are there many guys on this diet ?

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are there many guys on this diet ?

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  • Mnman58, I am in pretty much the same position. I have achieved my initial weight loss target and am kind of playing with the idea that it would be good to lose another seven pounds, but I am not trying very hard. We have had about 10 inches of snow in the last 36 hours, I guess not much by Minnesota standards, but an excuse to drink some whiskey.

    Well I’ve been following the posts with interest but not posting for a while.
    I see Mnman’s post about feeling like a stalker. Totally agree…
    The news is not good. It’s been a year since I reached my target weight with a loss of 12kg. And I’ve been letting myself go slowly. I could feel the extra pounds creeping back on with my jeans and hadn’t weighed myself for a year.
    Big mistake. It is said that people who weigh themselves regularly, keep their weight down better than those who don’t. I had been using a connected set of scales linked to my iPhone and the company was bought up by Nokia. Reading the conditions of use I see that they have access to all my data so I just stopped using the thing.
    Anyway, I’ve put on 7kg in a year. That still leaves me 5kg down from the start. But when it starts sounding like a poker game, it’s not good.
    Many reasons for this – wife stopped working so we eat most lunchtimes which I didn’t before. She’s also stopped her diet so it is difficult to eat less if your partner isn’t following you.
    And summer in Italy, back on the single malt. Whatever.
    Dispite my bi-weekly hockey games, it’s not staying down. I have to find that motivation again…

    MnMan, can you suggest some good facebook groups for 5:2?

    David V, great to hear from you. I do like to track my weight and BF% and I find it to be helpful as motivation. But I’m pretty good at ignoring it too! LOL Although exercise is essential for good health it is not too effective for weight control.

    It took me a long time to convince my wife that living on sugar and carbs is not healthy. Now that she is on the program most of the time it is much easier.

    Keep us posted on your progress.

    @david V: nice to see your post and know I am not alone in a “struggle” as I work towards sustainable long term realistic changes.
    Calorie restriction/fasting is a challenge over the long term that sometime puts us outside of the main stream. At this time of year, for those of us in the frozen North, it is a greater challenge as our nature and nurture pushes us to overindulge.
    As you, @diverdog and others attest, keeping track of key metrics is key; I fell behind on my food and exercise diary which led to not recording weight/body fat and eventually stopping altogether when other life influences reared their ugly heads.
    Guess it all boils down to maintaining motivation and momentum.


    I follow a few different 5:2 groups on Facebook, for a little added motivation. Sometimes there are food ideas, success photos, etc.

    I searched for 5:2 groups on FB and I follow these below. You can search for them, then send a request to join, which gets approved.

    – The 5:2 Diet
    – 5:2 Fasting Food Menu Ideas and Recipes
    – 5:2 Fasting Diet
    – The 5:2 Intermittent fasting diet Support Group Australia

    Once you join the group, you can leave the group at anytime, or just stop following them, if you no longer want to see their posts.

    Thanks MnMan, I use several support and discussion groups on FB so I’m quite familiar with the process. I just wanted to know which ones you found valuable.

    Gent’s just when I think I have this sh!t figured out my scale throws me a curve. I had two less than stellar NFD’s and got on the scale only to find out I weighed 2 lbs less that I usually do starting my FD. Go figure. I really enjoyed that 1/2 lb cheese burger with a nice glass of cab as my last meal yesterday with frozen custard for desert! The only good thing is I skipped the fries and finished eating by 5:00 PM

    No issues today with a water fast holding up just fine. I’ll be interested to see what my weight, BF% and ketones will be when I break my fast tomorrow morning

    This last 2:1 cycle results are quite good 166.4 lbs. My lowest ever adult weight was 166.2 Lbs. I’m hoping this next cycle will set a new low. My blood ketones were only 0.9mmol before I broke my water fast. They usually run 1.5-1.8mmol. I did not do my normal 20 minute HIIT yesterday to deplete my glycogen stores.

