Anyone can help me interpret my weight/body fat data?

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Anyone can help me interpret my weight/body fat data?

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  • Hi,
    Today I’ve weighed myself at the gym. This scales has two handles you hold while weighing myself.

    Weight 83.0Kg
    BMI 23.7Kg (your ideal BMI is 18.5 to 25.0)
    BODY FAT: 14.1% (ideal body fat 20.2 to 29.2%)
    BODY FAT MASS: 11.7Kg (Ideal is 16.7Kg to 24.2Kg)
    I’m male.

    I’m aiming to reach 79Kg as I still have some flab in my waist.

    Are these machines reliable for body fat measurement?

    I’ve always been lean-built (on the skinny side) although I gained some muscle in my youth with weight training.

    Any help much appreciated


    If you google body fat measurement/ hand held/ gym/ accuracy etc, you’ll find a huge number of articles discussing this.

    The quick answer seems to be that the hand held device at your gym will only be measuring your upper body composition. And no, its not reliable!

    Thanks for that. I’ve read a some articles and the information is somewhat contradictory but mostly agree that this is quite unreliable.

    Mr Mosley uses what seems to be a reliable scales with BMI meter. He holds a handle with both hands while his feet stand on a metal plate, so this seems to measure the impedance between his hands and his feet, with would measure the whole body composition? (or most of it).


    You can see it in 53:46 in the documentary:

    I wonder if that one is good.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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