August 2018- Monthly Challenge – Summer Sun

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August 2018- Monthly Challenge – Summer Sun

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  • Hi, I can’t seem to add my details to the spreadsheet, my iPad won’t download google sheets. Any ideas?

    Day 3 – India – FD

    Yesterday did not go as planned… Dad came home for a stayover so ended up eating a lot.
    Started strong today, although had breakfast with my dad, have not had anything to eat since. Now sipping on a nice cup of rose tea to help me relax and take care of my hunger pangs. 524 calories at the end of the day not bad.

    Ships don’t sink because of the water around them. Ships sink because of the water that gets in them.
    Don’t let what’s happening around you get inside you and weigh you down.

    Day 3 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Very good FD yesterday at 675 calories. Keeping at maintenance.

    My insurance supplement company sends a doctor to the house once a year (if you want) but I only do every 2 years as I go to my regular doctor annually. This doctor was wonderful, helpful, insightful, and overall great. I have some degenerated discs in my lower back (L-1 to 3) so tend to sciatica. In the past couple months, I started getting tingling and numbness in my legs, so I asked her about that. She suggested an inversion table, traction, or even physical therapy to help elongate the spine. I do know my recent venture into yoga and continuing Silver Sneakers has helped some. I am especially glad I was able to lose the 35 pounds when I did.

    You all help keep my on my course — need to go back and read posts.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 3, Gozo, Malta cd

    Rainbowsmile so you were born in Malta and baptized in the third largest dome in Europe, Mosta church. There was a British base on the Maltese islands at that time, I believe. Thanks for letting me know. I was born on the other smaller island of Gozo and though I worked in Malta for two years the last of my teens, I always lived in Gozo. My OH and I have discovered we love traveling to Sicily for holidays these last thirteen years and have a small house there. Rainbowsmile did you ever come visit Malta again? You know it’s great for swimming in the clear blue seas we are surrounded with. It’s quite hot in though I hear it’s very warm in the uk too.

    Today I ate baked fish stuffed with capers and cherry tomatos and topped with extra vergin olive oil, sea salt. Pepper and lemon juice together with bulgar wheat salad. This evening I’ll have fruit. I’m getting good at eating during mealtimes with no nibbling in between.

    I’m currently babysitting my two granddaughters. Tomorrow my youngest daughter with her OH and son come from Italy and together we’ll meet in Malta to celebrate my other grandson s second birthday with a party.

    Next Wednesday we’re going to a Malta to Malta cruise for a week. I’ll conti fasting when I arrive on the 15 August. I won’t always have access to the internet and might skip some days from posting.

    Have a great Friday everyone it’s the weekend again. Onwards and downwards.

    Day 3 Stevensville Maryland USA CNFD

    Whew after 3 FD’s this week (Mon-Tues-Thurs) I am down 3lbs. Now I need to make me next 3 days (Fri-Sat-Sun) be CNFD’s. I have drank a ton of water and the bloated feeling is gone.

    It’s hard to believe that I already have 20 yachts signed up for winter storage at the marina where I work. We haul about 200+ yachts each year.

    The only barriers are the ones you accept. Have a great Friday everyone.

    Day 3 – USA – FD

    Finally spent 1.5 hours reading through all of August’s posts so far; what a lively and positive group we are! @purplevilet, yay for good results! @rara0292, hope your friend recovers quickly; @lilymartin, welcome again! @arelkade, I can relate and so glad you are on the August thread! @mishty, welcome back again! @songbirdme, thank you for the zucchini recipe; will definitely try it and so good to hear your continued maintenance is successful! @annemarilyn, glad your move worked out smoothly. @borealis, I’ll hold your hand – I’m in the same boat!

    Day 3 – Florida

    NFD today. I did well on my FD yesterday, 568 calories. I also spent most of yesterday exercising. Started attending a Fit and Sit class in the afternoon. Today will recoup. 🙂

    @cal62 I can’t add to the spreadsheet from my Ipad either. Hope that can be fixed.

    @anna6 reading your info about being from Malta reminded me of this saxophone guy on a cruise ship band that I enjoyed watching and listening to. He had a lot of energy while playing, I sneaked behind him and got a picture.:) I asked where he was from and he said Malta. My grandson is an upright bass player, so my interest in music has increased. Have a great cruise.