    Gents, I’m trying my first ever B2B waterfast. So far it’s going very well. Hit another new low going from 165.2 to 164.2 lbs. Blood ketones indicate good fat burning after the first water fast day. It will be interesting to see how an additional 24 hours of revved up fat burning works.

    Best wishes for a happy/healthy end to 2017 gentlemen; I am not weighing, measuring or fasting till the New Year.

    And to you and all here. However, after Christmas I can’t wait that long to fast!

    Happy holidays to all of you. First day of a B2B water fast today after five days of relative guttonry. I’m going to finish this year strong.

    I will try to finish the year warm; small steps on a -20 Celsius morning…very small literally and figuratively! Coldest temperatures in over a century in many parts of city, colder tonight with a prediction of -30 (-22 Fahrenheit.) The one bonus is an Arctic blue and clear sky with lots of light. Brief excursions outside demand carbs and heat upon returning inside;at this point everyone on the street looks like a Michelin Man, in multiple layers and down Parkas!
    Time to start minimizing/eliminating holiday “indulgences” in anticipation of New Year “penance and reform” when/if the temperatures raise to a tolerable level. The first to go will be the cookies and chocolate; potato chips are already banished to new homes.

    Quick question ….I m wondering how you measure your blood ketones and what are benefits and good numbers/bad numbers etc. Any advice for this newbie would be appreciated. I ve been an intermittent 5 2 user and trying to get more discipline in my fasting. For me, I think the main benefit is the preventative health issues, particularly related to mutant cell growth. Thanks

    afternoon everyone.

    has anyone tried meal supplements such as the Cambridge diet, or lighterlife in conjunction with a 5:2 plan?

    i think like most i indulged far too much over Christmas, i have a holiday to mexico coming up on 22nd jan so would like to lose about 2 stone between now and then, even if its so i can look better for the first few days of the holiday lol.


    JF2018. I tried the Cambridge diet before I came to 5:2. It made me constipated and gave me bad breath that would stop a pig in it’s tracks at fifty paces. To be fair, I lost weight whilst I was on it, but as soon as I stopped I put it back on. I think your chances of losing two stones by 22 Jan are pretty much zero – that is more than a pound a day for 25 consecutive days. I had a lot of weight to lose when I came to 5:2 and fasting two consecutive days and staying below my TDEE for five, I shed about one stone in my first month, which is as much as I did on the Cambridge and you can stay on 5:2 for ever.

    Dezburn, Like you I fast for the health benefits, weight control is a side benefit. I use a blood ketone meter called Keto-Mojo that works like a glucose meter that diabetics use. The amount of ketone bodies in the blood indicates when the body has switched from burning glucose (sugar) to fat (ketones). If you are in a calorie deficit the body will alway be burning a little fat.

    I wanted to know when my body switched to burn a lot of ketones. What I found out from experimenting is that for a 5:2 style 35 hour “fast” eating <600 cal my ketones went from virtually none to ~0.5mmol indicating a little bit of fat burning. When I switched to a 35 hour water fast I saw an increase to 1.1 -1.5 mmol indicating a much better fat burn. When I added a second day to the water fast ~ 5.2 mmol! Really torching the grease. When I did a 5 day <600 calorie fast it took 3 1/2 days to hit 1.1 mmol and never went higher.

    I now prefer the 2 day water fasts. It rests the gut, helps the body become metabolically agile to burn sugar or fats, promotes apoptosis and autophagy of damaged cells.

    Thanks for the info. A couple of more questions……Did I read this correctly ( at that age where reading glasses are a necessity) that when you did a two day water fast your ketones went to 5.2 mmol? That was not a reference to the diet?
    Also when you do the water fast, do you only consume water ( assume tea without milk/sugar is oak as well).
    Finally how much does the meter cost? Do you actually do a pin prick to measure it every time?
    I also note that from what I have read apoptosis and autophagy are the real benefits of any restricted calorie diet. I m interested in learning whether it is necessary to be on long term calorie restriction or some type of limited restriction like 5.2. Based on your limited sample study it seems that you are receiving more of the benefit through limited restrictions than on a long term basis

    dezburn, I drink black coffee during the water fast, tea is fine too. The 5.2 mmol is from a 2 day WF not he 5:2 diet. Google keto-mojo for a current price.

