Anyone else have diarrhoea after fasting?

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Anyone else have diarrhoea after fasting?

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  • Sorry if too much info.
    But I really need help and advice.
    I’ve been doing 5:2 for a couple of months now.
    And had some success with weight loss however this was before Christmas and I ate my body weight in chocolate!
    Over Christmas I have been extremely bloated and I have slow transit constipation which obviously doesn’t help with feeling like that.
    So yesterday did my first fast of the year, went well, woke up today feeling much less bloated and lighter already.
    Had breakfast was fine, then had lunch, and within 10 mins of finishing lunch. Without any warning had terrible diarrhoea! No warning so didn’t make it too toilet. Never in my life have i experienced anything like it even when with stomach bugs.
    The thing is although today was the worst it’s ever been, it’s not a one off. Since doing the 5:2 on the day of fasting or the next day after a fast I have terrible diarrhoea fortunately up till now made it to a toilet. And as usually I’m the opposite constipated it made a change.However Today was so quick and it’s made me really weary about carrying on. As although the results with weight loss have been good. I couldn’t cope with explosive diarrhoea as a side effect. I wouldn’t want to leave the house the way I was today.I’ve had a look around on net and some people say they have also had diarrhoea but usually after much longer fasts of a few days. The strange thing is like I’ve previously said for years I’ve had slow transit constipation and have to use laxatives for days normally to go.
    I’m sorry if this all too much information but I’d really like to continue but not sure what to do any advice appreciated.

    Hi Sally40, I did my first 800 cal fast this week and the next morning after breakfast at work, I nearly pooed myself! And went home,but it was just one very urgent episode and then just felt bloated every time I ate. Not sure if it is because of the fast or something else. Not fun though!!

    No it’s definitely not and could possible cause extreme embarrassment. I will see how my next face day goes and see if it happens again.

    Hi Sally,

    What did you eat on your fast day, and what did you have for breakfast and lunch the following day?

    Hiya I had porridge with milk for breakfast then for lunch I had ham, mushrooms and tomato’s not a great deal of food.

    If you didn’t experience this problem before it may be due to it being your first FD after a period of overindulgence at Christmas when all of us consume a lot of rich foods and less than healthy options.

    I would be interested to know what and how much you ate and drank on your FD.

    Do you always have constipation? What have you tried to resolve it? Are you eating a sufficient amount of leafy veg etc and do you drink enough water every day?

    Sorry to ask so many questions but if you can give as much information as possible either myself or someone else reading this thread might have a solution.

    Hi thanks for reply, I will add abit more information incase anyone has any advice. Yes I have experienced diarrhoea now quite a few times the day after a fast so it wasn’t first time. On my last fast had lots of water and just one meal on the evening a rice dish I make up. I have and always have drank lots of water wondering if I’m drinking too much?
    As for my constipation, had at least 10 years now constantly. Before that on/off throughout my life. You name I’ve tried it to resolve it. Finally after years of having it and numerous hospital test they diagnosed slow transit. A part of my bowel muscle doesn’t work properly. Consultants have told me there is no permanent cure. Apart from surgery which could result in my having a colostomy bag. So declined that hopefully it will never come to that. As the only other option I have in daily laxatives. Which work for while than stop. So basically I manage it. I’ve been told eating certain way more fibre less fibre will not improve it it’s not down to diet I wish it was. So as I’ve had such a problem with constipation for such a long time. It’s strange that doing 5:2 is making me have diarrhoea. Any advice appreciated

    Drinking more water than your body needs results in lots of trips to the loo to empty ones bladder. It won’t cause diarrhoea.

    Are you taking laxatives every day at present? And if you are, what time of day do you take them?

    Hi @sally40

    Like you I’ve always has issues with constipation but since I’ve been taking Rhubarb Complex tablets from 21st Century Herbs I am so much better, in fact no (and sorry everyone) I do generally go everyday which for me is totally amazing.

    The website is

    Yes I take daily on a evening.

    Hi daw1962,
    I’m glad you’ve found something that works for you.
    Myself I’ve tried tons of stuff recommended by others that work for them including colonics. Nothing worked for me.


    Maybe you should try not taking laxatives on fast days for a couple of weeks and see if that makes a difference.

    Yes I will try that, and see if that stops it.

    I’m having same issue. Started 52 a couple of months back and immediately had less bowel movements. Then this month and last it’s other end of the scale and makes me feel unwell. I suspect it’s the rich foods from the Xmas and New year. Swinging between that and fasting is probably confusing the body a great deal. I’m wary of it but refuse to quit until eating has gone fully back to normal. Sorry I can’t help more but you aren’t alone.

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