally reported posts. It made me laugh actually; sounds like something I would do. But what I meant to report is that I think the 500cal fast days are working. I just need to be patient. Was going to FD but I honestly need tons of caffeine and coffee today. I haven’t been getting much sleep lately; I have a 9week old French bulldog puppy. She’s the best; but I’m not sleeping.

    Day 10-NFD-India

    Day 8 NFD
    Day 9 FD

    Had a very busy last few days… didn’t check in.
    Had a tough time fasting yesterday, kept thinking of food. Thank God I resisted the temptation weighed the lowest today in the so many years 62.5kg 🙂
    Have managed to keep my eating in control today.

    Inner peace!!!

    Day 10 – Eastern WA USA (traveling west)

    Just checking in. It’s a difficult stretch to post. Kept yesterday 16:8 and controlled including a light meal with friends at the end of the travel day. Will plan to continue at least 16:8 days while I’m away.

    @daffodil2010 – I’m happy for you!

    @missybear – enjoy your wedding & may it turn out just as to you plan

    Off to the dentist soon, finishing up work before this dental plan ends (need to find a new one for retirement). But on a more pleasant note, should get in a walk on the beach before the day is done; northern Oregon coast.

    Enjoy this Friday forum friends!

    Day 10, Rocky Mountains, US, NFD

    Another party tonight. It seems they are coming out of every corner. It is all very much fun but I need to push the reset button tomorrow as I find myself at the high end of my maintenance weight allowance. And the next summer party is already lurking around the corner! 😊😅😂

    Still not caught up with posts. But I will eventually.

    Have a good Friday everyone! Off to the coffee shop for some ice cold latte! ☕

    Day 10 – USA – NFD

    Supposed to be a FD today, but something very strange happened…an unexpected major whoosh! Did an unscheduled Cruella checkup last night and I was down 8 lbs since August 1st, which brings me to my 150 lb. goal! Is that even possible? I checked it 3 times. This morning I was about 3/4 lb. up from last night’s reading. She’s messing with me and I’m not going to go for the bait, lol! I am switching FD to Saturday, as I am having company tonight and we’ll order a pizza or two.

    @daffodil2010, I totally empathize about feeling at home in a corporate atmosphere and I’m so glad for you! @missybear, your wedding sounds wonderful!

    Second post!

    @daffodil2010: Way to go! I am so happy for you! 🦋🐞🌻

    Still day 10 – @metatauta – woo-hoo! If you hit 150 once you’ll hit it again!

    Just checking in. NFD. Tomorrow will be FD 🙂

    Day 10, FDS, US
    Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! It’s Fridayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

    @flourbaby and @beedoo – DO NOT READ THIS POST!!! Great FD yesterday. I say “great” because I refrained from cleaning up that last teaspoon of peanut butter. I took my mind off the here and now in trying to work out what special occasion or goal is coming up that would be a fitting thing to celebrate with the last of it. I still have no answer so that last bit of PB may be in the cupboard for a while. No bad thing. (And I’m truly very sorry for putting that image in your head @flourbaby!! I will log in over the weekend as penance – thanks for keeping me accountable.)

    Ha ha, @lorky35 – thanks for your explanation but you must have caught it in time as my post is still there and I’ve not been banned!! What’s your puppy’s name?

    Well done for resisting fuel station cheesecake, @foodfreedomgirl. I have a few very trusted friends I can ask “Is that [delicious looking] piece of cake really worth the calories?” Sometimes the answer is yes, but most of the time it is ‘no’ and it’s so much easier to resist when you know in advance you’ll be disappointed.

    @michelinme – “current you” looks pretty amazing (new clothes!) so I can only imagine how much more amazing “future you” will be even with a slow journey back to full health.

    Nora Jones. Great choice! Thanks Rainbowsmile.

    Beedoo – why is that G&Ts (and bottles of red wine for that matter) really do help solve the world’s problems, but then the next morning I can never remember those clever solutions! 

    Yay, @daffodil2010, yay!! I think that one joyous word sums it up.

    You brought a smile to my face, @missybear with your music choice. The (original) Jungle Book movie is my OH’s favourite so I know the song well (but not the Robbie version which I will now have to find!) Sounds like it will be a perfect day – just for you, without having to cater to anyone else’s wants.

    Have a great weekend everyone.

    Day 10: Gloucestershire, UK: NFD.
    Yesterday’s FD went quite well. Had salmon, salad, carrots and a few nuts, that’s all. Hopefully close-ish to 500.
    Have a good weekend, all.

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