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  • Day 7 Ireland – FD 🚫 ✅🚶🏻‍♀️

    One week into April already. My week is flying… and I’m so looking forward to the weekend. No travel plans which is the first in many weeks and I can’t wait 🤗

    @funshipfreddie sorry to hear you are feeling sore too… that’s no fun and totally understand not being in the mood to post chatter some days…

    @northgeorgia you are doing great! Any dipping, numbers wise, is a good result! You’ll get back to that ATL 👍 I’m sure!

    I would have have crumbled too @at! 🍰 How would you resist the pavlova? Like others I would not have been able to stop once I started so I have huge admiration for you 👏 I hope you have a lovely trip to Suffolk and catch up with your friend. Good times. Yes I think of many of the old timers from time to time and wonder what might be going on for them … so many have passed through this forum … I wonder where @coda is? I hope she is well 💕

    I find WFDs pretty impossible @stitchincarol so well done for attempting one and nearly pulling it off… @dykask was the champion WFDer 🥇 your plan for Friday is a good one and I’m hoping that your results on cholesterol are good.

    Thanks for the webcam link @songbirdme – i clicked in in the early hours as was wide awake and saw them pretty much resting up too… incredible to think that there is a point in the day where most of us are snoozing except for @linda.b and the gang down under…
    Always lovely to wake up to the posts from the Southern Hemispherites (is that a word)🌎
    speaking of which @linda.b you mentioned something I’ve been thinking about recently:
    you simply don’t see many overweight wild animals… because they eat to survive rather than pleasure or gluttony.. 🤔 it is only when humans are involved that obesity becomes an issue and our modern diet is definitely not the diet intended for our species… and the same goes for the family pets people sometimes over feed… We literally are what we eat 🤷🏽‍♀️

    👏 on your MFD @matpi and you must share your tip for getting through the day 💡 with us. You must have a very high pain threshold to have not realised you broke your leg in your 20s? Or was it the crazy days of youth that many of us have no recollection of 🤔😂 Did I miss that you are a forensic detective? Wow what an interesting job if that is the case and what a laugh for the doc!

    Hope those of us who can are managing to keep up the exercise… it’s only when you can’t that you realise how important it is for busy and soul 💕

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Thats “body and soul” 😂 Damn you autocorrect 😠

    Be well everybody 💕

    Day 7 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Weigh In: 165.6

    Not a budge, but yesterday was an NFD and a Cadburys Crunchie at 3pm was involved, plus a glass of wine with my chicken and veg dinner. I am not fasting today…..I just don’t want to 😨

    I am going to look over the FD800 book I have and maybe get DH onto that…we exercise together super well now every morning, so if he joins me in the FD800 evening meal, maybe that will work for me.

    @jaifaim, I meant to say, it was you put me onto Sally Anne and the Irish FB page, and although being reluctant at first (why, I don’t know?) my GP convinced me to give the ol HRT a go. I cannot believe how wonderful I feel most of the time, actually happy and in good form most days. I didn’t realise how much of a bi@tch I was starting to become until DH told me that the old Daff was back 😀 I have just started another tweak and I hope that doesn’t start weight gain, but will go on as I feel great.

    @funshipfreddie. My sympathies on your back. Hope it heals soon

    @matpi, wow, that you broke your leg I two places and didn’t even know.

    Have a great day. It’s very windy here, seems it is everywhere.

    Day 7 – Lake district UK – FD

    Good morning everyone

    @songbirdme – looked at the The Iowa eagles webcam, magnificent!

    @matpi – Yes odd how things happen, but this is only soft tissue injury. Had so many injuries like this in my younger rugby playing days, but three days in, just resting it, ice packs got the swelling down, compression bandage support, spending time with foot elevated. Down to using just one crutch just to ‘get going’ but I reckon by weekend I’ll not be far off.
    We used to have matches Saturday and Wednesdays, training 4 days a week, yes this old guy used to be super fit and strong! Similar injuries back in the day saw me miss the first match following then light training and more often than not playing again within the week! Strong but maybe not always sensible …. 😉

    @funshipfreddie – Take it easy buddy, back injuries much harder to deal with I reckon. Back and spine have so much work to do ‘controlling’ the upper body.

    Hells bells, sounds like we need a bus to take us on a gentle scenic drive not the 5:2 Fasting Day wagon !!!

    Take care all

    Pocket list for Thursday’s FD

    Day 7 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    My back feels tons better today, thanks everyone

    @i-hate-lettuce, @songbirdme – thanks for the webcam links. I’ve just been watching a little mouse run around the bald eagle nest! 😅

    @daffodil2010 – I hope your mojo comes back soon 🤗

    Pocket list for Thursday’s FD 🍇

    Day 7 UK FD

    Got to dash , lot of prep for my visitors arriving tomorrow Catch up later x

    Pocket list for Thursday’s FD 🍇

    Day 7 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 210 lbs. Was hoping for a dip into the 200s this week, but didn’t happen. Still, the 10-day average is slowly headed towards smaller numbers. It’s early in the month, albeit one with a holiday. I almost wish I could just have an egg and a pastry at Easter, but no — it will be a ham with all the fixings 🙂 I just have to remember it’s only a day, not a month of feasting haha

    Sun isn’t up yet, and I’ve got to check the news quickly, but we did in our area seem to escape the major wrath of the storms last night.

    Day 7 VA USA FD
    Going for fast day today. My Amazing April so far has yet to develop, due to sabotage! Self-inflicted! and the extra calories weren’t even that delicious 🙁
    It is hard to control old habits, sometimes.
    Please add me to the pocket list for today!

    Day 7 – Ireland – CD🚫 ✅🚶🏻‍♀️

    Second post
    @i-hate-lettuce thanks for popping me on the list.. I messed up though it’s a CD for me today.. think I need food as my brain is not firing correctly obviously 😂. But I appreciate you swooping me up and I’ll be mindful at least…

    @daffodil2010 I’m so glad you checked it out.. Sally Anne and Claire are so giving of their time 😇 and manage it very well. I was the same … poo poo’d the whole thing for too long.. finally had to change my mindset last year when my body and mind started really feeling the effects..
    I’m so glad you are feeling much better… for me I haven’t yet had that wonderful improvement that many report but I’ve a few things going on health wise and on top of that I’ve been experiencing a lot of grief so, to be fair, it’s a complex mix… I’ll get there… I have every faith now in just finding the right soution for me and I think I’m nearly there… thank god for good doctors/menopause specialists, great online resources and this forum and the ability to get out and move 💕

    So revised list :
    Pocket list for Thursday’s FD 🍇

    Day 7 – Rural Nebraska, USA – WFD

    Yesterday was a lovely day; I finished our tax work, the accountant gave us good news, and DH and I went out to lunch for sushi rolls to celebrate. There was a glass of white wine to go along with it, and I felt not the slightest guilt, LOL. Total calories for the day was probably closer to 900 than 800, but I called that a success.