    Hope everyone has a great Friday.

    2 Nd post

    Keywesterman good to know you met a talented Maltese man playing on a cruise. I bet your grandson has a great grandmother to support him in music! Keep on keeping on and take care.

    Day 3 Wales NFD

    Pleased to read all your sunny posts because in the ‘real’ world its been grey and drizzly for the past few days, there is a promise of sunny intervals for the weekend so fingers crossed. Proud of myself for going for a walk this morning despite the damp day. Yesterday’s FD was a good one, second of the week, so I will relax a little over the weekend and enjoy some red wine……in moderation!! And note to self: DRINK MORE WATER. Next FD will be Monday.

    Good Morning from Texas.. it’s 10:30am and this is my Day 3.

    Headache lasted for 48 hrs after starting my WFD. Finally got some much needed sleep last night and woke up ready to go today.

    Thanks to everyone for the kind words for my friend. She is only 45 and is on life support just waiting for her mom to find the strength to make the right decision. Doctors have given up any hope at this point.

    @rainbowsmile thanks for the advice on the WFD. I will conquer!!! Yes I have been on meds for over 30 yrs for my migraines and for the most part are under control.

    Now on to another FD……good luck y’all


    Day 3 – UK – CD

    Yesterday was also a CD – today had a lovely lunch out with a friend – Planning on making today another CD with no evening meal as lunch was a late one and I still feel full…….so will keep drinking plenty of water for the rest of the day.

    Quick check in for today as now back home watching the cricket between England and India – Great test match so far – England’s early collapse today then young Sam Curran rescued them setting a respectable total to try and get India all out…….so many twists and turns the match is anyone’s to win still….

    Hope everyone is having a good Friday

    “Ability is what you’re capable of doing.
    Motivation determines what you do.
    Attitude determines how well you do it.”

    All will look into the iPad issue and will ask someone more competent than me.

    I have an iPad so will try it out on my iPad.

    Is anyone else on an iPad? Can you try too for me please.


    OK it works fine on my iPad no issues. I am using Google on my iPad.

    Email from Google says that you must be on latest version of Apple software.

    They also say try using the docs app rather than the spreadsheet directly. It can be acquired from the Apple stores.

    And use Google to open the spreadsheet rather than Safari. There are a number of known issues with Safari.

    Hope that resolves the issues.

    Let me know.


    Day 3 – Eastern WA – USA – NFD

    Ended up with a LFD yesterday- water, decaf coffee with cream or almond milk, and herbal iced tea. 37.5 hrs before putting food in mouth. Still haven’t come across Cruella in my unpacking otherwise I might check. Will just work on choices that get me to my goal & check in with the scale.

    @daffodil2010 – your reflection time is giving you a new perspective. Would love to climb into your suitcase headed to Valencia; a wonderful thing to look forward to.

    @rainbowsmile – it’s amazing how you’re finding all the different ‘sunshine’ themed videos etc. Great fun!

    Welcome @louiseo46
    @slacknz – Glad you’re in for August. @@rainbowsmile has us on an encouraging track
    @coda – I’m glad you’re sorting things out.. thanks for the quote: “I am not a product of my circumstances; I am a product of my decisions.” I jotted it down to remind me in all areas of life.

    I’m glad we’re in this together international forum friends!

    Day 3 North Wales NFD

    Pleased to be back, I am not a regular poster. I have been doing these challenges for over a year now and I have found the encouragement and support you get from this forum invaluable. Never thought that I would be able to fast two times a week, but I can and I now look forward to my fast days. I am a 62 year old, who had struggled to lose weight for many years. The 5:2 is my way of life now, I can’t see me not doing it. Hope everyone has a good month.

    Remember Together we are Stronger 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

    USA Day 3 NFD

    Rainbowsmile: I am very old school. I write me journal in a little workbook! LOL It has become such a habit that I can’t eat without doing it!

    My FD was successful and now I am on a controlled NFD. Hopefully, this will be the month I reach goal. I have so little to lose but that in itself can be a problem. It goes very slowly and is easier to put it back on than take it off. I am sure that if I stay the course, I will succeed at some point!

