Any Vegans out there? :)

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  • Hey!
    I’m just starting out on the 5:2 diet and wondered if there are any other vegans/veggie out there who have any advice for me!

    I’m just wondering what you eat/how often you eat, because plant foods contain more water which digests a lot quicker than other foods. I know from before I did this diet, I would need to eat quite often to stay full, I’m only on day 2 so any advice would be great! 😀

    Hi Kathryn,

    I’m a lacto-ovo vegetarian and I’m just wrapping up my 4th week on the 5:2 diet. I love fasting days because they are the easiest for me to follow and adhere to! I’m trying to think of what advice I have for you… I think my diet, which includes eggs, wouldn’t be of assistance for your needs. I tend to have coffee with almond milk in the morning and then I make it to about 3PM when I finally eat 1 fried egg. Then I eat whatever meal I make for my family (we’re an all vegetarian family) in a smaller quantity, trying to eyeball the amount for that cap at 500 calories.

    Hi Kathryn,
    lapsed vegetarian here, so maybe not as useful to you as other vegans who will surely come along.

    The tip for fast day foods is to make them high protein and low GI as that keeps you fuller for longer (and also avoids the sort of sugar rush that gives you the munchies).

    I tend to go through the day with cuppas to keep me going, and then have a big bowl of soup in the evening. It might suit you to do the same and make a hearty soup maybe with tofu, legumes or whatever your favourite protein is.

    Other people find a big bulky salad is the thing.

    Fast day is a hungry day, it is meant to be. But it is just one day, so you can survive! You can spend it fantasising about what delicious things you will eat the next day!

    It feels so good the next morning!

    Most people find that they get used to having some hunger waves and the idea of being hungry stops feeling frightening. And most people find they get used to the feeling of fast days and they become easier and easier.

    I felt so good at the end of my first fast day, and even better the following morning, so that it was easy for me to work on making this a long term, sustainable way of eating. I have some easy cruisey fast days and some nasty gripey ones, but I always have enormous pleasure eating normal healthy food the day after a fast day (and the day before!).

    It has been over a year now and I am getting very close to maintenance mode. 5:2 has been the best thing for my health (and my vanity! 😉 )

    best wishes to you!

    The thread below is an active group who eat vegan/plant foods, if you haven’t already, you might want to check it out…

    Hi, I eat Whole Food Plant Based and have done for about 5 years. I have settled into doing IF 18 / 6, I fast from 6pm to around noon the following day, I eat a larger meal at noon and a smaller one at 5.30 – 6pm, this seems to suit me better than 5.2, I have 12 very stubborn menopause kilos clinging to me! occasionally I’ll do a longer water only fast, I’m new to IF and I’m deciding what suits me best.

    I would have thought that eating unhealthy for a vegan would have been almost impossible but I suppose sugar and alcohol are vegan foods? So avoid sugar and alcohol. Avoid grain based products, so for whole foods. Have large raw veggie salads and put whatever are you favourite veggies in there. Lots of bulk and fibre and low calorific content. Im not a veggie/vegan but dinner for me is mostly large salads with some tofu or cheese or tuna.

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