    This morning, however, I woke at 4, gave up at 5–and got a robocall at FIVE-THIRTY!!! We’ve never gotten one that early before, but of course, there’s no one to talk to on the call to voice my extreme displeasure. Does the rest of the world get these awful things or just us lucky Americans??

    @songbirdme How fun to have another live video to watch! Thanks for sharing. I was astonished to read how large the nest is.

    @matpi I’m speechless at the idea you broke your leg in two places and have zero memory of it. Speechless.

    @linda.b and @jaifaim Yeah, we are a shockingly indulgent society worldwide, that being overweight and even obese has become so common. And when I see overweight children, I’m filled with such sorrow. I always figure that one reason I’m struggling with weight now, but didn’t when my kids were little, is because I was so good about not allowing them to snack between meals, and not having juices/cookies/chips/candy around as a common everyday treat. Now that I no longer need to be an example, my behavior much more closely matches the behavior I disallowed them, LOL…in other words, I’m shockingly indulgent around food and drink!

    @daffodil2010 I always go up 2lbs on NFDs–always–so the fact you ate normally and didn’t gain seems impressive to me.

    @i-hate-lettuce I’m still giggling: “Hells bells, sounds like we need a bus to take us on a gentle scenic drive not the 5:2 Fasting Day wagon !!!”

    @funshipfreddie SO glad you’re feeling better. A mouse?? I immediately went to look again (I’ve left open that tab), and there was nothing to see but the sleeping eagle …perhaps I’ll see it later.

    @brightonbelle Have a grand time with your visitors!

    @northgeorgia Glad you missed any damaging storms last night. The wind is positively howling here…

    Pocket list for Thursday’s FD 🍇

    It’s still only 6:20, so whatever I do next has to be quiet so I don’t wake up DH in this quite small house. That means practicing the piano and vacuuming the rugs are both out, as is exercising…such a bummer, LOL!

    Day 7 – UK – FD800

    Popping myself on the pocket list!

    Pocket list for Thursday’s FD 🍇

    second post

    Mama Eagle is feeding her two babies and it is fascinating to watch!

    Day 7 – UK – NFD

    A friend dropped by yesterday evening so a bottle of red got opened and some cheese appeared so definitely not a FD yesterday 🍷🧀

    Today will be a below TDEE day (instead of a FD) as I had an unexpected brunch out with a friend after my Aerobics class but had already planned Ottolenghi’s Spicy mushroom lasagna for dinner with OH before I go to Suffolk tomorrow (that way he has the leftover’s for one of his dinners over the weekend) so if I get away with a below TDEE day I’ll be happy!!

    @i-hate-lettuce and @songbirdme – thanks for the live video link – I have been able to follow both – wonderful what technology allows us to do ☺️
    @mapti – 😮 I can’t imagine breaking my leg and not being aware of it – perhaps it was a hairline fracture of the small bone in your lower leg?
    @excelsior12309 – 🤞on your FD today – I’m sure you’ll find you Mojo and end up with Amazing April!!

    Will have an early start tomorrow for that 4.5-5.5hr drive to Suffolk – planning on taking the M6 Toll for a more straightforward drive

    Apologies if I don’t post until Monday – will only have my phone with me and have a busy itinerary planned catching up outdoors with friends as the weather looks promising

    Take care all

    Day 7 Ohio, US — NFD

    The day trip was great! It was partially overcast, so not too dark, and it was pleasantly cool at 46 F (7.7 C) but with only a 15 mph wind. I had forgotten over the last two years how much I like road trips! As for eating, it turned out to be catch as catch can. That means most of the stuff I ate wasn’t like anything I usually eat. That also was good for a change of pace.

    @at The breaks were in the larger of the two lower leg bones, the tibia. One thing I can think of that might have been connected with the breaks was a toboggan accident that injured the lower arm, wrist, and hand on the same side. I had to have a sling and splints on the arm/hand complex for many months and during that time my activities were really curtailed. That may have provided the rest that enabled the leg to heal behind the scenes. But that is only a guess.

    @ihatelettuce Another rugby player! One of my nephews played into his mid-thirties, and loved every minute of it. Then he got an exec job and had to retire from the game.

    @jaifaim Oh, I’m no forensic detective. I think that was the doctor’s little joke. He probably was thinking of the TV show, “Bones.”

    Day 08 – Friday- Gold Coast Queensland Australia – NFD 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️⛈⛈⛈☂☂☂

    Day 8 in AMAZING APRIL…. crazy that time flies so fast!

    Rained all night (again) but a break early in the morning so gathered up the brolly and strode out with faint hope! Didn’t take the rain jacket because it was already 25c (at 6.30 am) and far too humid to wear plastic. As fate has it as I was sure it would, arrived at the top of the hill that is exactly the farthest point from home and down came the rain. Forever more that hill is now dubbed NEVER FAIL HILL in my walking lexicon. ha ha the joke is on me again 🤣😂😅😝

    Yesterday’s (Thursday) FUN DAY went well without any blow outs.. so on track with that at least.

    I’m turning into a culture vulture as I’m going to the theatre again tomorrow (Saturday) with some gal pals. The performance is in Brisbane, a city about an hour and bit away. Matinee so won’t have to drive the Motorway late at night coming home.
    My challenge is that we’ve booked at a nice restaurant for an early lunch before the play (2.00pm curtain up). I’ve checked the menu online and looks good with GF options and I’ll have to make sure I don’t order anything too calorific 😋 as don’t want to blow this week’s hard effort sticking to the plan. Will need to remind myself that the treat is, in fact, the play and the outing and NOT THE FOOD! RESOLVE RESOLVE RESOLVE!