    Good luck, everyone, and have a great day!

    USA Day 3

    Gretta! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Every bride to be seems to go on some sort of diet beforehand! It wasn’t very long ago that I was putting together my daughter’s happy day! I have fond memories of it all!

    Second post ….
    Still no internet , its so annoying! 😡

    @cal62 I added you to our spreadsheet but I don’t use ipad so I can’t tell you what the issue might be, maybe try use Google Chrome as your browser? Just guessing 🤔

    Day 3: Gloucestershire, UK: NFD
    Turned hot and muggy again. Not great on my deliveries. Royal Mail don’t have air conditioned vans…ha….ha! Long weekend off now (every six weeks) back to work on Tuesday. I haven’t managed a fast day yet…hopefully I will.

    Day 3 north Canton Ohio healthy eating day

    I weighed in this morning and another 3 pounds of holiday weight lost. Now at 162pounds with 28.5% body fat. Had a breakfast meeting today and resisted the muffins then had a mother-daughter day with my daughter and had a breakfast croissant. I’m having a glass of wine with dinner. Goal this weekend is to maintain my current loss. I haven’t had a chance to catch up on posts but don’t let the weekend derail you. Stay strong guys

    Day 3 UK second post

    Seem to have managed to throw in an unplanned FD! Currently at 550 calories after evening salad with piles of veggies and plenty of protein.

    Posting here for accountability, hoping i’ll be lss likely to succumb to the late evening carb/sugar siren call. Reminding myself how wonderful i will feel tomorrow if i stick with this unplanned bonus…. time to brush teeth, shower and sleep.

    onwards & downwards!

    Day 3 UK NFD

    Just checking in. Had a busy and tiring day decorating so I didn’t have time to exercise today and my food choices haven’t been great. But tomorrow is a new day.

    Good night.

    Day 3, Idaho, USA warrior FD

    This is my fifth day following my new plan, and by far the hardest. I don’t know if it’s because I am home today, or if I am just plain old hungry after 4 days with a small eating window. I haven’t been counting calories at all, but the scale has dropped 1/2 a pound every day like clockwork. We shall see what the weekend brings. Nourish, nourish, nourish is my chant. Eat to nourish, not to soothe, ease boredom or reward.

    I spent most of the morning in the back portion of our yard tilling and digging weeds and hauling rock. We planted grass in a portion of the back last year, but it would be too much to plant and maintain the whole thing, so it’s just overgrown with weeds now. I am planning to plant a variety of 13 wildflowers! All drought resistant, so after their initial establishment I won’t have to do a lot to maintain them. Looking forward to a meadow for years to come!

    I have very much enjoyed reading all the posts, it will take me a while to feel like I have much to say. Thanks for all the welcomes and encouraging words.

    @grannygrump, welcome! – your handle makes me smile. How good to get ahead in the diabetes game before the need for meds. I love hearing all the natural ways to treat the common to our time illnesses. It’s crazy how much we don’t know about nature and natural healing, but we all know the medications and warnings and terms that are advertised daily!

    @louise046- I will be interested in tracking with you. I am also a runner, and would love to know how the changes in fuel schedule affect your running!

    @diana123 Three pounds in three days! You are light! Yes, this works. Good job.

    Again! Let me encourage you newbies — THIS WOL WORKS!

    Just this morning I stopped at my gym to do a little workout on the weight machines. A gal I remember seeing from when we were at Curves was in there. That was 3 years ago we exercised together.

    She point blank asked me “have you lost weight?” People are still noticing my 35 pound (and many inches) weight loss.

    Go for it! Stay with us.

    Day 4 – India – NFD

    Managed a good fast day yesterday… Also went for a 5kms walk quite pleased with myself.
    Moto for today: Eat and be healthy. Started the day with fruits and egg…
    Going strong…

    Day 4 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    Enjoy the weekend everyone and keep mindful in your food and drink choices 😉

    Day 4, Guildford UK, WFD (4 of 10)

    Struggling with hunger today on waking. And thirsty had a glass of water with some Himalayan salt and it tasted quite peculiar.