    From the research I’ve seen it’s not very clear if the health benefits from 5:2 are from a reduction in calories causing fat loss and or the calorie restriction on “fast” days.

    I believe that to get the major benefits of fasting you need to really fast. As few calories as possible and as Valter Longo suggests in his “fasting mimicking diet” no protein.

    5:2 certainly works for weight control and it is palatable for people that don’t want to make a major change in the way they eat.

    My B2B WFD’s are successfully completed. Day one was tough because of the carb cravings set up by four days of unrestricted eating. Day two was much easier.

    I’m pleased that I hit a new low of 161.6 lbs 73.5 Kg @ 5’10”.

    The carb cravings and joint inflammation I experienced from unrestricted eating is pushing me to make better food choices.

    The 2 day water fast is a good start to my next self experiment, following the plant paradox eating plan on NFD’s. Mostly veggies with the exclusion of all grains, fruits, pulses and nightshades. No cow dairy products. Pastured eggs, goat & sheep cheese, small fish and shellfish for protein. Plenty of avocado, gee, olives and coconut for fat. Sweet potatoes and other resistant starches. Fortunately I love all of these foods! FD’s will continue to be water fasts.

    just finished second fast day after coming back to the 5-2 ( sounds like a police precinct). Actually felt good and got through evening hunger pangs to extend fast till the morning and did not over indulge. I find that oatmeal with fruit in the morning is great way to break fast because the fiber is filling and stops over eating. will exercise today as well

    Sounds like a good start dezburn.

    A good New Year to all here. As someone on another thread we use says “Onwards and downwards”.

    Happy 2018 to all!

    I’m starting the new year with a much needed water only fast day today. It will be a cleansing, detoxifying day, after enjoying the holidays.

    Here’s hoping you continue to find the motivation in 2018 to reach or maintain your “5:2 way of life” goals. Cheers…

    December was kind to me as I’m down 5 lbs to an all time low of 161.4 lbs. I’ve had a wicked cold for the last 4 days. I’m rarely sick and this has put a damper on my plan to get back to regular exercise.

    Looking forward to a great year supporting each other.

    Some info on fasting from Dr. Jason Fung’s most recent blog post:

    I’m pretty sure we here know that a 30 fast isn’t a good idea, but apparently not everyone else does.

    Some info on fasting from Dr. Jason Fung’s most recent blog post:

    I’m pretty sure we here know that a 30 day fast isn’t a good idea, but apparently not everyone else does.

    A Happy and Healthy New Year to all from the frozen North, wind chill of -35 to -45 this morning! No beach bodies doing 10k before breakfast here ( if sane) as frost bite warnings prevail. In compensation a crystal blue sky with brilliant sunshine is keeping the soul warm.
    Yesterday was my first fast day of 2018; kept under the 600 Cal mark. Laughing at myself;the batteries have died in my scale so I can not weigh in and report on a 2018 starting point. It was a challenge to get back on schedule.
    Best to all

    August, you are a brave man! It’s been in the mid 60’s here and ~40 at night. Too cold for us so it’s off for a cruise Saturday! LOL

    Look at the bright side, cold helps fat burning!

    I haven’t done any FD’s since the 27th but I’m down to an all time low of 159.6 lbs. I’m sure when I’m back from the cruise I’ll need a few!

    Been a while since I posted.
    Had a mild flu for a week or so – no vomiting, etc, just chills, aches, cough. Really only slowed me down, killed my appetite & gave me excuse to not do much (it was cold last IAC). Spouse & I caught I it from neighbours, who were very sick.
    Anyhow, dropped 4 lbs to 156 so will attempt to slowly add some back on – 160 is low enough for me.

    bcjmmac, lots of that going around. I had it for the first week of January. No fun!