    The play? Black Cockatoo which has some very enthusiastic reviews, here’s a little about it:
    More than 150 years ago, 13 brave Aboriginal men embarked on a treacherous voyage to England and into the unknown – all in the name of cricket.
    Directed by Wesley Enoch and featuring a stellar First Nations cast, BLACK COCKATOO is not just a story about sport – it is one of strength, resistance, hope and possibility.
    Risking illness and persecution, Australia’s first international cricket team – including our original Indigenous sporting hero, Johnny Mullagh – amazed the English crowds with astonishing talent, personality and grit. They should have returned to Australia as celebrated heroes. Instead they came back to find the world they once knew gone.
    Funny and incredibly moving, BLACK COCKATOO is an artistic collaboration between Australian writer Geoffrey Atherden (Mother and Son, Babakiuera) and acclaimed director Wesley Enoch (Black Diggers).

    So, I continue to watch the two LIVE CAMS… fascinating focus and distraction in my day.

    Hope all your FDs for Thursday went well everyone and we all RESOLVE to stay on track for the weekend.

    Hold this thought: Everything is permitted but not everything is beneficial. The choice is ours alone.

    Onwards and downwards🚶‍♀️🎈🎈🎈🎈

    Day 8 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Weigh In: 165.2

    Lost a couple of ounces on an NFD that included a naughty Snickers bar, a slice of pizza and a glass of white wine! My metabolism sure is a funny thing 🤔

    Crisp and frosty this morning, wonderful dawn walking weather. It’s another busy weekend ahead. We are getting new kitchen doors fitted Monday so tonight and Sunday afternoon we need to take down old doors and get kitchen ready, because tomorrow morning I sadly attend my uncles funeral, my late Mam’s brother, then I am bringing my Dad up to us for the evening. Roast beef dinner, roaring fire and a good movie with Dad are all on the cards. Drop him home Sunday.

    So hopefully Monday the mojo will be back.

    Have a great weekend everyone.

    Day 8 – UK – TDEE

    Yes the sun in shining for my drive down south 🌤 should make it a pleasant drive traffic pending…..

    Weight this morning 58kg – decided to weigh to make me accountable for the weekend – will weigh in on Tuesday morning

    Aiming for a TDEE day today as will make it a OMAD whilst driving and planning for a FD on Monday’s drive back.

    @matpi – that makes perfect sense as to why the tibial fractures could have been missed – sounds like it was a nasty toboggan accident at the time 🤗

    Right off to pack and get organised to get going – catch up on Monday evening

    Have a fab weekend wherever you are and hope the sun is shining for you too

    Day 8 – Lake district UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    What a beautiful morning, the sky last night was bright and clear with a fabulous crescent moon, so this morning was very chilly, but the sun is out and warming everything up quickly, including me!
    Been out to the den without crutches this morning, when we looked at the ankle after the initial swelling had gone down, there was significant bruising showing, so it turns out it wasn’t a sprained ankle but a rather badly bruised instep! Result… the ‘RICE’ treatment, ice pack etc had worked its magic really well.

    Ideal lazy job today, without risking recovery further…. lie on the floor and paint the skirting boards in the study! Mrs IHL will still find a job for a wounded soldier to stop him from boredom 😉 to be fair it was my idea as she’s been rearranging the study recently and new furniture arrives Tuesday so need to be sorted.

    Have a good weekend all

    Day 8 – Ireland – CD🚫 ✅🚶🏻‍♀️

    Week 1 – 159.3

    Hi all,
    A good week with one good FD and one ok FD and generally mindful eating with lower than usual carbs but not seeing the results on the scales.. but do feel it in my body and see it in clothes. So will be patient … I’m in the 150s so happy with that but it’s that typical scenario where you think you’ve done well but don’t see the hoped for result and could think … grrr I’ll just revert back to my norm but no, no, I won’t… I could be drinking way more water… definitely let that slip this week so will focus on that next week.
    You are right @excelsior12309 old habits are hard to break and it takes some time to build new ones.. but we’ll do it …
    I hope your Thursday FD went well everyone. And @at, @brightonbelle and others catching up with friends and family this weekend, have a really lovely time 💕 we’ll know you are busy having fun and see you next week.

    @matpi, “catch as catch can” is a great way to describe what we might term “eating on the hoof” 🐎
    I’m reassured though 😂😂 I thought you were a teacher or professor (maths?) so was thinking wow I got that really wrong 🕵️ .

    Well done on getting up that hill (I’m hearing Kate Bush 🎶) @linda.b – and it’s true that there is no such thing as bad weather when it come to getting out… just bad clothes. ☺️ I went out walking Wednesday night and got absolutely drenched but felt great for it as I schlopped back home 🌧 ☔️. That’s a word I’ve just made up btw 🙂.

    Have a lovely sunny Friday ☀️

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 8 UK NFD

    House is lovely and tidy and a few meals prepared so all ready for my visitors , who are travelling down from Yorkshire 🚝

    Delighted to see I’ve dropped 2 lb but this has been a lot of hard work so dont t want to put it back on over the weekend so short term goal to stay steady and then get back to it Tuesday and be able to shed 1lb by next Friday 💪

    Have a great Friday all

    Day 8 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Nailed my Thursday FD! I hope everyone else did too.

    Comment from a neighbour yesterday, ‘your cat is so cute! I watched her kill a snake last week.’😳 My sweet little Boo Boo who is afraid of her own shadow most of the time… is a snake killer?! I’m just glad she didn’t bring it home.

    Today’s dratted Wordle?! I was so proud of myself – 4 green squares after my first attempt! And yet it still took 4 more attempts before I got it right 🥴️

    I don’t think there’s anything we didn’t already know, but ‘new research’ in today’s UK Mail…

    Happy Fri-yay everyone! 🍷

    Day 8 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 215 lbs. Oh, I behaved badly yesterday. I was invited to a staff appreciation luncheon, and it was all downhill. They encouraged us all to come back for seconds (and I did). I went home to finish up working a few hours doing emails there. Some more snacking and a bowl of cereal, a sandwich please. A few hours later, my mother had made a pot of beans with cornbread. Yes, I’ll have some of that. Some homemade fries? Sure. And this nice banana pudding? Absolutely! At night still snacking on some pork rinds, fruit, cold cuts… I shouldn’t be surprised I jumped up 5 lbs in a day (yes, I know, mostly water, but this is how the retention happened).