    All normal otherwise will stay busy. It’s never taken this long for the hunger to stop. Still no ketones. So still not fat burning. My body might be burning protein as the urine is more normal, not what I have experienced before. No body smell yet.

    I had been worried about my blood glucose as it was in the very lowest end of the range for fasting. If it had been there today would have stopped. So yesterday I tested three times. Pleased to say blood glucose is back to a good level for fasting blood glucose but I will test now three times a day. Just to stay safe.

    Blood sugar = 5.4 ketones = none


    I am staying at my sister’s house for a few days as with this fast I don’t want to be alone over a weekend. I have timed this so that there is only one full weekend. So yesterday I travelled to Manchester, it was a long hot drive so I had fizzy vit C tablets.

    I want this to solidify my diabetes as gone, as my insulin level as measured by the doctor was still in the high end of normal, so bringing that down is my main objective. It’s a little concerning that there are no ketones yet. That means my body is still in glucose mode, trying to store my glucose as fat, rather than burning it. My body is very resistant whether that can change over time I don’t know. But this is the only way I can find to raise my TDEE and basal metabolic rate which is abnormally low.

    I am glad it’s summer as otherwise I might have the shivers.

    My body will be in full autophage mode though which is good and last night such good quality sleep.

    Went dancing. I have shin splints this morning so it’s time to add bone broth for the potassium and minerals. Do some stretching. I will go to David Lloyd near my sister’s house.

    I don’t think it’s a good idea to do cardio, but as the HGH will be high I will do a body pump class.


    Welcome aboard the weekend sunshine train…..

    @louiseo46 have you always had hayfever as badly as in July? Or was this year particularly worrying? The shortness of breath sounds horrid.

    @slacknz it would be lovely if this month could see you reach goal. Take all the encouragement you need to get you there.

    @cal62 and @kaywesterman have you found one of the suggestions worked? I am looking to see if we can save the spreadsheet in an iPad friendly version but haven’t had a response. Am learning as fast as I can but please bear with me as I am a novice at this.

    @anna6 yes I go back to Malta every 5 years or so, I wanted to buy a flat on the island as my second home and retire there, but it was too expensive for me, prices went up. So I bought in Madeira (which is very beautiful) as the flat prices were much more conducive to my pocket.

    @ccco old school is great.

    @songbirdme this WOL definitely works, the lady in the dress shop said I had great legs! Mind you I was looking to buy a top at the time…….

    @jisika and proud of yourself is awesome and quite on cue. Love your post @steffieagle. @sarahbob, yes every day is a brand new start, it’s great to have do overs on this WOL.

    @michelinme I don’t think I have ever had an unplanned FD, so that must feel wonderful, just to know that food is no longer the core of your world. But please take uber care of you with super nutrition. I do fret about you.

    @basyjames, you have resisted a muffin! A whole muffin resisted, that is great going. Now where is our lovely @flourbaby to share in that willpower.

    @ciren2 you can build towards a fast day, by keeping on opening your fasting window and cutting the calories. We must each do what is right for our bodies, i did find that until I cut out all sugar and went low carb I couldn’t stay out of hunger. Yes I am hungry now but I have no cravings. It’s the cravings that get to me. That was a new insight thank you, no cravings this time on my WFD. Usually I dream of bread…………And potatoes……….And Haribo and gummmies

    Pocket list for today

    @rainbowsmile WFD (4 of 10)


    Today’s sunshine is colouring in, and for those who do meditative colouring and who also have children or grandchildren,

    Some free colouring in

    We have another positive sunshine in your heart day


    Day 4 – UK – NFD

    Woke up to a lovely sunny and dry morning 🌤

    Went out early to do the weekly shop and had brunch out with OH – Yummy eggs Benedict with pulled ham hock and a pot of tea for me 😋 That will see me through until my evening meal tonight – crab salad planned – a very tasty National Trust Recipe – Dressed crab with beetroot, grapefruit and radish salad.

    Back home, shopping put away and ready to watch an exciting finish to the 1st England V India Cricket Test 🏏 I’m the cricket fiend – OH could not care less……..

    Have a great weekend everyone – what’s not to enjoy with the sun shining all weekend – at least it is here!

