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  • Hi all, I’m 52 and just registered to start this thing. Looking to shed a small spare tyre I have. Am overweight but not obese and lacking motivation due to a variety of social factors. I play some sport but not often!
    Have made a major diet change decision to see if this house is now empty of junk foods as a start and I am switching to nuts and yoghurt and rice crackers for snacks…still yummy! Made a medium chicken &veg stir fry which lasts more than one serve so save some in the fridge by cooking extra! I am sitting looking at a bag of natural cashews and another bag of fruit and nut mix(both ALDI products).
    Let’s see how I go…not rushing this! 2knee clean out ops so I am not going nuts with the exercise.
    Cheers all….1962Vintage.

    Hi all I am from Victoria and pledging my commitment to the 5-2 starting today. I am 50 years old and weigh 84 kilos. In the past 8 years I have put on 20 kilos 10 of which in the past 18 months. I am a yo yo dieter and like many eat for all reasons (happy, sad, hungry and not hungry). I look at myself and I am totally ashamed I avoid photos and even avoid friends.

    Today is the day and I am hoping with your support I can keep on track. I have every diet book you can ever imagine right through to hypnotic gastro band I have had hypnosis and laser treatment.

    I am going to do this and post my progress regularly – would love to hear some really good fast day recipes for those of us who are constantly on the road and get enticed by fast food chains.

    Hi to both of you.

    Congratulations on your decisions to improve your health by adopting this way of living/eating (WOL/WOE is how you’ll often find it referred to on these threads).

    The bonus is that you will also lose weight. You will find lots of support and experience on the Southern Hemisphere thread and we are awake while the rest of the world is asleep.

    If you haven’t done so already, may I recommend you get hold of Dr M’s book and also if possible track down his Horizon TV program called ‘Eat, fast, live longer’. Both of these set out the rationale of intermittent fasting and provide the scientific evidence to back it up. The FAQ at the top of the page is also a good source of information.

    The practice is simple – on two days of the week you eat no more than 500 (female) or 600 (male) calories and on the other five days eat up to your calculated total daily energy expenditure(TDEE). You can calculate that in the ‘How’ at the top of the page.

    Of course the more stringent you are the quicker you will lose weight but for me that sounds like every other diet I’ve tried, succeeded in losing weight, relaxed and then put it back on. I do it as outlined, with a steady weight loss of just over 1kg/month on average. Since the beginning of February this year I’ve lost just over 10kg and 15cm from my waist without feeling at all deprived. In fact I enjoy the simplicity of fasting days because I don’t have to think at all about food.

    There are many ways to live this way but fasting does get easier with practice, although some days are still a challenge. The key is planning, knowing exactly what you will eat and what it represents of your energy allowance because the less time thinking about food on FDs the better.

    Do join the SH thread and keep posting your progress. Your bodies will thank you for your decision.


    Down 3kg’s now. Currently enjoying my ‘off night’…with some snacks! Tomorrow is going to be a warm one here in Victoria so I might take advantage of it to get a sweat up doing something…perhaps a bicycle ride to start the day maybe? Cant do a run as the knees protest too much now! Hoping to lose another 1-2kg in the next week or so with some sweating!
    Yes, I know this program isnt about that but I still want to do it anyway to keep moving and mobile!!
    My veggie intake is also up now…and the easiest dish for me to make quickly but is still yummy is my quick’n’easy chicken(skinless and diced) stir fry with mixed veggies,mushroom and pineapple as extra veg and flavor….mmmm, yum. (the secret is actually the vegetable stock to wet the frypan and cook till it evaporates!!)

    Dinner tonite? I swapped the chicken for some sausages, chopped. It still tasted yummy! (had a big serve of veggies as they are a healthy filler!)
    cya all.

    HI 1962. same birth year but have quite a bit of weight to let go. today is my first fast day and at 9:22pm I am feeling a tad hungry- would go to bed but have to drive into the city to pick up 16 year old. Anyway wish me well and wish me consistency of attitude as I feel this approach is definitely worth persistence. I have nine weeks until I turn 52 so looking forward to being a dress size smaller on that day but more importantly I want to feel healthier and to have more energy. Of to the gym tomorrow am.!! emel1962

    My progress currently seems a reasonable 1kg per week on average…down 4kg’s since starting all this. With me, its not ‘strictly’ fasting for 2 days, yes i do eat less but I have more ‘managed’ my intake over the week and allow 1 day to ‘treat’ myself food wise(code for pig-out!).
    When I started all this a few weeks back now, I was a genuine 113kg…currently….109-110kg on the same scales!
    My biggest change that I’ve noted is not only the portion size I eat presently(smaller), but also WHAT I eat or now snack on.
    What do I miss?..packets of chips, chocolate and cheese – although I still have a little of these but not the packeted chips(havent had any now for 3 weeks!!!)
    Swapped these for yoghurt, a few biscuits, the occasional soft lollies and sometimes licorice.
    Porridge is also back onto my menu items again…its still yummy and warming and filling. And toast with a good vegemite or jam spread…mmmmm yum!
    I dont know if I can get to my christmas day ‘goal’ of 90kg’s, but if I can be under 100kgs by then, I’ll be rapt!
    Also…I still am enjoying my stir-fry chicken or beef and veggy dishes as they make a great lunch for work!!
    Now that the warmer weather is creeping in..perhaps more salads with salmon or smoked salmon slices or some prawns might start creeping in to my lunches too.
    Dinner tonite? A nice yummy steak with mushroom sauce and baked potatoe & pumpkin..I just wish I had a nice lady friend to share it with! Ah, well..such is life!!
    Now if only my numbers can come up in lotto I’ll be very happy!!

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