    So, I know many of you have experienced the NFD binges that we should avoid. But has anyone else discovered this —

    On WFDs, especially B2B WFDs, not only am I disciplined, I don’t feel hungry most of the time. Yet on NFDs, I won’t necessarily say I feel hunger, but I can eat, and do eat. But I’m getting less able to tell when I’m full! My brain tells me to go ahead and eat something else, questions whether I getting all the nutrition I’ve missed out on, and wonders if how much I ate is enough.

    I guess the moral is more water, creating complete meals and cutting the snacking, and avoiding the carbs that just make me feel hungry again right away. And even if I don’t have the sensation of “fullness,” just stop until the next meal time. I may just need to re-train my body to accept what a reasonable portion is at each meal?

    I’ll have to keep this in mind for the next couple of days. Anyway, happy Friday!

    Day 8 – UK – NFD

    Ugh. Yesterday’s FD wasn’t a success. I’ve given my head a bit of a wobble and will start again in earnest next week. I know what’s affecting it:

    – The spell of not feeling well with Covid threw all the FDs out the window. Fatigue was the main thing preventing me during this.
    – We got a HelloFresh box delivered last week which helped us start getting back into the swing of eating in a more structured way and not grazing continuously on snacks etc. So that’s been great, but the meals just aren’t 100% right for the F800 or 5:2
    – We were supposed to only have the one box last week but DH forgot to cancel this week’s delivery so we got a 2nd one!
    – All the Easter chocolate everywhere has got me tempted time and time again

    But these are all temporary things. Covid is far behind us now and we’ve cancelled next week’s HF box so we can plan our old faithful F800 meals again. Plus there’s only one more week of the easter chocolate being in the stores!

    I am out tomorrow for a big get together with friends, lots of food and drink will be had. So next week is the point when I truly get going with my Amazing April!!

    @northgeorgia – you’re not the only one who’s ‘behaved badly’ :-). I wonder if what you call Pork Rinds in the US are the same as our ‘Pork Scratchings’ here in the UK… You can buy them in bags like a packet of crisps (chips). I’m with you on the memo for more water and more complete meals.

    @funshipfreddie – This is what I love about cats. You never quite know what you’re going to get or what they get up to when you’re not around 😂. Killing snakes is pretty impressive!

    @brightonbelle – Congratulations on dropping the 2lb!! 🎉

    Have a lovely day all

    Day 9 – Rural Nebraska, USA – CD or fewer…perhaps 1000?

    Yesterday wasn’t in the least normal and I’m partly entirely okay with it, and partly quite disappointed in myself. After Tuesday’s loss to food’s siren call, I was careful to run lots of errands after piano lessons in Omaha so I’d get home late, and it was 8:30…and then, long story, DH and I turned right around and ran into town for some other errands, getting me home to stay at 9:10. I had decided to make a cheese omelet for a small supper to make today easier, and I did, along with such a small amount of wine that it was four swallows.

    So far, so good.

    But then I got some pistachios. And more wine. And more pistachios. Then DH scolded me (bless his heart, for this is what I’ve asked him to do). So total calories were, I don’t know, maybe 600? Or maybe more, sadly. And the worst of it is that I wasn’t so hungry I wasn’t content to go to bed; it was getting through today when I have to fast until my doctor’s appointment at 2:45 that had me concerned, and then not to overreact to eating when I got home.

    The fascinating thing is that I’m down a little more. And I’m feeling good, not as if I’ve been water fasting. So, however much I’m disappointed in overeating last night, today should be easy.

    @at Have a lovely time in Suffolk with your friends!

    @matpi I’m glad yesterday went so well for you; a change of pace is always lovely, huh?

    @linda.b Your play tomorrow sounds wonderful, enjoy! And what a great thought! “Everything is permitted but not everything is beneficial. The choice is ours alone.”

    @daffodil2010 “Roast beef dinner, roaring fire and a good movie with Dad are all on the cards.” Can I come too, please??

    @i-hate-lettuce Wow, that’s a serious bruise on your instep then, to cause such problems. And you still have no idea how you got it?

    @jaifaim Yeah, your weight isn’t down as much as you’d like, but it’s still a true accomplishment to be below 160, so you deserve kudos for that!

    @brightonbelle Have a grand time with your visitors!

    @funshipfreddie I’ve begun “getting the hang” of Wordle and have succeeded most of the last couple weeks. And, yup, today’s was a challenge for just the reason you alluded to.

    @northgeorgia You described exactly what I go through on many Friday and Saturdays. And also, your comment that on WFDs, my body isn’t particularly hungry. I’m beginning to wonder (based on last night’s eating, and this morning’s scale drop) if such an extreme isn’t best for my body. Time will tell, right? The thing I point out to myself, and will remind you, is that we’re not gaining. That’s huge, that we’re not yo-yoing beyond a five-seven pound range. It’s also part of learning to maintain. We both have more weight to lose, but we’re doing some good things even as we struggle to lose more.

    @babs_b Here’s a shorter version of what I just said: Yup, disappointments…but you’re here. You’re still trying. You’re not giving up. We’re all doing fine, and will eventually achieve our goals as long as we keep turning up.

    Okay, much to do before my weekly Zoom call with my sisters at 11. Have a grand one, everyone!

    Day 9 country west Australia NFD
    Day 8 FD
    Day 7 NFD
    Nothing quite like Covid to reduce your appetite. 🙁
    DH has been. fairly unwell with it for a week and not really eaten for 4 days.
    I have just succumbed but not felt like eating for some days either..

    Day 8 Ohio, US — MFD

    This was a low energy day, probably due to what I ate on my road trip. On the other hand, the fasting has gone well.

    @lilymartin May your recovery be quick and complete!

    @stitchincarol I hope that you had a great Zoom visit with your sisters!

    @babs_b and @northgeorgia We just learned in French class today that in Quebec pork rinds or pork scratchings are called “oreilles de crisse”, or “Christ’s ears”. Apparently something from their Catholic church traditions. But in Canada they often eat them with maple syrup.

    @northgeorgia Something Krista Varady mentions in her book on intermittent fasting is that on non-fast days people tend to eat more than on ordinary days, but only maybe 30% more. The idea is that when you couple a fast day with a non-fast day, you are still eating less than you would on two ordinary days. And eating less is the whole idea! So perhaps if one looks at the average, one’s “naughty” days aren’t really all that bad.

    Hope everyone has a great start to the weekend!