    I love this quote from Michael Jordan:-

    Day 4, Gozo, Malta, nfd

    Rainbowsmile property prices are on the high side in the Maltese islands. I’m sure Madeira is very beautiful though I’ve never been there. I hope you enjoy your retirement with a long life. I also hope you get to be diabetic free with this WOL. It was wise of you to go to your sister s place during these days. I admire you for your endurance in doing WFDs.

    The party will start soon.

    Have a great Saturday everyone, onwards and downwards.

    Day 4 NSW Australia NFD

    Hi everyone! Hope you are all enjoying your weekend. Bye for now!

    Day 4 Stevensville Maryland USA CNFD

    Yesterday was a good CFD kept my TDEE’s around 1000 calories. Going to have a brunch date with DH and the doggies today and tomorrow we will take my MIL out to brunch. I will need to stay mindful and won’t over indulge in the bloodies.

    Be a pineapple, stand tall, wear a crown and stay sweet on the inside. Have a great Saturday everyone.

    Day 4 UK CD

    Yesterday’s unplanned FD morphed into a CD around 1000 calories which makes 3 in a row and will do me just nicely. This morning I’m down 1lb and feeling less bloated – yay! Still not good at resisting late evening food if I’m up and overtired, so need to track back past the food and not be up/overtired!

    I eat pretty healthily @rainbowsmile and have thought in terms of food groups for the past 30 years, back when everyone thought i was weird bc veggie and wholefood and cycling everywhere. I major in vitamins (fruit & veg) add on protein (veggie) and then carb, with sugar as occasional treat. My weight difficulties arose from letting go with carbs, treats becoming habits and having no concept of portion size or calories – and not changing things as my body changed! Current illness aside, my GP is generally amazed at blood results and overall health markers, considering my longterm conditions and capacity restrictions.

    I’ve had a v lazy morning, dozing and listening to Jane Austen’s Persuasion as 3 hr radio drama! Time to get going with yoga & meditation, think about picking some fruit and do some gentle planning for the next couple of days. One large chunk of project stuff to do then i’m into two weeks staycation – yay for breathing spaces! I can feel holiday indolence is seeping into me 🙂

    Day 4 USA (Illinois) NFD

    My DAFD (day after FD) went over TDEE as it often does, but still doing fine.

    Busy next several days with our Annual Pops Concert for our Choral Society in the park band shell is Sunday night. Rehearsal this morning out there. Supposed to be very hot this weekend, so hope everyone stays hydrated.We have some quite elderly singers (in their 80’s and even a 92!) so we will watch them.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 4, UK, NFD

    Its been an ok day so far, couple of glasses of 🍷 last night though, but its ok, having some wine now and than is fine 🙂

    It cooled down just a bit today so its a bit more pleasant and better for exercising, which I intend to do later.

    Hope everyone is having a great weekend 🌼

    Day 4, London, UK, NFD,

    Late check-in after missing yesterday – I just about managed to make it to Pilates, then the dentist then out for a lovely meal yesterday, all at a very slow pace – I really don’t function well in this heat!!!!

    @basyjames, Well done on the muffin swerve, unfortunately the carb dragon still knows where I live, but I’m more able to resist his siren call these days – not ALL of the time though, the world hasn’t stopped turning after-all!!!! @rainbowsmile, I’m joining @basyjames in some halo polishing, although my carb avoidance might have more to do with the heat, because all I’m craving now are salads & water!!!! I’m LOVING the sunshine theme, by the way!!!!

    @coda, I hope the situation resolves itself and you’re able to “forget” the hurtful comments.

    @strawberriesandcream of course I NEED wine in order for me to set foot on the dancefloor, I’m glad the opposite applies to you and you’re back to throwing shapes!!!!! Abstinence-August is going swimmingly …………………… Yes, I do realise it’s only day 4!!!!!

    @annemarilyn, perhaps Cruella is hiding????? You know how much she HATES showing us lower numbers!!!!!!!

    @penz, it’s the weekend!!!! Stay mindful, mindful, mindful!!!!

    @diana123 …………………… I AM in full-on pineapple mode!!!!!!

    Stay strong everyone …………………………….