    Las Vegas NV
    Day 15 NFD

    Back from my 7 day cruise up 2.8 lbs to 163.8. I was quite conservative with my eating, staying away from the buffett and enjoying the fine dining restaurants. However I did eat a lot of my forbidden foods IE bread and ice cream. I’m paying for it with sore knees and AC joint. No doubt that inflammation is real for me.

    Yesterday was a travel day home and I made it my first WFD of the month. It’s time to start my 2018 resolution to get in 4 workouts a week so It’s off to the gym today to start easing back into weight lifting.

    I have been back from Madeira for about three hours – weigh in tomorrow morning, fingers crossed. Can you catch flu/common cold on-line? Because I have just had it as well!

    Please stay or get healthy gentlemen,I look to you as my motivating inspirations! FD today after a busy, enjoyable, but rather indulgent weekend.
    Just to scare those living in the desert, or visiting the tropics…I was walking on a frozen lake yesterday, about 2 hours north of the City, bundled up in my Arctic Parka, insulated snow boots and 3 other lawyers. Body image is not really an issue in January!

    LOL..layers;lawyers provide little warmth!

    Well three of them in your parka and snow boots with you could be cosy.

    Down three pounds over the week. Content with that.

    Penguin, so your the one that sent me that 3 lbs! LOL

    I could spare a few more if you want them

    Monday morning check in. Still got that common cold/flu combo. Not enjoying it but it suppresses the appetite and over the last 14 days I am down 7 pounds.

    Hi all. I’ve spent the last 3 days reading this thread from start to finish – very enlightening it has been too! I’m just getting into the 5:2 technique and am commencing my 2nd WFD as I type. The first day (Monday) seemed to go very well as I managed to stretch it out to 42 hours and honestly could have gone on till tea time which would have made it 48 hours but the thought crossed my mind that if I start pushing the envelope this early on it might lead down paths I don’t want to take. Anyway if I can do 42 hours twice a week I will be happy. There doesn’t seem to be as much activity on this board now as there used to be so hopefully some new blood might help. I am 57 years old, male, and overweight at 12stone 9.5lbs (177.5lbs). I measure 37.5 inches round the belly button and I am 5ft 8in. My goal is to get down to 11stone (154lbs) and reduce my waist to 33 in or less. I am doing Dr Moselys fast exercise routine on my stationary bike ie 3 x 20 sec bursts all out at max resistance, 3 times a week, and it is a killer! About 6 or 7 secs into the burst my thighs are burning with lactic acid and by the 20 sec stage I feel like throwing up – but allegedly this is all good! So hey ho. I am also doing a modified Joe Wicks HITT routine that involves doing high knees, body weight squats, jumping jacks and a side to side shuffle while punching out in front of myself. Each exercise is done for 30sec followed by 30 sec rest for 20 mins, so 10 min hard work, also 3 times a week. Not as hard as the bike routine, but gets you sweating and raises the heart rate somewhat. Anyway I’ve prattled on long enough, so hello again to everyone and I hope to speak with you all at some point about different aspects of 5:2.

    Notascoobie, welcome! It sounds like you are having a strong start. This site seems to be soaking in estrogen but there are some men here doing very well. Many of the other threads are touchy-feely and loaded with recipes. That’s fine as support groups are great for helping compliance but a little different from what most men communicate.

    I do 40 hour water fasts and, intense exercise four days a week. HIIT on an exercise bike and old school pumping of the iron. Just hit an all time low of 15.8% BF, shooting for <14%

    Hi guys, started this on 2nd January. First target is to loose 2 stone but looking to lose 4 stone overall if i can. lost 4 pounds week 1, 4 pounds week 2 and 7 pounds week 3. week 3 mainly down to alot of exercise and calorie counting on my non-fast days.