    Day 9 – Lake district UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    Another beautifully sunny, but cool spring morning, just been watching the Osprey Cam, she’s there lining the nest this morning and it’s looking rather tidy. Hopefully another successful season for them.

    @stitchincarol – Hmmm, the bruised instep is a bit of a sore point! Mrs I-h-l is revamping the study and on Monday evening I moved the piano out and back into the living room.
    The problem bit was the small step down from one room to the next and I had to lift it down and carry it a few steps at a time into its new position (although a full size keyboard it’s electric, but it weighs around 120kg not a lightweight thing!)
    I think as I stood on the edge of the step to lift it down was the problem. It was sore Tuesday morning and by the time I moved the sofa out into the van in the afternoon I was really struggling. See… Older but no wiser 🙂

    Busy morning, Mrs I-h-l doing another fundraiser down the village, but I’m banned from lifting the tables out this time, she need work done at home so I need to be fit for the next round of furniture etc arriving Tuesday!

    @lilymartin – Hope your symptoms are not too severe and you can call them B2B FD’s 😉

    Take care all

    Day 9 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Weather for ducks here; it rained all night long & will continue all weekend, but I’m loving the cooler weather & having to sleep with a blanket ☔

    @northgeorgia – I don’t really like feeling full, so I don’t think I’ve ever binged on that scale. Not with food anyway. I guess my problem is the ‘liquid calories’ 🥴️

    have a good weekend everyone ⛅️ 🌈

    Day 9 – Rural Nebraska, USA – CD

    At my appointment, my cholesterol was still too high and the doctor said it was clear I’m simply genetically predisposed to such high numbers and diet alone will never change them, so I finally gave in (this has been an ongoing thing for three years) and I’m going on statins. I would still be resisting except that my dad died of his second heart attack, and my mom had to have a pacemaker for the last dozen or so years of her life, so there’s a history I need to take into account. Oh well, eh?

    Food-wise, yesterday was close to on plan, although the chocolates I found should not have been eaten in such quantity. But, to have a Friday not be an EFS day is a first in awhile, so while I won’t call it a success, I’ll call it decent. Today’s another chance at success, and I’m working at building my RESOLVE.

    Awww, @lilymartin, not you too?!? I’m so sorry, and have said a prayer for you two that you both recover quickly.

    @matpi I’m fascinated that you’re taking a French class. What motivated you to do so? Is it at a college for credit?

    @i-hate-lettuce Okay, that makes sense. And I know how heavy those things are: Several times, DH and I have moved the keyboard at church into the choir loft (which is not actually UP, merely OVER, still at regular floor level) and the keyboard has to be lifted up over the pews in order to be put where I ask it to be. A couple weeks ago, I asked two of the men in the choir to do the moving of it, and they were huffing and puffing and struggling to do it. I smiled sweetly at them and asked if they were impressed that Mark and I had done that before and they were indeed astonished, LOL. Yeah, those things are heavy.

    @funshipfreddie Those liquid calories are sneaky, aren’t they? Enjoy your cooler weather. Along with gale-force winds, we had rain, sleet, snow and sunshine all in one four-hour period on Thursday. Sheesh. Spring in Nebraska is not for sissies!

    It’s now 4:30 am and I’ve been up and productive for a little over an hour. Gah. I’m hoping to work another hour or two and then be sleepy enough to go back to bed and sleep for an hour or two. At least I’m getting things done 😇 instead of reading in bed…right??? 🤣😂🤣

    Day 9 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: still at 215 lbs. At least not a gain…

    Next B2B WFDs start tomorrow 🙂

    Day 9 – Ireland – CD🚫 ✅🚶🏻‍♀️

    Hi all, I hope you are all well..

    Was up and out early today for hike with friends and catch up with family straight after so just a quick check in from me today. 👋

    I’m back up a little this morning but actually when I looked back to starting April weight I realised that I’m doing ok and dropped nearly 1lb over the first the week… if I was to continue like this I’d be at target in a few weeks so going to go easier on myself… while still trying to build new habits – thanks @stitchincarol you are right! Staying in the 150s now is my aim so happy out.

    I’ll tune in to watch the Grand National later.. it was a tradition with dad and the only day we would place a bet even though he loved horse racing. So thinking of him lots today .

    I hope you are all having lovely weekends 💕
    Slán go fóill

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 10 – Sunday- Gold Coast Queensland Australia – NFD

    Had a wonderful day out with gal pals yesterday to attend a matinee play in Brisbane, a city about an hour and a bit away; I drove two of us & we met the 3rd friend there. We arrived early to enjoy a stroll around the Saturday morning farmers market outside the theatre before we went to lunch. I was well prepared for a restaurant lunch before curtains up, having looked at the menu online and decided beforehand that the Salt & Pepper Squid on Green Salad was for me. Sabotaged by my gal pals though! They decided that the Ploughmans’ Lunch, a shared platter for three was the dish du jour….. uh oh!😟
    All I can say it was delicious but not on my plan for the day! We ploughed into it! 🤣😜😛 Couldn’t help myself with the cheeses (my personal weakness!). The meats were not ‘clean meats’ for want of a better word (like roast beef etc) but rather all salami type slices, very fatty (and, I mean, not the good fat). UGGHHHH! Yes, of course I ate them as was that was on offer and now am very sorry because up went the scales this morning 😏😣😥.
    Ok, got to learn the lesson from this. Increase RESOLVE and don’t feel I have to join in but can be an outlier and order what is right for me. This is absolutely how I ended up overweight so must make better choices in future to stay on track.

    So this coming week, I have some work to do quickly to counter this. Must do it as Easter is fast approaching and we all know this is going to be a challenge diet-wise. I’ve allowed for it in my Amazing April plan, but need to be very mindful not to go overboard. How does everyone else feel about it? Do you have a plan to traverse the Easter festivity diet challenges? Please share.

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 9 Ohio, US — NFD

    Morning weigh-in was at 184 lb (83.6 kg), so I lost a little ground this week. I suppose that that isn’t too surprising with the two changes in the usual diet and much less exercise. Both of those connected with not feeling so well. Today was another low energy day: For most of the day my digestive system was in a “complaining” mode. It seems to have turned around this evening. The hope is that I’ll be back to my regular eating and exercise pattern in the next week.