    “When the power of love is greater than the love of power, the world will know peace”

    Day 4: Gloucestershire, UK: NFD
    @rainbowsmile I’m following your 10-day water-only fast with great interest. How you do it, I just can’t imagine….but it’s very impressive.

    Day 4, Idaho USA NFD

    Cooler weather here yesterday and today, and by cooler I mean for summer. Not cold by any means. Beautiful for my gardening project. Heading out there as soon as I’m done here. Not hiding from food today (as I partially was yesterday!) but taking advantage of the weather and the time I have. Grocery shopping later today. I will soon be surrounded by lovely choices. The kids are back from weeks of working at camp, but I am determined to provide them with only lovely live-giving foods as well. They eat far too much junk food while away and their bodies have got to be crying for healthy options now too!

    Love the thought about Cruella @flourbaby!

    Happy weekend to everyone!

    Day 4 – Iceland – NFD

    Yesterday’s planned FD didn’t happen, usually I would make up for it right away, but I am not yet in the fasting mood… Thinking about doing a B2B2B from Sun-Tue to turn things around. Just need to convince myself that I can do it and then keep to my plan😎

    Thank you @rainbowsmile @michelinme @shinything for your warm welcome, it is good to be back in this wonderful company🙂

    @rainbowsmile – I am reading your WF-posts with great interest, have never tried it but might just join you for a day🙂
    @flourbaby – “deprivation dragon” haha, I know that one😅
    @louiseo46 – glad that you found back too!
    @diana123 and @basyjames – well done losing the 3lbs!
    @metatauta – thank you for holding my hand! Together we can do it!
    @coda and @jisika – loved both of your quotes, really needed the reminder!

    It is unusually sunny in Iceland today, so now going for a walk. Have a relaxing weekend everyone☀️

    Day 4 – USA – NFD

    Yesterday’s FD was a success: 502 cals. Need to keep that up, but it’s nice to know that I can go up to 800 if necessary. This month is already flying by! Everyone have a great weekend!

    Day 4 Eastern WA – USA – NFD

    Shucks, Cruella surfaced as I continued the unpacking. I was tempted to ignore her but decided to brave the news. It wasn’t good @flourbaby. She’s at 213.4 lbs after going off the rails during moving prep July. But on a good note, I’ve been making better choices this week with 3 FDs, including one LFD. I will plan on a similar pattern this week.

    @rainbowsmile – I’m glad you’re being wise in your 10 day WFDs. I just listened to a Dr. Fung & Megan podcast on The Obesity Code. It was a good reminder to me that the type of fasting we do should depend on our goals. As you mentioned your goal this time is not really weightloss. Dr. Jason Fung might have some answers to your wonderings.

    @songbirdme – may your concert go well!

    Enjoy your weekend as we continue this journey together!

    Day 4 – Michigan,USA – MFD

    Yesterday was a bad day for me both mentally and physically. I was very sick but I managed to reach my calorie limit of 1,400 (though I ate a little worst than usual). I’m still in a bad mental state, though, and definitely need to gather some motivation to finish my homework. 🙁

    Bright side: I’m eating so much better today! I’m also 1.4 pounds down since the beginning so that’s great. Very motivating!

    @rainbowsmile – Thank you! I have become very aware of how much your weight can fluctuate. I do weigh myself every day, though, because the weight going up motivates me to eat healthier the next day!

    @Strawberriesandcream – Thank you! If I am the youngest member, that’s really cool!! ^-^

    The support in this community is awesome. 😀 Hope everyone’s doing well!

    Day 4 London UK FD

    Wow, it sure has been busy here! I haven’t checked in for a couple of days so have had s lot of catching up to do.

    For my part, it’s been a lovely busy few days. Thursday and Friday were NFDs and I made mostly healthy choices (there might have been a small slice of chocolate cake and some chips involved!) and stayed within TDEE. Weighed in this morning and I’d unexpectedly lost 0.2kg! Now just 0.3kg away from goal weight. Have been walking lots and completed Day 12 of 30 Day Shred today. Todays FD was good. Again a busy day so it flew by. Have had 325 cals and am full so I think I’m might stop there. No more chocolate in the house so I can’t be tempted!