    Been good reading your posts and seeing how other guys are doing. have a fast day tomorrow so hopefully can keep busy and keep at 600 calories.

    Diverdog, thanks for responding. I’m not sure what my bf% is but would not be surprised if it was somewhere in the 28 to 30% range (based on images from the web). From the numerous books I‘ve read on losing weight it seems that making sure the majority of it is fat and not lean body mass should be the main aim, so I would be interested to hear what you do weight training wise? I have some dumbbells in the house but I don’t really have any experience with weight training. No bench either, so I will probably be pretty limited in what exercises I can do. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Anyway I am now 16 hours into WFD 2 and all is good. Going to play golf in about an hour or so, that should pass some of the time and get the daily steps up. Wife bought me a Fitbit charge 2 and I am getting a bit anal about the daily steps thing and moving every hour – for the moving thing I go up and down our stairs 10 times which is about 300 steps. Will check in later with an update. Oh almost forgot to say I was only up 0.5lbs when I weighed myself this morning so hoping to hit a new low tomorrow morning. Well done on your all time low, keep it up!

    Well I would like to say that the golf went well, but that’s not strictly true! At least I got some fresh air and a bit of exercise though. Now 24 hrs into WFD2 and that is going well. I’ve had 2 cups of green tea and a couple of glasses of water so far and seem to be coping pretty well. A few rumble tums, but no great hunger pangs. I’m due a hiit torture session on the stationary bike in the morning and then just need to get through to lunch time for another 42hr fast completed. Might go for a walk after the hiit session to burn off some of the released triglycerides that will be floating around my system. Looking forward to the weighin in the morning.

    I know this is an old posting, but it still figures prominently in the front page on this website ….

    I am a male, and I have been using 5:2 Intermittent Fasting since May of 2013 – nearly 5 years.

    I have lost up to 106# over that time, and though I continue to gain muscle mass through strength training, I am still hanging at around -102# overall …

    Just as important – I have completely cured my awful blood chemistry using 5:2 Intermittent Fasting.

    I started process this in desperation to reverse my poor blood health and reduce the size of my morbidly obese body …. I have been successful beyond my wildest dreams …

    I am now doing water fasts for Autophagy (look it up – You want to know this term) …

    My plan going forward is to use a 36 hour water fast once a month, and work up to one 72 hour fast every 3 months, and continuing the 5:2 IF process in the interim …

    This is doable …. I recommend starting practice fasting … eat a fast day breakfast or dinner … Start a diary to accurately count your actual calorie consumption so you know what’s going on in YOUR life ….

    Good Luck !

    Welcome, TrajanGregory. Wow you certainly are doing well with 5:2. Most of the men here are pretty well educated on the benefits of fasting. Autophagy and apoptosis are not unknown words here. Keep us posted on your progress.

    Anyone had issues with sleep on the night of a WDF? Just completed my 2nd 42hr stint and the only issue I”m having is getting to and staying asleep.

    Hi TrajanGregory. 106lbs lost – that is some achievement. Welcome and keep up the good work.

    No problems actually sleeping but I do find that I wake perhaps an hour earlier – sleep quality is fine, just need slightly less of it.

    Hmm. It takes me about 1-2 hours to get to sleep, and then it is very restless. Strange.

    Hello and welcome @notascoobie,@Nessboy,@TrajanGregory; best wishes for continuing success.
    @notascoobie: I have had the same issue with sleeping on Fast days. In summary I have been told that it is a hormonal reaction to not enough protein; our brain thinks we are without a food source and releases a hormone to help us stay alert. I think it goes back to the cave and tree living days when if you did not get enough protein you were in danger of becoming some other creatures protein source! I saw this quote at “Fasting induces nocturnal hypothermia in animals and food deprivation in general tends to increase vigilance. This makes sense evolutionarily. With an empty belly the animal needs to be alert for feeding opportunities and go into an energy conservation mode (hypothermia to some extent).”

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