    @stitchincarol The local university has a program whereby anyone over 60 can take university courses free of charge. They are not for credit, but are great fun (at least for me). The French course was somewhat forced on me. My French is good enough for me to read Le Monde online without a dictionary, but this course was the only online course (wisest back in January with the pandemic) I could get into. I don’t regret it, though. The current mode of teaching foreign languages throws a huge amount of vocabulary at students, a lot of it being extremely colloquial, and teaches pronunciation and grammar in very small doses. It works well for me, since my grammar is in quite good shape, but from what I can observe, most students really can’t string two grammatically correct sentences together.

    @ihatelettuce Wow! “spring cleaning”means a furniture makeover! For me it just means being able to open the windows and airing the place out after the winter!

    Day 9 – Lake District UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    Bright and early here this morning, after more jobs yesterday (I was banned from setting up tables and chairs at Mrs I-h-l’s fundraiser and was under instruction to take it easy) ….. so while I was unsupervised and home alone, I set about removing a granite worktop and making good the wall ready for kitchen furniture arriving this week 😉

    Luckily it was fairly straightforward (apart from the fact granite is extremely heavy, but managed to remove it without any damage to either the kitchen or myself!!!) and the job was completely finished before management arrived home 🙂

    So, enjoyed a glass or three of rather nice red wine last night, slept like a log, this morning, scrubbed up, smartly dressed with the intent of NO work today, apart from prepping the veg for a pot roast. Might even have another day off tomorrow and go fishing 😉

    Take care all.

    Day 10- Ireland – NFD 🚫 ✅🚶🏻‍♀️

    So… this morning I realised I expect miracles to happen when it comes to weight loss 😂 I had two cross buns, a cinnamon swirl and crisps yesterday along with healthy lunch and dinner and I actually got on the scales this morning thinking there might be a drop ⬇️ .
    Like really… what world do I live in… 🙄 I know that the scales don’t necessarily reflect yesterday’s intake… but I do know that in order to elicit weight loss I must be in calorie deficit on an ongoing basis and days like yesterday (of which there are many..) just don’t… now.. one hot cross bun, or one cinnamon swirl wouldn’t be a big deal but three sweet treats and a yummy bag of salt and vinegar crisps… telling myself I needed the salt to offset the sugar 😂🙃

    Ok… we live, we learn, we go again!

    @linda.b ah least the intention was there yesterday! What could you do! The choice was made for you and I couldn’t resist the cheeses either… not so much the cured meats … I’m not a fan… but cheese and chutney and yummy bread 😋
    And @stitchincarol I’m sure I’m with the others here laughing at you going home to work on the granite worktop because you were banned from lifting furniture 🤣
    I am very impressed @matpi… great that free courses are offered 👍

    Off for another walk… then some gardening 👨‍🌾

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 10 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    @stitchincarol – sorry for the bad news re your cholesterol levels. Cholesterol seems to be such a controversial subject, & there’s so much conflicting information. But I believe there’s an alternative available now to replace statins, a twice-yearly injection? In the UK anyway; maybe it’s not approved in the US yet.

    Going for another Sunday FD due to lunch date tomorrow.

    Happy S🌞nday y’all!

    Pocket List – Day 10 🥑

    Day 10 Melb Aust NFD

    Trundling along reasonably here for April – have lost 0.8 kg (nearly 1.8 lbs) so far for April. Hopefully can continue in that vein. All my friends know that for me, chocolate Easter eggs are a no-no, so they don’t give me any. Easter eggs will probably be given out on Easter Sunday at church, but they’ll be very small, and I can easily say “no”, or pass it on to one of the kids there. I did indulge in one packet of hot cross buns a few weeks ago (6 buns over several days, so not too bad) so don’t intend to buy any more of those, either. All that is to say that I hope to navigate the Easter food hazards successfully.

    @lilymartin, so sorry to hear of you and OH with Covid. Hope you toss it off quickly and successfully.

    @linda.b, great day/ evening out. What fun. Balance the eating with a couple of FDs and all will be well.

    @northgeorgia, your comments re the buffet were interesting. I think it’s something to do with food manufacturers setting their goods at the “sweet spot” that makes them so “more-ish”. I’m also fine with good food, but if I have some high-carb food, I always feel like I want more. These days I try to stop and drink a glass of water, and that seems to break the cycle, for me, anyway.

    @stitchincarol, I have been in the same position as you re taking statins, with a very poor family history of heart disease and a cholesterol that was siting slightly above the upper acceptable limit. In the end I asked to be referred for a calcium score CT scan, which I had to pay for myself as it’s not covered by our Medicare system. Have I told you this before? It’s only useful if there’s been no heart disease but cholesterol is elevated, i.e., to determine if statins are required. My calcium score was zero, which means that even if other parameters are elevated, I don’t need to go on statins (yay!).

    My doctor said I was the first person he’d seen with a zero score. Most people’s scores are 200 or more, which means there are already plaques on the heart vessel walls and statins are needed. The CT scan detects calcium on the heart vessel walls, and cholesterol is attached to the calcium, forming plaques.

    Okay, enough of that. Onward and downwards everyone!

    Day 10 – USA/GA – FD

    Weigh-in: 215 lbs. Three days in a row. Interesting. Better than weight gain. It’s a pound lighter than the last three Sundays. Had I been on more mindful behavior this weekend, I might have been in an even better position but the abandonment to gobbling and guzzling was strong.

    Hoping I find my post-Easter commitment soon and resume the downward trend. I’ll not be fasting on Easter, of course! So my plan is to have today and tomorrow as B2B WFDs, then another WFD on Thursday. Next week, I’ll continue the B2B WFDs to Monday/Tuesday, and continue with an extra WFD on Thursday. I may try that pattern for a few weeks. But with Memorial Day in May, even that pattern won’t suffice permanently 🙂

    It’s not mid-month yet. Is there time to meet the goal of 206 lbs? Hmmm, I don’t know. But I need to try harder!

    Pocket List – Day 10 🥑

    Day 10 Ohio, US — NFD

    Just a regular NFD.

    @betsylee This is definitely the season for hot cross buns. One thing I wish that stores would do is to sell packs with just 2 buns in them. Same thing for pączkis! For people who live by themselves packages of 6 or more are a disaster. I wish that I could eat just one and put the rest away. Instead, I just eat one whole package! The only way I can control that kind of eating is not to buy them in the first place, but there is something pleasant about eating with the season.