    It’s been great to catch up on your posts, always keep me on the straight and narrow…and I still have another 70 odd to go! Sorry for not addressing any here…just need to get on top of them first!

    Day 5, Newcastle UK, ?
    Day 4, Newcastle UK, NFD

    Yesterday ran away on me and I didn’t find time to post. I ate far too much at the birthday dinner last night. Thank goodness a day of eating sensibly, maybe even managing an FD, will counteract the shocking number on my scale this morning. Relying on @simcoeluv‘s ‘easy on, easy off’ theory. It’s certainly worked in the past:

    @penz – how you doing??

    Thanks for some great quotes and article links @jisika, @diana123, @at, @flourbaby, @songbirdme.

    Wishing you all a lovely Sunday.

    Day 5 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD
    Day 4 – Ireland 🇮🇪 -NFD

    So busy yesterday and did not post. We went off on the motorcycle to the sunny south east of Ireland collecting points on our Photo Rally. Cracking day. It felt good to be out and about, travelling to great spots by the Wexford coast, visiting a darling little church in a hidden valley in Kilkenny…it was a lovely day.

    There has been a few snacks taken, and wine for the weekend, and definitely not enough water (I avoid water when on the bike…too many pee stops 😆), so today I will sink at least 3.5 litres of water, have green tea, and then enjoy our bank holiday Sunday dinner later with wine. Then it’s Dry till Fri again.

    My mental health is slowly getting back to calm. I still feel distressed at what happened and seriously don’t think I can work with that man again, I can feel stress levels increasing even thinking about it 😱 I was working hard for very little reward, both financially and mentally, and continually spending my day trying to avoid the bosses offensive conversations and comments, tip toeing on eggshells around him as his mood changes so quickly…….let’s face it, I was scared of him but completely denied this to myself…….he thought we worked well together but he still felt it necessary to pull a huge power play on me last week and belittle and demean me in front of my younger coworkers.

    I will not put up with that again. I don’t know yet what I will do but DH is supportive and whatever I do will be the right decision for me.

    I have been quite selfish and not commenting on some of your posts, but I read every one and wish you all the best for the rest of the weekend.

    Together we are stronger.

    Day5 Belfast NFD

    I’m spending the weekend in Dunfanaghy in glorious Co Donegal. For those of you not familiar with Irish geography, it’s about as far north west as you can get and consequently it’s inclined to be quite cold and wet with all the Atlantic weather fronts rolling in. We’re enjoying warm and partially sunny weather, lots of beautiful walks and stunning g scenery.

    @gretta – how exciting you’re getting married! There are plenty here holding your hand to see you through. Stay strong!
    @grannygrump – so many of us have greatly improved our health through this WOL. From one sugar addict to another, keep fighting that dragon! 🐉🗡Good luck with your quest.
    @steffieagle – what an inspirational post! Thank you for sharing your journey.
    @daffodil – sometimes it takes something to jolt us out of our comfort zone. I hope you find what you’re looking for. Sound like you’ve got a great yoga teacher too!
    @rainbowsmile – you are becoming our resident prof. Are you stealing the spot usually occupied by @dykask? Haven’t heard from him recently. If you’re stalking @dykask and any other old friends, do drop in and say hello.
    @louiseo46 I follow a 16:8 pattern every NFD and find it works well for me. I also only eat one meal in my FD. I find it works week for me.
    @songbirdme sciatica is a horrible thing to have. Hope the tingling goes soon. My physio really helped get rid of mine.
    Enjoy your cruise @anna6
    @rara0292 how dreadful to hear about your friend. Thoughts and prayers for her family and for you too. I echo @shinything’s advice. Perhaps just sticking to the basic 5:2 for a while would help.
    @diana123 – I love your pineapple quote!

    No booze this weekend. I’ve been the designated driver so hoping to see no scale damage when I get home.
    Will be watching the hockey final this afternoon and cheering on Ireland.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone.

    Day 5, Manchester UK, WFD (5 of 10)

    I typed day 4 of course it’s day 5! Already, gracious.

    At long last no hunger! Only 5 days in and no hunger, so I believe I will be burning fat stores. Sleep is amazing, so refreshing. Woke really really energised and feeling good. Not my usual sluggish self. I went dancing until 2 in the morning. Guess what was on our table? Gummy bears….