    @ihatelettuce Hope you had a great day fishing!

    Day 11 – Monday- Gold Coast Queensland Australia – FUN DAY (FD)

    @betsylee that is so interesting about the CT calcium score. We learn so much on this forum.
    @lilymartin – hope you are on the upward swing of COVID now, this new variant (Omicron BA2) in Australia is really knocking down a few people I know, including DD and S-I-L last week. Happily they are all recovered now if that is some little encouragement for you. It is not a joy I’ve yet to experience but have the foreboding that it could happen at any moment.😯 As I’m on my own now, I would have to recruit friends to drop off supplies during any isolation.
    Well, today is FUN DAY … YES!😍😍
    Went for early morning walk, 90 minutes with lovely blue skies for a change. As I walk past my local Medical Centre, I dropped in to check again on the arrival of the new flu vaccine for over 65s. Hooray, it has arrived at last, so have booked in tomorrow morning to get the jab on tomorrow’s walk. I usually have it in March but this year availability has been an issue here. But happy to have it as this weekend (Easter) am going to granddaughter’s big equestrian event which means, by de-facto, mixing with lots of folk from everywhere and don’t want to come home with either the flu or covid. She’s 18 (GD) and competes at an elite showjumping level. This big event was postponed over the last two years (covid!) so we’re really looking forward to seeing some excellent rides over the weekend. Just must make sure that I keep away from the food vans!
    @jaifaim – we’ll all be hoping for miracles post-Easter and then have to go into damage control🙃😕🙃 afterwards. Oh dear!

    My WEIGH DAY is tomorrow, but I’m seriously not hopeful for a drop but fingers crossed not a big rise🤞🤞

    So as we enter Easter week, “It’s going to be hard, but hard is not impossible.” Chuck Palahniuk

    cheerie dearies

    So I’ll start the pocketlist for today:

    Day 11 – Ireland – FD 🚫 ✅🚶🏻‍♀️

    New week, renewed focus.

    I hope your Sunday FD went well @funshipfreddie and @northgeorgia. 👏 I’m focussed on Must Try Harder too @northgeorgia 💪

    Great going @betsylee and as you don’t eat Easter eggs that takes that temptation out of the way next weekend.
    I won’t be buying any more hot cross buns as I find it hard not to be tempted if they are here calling out to me…

    @lilymartin I am sorry to see that you have tested positive and at such a busy time for you. I hope you are not badly affected. @caoimhe hoping that you are out of the Covid woods too 🤞

    @linda.b yup! I’m hoping the miracle this year is that I don’t give in to the temptation to binge the goodies in the first place so that I don’t feel rubbish afterwards rather than eating all around me and hoping I can sneak that in to my body without effect 🤣

    All hot cross buns now gone…. Won’t be buying anymore… 👍 Two in a pack would definitely help 💡.

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Pocket list Monday 🤩

    Day 11 – Lake district UK – FD

    Good morning everyone

    Monday and a double FD … Fasting Day and Fishing Day, off out to share the lake where I have seen the Ospreys fishing in the past, fantastic sight, just sat and watched! That’s it, breakfast coffee finished, I’m off 😉

    Take care all

    Pocket list Monday 🤩

    Day 11 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Weigh in :164.6

    Not bad after the weekend that was. Getting new kitchen cupboard doors in today and a new unit, looking forward to toasting a new kitchen look when I get home from work today. So tomorrow will be my FD.

    Off to catch up on everyone now, have a good day.

    Day 11 – Monday- Gold Coast Queensland Australia – FUN DAY (FD) 2nd post

    @jaifaim – I hear your dilemma re the Hot Cross Buns!
    I’ve put my Hot Cross Buns individually in the freezer to bring out one at a time. Because I have to buy GF ones, they come in a pack of three but nevertheless too tempting; so keep them in the freezer for rationing….. so far so good, haven’t had one yet.👼👼 even though I think about them a lot! ha ha!
    When I was a child, we were never allowed to eat them before Good Friday, my mother would bake them herself even though I was often sick afterwards which was attributed to the Easter eggs in those days but turned out I was coeliac and it was the buns and bread making me always sick. I was like a stick as a child and actually had issues with being underweight! Hilarious to think that now, hey! Baking my own is not an art I’ve accomplished for GF hot cross buns. I’ve tried a few times but they come out very crumbly instead of hot cross bunnie! So buy them from a GF bakery nearby.🥰🥰 so much better than mine!

    So that is my strategy for dealing with the temptations of Hot Cross Buns this Easter…. bring them out of the freezer just one at a time. RESOLVE!💪💪🤞🤞

    Day 11 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Sunday FD done & dusted, but today’s lunch date postponed due to treacherous weather. Can’t remember when we last had rain like this! Hasn’t stopped since Friday. A good thing, I guess, because once winter arrives we’ll be lucky to see any more rain before spring on this side of the country.

    @northgeorgia – I’m cheering you on! I’m sure you’re going to hit that 206 target this month 🎯

    @daffodil2010 – I’ll be joining you on the list tomorrow

    Sending RESOLVE to the Monday fasters 💪 it’s just food, right? 🍨 😉

    Day 11 – UK – FD800

    Good morning, all! I have spent the weekend consuming way too much wine and then recovering but I had a brilliant day with friends for the first time in 2 years so I’m not complaining. We had brunch at the top of a skyscraper in London, it was beautifully sunny and we had the most amazing views over the Thames, Tower Bridge, the Tower of London and many other sights. It really felt special.

    Today is our first FD800 in weeks. I feel a bit worried if I’ll manage it but I’m going for it. Soup for lunch and a F800 recipe for dinner. I’m still deciding if I’ll do them b2b like I did before or if I’ll go with a 5:2 approach but all I’m focusing on right now is getting today’s in the bag. I’ve roped DH into it again and he’s planned out some of our meals which really helps both of us.

    Fingers tightly crossed for a good day and RESOLVE by the bucket-load!!

    Pocket list Monday 🤩

    Day 11 – USA/GA – FD

    Weigh-in: 212 lbs. You know, despite my moaning about being off-track on NFDs, I am always amazed at what a single FD can do. That’s the difference between a WOL and a diet!

    Well, I had a re-think. Next week, I’ll only do Monday and Wednesday as FDs. I have to drive out of the area on that Thursday, so the temptation to lunch with colleagues will be very great (especially with an Applebee’s on the corner of where we’re headed). That means I’ll do a true 5:2, albeit WFDs, next week instead of 4:3. Not the end of the world!

    Pocket list Monday 🤩

    Day 11 – Rural Nebraska, USA – FD500

    I have a prepackaged salad in the fridge that DH and I will share, and some precooked chicken breasts in the freezer that together come in under 500 calories, so that will be supper. The weekend wasn’t awful, but as usual, it wasn’t restrained. Someday, I’ll learn that skill again.

    I’ve been remembering back in the day when I was 132, still two inches taller, and had a BMI of 22–so, thin. But all of my life, my stomach has been like a balloon: put in lots of food and it pooches WAY out; eat minimally and it becomes flat. So even at that thin weight, I had to work at getting my stomach flat for special occasions where a poochy stomach would interfere with the appearance of my outfit. So, back then, it was all about “shrinking my stomach,” which meant eating food that didn’t take up space–so a small piece of cheesecake would be preferable to a footlong deli sandwich, even though the calories are probably about the same. See what I was doing with that at the time? That’s exactly what’s going on with me now: I water fast during the week, get a “shrunk” stomach, then stuff it full over the weekend.

    This week is busy enough as it is without adding the burden of guilt over good/bad eating, so I plan to stick to my FD today, my WFD tomorrow, and then eat as I will, but in quantities that don’t take up much space, as I used to. I don’t actually remember the kinds of choices I would make back in the day, but I’m going to try. It’s not a week when I’ll have time to cook at all, let alone lovely dinners, so it shouldn’t be tough to eat little. Regardless, the skirt fits me nicely enough already, and any success I have this week will simply make it look that much better.

    @linda.b In hindsight, I’d say you made one mistake with your lunch with your friends on Saturday: you didn’t tell them ahead of time that you’re being very disciplined and what you planned to eat in order to stay on track. Try that next time, and I’ll bet it goes well, don’t you suppose? I have three friends and we meet up three or four times a year for drinks and food, and the last time we did was on a Tuesday…my WFD. So I let them know ahead of time that I was only going to be drinking water, and not eating, and they thought I had doubled in weirdness (they think I’m weird anyway, LOLOLOL!!), but it didn’t impact our lovely evening, and I found it shockingly easy to maintain RESOLVE. But. Regardless. One indulgent meal is not going to ruin on the progress you’ve made. Consider this: take a plate, put a hunk of cheese, some broccoli, and two oranges on it and go weigh yourself, holding the plate. Your weight will be up, right? But when you’ve eaten that stuff, it doesn’t mean you’ve actually gained weight, only that you’ve put some food inside yourself. Saturday was more food than usual. I’ll just bet you’re fine by Tuesday morning, if not already Monday morning!

    @matpi You have serious French skills then. It sounds fun to me…but more on a theoretical level, not on a practical, let’s apply this, level. 😂😂 I’m glad you’re able to do it and are enjoying it.

    @jaifaim You and I think alike!!!!! 😂🤣😜👍🤣😂😂 No, one indulgent day–or even three–won’t derail your goals, because you’re still here. But, oh, your logic sounded so very, very familiar!

    @i-hate-lettuce I agree, except your name needs to be in there, LOL!! “And @stitchincarol I’m sure I’m with the others here laughing at you going home to work on the granite worktop because you were banned from lifting furniture 🤣”

    @funshipfreddie Interesting about the twice-yearly injection; I’ll ask my doctor when I go back for the follow-up visit in July.

    Oh, @betsylee, you DID tell me about that before, and I completely forgot! Thanks for the reminder; I’ll also ask my doctor about that in July. Or should I ask sooner, before I’ve taken many of the pills?

    @northgeorgia I once did a FD with an Applebee’s meal: their grilled chicken meal can come in at 500 if you make excellent choices on the sides, so maybe you can build yourself up to that by Thursday, and have your cake (Applebee’s) and eat it (a mere 500 calories) too!

    Okay, I’m not replying to all of you because my to-do list is hollering for some attention. Have a grand one, everyone!

    Pocket list Monday 🤩

    Day 12 – Tuesday- Gold Coast Queensland Australia – NFD & weigh day for me🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️

    Well, WEIGH DAY (ACCOUNTABILITY DAY) for me and a tad UP on last week (100g). Determined to lose a little more before Easter to give me a buffer for a few indulgences and then next week back on track.

    Fabulous early morning walk with lovely blue skies which is such a change after the catastrophic flooding rains over the past month or so. Thousands of people lost their homes to floods and living in shelters while our inept government plays fiddle with an election coming up.😫😯🙄 Now we are ‘looking forward'(not!) to six weeks of inane politicians popping up everywhere you look. I’m sure upcoming elections are the same in every country…. it is something to be endured as the talkfest and electioneering bombardment sets in!

    You are quite right @stitchincarol, I should have let the ladies know beforehand that I was ordering something nutritionally better for me. I’ve now learnt that lesson and will be better next time. I must admit though I don’t think I would have the resolve to just have water when everyone else is eating…. one bridge too far for me. But a better choice of meal certainly next time.

    So its Tuesday morning for me (NFD) and I hope that everyone who is still on their Monday FD have cleared the FD hurdles successfully as we are on the final stretch to prepare for our little Easter indulgences.

    @funshipfreddie … loved your “it’s just food right?”
    Beware, what doesn’t kill you mutates and tries again! LOL

    @i-hate-lettuce… every time I read your post, I drool! I love trout and salmon. Just wonderful that you can just go to the river and simply catch your own, albeit in competition with the osprey. I sometimes buy a smoked trout and serve it with a mango salsa salad….. yummm on a hot summer afternoon on the deck!😜😜

    cheerie dearies😊😉😉

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 11 Ohio, US — MFD

    The fasting went well today, but tonight I’m quite tired, not exactly sure why.

    @stitchincarol Might it be possible to eat some foods that don’t take up much space, yet also are low in calories? Of course lettuce might work, but there may be other more appetizing foods that would do the trick!?

    As for the French course, the method that’s being used is called “communicative.” And the emphasis is supposed to be on everyday conversations. I still wonder about the choice of the “everyday” vocabulary, though. Today we had the word for “watermelon.” It’s difficult for me to envision a trip to Paris, where I would order watermelon in a restaurant. If you were in a Parisian restaurant, would you order watermelon?

    Pocket list Monday 🤩

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