    So I went and swapped the gummy bears for popcorn with another table so we had 4 bowls of popcorn, I don’t like popcorn tastes like cardboard to me. Someone did comment it was odd our table has so much popcorn. I feel very mean and confessed to much mirth around the table.

    Will be seeing my niece’s new baby today, will get lots and lots and lots of pictures of me and little Josh.

    Gotta love it.

    Anyways blood sugar =5.1 ketones= trace

    Ketones means I am fat burning! Yeah! Those little bloated cells will be giving up half a pound of their contents today.

    HGH will be on the decline now gradually so I will take advantage of the muscle building by doing body pump again. Great sleep means autophage is still going on.

    Gut biomes not complaining yet. Am at my sister’s house so no bone broth will have Bovril and warm water. Extra salt needed today as it’s hot and I am exercising.


    @daffodil2010 sounds like #grungeguybossannoying was the final trigger that made you realise #goodjobgonebad. We understand you can contribute when its your time.

    @strawberriesandcream i just love these challenges and things crop up all the time to make it fresh and new. Thank you for the link.

    @beedoo the weekends are always quieter on the board. Everyone is so busy getting on with their lives. So so busy. Goal approaches, I look forward to highlighting you or @shinything can enjoy the delight.

    @cosmokid I am hoping today is a much better day for you. If you have spent your life overweight sometimes posters say their body image doesn’t catch up with their weight loss. You are cool to be here and learning the strategies for the rest of your life. And the days off are needed to balance life. If you are in the UK have you considered learning to dance? I do Ceroc which is so fun and so easy to learn, it’s for all ages and no partner needed. Lots of lovely youngsters to dance with.

    @annemarilyn that’s why they call her c.r.u.e.l.l.a. this WOL and certainly and particularly this August will bring you back to sunshine. It’s just a blip.

    @metatauta a success! Oh yes!

    @borealis I just realised the significance of your handle! DUH! And I would love you to join me in a WFD. You can try the 7pm to 7pm strategy if that suits you.

    @foodfreedomgirl I just love your approach and the scrummy way you describe nutrition.

    @ciren2 thank you for the compliment. It’s this or die an early death from diabetes and it’s complications, so that’s my motivation. But it’s great to know other posters find it interesting. It’s partly to keep me on the straight and narrow, no largely to keep me avoiding gummy bears.

    @flourbaby halo polished and gleaming.

    My lovely @shinything you brighten my day. I hope all is well And August is seeing you proud.

    @diana123 I am more rhubarb, slightly bitter and stringy with a red face.


    And for today’s sunshine

    We are walking on sunshine today.


    Pocket list

    @rainbowsmile WFD (5 of 10)


    Day 5, London, UK, NFD

    Aiming for a controlled NFD today, yesterday was OK, although the cashew nuts & dried mulberries; fabulous as they are; are little calorie bombs I have to be careful of …………………… not quite as bad as peanut M&Ms though!!!!!! I’m still with @dykask in believing that nuts are great for my gut bacteria, so I’ll stick with them, I just have to limit my consumption!!

    I need to get back into the OMAD groove, as it worked so well for me in June, I would eat at 3-4pm then exercise at 7pm which I found suppressed any hunger, followed by a quick shower then bed.

    @annemarilyn ……………………. Damn that Cruella!!!! I hope you & @strawberriesandcream prove @simcoeluv‘s ‘easy on, easy off’ theory………….. I certainly have after my holiday!!!

    I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend and staying mindful ………………….. Fasting is easy it’s the NFDs that can be my downfall, at least the healthier choices are becoming 2nd nature………………..Finally!!!!!

    Keep the faith people, we’ve GOT this!!!!!

    Day 5 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    Cloudless blue sky and ☀️ in Pembrokeshire today. Enjoyed perhaps a little too much cheese, nuts and red wine yesterday so I’m promising myself to be more controlled next weekend…..relaxing at the weekends is my weakness.

    @penz how are you doing?

    @rainbowsmile WOW! I’m fascinated by your water fasting reports. Hope you get fantastic results.

    Happy Sunday all 😎

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